One of these things was lifted from the other?

The 150!Canada conference is in Ottawa this week. No not that Canada 150 conference…

What is the 150!Canada conference?

It’s the first big meeting to begin planning the 150th celebration of Canadian Confederation. It’s an opportunity for public servants, business leaders, social innovators, and artists to gather in Ottawa and spend two days thinking about how we will celebrate the next great year in Canadian history. 2017 still seems far away. But the spirit of our Sesquicentennial starts in Spring 2010.


150!Canada is a new initiative from the Institute for the Public Administration of Canada to imagine, plan and celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017.

The Canada 150 conference is a “non-partisan” conference of Canadians organized by Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals:

This website is part of a national conversation about our country’s future.

We’re coming up on a rendezvous with destiny—in 2017, we’ll celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

What will we be celebrating that year? What kind of Canada do we want in 2017? And what do we have to do, today and tomorrow, to get there?

We need the next generation of bold ideas, to take our country forward.

So did the Liberals take the idea for their conference from somewhere? When was this idea conceived? A page from the Government of Canada (that’s the “Harper government” to its friends in the Liberal Party) website suggests that this idea was hatched long before Michael Ignatieff decided to unveil anything in the “vision” department for Canada at 150:



  • Lee

    This supports the point that it is really PM Harper who has a vision for Canada, and people are tuning into it. He has been (too?) slowly trying to unravel the nanny state. He is on track in convincing Canadians that people with initiative, without government over-support and impediments, can shape their country, while respecting our traditions. Doing small things for specific groups works very well!

    Ignatieff's non-vision is stuck in the 1960's.

  • Liz J

    There's little evidence to suggest Mr Iggy has a vision beyond getting himself hoisted onto the throne, he's still riding on his ancestry with his latest revelation about his Grandfather's connection to Vimy in an attempt to cover for his own long absence from the country he professes “true patriot love” for. It's not his ancestry we care about, it's his vision for the country he aspires to lead we want to hear and it has to be original, not stealing from the person who has a vision, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    Let the Liberals have their “Thinkers Conference” , they have a lot of thinking to do and you can bet it will be all about themselves and how they can seize power, not about what's best for Canada. In case anyone thinks they're ready for prime time they better look at their pathetic performance in the HOC as the worst official opposition in memory.

  • batb

    From now on, we'll have to call the Liberal Party of Canada the MAGPIE PARTY:

    Magpies are opportunistic scavengers and will eat anything once they have discovered it is edible. They are known to attack the nests of other birds and eat their fledglings.

    These guys are shameless. Is this Canada 150 Conference the same thing as the Liberal$' “Thinkers' Conference”? The name alone is laughable, as though they're the party of “thinkers.” Well, think again, youse guys in the LPC: Your thoughts and “visions” are stuck in the past and stuck on something like stupid, stale, and static. You'd drag us back into Trudeau's Dystopia if you could.


  • Liz J

    Good one, batb ! Quite a scenario, a Puffin leading a pack of Magpies.

  • Canadiansense

    Another great catch, that will be ignored by our MSM. Let's hope with deregulation, expanded competition and fragmentation the media darling of the msm becomes another casualty on the road to Dasmascus.

  • joannetb

    Excellent catch Stephen!

    BTW I think the BT aggregator is broken.

  • east of eden

    My goodnes – this was actually published in The Star. Don't tell Gayle – she'll go totally off kilter.

  • joannetb

    All better now. ;)

  • kenn2

    The headline suggests that the public center is leaning right. I think it's more a case of the Harper government finding the center.

    from the article:

    But the pollster said it would be a mistake to believe the centre is a mushy-middle.

    “There are a lot of commonalities but also a number of very important differences, and in some ways it's really about the conservatives – small ‘c’ conservatives—about how they use government to solve problems,” Turcotte said.

    Turcotte said Canadians don't want an absolute minimalist approach to government. “The minute you go down that path, then the centrists get their back up and reject it,” he said.

    “It's hard for partisans or believers to come to grips with the messiness” of Canadian political thought, said Gregg. “This ambivalence is not rooted in stupidity, it's rooted in the Canadian conscience.”

    Harper has finally attracted the middle because he's finally learned to govern like… (wait for it) … a Liberal. He's embraced deficits, the appointed Senate, the art of the softball budget…he's avoided big ideological goals that would alienate the center, and he's even learning to use (albeit clumsily) the nastier tools of past Liberal governments like stonewalling and smokescreens.

