Libby Davies alienates Chinese Community and others over Insite

I just received this email report from Dimitri Soudas, the Prime Minister’s spokesman, today in Vancouver,

Here is Libby Davies’ tweet about the situation:

With “welcoming committe” as Harper arrives in DES. He should be in parl. Insite saves lives – crazy to appeal court decisions #fb

Insite is the program in Vancouver that is a “safe” place (as the website claims) where junkies can inject drugs. It has been an ideological flashpoint between those on the left and conservatives quite some time now.

Here are some photos from the protest in which Libby Davies and her friends are confining people, according to my source:

Davies tweeted again,

It was a peaceful protest in support of Insite (I didn’t organize). Didn’t see chains on doors. Police moved in and out freely @kady#fb

The Prime Minister’s office is claiming that the protesters put the chains on the doors that you can see above in the second and third photos.



  • roughandtumble

    Libby should be a Tory. She acts like one

  • robins111

    It's also against the Federal & Provincial Fire Codes.

    Was it in my town, someone would be in deep doodoo

  • Lorraine

    Interesting. The protesters had professionally produced signs so it was organized by somebody who instigated this. Libby Davies said it was not HER specifically but quite possibly her NDP supporters.
    Do you think it was thehordes of Vancouver heroin addicts who we pay for to enable them to destroy their lives with illegal drugs they may be committing crimes to pay for? Or, is it the staff of InSite who are just in this for job security?
    How often does the community at large have to be terrorized by drug addicts? Who is Libby standing up for- the Chinese Cultural Community which just had it's beautiful event destroyed or drug addicts who need hospitals and detox instead of cushy shoot up rooms condoning their poor life's choices.
    I know who I would prefer. How about you.

  • Bruce

    Davies and her idiot followers should be charged with reckless endangerment.

  • fh

    a bicycle chain locked or unlocked on the outside of the door would prevent the people inside from exiting

  • m123T

    What if there had been a fire and dozens burned to death as the doors were locked. I agree the protesters and Libby should be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. Until something like that happens these idiots will continue until someone is killed.
    How will this affect the Chinese vote in the next election.
    Another example of stupid is as stupid does.

  • m123T

    Is this an example of the protests Kady was bragging about being able to organize on a moments notice. Maybe she should be charged with the rest.
    And if the PM should be in parliament, shouldn't Libby be there also.

  • unchained love

    OK, I see a bicycle chain. So, where's the lock, Stephen? You fraudsters. Prove that no-one could get out. Utter rubbish.

  • Canadiansense

    I find it incredible callous how some people can make fun of an illegal act that could have resulted in so many deaths if panic or a fire broke out inside.
    Freedom of Assembly and Free Speech is not to be decided by the NDP and their organizers of this protest.
    Was this organized protest paid for by NDP? Who paid for the professionally printed signs?

  • m123T

    And you prove they could get out. These idiots broke the law by violating the fire code. I hope they are all charged, especially Libby Davis and the NDP party. If they get away with this, what will they try next. They are a dangerous rent a mob. Or did Kady get this protest going, as she bragged she could do.

  • iradreyfuss

    Picture #2 & #3 are not even the same door as picture number one – crossbar is different, red tape outside is not seen in #1, no people outside in #2 & #3, etc. Might not even be the same day or the same building. I think these pictures lead to a BOGUS interpretation.

  • stan
  • iradreyfuss

    Picture #3 clearly shows RED tape wrapped around the handle, that would show on the outside at the top of the handles, plus red DANGER tape across the front of the building. Picture #2 shows no sign of the red tape either on the handle or across the front. All three pictures are clearly of different doors (and possibly different buildings), and there is no attribution. It is not even clear if #'s 2 & 3 were taken on the same date.

  • M_A_N

    The cops were coming and going the whole time. Seems they were able to magically get through the chains. Maybe from another door?

