• http://twitter.com/ChrisInKW Chris Slothouber

    I feel for group out in the cold, especially the one who forgot his mitts.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Holding the sign with two fingers. Frigid cold today in Ottawa…

  • http://twitter.com/ProudCanadian1 Canadian

    Liberals can't stop playing politics even with the earthquake in Haiti. This is what Liberal Mp Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh said on poliTwitter “Canada should be in Haiti faster and more than we are. Time to speed up, Mr Harper.” I mean how fast does he want the government to go? Its just over 24hrs. that the disaster happened! How fast does he think the liberals would have done it? Liberals can't help playing politics in the face of human tragedy. Its disgusting if you ask me!
    Sorry Mr.Taylor for taking so much space,but I needed to vent somewhere.


  • wilson

    Oh that's just what Liberals do when something happens that might make PMSH look competant.
    Look what Body Bag Bob Rae said about H1N1 struck Canada,
    blamed Harper.
    Ignore the stupid twits.

  • Juan

    I, for one, was outraged by Iggy’s promotion of a “caron” tax!

  • DougM

    Come’on Stephen – Nobody with an IQ higher that his/her boot size expects rational analysis from the Star! That’s like going the the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives and expecting rational, fiscal analysis. One has to accept that they are rabidly and unthinkingly socialist and incapable of reporting anything that does not reflect their Lieberal mouthpiece status.

  • Ted


    You may know the answer to a question I’ve been asking a few people without any success so far.

    Do you know if Stephen Harper has ever held an open question forum like Ignatieff is? Some kind of town hall, open Q&A, free to the public, unscripted questions?

    Has Harper ever subjected himself to open unscripted questions from us ordinary joes and janes in the public?

  • Yankee Doodle Don’t

    If Michael Ignatieff thinks that he can be away from Canada for 34 years, parachute into his riding, and be handed the leadership of the undemocratic Liberal Party of Canada… and then try to overthrow Canada’s ELECTED Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a sneaky, clumsy back room Coalition… and then waste a YEAR of Parliament with a parade of silly accusations and games… never once OPPOSING instead always UNDERMINING… and now, blather on about unproven “torture” of ONE Afghan detainee in another attempt to undermine Canada’s Winter Olympic Games… Well… That pathetic excuse for a leader and self-proclaimed “elite political intellectual” can… GO SUCK FABREGÉ EGGS. Get the hell out of Canada. Canadians are certain Justin “W” Trudeau can take your place in a long line of foolish Liberal leaders.

  • m123T

    How long did it take Chretein, to respond to 9/11, and wasn't it two weeks before the decided that quake in Indonesia might need attention.

  • Ted

    Dosanjh’s being a little mild isn’t he? At least, compared to what political hay Stephen Harper and the Conservatives tried to make out of the Tsunami disaster.

  • unconcious objector

    I love it!

    Count Iggy ♥ Torture

    Finally the real conservative youth of Canada make me proud.

    “That last sign is a bit much. I wouldn’t say that he loves torture. “

    Of course you woudn't because your not really a conservative & you don't have a sense of humor.

    Your just a liberal who want's to cut taxes. You believe in all the same bull crap Liberals do.

    You could learn something from these kids. It's not too late.

  • Will

    Caron taxes and beer lables. Spelling is for elitists.

  • Acer

    I feel sorry for the guy who spells label…lable…

  • gimbol

    I seem to recall that when the Tsunami hit, it took Martin a few weeks to find a ride for DART. But even then the guy couldn’t help but truck his entourage over for a tour of disruption on a photo-op.
    Inside of 24 hours DART is on its way to Haiti, whats changed?
    Oh yeah, seems since Harper has been PM the CAF has gotten some new hardware with the lift capabilities to allow us to act on our time table.
    I feel Kate is about to publish one of her “juxtapositions”.

  • Li

    That’s so cute, that’s almost five people in Montreal! I didn’t know Concordia even had Young Conservatives.

    So I’m guessing that’s the whole club, eh?

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Wow, I'd like to know where all of the “real” Conservatives hang out.

    You're not a real Conservative until some Conservative says you're not a real Conservative!

    It's almost cliche.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Look! Five Liberals protested prorogation!


    Who says that activism is dead?

  • batb

    Iggy is an absolute twit; 'can't make it with the grownups so he's appealing to the kids — the knee-jerk lib-left ones who've been brainwashed in Canada's so-called “educational” institutions. In truth, our schools are holding tanks and propaganda machines for fledgling lefties. 'Try to have any real debate on any issue and you'll get shot down if you advocate for any view that conflicts with the entitled leftists'.

    That's not education.

    Those Conservative guys are brave souls standing up to be counted — and how could they be expected to know how to spell with the ever-lowered standards in our schools? Dontcha know they accept “creative spelling” these days: 'wouldn't want to stifle our kids' creative juices, would we? I once asked one of my daughters teachers, who had defended my 8-year-old child's “creative spelling” attempts after I had strenuously objected to them, “So, when does accurate spelling kick in? When she's 10, 13, 16?” All I got in response was a withering look. The usual crap when talking to a liberal. My question was beneath her contempt.