    (Proof ? how about every time the media raps Harper's knuckles, the Canadian conservative blogosphere screams “msm bias” and trots out examples of Liberal past misdeeds?)

    As I've said before, I don't really have a beef with most of Harper's actions on stuff that really matters. I'm mostly OK with this budget, same with conduct re the Afghan engagement (except for his cancelling the program for some badly needed armoured vehicles, and the cowardly avoidance of the detainee issue). He finally seems to be getting on board with the future, re acknowledging climate change and making sure Canada gets a piece of it.

    You lot clap like seals when Harper so much as breaks wind, so I expect that alot of this will be over your heads.

  • east of eden

    'Harper has finally attracted the middle because he's finally learned to govern like… (wait for it) … a Liberal. ' Soooo, why is Ignatieff always so pissed with him? Why does Gayle still hate him? Why are some people saying he's hurting women? I don't get it – if he's governing like a Liberal, then why the dissing from the likes of Gayle and others? Soooo, why is Ignatieff always ready to diss the guy?

  • kenn2

    Soooo, why is Ignatieff always so pissed with him?

    You're not that naive. (… are you?)

    The bigger question is why there's no outrage from the right about all the promises Harper made to the right at campaign time, that he's never going to act on. There were some promises that were actually good ideas: elected Senate, more government openness and accountability… he's more secretive and arrogant than Chretien at his worst.

  • terry1

    Kenn2,Harper has copied an entire Liberla platform from 1995 or so in tbheir budget. Harper has become liberal lite.

  • batb

    I'm no clapping seal.

  • batb

    east of eden, it wouldn't matter to Iggy or his cheerleaders how Prime Minister Harper governs. If he governs like a Conservative, he's no good and if he governs like a Liberal he's … no good. Why? Because he then threatens the Liberal$ because they can't bleat about his being “too conservative.”

    With these jokers, it doesn't matter what PMSH does. He'll always be in a Catch-22 situation. So, like I've said, PMSH takes the line of least resistance: When he comes to a fork in the road, he goes straight ahead.

    What I love about this, is that he infuriates his political opponents and beats them at their own game.

    As I've said elsewhere, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

  • east of eden

    Nobody could be worse than Chretien. Good grief – he promised to scrap the GST and when asked why he didn't live up to the promise, he skated. Now, if you think Mr. Harper is secretive, that's fine. You're wrong, but heck, you're entitled to your own opinions. As for arrogant – I don't see him that way. I see him as reticent or, even better, as a PM who doesn't waste our time on photo ops or babblespeak. But, like you, I'm entitled to my opinion.

  • east of eden

    True, true, and true.

  • kenn2

    I point out something that Harper's doing and your only rebuttal is “Liberal [X] was worse”. Not exactly high praise…

    I see him as reticent or, even better, as a PM who doesn't waste our time on photo ops or babblespeak. Or accountability. Or transparency in governing.

    You can trust him if you like. Me, I prefer accountability. And a cabinet with people who can think, not a herd of frightened, gagged yes-people. The blind trust thing doesn't work so well. Ask North Korea.

  • kenn2

    Nicely done, ladies. Have some fishies.

  • east of eden

    So, you like accountability – I don't disagree with that sentiment. But, if you like and want accountability, who are you going to choose? The Libs? No – they've shown their corruptness. Bloc? Only if you live in Quebec. NDP? With Layton as leader? Greens? Lizzie Mae – don't make me laugh. Might as well not vote. Is our PM perfect? No. But, I believe he's the best of the lot. As for his Cabinet being gagged and controlled – Kenn, you are buying into yet another LPC sockpuppet speaking point. Unless you are in the middle of it, you have no way of knowing that, do you. Just because Garth says so doesn't make it true. Funny how he didn't come down on Dion when Dion distanced himself and when he was sent home early from the Lib convention in Winnipeg or on Ignatieff for recently being turfed from running.

    No, Garth started all of that and I don't believe one word that guy says.

  • east of eden

    That would be lady and gentleman. Sorry, Kenn, your attempted insult toward me didn't even register.

  • batb

    Hey, I like the colours in that poster, and the seals are cute, but we're not related. ;-)

  • east of eden

    Liberla? Tbheir? Wow – impressive display of manque d'intelligence.

  • east of eden

    Liberla? Tbheir? Wow – impressive display of manque d'intelligence.