  • m123T

    The story says they taped or locked or chained all door entrances to the bldg so of course they could be different. Regardless the whole protest was stupid and I still hope they get arrested for violating the fire code. I would imagine this stunt just made the PM more determined to appeal the judgement.'
    Gee, you might have to pay for your addiction.

  • Canadiansense

    Impressive pretzel move, demanding we prove the tape and chains were not “restrictive”.

    Almost like a little pregnant.

    You suggest trampling the Charter Rights and Freedoms for people inside a cultural centre is fair game by 200 angry people with bullhorns, and professionally printed signs is appropriate.

  • Ivenevermetaniceconservative

    It's called civil disobedience, and is a very effective method of creating change from a relunctant, overly ideological gov't that refuses to give a damn about the people. This is democracy in action. We have an independant judiciary for the very reason that sometimes the gov't will try to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Democracy is not the will of the majority (if it were, minority governments would never be allowed to exist), it is the rule of majority with protection for minorities. That is why we have the courts, that is why judges are appointed, and that is why the gov't should have no right to refuse court rulings. If you don't like that system than there are many fascist countries out their for you right-wingers. Countries that imprison people for the slightest offences, where speaking out against the government is punishable by death, where everyone is forced to wave the flag proudly and sing the praise of the Great Leader or face the consequences. That seems right up your alley judging by the vile and vicious conservative reaction to a peaceful protest. Can't wait to see how you react when your overly-repressed children end up with drug problems and get some of that HIV you Cons just seem to love so much. I mean after all what better punishment than a slow, painful death for those who upset your uptight moral sensibilities?

  • Canadiansense

    Democracy? Were you out of the country when a Liberal PM enacted the War Measures Act?

    Were you in France when pressure from the Liberal in to please a dictator had students rounded up, strip searched and detained. Some were pepper sprayed because they were to close and may be visible.

    The time JC knocked over a Canadian at an event for not moving out of his way?

    I did enjoy watching Fidel have his subjects lined up to greet and wave for the Canadian PM who visited Cuba, weeks after the Cubans had their army in Africa to help their friends.

    Try a history book next time and learn some Canadian History before attempting a “right wing” smears.

  • Canadiansense

    Keep telling yourself seniors and children were not afraid from the noisy bullhorned protestors.

    The photos exist, the glove fits! Sorry the Charter Rights of those inside was suspended by those outside.
    Welcome to the Mob Rule vs Rule of Law

  • hook90

    The chain was obviously symbolic and there is no lock on it. Other doors were completely open, allowing police to come and go. To say that people were “sealed” inside is pure hyperbole.

  • Bec

    There were people inside, what part of that don't you understand. The actions of these people and the significant fact that a Canadian MP was boasting of her presence is nothing short of self serving arrogance. These idiots are worried about INSITE and yet show zero thought to the terror of what the innocent children and adults were feeling?

    How does someone like you rationalize this? By observing what you want to see rather than what you know? It's positively astonishing but worse, embarrassing that there are Canadians that could justify such an irresponsible spectacle.

  • m123T

    There are supposedly 1400 idiots planning something big on Friday. One war surplus store sold 8 gas masks in the last couple of days. Hopefully the blizzards in the US will keep some from coming, and with flights cancelled, maybe those coming from overseas wont make it either. But, 1400 against about 16,000 security police, military, air and sea patrols, I don't think anyone will take this protest or the idiots on parade lightly. These idiots were encouraged by the successful protest today. With all those ndp signs bet Layton wont be happy when that vote collapses come election day among the Chinese.
    One of these time those idiots will meet something like Kent State.
    The police have already identified some professional rent a mob that are in the city, from photos of past actions. Follow the money, who is paying for them to be there, and for their professional signs.

  • Anonymous

    your a moron, go to any place with similar doors and put a bike lock around it and tape it there, you can not get out! We were told to do this at another protest because it “wasn’t locked with a lock” we technically did not lock them in, we were told if it came down to it and we got into trouble we were suppose to say “we did not know that they couldn’t get out, it wasn’t locked, I just thought it would be a pain for them, like putting a paperweight at the door”.

