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  1. Tell the person behind the flag, to come to the side. That way it goes from pathetic to whatever. Too funny Taylor. Wait to see what follows Harper around 😉

  2. So I know these people, and they are the Young Conservative Club at Dalhousie. Meaning that this is probably being managed from the Conservative Resource Group.

    I wonder how long until someone publishes their names?

  3. Well, aren't all those Facebookies going to be disappointed when they hear Iffy just said, in Halifax,
    he would not rule out proroguing parliament…..boohoo
    Poor Wheery, you could almost hear his heart sink.
    Now what are all those Facebookies going to swhow up to protest?

  4. The only people who have pre-printed protest signs got them gratis from a union printing shop.. You're a dipper, you should know this.

  5. I wonder if those torture hoods are going to (literally and figuratively) follow Iggy around his campus tour??

  6. The NDP will be a no-show but the Bloc said they would “try to send one member to Ottawa to represent them”. Too funny.

  7. I am so disappointed.
    Here I was hoping Iggy would take up the cause of parliamentary reform to stop what some call an abuse of power.
    So it had nothing to do with fixing whats wrong with the system, just using well meaning protesters and jumping to the front of the parade.
    Why am I not surprised.

  8. It was Kinsella that suggested Canadians were involved in another abu ghraib…

    Iffy is okey dokey with targeted assassinations.

  9. Just for the record, Ignatieff clearly supports Israel, contrary to the poster one of the protestors is wielding.

  10. Was that support before or after he accused them of war crimes.
    Must be in his dna to accuse governments of war crimes.

  11. I like the American Tourist sign. But I have a suggestion from one of John Mellancamps past albums (yeah I know he is a lefty…), American Fool!

  12. Changing Canadian politics eight people at a time.

    Hey, I believe in the power of one. Just think what the power of eight can do — and they weren't part of a pre-planned, professionally postered dipper/union group.

    Good on 'em.

    (So, John, you need a little list, do you? To do what with? Make sure life gets a little tougher for them? Well, you're a real freedom fighter, aren't you?)

  13. Ah, a few gentle protesters with those “home made signs”, who is going to notice? Certainly not the MSM, the publicity arm of the LPC.

    If a learned professor of Harvard fame can't get total support and admiration from the University crowd, who can? After all, he wasn't there to talk about politics was he?

  14. Yes, batb, “good on 'em”.
    It brings to mind a quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world, it is the only thing that ever has”.

  15. Switchyard – I am so happy that you post on this blog. Your comments always hit home so squarely.

  16. Thanks, I just wish I had a longer attention span so I don't seem like such a troll.

    It just struck me as ironic that Devin of the “Grassroots” NDP would rag on people for not being proper protesters.

  17. It appears that the NDP has enough sense to recognize a Liberal attempt to test run some new policy ideas. Oh wait, the Liberals have no new policy ideas. So why is the NDP boycotting it? Perhaps they understand that noone will be paying attention.

  18. While iffy is out and about John McCallum is accusing the government of war crimes on CBC, and Suhanna let him get away with it.

  19. Should be tough for the Liberal apologists here, this latest gaffe by McCallum is far too serious to defend. It's dumbfounding to hear this outright accusation that the government is guilty of war crimes even from a person who is noted for stepping into some pretty deep muck.

    A pox on both the CBC reporter and the Liberal MP. Appalling.

  20. I think the Lib Grassroots know that the party has been highjacked by failed NDPers and they are no
    longer interested.

  21. Since 2000 40.8% the Liberals have only headed in one direction. The Krieber comments were not from an angry ex-leader's wife. She understands how far the party has fallen and Dion was the scapegoat.

  22. First, thank-you all for not saying “troops”.

    Transcript of interview: http://www.cbc.ca/politics/insidepolitics/2010/

    You know what? I agree with you. McCallum crossed a line with the “war crimes” accusation against the government.

    Unfortunately, today's CPC talking points went out as follows: “Ignatieff MP Accuses Troops of War Crimes”. Apparantly many of the right wing blogosphere thinks they can paste this back onto the troops by some sleight of hand re the Nuremburg judgement. http://thealbertaardvark.blogspot.com/2010/01/b

    I'm too tired to refute that particular piece of crap, easy as it would be. Be comforted by the fact that I agree with you about McCallum's comment, and please let's truly support the troops by not using them for political cover.

  23. Don't worry about it, he did accuse the troops/forces before Suhanna tossed him a lifeline at which point he changed his words, accused the government of war crimes. For Heaven's sake watch the unabridged video of the episode, it's readily available and unless you have a problem with the English language you can't miss it. He said what he said.

    Charles Adler snared McCallum big time in an interview he had with him today on his talk show. It was well deserved and well done. That we do not take kindly to having our troops or the government of our country accused of war crimes is putting it mildly. It's very troubling. It's never happened in our history going back to two World Wars.

    Also, where do you put Colvin, Poster Boy on the issue of accusing the troops of handing over Afghans knowing they would be tortured; and had one documented Taliban who was batted around with a shoe who claimed torture? You simply cannot accuse them without accusing them of war crimes. McCallum accused the troops/forces and the government of war crimes, it came right out of his mouth.

  24. I linked to a video AND a transcript. In case you missed it:

    McCallum:..But I also think Canadians do care about democracy and about the high-handed, undemocratic attitude and actions of this government, and I think proroguing adds to the total character picture of Mr. Harper, and the fact that they may have been committing war crimes, handing over detainees knowing that they were very likely to be tortured, that is a war crime. And the fact that they're covering it up, I think many Canadians do care about those things as well as caring about economic issues.”

    Meharchand: “You know, we could digress here and talk about who's handing over, is it the Canadian soldiers who you're accusing of war crimes, is it the government, I don't want to go there in this interview.”

    McCallum: “It's the government.”

    Just posting this in case the odd person, who might actually think for themselves, happened to drop by here.

  25. You cannot accuse the government of handing over “detainees” to be tortured, it's a military mission, they are the experts in military matters and know the rules, they are in the field of battle or what passes for battle in the Hell hole that is Afghanistan. It's not the government in the field handing over Taliban terrorists. Our troops, their leaders are the best there is anywhere in the world, they follow strict protocol as laid down,this NATO mission is no different, we should not be playing politics on their backs. Both Dosanjh and McCallum are a disgrace to this country with their continued accusations of war crimes, smearing the troops to discredit the government, a government that has made changes to fix the situation left when the Liberal government signed on to the NATO mission and sent them there.

    Remember Chretien sent them there on his own, no debate in the HOC. It also must be noted they were not properly equipped, without proper uniforms, they even had to borrow pots to cook their food in. Yeah, the Liberals really have a heart for our military. Hypocrites.

  26. What on earth are you talking about?

    The government sets the policy. The military answers to the government, not the other way around.

    And no matter how many times you try to say McCallum and Dosanjh are accusing the troops of war crimes, it is not true.

  27. About this proroging Parliament. How come all of a sudden they are upset about it. Where were these clowns, including all the protesters when Chretien did it four times. Where were they when he cancelled the Somalia Inquiery, because it came to close to his office. Of course that was a number of years ago and all these young protesters were still in diapers. Now they have to be informed by the Liberanos that Proroging Parliament is wrong? How quaint. It appears to me that the people who started this so called prostest are totally ignorant of parliamentary process.

  28. Your friend and neo Liberal Bob Rae is no stranger to proroguing. Read Christina Blizzard's column in the Toronto Sun today.

  29. Your friend and neo Liberal Bob Rae is no stranger to proroguing. Read Christina Blizzard's column in the Toronto Sun today.

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