    I guess I should be used to it by now and just shrug. But, I'll keep pushing back, like these guys, and one-by-one, six-by-six, eight-by-eight, we might begin to get our points across.

  • albertagirl

    But Ted…Iggy isn't subjecting himself to us “ordinary joes and janes in the public” – he is going to universities – during the day. “us ordinary joes and janes in the public” are out there working. Students, professors – not so much.

    Kind of like preaching to the choir.

    When Iggy starts having town hall meetings in small town Canada, well then he will be meeting with “us ordinary joe and jane public”

  • Liz J

    It's time for the big brains in the LPC to rein in people like Dosanjh and McCallum if they have any hope of building what might resemble a strong unified political entity. Politics aside, wing nuts like that are a disgrace to the country let alone a political party, they appear to be flying on their own driven by pure hatred and jealousy in their lust for power.

    Sadly their leader is not much help.

  • tedbetts

    So what you are saying Alberta Girl is that, as far as you are aware… no, Stephen Harper has never ever subjected himself to open unscripted questions from us ordinary joes and janes in the public.

    Thanks for confirming that. I sort of figured. It is not his style to mingle with Canadians who don't tow the party line and think for themselves.

  • Top Can Inc.

    I have two points. First, you might want to replace the top two photos since they clearly can’t spell correctly. Two, and I mean this with no disrespect, but why are all these young Conservative turks all Caucasian?

  • albertagirl

    Ha Ha — Teddy…stop being so obtuse.

    You know that I was saying the Iggy isn't meeting with “ordinary joe and jane public” – he is meeting with his supporters, – something Stephen Harper has done many, many times.

    The fact that it is during the day, means even more joe and jane public aren't able to attend.

    When Iggy calls town hall meetings in rural Canada, in the evening – then we'll talk. Until then, you don't have a case.

  • tedbetts

    I'm not calling the Ignatieff meetings “town halls”, but they are open to the public, he is taking unscripted questions (and from reportings, he is getting and not ducking the hard ones) and the meetings, some but not all are taking place at night. And they are certainly a far cry from the kind of openness Harper has ever allowed.

    But I understand you have a higher standard for Ignatieff than for Harper.

    Harper – it's ok that you never deign to come down from on hight to meet up with ordinary Canadians.

    Ignatieff – must meet at the specific time and place that is convenient for AlbertaGirl for it to mean anything.

  • Mark

    What’s a ‘caron tax’? ‘Label’? Awesome. The Conservative party is in good hands if these geniuses are next in line.

  • Mark

    What’s a ‘caron tax’? ‘Label’? Awesome. The Conservative party is in good hands if these geniuses are next in line.

  • kenn2

    Ask him if he hates the CBC, or if the MSM is “Lib'rul”. Those are litmus tests, aren't they?

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    It's the thought that counts ;)

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    Ralph Goodale did the same thing. Several of us have linked his interview.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    Perhaps he was hoping to use his own ships and charge Canada.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    The sad thing, Liberals have to send their paid staff to show up to protest. Remember the two MP and their office staff across the street with their UN signs?

    It was funny they were upset Harper did not attend the speeches of the despots in New York.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense


    Do you remember the use of a Liberal Mark Sakamoto in the lines of H1N1 who gave a scathing comment? The CBC later apologized and removed his comments.


    The Toronto Star reports on Iffy on UofT and interviews a student by not indentifying her as a Young Liberal.


    Cherry Picking Experts?

  • Liz J

    So, is the Iggy getting uproarios, happy and glorious crowds with extreme interest in what he has to talk about on his Halls of Higher Learning trek 'cross country? Haven't heard of anything exciting so it might be concluded he's spewing carbon for naught.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    I recognize that those signs aren't spelled correctly. I'm not going to whitewash the photos.

    As for the race of the protesters you ask why they are all Caucasian. I presume it is because they were born that way and therefore they have no control over this aspect of who they are. Race should not qualify any for or disqualify anyone from participating in a protest.

  • albertagirl

    So if that is your criteria – that one meets with the public – then yes, the PM has done many, many of these.

    But of course, that isn't what you mean, is it.

    The fact is – once again, TED, Iggy is meeting with “friendly” audiences during the day – believe me “us ordinary joe and jane” are unable to get to Iggy's meet and greets.

    Anyway, we can go back and forth all day on this. The PM has had many town hall meetings over the years – funny – the media called them “campaign style town hall's”.

    Don't you think it's kind of ironic that there is no mention of “campaign style” when the media report on Iggy??