    Bet ya anything that if someone linked to Harper did this the left would be screaming for his head and everyone to be charged. But of course like usual NDP is above the laws, and I think it’s BS that she is saying she wasn’t behind it, sorry I know that all of the protests I went to when I lived on the streets were headed by the NDP. They told us why we should protest, where we should protest, and how to do things without getting charged….one we were told where a certain person lived and were told they were having a family BBQ, we were told which backyards to cut through to get to their yard and were even given a fake invite to their BBQ. We were told to play dumb and swear we thought it was real if we got caught, thank goodness said person was not home. That was the last protest I got involved with, not only did they put that person at risk but also his family. Their whole thinking was because they did not do the action it was not their fault, they could tell us how to break a law hypothetically and give us the tool to do so “if we wished to” but because they didn’t come right out and say “do it” they could not be held accountable, and if we didn’t say what we were using the tools they lent us for how could they possible know what we were going to do? Not to mention people were so wrapped around their fingers that they would never give up their leaders, the “only ones who care”.

  • Ira Dreyfuss

    Picture #2 & #3 are not even the same door as picture number one – crossbar is different, red tape outside is not seen in #1, no people outside in #2 & #3, etc. Might not even be the same day or the same building. I think these pictures lead to a BOGUS interpretation.

  • m123T

    Then how do you explain this stmt
    Vancouver police said that about 150 protesters chained the doors just before 2 p.m. at the centre, where Harper was to take part in a photo-op at a dress rehearsal of Lunar New Year celebrations.

  • NovaDog

    Hey Libby, how can we start up a safe cigarette injection site, or fast food injection site, or safe booze injection site, you socialist, hippie weirdo.

  • m123T

    Just more proof that the libs/ndp support the terrorists. Everyone that uses drugs is supporting the taliban and are against our troops.
    Close Insite, and support our troops.

  • gimbol


    The issue of chained doors, in light of a recent arson in a building which included a conservative MP’s office, is very poignant. However, I also take issue with the point of the protesters.
    They want Insite to stay open. Insite wants to provide a “safe” place for people to inject stuff like heroin into their veins, and activity that in itself is inherently unsafe. But its not just the danger to the user that I take issue with, but the source of the heroin.
    The major supply of heroin comes from Afghanistan, and it funds the activities of the Taliban.
    You remember the Taliban, those guys that want our troops out of Afghanistan so they get back to the business of subjegating the population under an fanatical regime.

    I trust I don’t have to belabour this longer, other than to point out that those that support the use of heroin, also support the Taliban (our enemy).

    Support the troops, close Insite.

  • Ruth

    Social programs are Provincial matters, so how did Incite get to be a Federal issue.
    The drugs are illegal that they are using, so it's time for the police to shut the place down and charge them all. It's a lot like running nude in Toronto for a Pride parade. If we did either, we would be charged and in jail.

  • NovaDog

    The truth of the matter is; if there had been a fire inside the building, the door had a chain on it and it would have obstucted safe escape. The innocent seniors and children inside did not ask for the protest. Also if Libby Davies was so innocent, why did she run off when the attention was focused on her?

  • m123T

    Thank you for that comment. It is what many of us have known or suspected for years. What did they promise you for protesting, a meal, money, or anything.
    Congratulations for getting off the streets.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of the fact that there was or was not a lock, the tape would restrict exit from the building. There is a specific requirement for the energy required to open the door and that stupidity stops it.

    As I indicated above, if it happened in my town, (I’m the Fire Chief) I would have the perps arrested and charged with a criminal offence and/or Fire Code violations.

  • Liz J

    I thought all the Dippers and Libs were working on the Hill during this prorogation.

  • batb

    Absolutely baseless opinion. No Tory I know, and I know quite a few, would EVER chain people inside a building to protest against a Prime Minister they didn't like. No Tory ever did anything comparable to Martin, Chretien, Trudeau, et al.

