Jim Prentice interview

I bumped into Jim Prentice a few weeks ago at the Manning Centre Networking Conference. I dusted off the part of my brain that stores info on current environmental issues and pulled out my trusty cam for an on-the-spot interview.

The questions in the interview are relevant to recent news about the American Senatorial stalling on instituting a cap-and-trade system in the US. Canadian critics argue that Canada should “set an example” moving forward on an international trading market while some economic realists disagree.

In the interim, the Minister of the Environment plans on moving to regulate and harmonize emissions standards.



3 thoughts on “Jim Prentice interview”

  1. Prentice announced his most recent water regulations at a company in Brockville called Water Filtration Systems. This just happens to be my brothers company. He and three of his fellow Queen's engineer grads have built this company from scratch. It is a perfect example of what we are capable of. Cheers.

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