Big news day

First, SUN NEWS is coming to Canada and is launching January 1st, 2011. Expect the CRTC to approve the channel to maintain its relevance (cabinet would likely overturn the CRTC if it objects). Though at the presser today it was suggested that Category 2 application will proceed if Category 1 fails.

Here’s a video of the press conference courtesy of Dr. Roy:

Detainee Docs
Next, the NDP has withdrawn from negotiations with the four parties on the release of the so-called Afghan detainee documents. The NDP says that the Liberals aren’t negotiating in good faith. The Liberals call the deal (sans NDP) a “surrender” for the government allowing Parliamentary review without government veto over sensitive information.

CBC News has the tape (and uploads to twitvid — fitting for covering politics?)

MP audits
More Parliamentary news has Sheila Fraser conducting a future global audit of MP expenses meaning that she will report on how MPs in general spend but will not delve into individual MP expenses. I heard of a poll suggesting that 98% of Canadians want the AG to look into MP expenses whereas 2% are opposed. Who knew that 1 out of 50 Canadians have contracts with the House of Commons?

Trudeau steps in it
Trudeau the Younger “wows ’em” at a local community college stop in the Ottawa region and gets himself into a bit of hot water. He told the students,

“A productive member of society is someone who creates … is someone who has things to offer that go beyond the products that we have to sell or buy.”

This was news to, well, those that produce.

Ignatieff not election ready
In more Liberal news, Michael Ignatieff is trying to keep to his goal of making it into the obscurity of summer while dodging rebukes from his own caucus. Take, for instance that three Liberal candidates have resigned in the past month. Never a good omen for a leader of a political party.

Prince Edward Hastings

The candidate for Kootenay-Columbia dropped citing his displeasure in Ignatieff for whipping the gun-registry vote. If the gun registry survives, Ignatieff plans on registering the nation’s daggers (or at least those within his own party)



7 thoughts on “Big news day”

  1. The young Mr Trudeau still has much to learn. He apparently doesn't care about the farmers' vote.

  2. Trudeau gets an A for vacuity with that statement. He may soon be ready to take over the reins of the Liberal buggy when they bump the one in harness right now who is no stranger to less than fitting comments.

  3. Boy it seems that the left is really scared about this new news channel that may come out in 2011! Gee I wonder why? Peoples please if you don't like it,don't listen to it. But my bet is those same peoples who are criticizing this new network are the ones who will be the first to watch it.

  4. You couldn't be more wrong. This progressive heartily welcomes the new channel, if for no other reason that maybe y'all will finally shaddup about the lib'rul media.

    The news content will come from the existing newsrooms behind the Sun newspapers. Uh, have you ever read a Sun? Was it full of hard news and straight talk? How 'bout dat Sunshine Girl?

    I wonder who will be the Canadian stand-ins for inflammatory arseholes insightful Fox contributors like Bill O'Reilly or Glen Beck?

    PS – I bet a nickel that Stephen Taylor takes a job with them. You read it here first.

  5. GR-8 news about SunNews: It sure is time we had a news channel that isn't channeling the leftards.

    If the Left are scared, it's because they don't want fairness, balance, or “equality” in newscasting, because they've been so used to spinning the news in favour of their anointed parties: the Liberal$, the NDP, and the Bloc — and in having no competition to question their skewed perspective.

    Canada's a big country and Canadians have views that span the political spectrum. It's time the right side of this broad spectrum has a voice and is fully included in the media loop — something that's been lacking for far too long.

    Bravo, Sun News: You go, guys!

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