  • tedbetts

    I do remember those AG. They were called “campaign style” because they were highly scripted, controlled access events. They were not public affairs. Don't know if the questions were handed out ahead of time, but they were all coming from friendlies. So don't think he has ever spoken in an open to to the public Q&A forum since become leader and so far no one has shown me any evidence that he has.

    The Ignatieff events are fully open from what I understand. And quite long too so there is plenty of time to ask questions.

    Wonder why Harper is so afraid to speak with us ordinary folk?

  • kenn2

    I don't recall those stories. But that won't stop me from commenting.

    1) Mark Sakamoto
    Should the reporter have recognized him? CS , have you ever been in the CBC Centre in Toronto? It's 10 stories and huge. There's gotta be more than 5,000 working there (just a guess) . It's entirely plausible that a reporter would never meet a lawyer there.
    Should he have self-identified as a Liberal staffer?… Maybe, but even staffers can have their own opinion outside of party lines. Not everyone mindlessly accepts the talking-points their favourite party throws out. When CBC were made aware of the conflict, they pulled the story. What more do you want – red logos on any CBC staffer's forehead?

    2) Young Liberal attends Ignatieff's meeting.
    …gasp! Who do you think would go see Dr Ignatieff? Interviewers shouldn't have to pre-screen their subjects. Who would come out for a Harper meeting?

    3) Cherry-picking experts?
    Um, what? The linked story is titled “Scientists and philosophers protest the proroguing of parliament”, not “we ask experts about prorogation”. The story covered IS the prorogue protest and Prof. Behiels is the spokesperson, not some cherry-picked expert. His protest is particularly influential because he is a subject expert (government). Be warned that belief + knowledge = potency. Belief without knowledge is … stupid.

    Look, I'm not so naive to think that no reporter has ever put a slant on their story, but the examples you give here are absolutely weak soup, and do not a conspiracy make.

  • tedbetts

    Don't get too hung up on CS, Kenn2. She is like a little chihuahua that thinks it's a pit bull. All yip and no bite.

    Take the outrageous bias of Mark Sakomoto and his “scathing comments”. Now actually look at the clip and show me where he even says anything negative about Harper. He makes a mild negative comment about the clinic's line-up but nothing about the government and certainly nothing about the federal government.

    Facts rarely interfere with her take on life.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense


    No one asked you to stop commenting. I simply gave you examples of bias, Liberal “plants” since your were looking for it earlier.
    The CBC admitted to it and removed him from the clip. Journalism 101. The same thing with going to the same “well of experts” who will give you a negative comment on Harper.

    Opinion, editorials are not the same as a newstory.

    If you refuse to grasp the using of passing off experts (with a track record) in a newstory than the subject matter of bias is too complicated.

    This is not a criticism, an observation.

  • kenn2

    Alot of young people are turned off of politics because of how nasty and bitter it's become. Also, no Canadian party has really seized their imagination or passion. A fail for all Canadian parties, even the greens.

  • tedbetts

    Nice try, CS.

    Now pay attention to the next question, because it is a very simple, very direct, very fact based question.

    Can you please provide the quote from Sakamoto that is the “scathing comment” or that is in anyway critical of Harper?

    Presumably, if he is a “plant” he is a “plant” in order to say something negative about Harper and you have ranted on and on and on and on and on about this, so it should be pretty easy to do.

    Just the quotation from Mark, please. I'm waiting… but I am not holding my breath.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense


    Nice try,
    No links for you!

    Do your own research. Best of luck with the 17 sitting days denial.

  • tedbetts

    As I suspected.

    Trumped up claims of bias, but when you ask them to remove the mirrors and quell the smoke? When the pressure is on for facts and accountability? Cut and run.

    They must have learned that move from Harper.

  • kenn2

    I grok bias, thank you. It's just that it's not present in those 3 examples.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    Poor Ted,

    Can't count and can't do his own research. On March 3, 2010 let's see who backs up the government after alleging despot, dictator, war criminal with ACTION.

  • tedbetts

    Still waiting for the damning quotation from Sakomoto, CS.

    You've cited that as evidence of bias so many many many times, I'm surprised you can't just recite this “scathing comment” by heart.

    Unless, of course, there is no such comment and that it is YOU can't back up your own statements with ACTION. But that would mean you are outright lying and you wouldn't do that, now would you CS.

  • roughandtumble

    Ted, are you kidding. Harper holding an open mike forum? Imagine him trying to tell the truth which is an impossibility and that becomes your answer

  • roughandtumble

    Canadian (non)sense…have you looked at the all the polls out this week? I guess the Canadian public is more aware of the Harper disaster than you would ever realize.

  • roughandtumble

    liz J…. no he's just quietly moving ahead in the polls

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    are you Parnel? Get back to me when the Polls represent 4 months with the LPOC outside the three cities they held onto in October 2008.
    Don't forget to check in after Jan 31,2010 when the fourth quarter numbers come in.

    Is bankruptcy back on the table for the LPOC?