    It's much more serious than a politically motivated prank and Libby Davis and comrades should be facing charges. The book should be thrown at them.

  • Canadiansense

    It is Parnel with another alias who is trying to stir up things and change the channel.

  • east of eden

    Please do not try to justify a criminal endangerment, not to mention vandalism.

  • east of eden

    Most likely wasn't even conceived.

  • east of eden

    I listened to her try to deflect this issue – I have to ask: does she have a speech impediment or is she from New York? She has some sort of accent or impediment. If it is not a speech impediment, then she should learn to speak like a Canadian and not some New York slum-dweller.

  • Card-Carrying Conservative

    Keep those crocodile tears flowing Steve and Dimitri

  • Jen

    I personally think that the 'Chinese Community should file charges themselves.

  • Jen

    They must have found it rather boring.

  • Jen

    If you are referring to LIBBY DAVIES, she is from England.

  • Patsplace

    Don't think for a moment that any of the Leftist causes won't kill people to enforce their hideous brand of governing. Have a look through recent history at all of the Genocidal Monsters and they're all Leftys, right from the National Socialist Democratic Party on to Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro and Che. Che's ambition was to become a “killing machine”. Of course the trash that roam the streets all justify their actions with “For the Good of the State”. Don't be fooled because they are Ugly and without power. God help us if they ever do get some.

    This total disregard for innocents trapped by the Leftist Mob is the writing on the wall. They are not neat people, they are ideologues that spout words like compassion and love, but are devoid of both.

  • batb

    “It's a lot like running nude in Toronto for a Pride parade.”

    The New Librano Canada: Where illegal drug users are encouraged to shoot up and gay activists' pornographic activities are on public view, aided and abetted — financed — by the taxpayer. But, if any law-abiding citizen engages in any of these activities, we'd be arrested and jailed.

    The New Librano Canada: Where deviants are wrapped in cotton batten and shielded from reality while the rest of us hard-working stiffs pay all the bills.

    O Canada.

    We can't get a CPC majority fast enough.

  • dbray

    chill out, Sam… better to get your facts together first… the “protest” was not against the PM, rather, it was in support of the injection center… secondly, you, (and anyone) would do well to get off the “party” bs… that is and has always been mostly used to cast dust in your eyes…

  • dbray

    having worked on those streets for many years, with the people you are refering to, I can say quite clearly that you have no idea what you are talking about… you think it’s fun to be there? do a little reserch before you post baseless opinions “cushy shoot up rooms..” ? what a sad idividual, to be so lacking in insight and compassion

  • Bec

    “But, if any law-abiding citizen engages in any of these activities, we'd be arrested and jailed. “

    Or complaints filed to the CHRC…..

  • kenn2

    If the police were there, and no one was charged with vandalism, endangerment or fire-code violations… then I'd say there was no real endangerment.

    But that doesn't matter here, of course. One only has to post something that can be construed negative, then like seals at feeding time all the barking starts.

    Drug addiction, like war or AIDS, is something that most right-wing harpies know nothing about (… til a family member is affected, of course), yet feel entitled to prescribe to others. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, providing safe injection facilities costs less and does more to reduce harm and get people off of drugs than all the policing in the world.

    But harm-reduction, and even cost-savings, aren't enough to quell the right's insistence on vengeance as a critical part of their idea of law and order.

    Nice troll, Stephen.

  • kenn2

    does she have a speech impediment or is she from New York? …then she should learn to speak like a Canadian and not some New York slum-dweller

    One could spend MONTHS unpacking all the small-minded bigotry, intolerance, insensitivity and olde-tyme ignorance packed into those tiny morsels.

    This is why people like you DO NOT represent Canadians. Kindly keep out of site during the Olympics, OK? We don't want people getting the wrong impression.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Does Insite represent your version of Canada to the world?