• Bullpup

    Will the world as we know it, consider Canada as being Conservative or Liberal?

  • Kathy

    It amazes me how they can say so much and commit to so little. The G20 seems to be outlining a plan to create a world bank. The IMF commitments to the Eurozone and the MDB to Africa and the rest of the world are a good starting place. I don' understand why the MDB are “…addressing climate change and food security.” This should be addressed by the UN.
    ILO is a weird organization. They are a clearing house for international labour statistics. I came across this interesting article about Canada.

    It would seem that the G20 are planning on having a plan in place to deal with hedge funds, credit rating agencies and over-the-counter derivatives by Nov 2010. Let's hope that the advestment advisors do not dump them by then. It could cause a stock market crash.
    The G20 seem to have made an agreement finally to go after blackmarkets. All that free money floating around when the governments do not have enough.
    Does anyone know what a “inefficient fossil fuel subsidy” is? I think that will be up to each individual government.
    The G20 appears to agree that a recession/depression is inevitible. Now they can remove any sort of subsidy and blame it on the recession and so can the companies involved.
    If you folllow the dates listed in the document, world leaders meet approximately once every two months. A start of a new world government might just be in the making.
    I'm sure there have been other things that I have missed but I don't have alot of confidence in any of these people.

  • Liz J

    I have confidence in our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

  • Kathy

    I voted for this idiot and I regret it bigtime. He was supposed to repeal Bill C68 and didn't. He was supposed to give us “Proportional Representation” and didn't. The bailout of Canadian Banks at 75 million dollars was unbelievable. This money came from the CPP and now I know why CPP is going up. This government has turned into a really bad joke. We will be paying the price for decades.