Members of Parliament and the concept of work

One of the talking points from the Liberal Party concerning prorogation is that the Prime Minister has given MPs a “vacation” as the Members are left in the riding without work to do in Ottawa.

Despite the fact that Ignatieff himself was literally on vacation when his office was lecturing the Tories on the concept of work during the Parliamentary pause, many observers either are ignorant or purposefully neglectful of the truth when it comes to the responsibilities of MPs.

I spoke with an MP yesterday — perceived to be on vacation by the Ottawa press gallery and Liberals — whose backlogged caseload includes a large number of Haitian adoptions.

The glorious life of an MP isn’t just limited to heckling other Members in the House of Commons. Funny that the decorum of Parliament is mourned when the House of Commons is in session while democracy is declared dead when Members are given more time to accomplish casework in their ridings or elsewhere.

Take Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis who is not “on vacation” despite the bleatings of his fellow members of caucus. Karygiannis is currently in India “not working” on the work surrounding the case of Parminder Singh Saini, a convicted terrorist who was deported from Canada. Karygiannis is also in India for other MP related matters. Here is the report from PunjabNewsline.

Canadian MP visits Guru Aasra trust in Punjab, defends deportation of Saini
Punjab Newsline Network

Thursday, 28 January 2010

MOHALI: Jim Karygiannis M.P of canada visited Guru Aasra trust here Thursday on an invitation by SAD Panch Pardhani. Members of different religious,political and human rights organization questioned M.P regarding deportation of Parminder singh Saini convicted for hijacking plane. Saini was depoted to India from Canada on Wednesday.

First Ignatieff condemns Conservatives of taking vacation from his high horse stabled in the barn of his villa in the south of France, and now his own Member is — by the Liberal definition — “on vacation” in India.



  • Bruce

    Travers is not the sharpest knife in the MSM's drawer, which makes it curious as to why anyone would cite anything that he has written.

    Right Parnel/Terry1?

  • batb

    OH. FOR. G*D'S. SAKE.

    “[Ignatieff] release his plan when there is an election.”

    'Way too little, way too late. Canadians want to know what his plan is NOW — no, wait, a few years ago.

    This fat-cat, ivory-tower, windbag-with-a-parachute, doesn't have a plan. His only plan is to scupper the sitting government so that he can inhabit 24 Sussex Drive and pontificate from the Government front benches, all the while dipping his oh-so-delicate digits into the taxpayers' coffers to further the Liberal$' social-engineering policies and to feather the many Liberal nests which, after over four years of CPC governance, are getting a little threadbare.

    It's absolutely unacceptable that Canadians have no idea what Count Iggula's or his party's plans are for Canada. We are left gasping at the audacity of the disloyal Opposition as they try every dirty trick in the book to rid Canadians of the duly elected CPC government and our Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, who is doing an incredible job of governing both nationally and internationally.

    The mean-spirited and vengeful envy of the Liberal$ is childish, churlish, and disgusting and, it seems to me, is much more damaging to them than to PMSH and his governemnt.

  • kenn2

    Even second-string reporters can get something right, when it's obvious.

  • kenn2

    being the country leading the G8 out of a global recession

    …leading the G8? Leading?? Harper can't pick his suit for the day without consulting the US embassy first.

    The US mess is a GOP/corporate mess, and a Democrat's been stuck with the job of cleaning it up.

  • Gayle

    Yes, people across the country are “gaping” at the “audacity” of Ignatieff for not releasing his plan for the deficit. It is so unacceptable the man who is NOT in charge of the country does not tell us his plan to slay the deficit, while the mand who IS in charge of the country needs to take a few weeks off in order to get his plan together. Dear lord.

    Have you ever heard the word “hyperbole”? If not I suggest you look it up and then tone it down.

    At least you are always good for a laugh though, so thanks for that.

  • bocanut

    “Alberta only ever sits a few weeks a year. “

    Tell us Gayle ,what do you consider a “few weeks”?

  • batb

    I'm absolutely delighted, Gayle, that my hyperbole has pi**ed you off!!! Bulls eye!

    But, why should I tone it down? Hyperbole is just about what's needed to get a handle on the audacity of the Liberal Party in their attempts to be an effective Opposition. Their huge problem is that they are an utterly and totally ineffectual Opposition, because they have nothing of substance to contribute to Canadians, except bitching and carping.

    And why is that all they can do, why do they continually whine and whinge and put down PMSH and the CPC? Because they don't have a viable plan to put forward to improve upon what the CPC is already doing. The CPC has shown up the LPC in just four short years of being in government and Iggy and his front benchers are apoplectic.

    Until Count Iggula and his court jesters realize that slings and arrows, huff and puff, sturm und drang are faint facsimiles of actual governance, it's hard for Canadians to take them seriously. It's his fault, her fault, not our fault, schtick isn't working.

    Poor, bedraggled windbag-with-a-parachute Iggy …

  • Gayle

    Ha ha ha

    I say I am amused and you accuse me of being angry. I love it when you demonstrate your inability to grasp even simple English terms.


  • Liz J

    Bantering back and forth on political matters is one thing but you are so into the personal digs and outright insults it becomes a waste of time to bother with such blather, it's your game and the only reason you are hanging around Conservative blogs. That's why you are censored from so many sites.

    I hereby toss your way a really nice steaming warm meadow muffin pie, that's what comes to mind when reading some of your nasty comments.

  • Gayle

    I really don't care what you think Liz, but I have to say when you lie like you did here it makes you look kind of hypocritical when you claim to stake the higher ground.

  • kenn2

    r&t, I'm actually glad for Canada that Mr Harper is proving to be a political animal. I believe that any competent PM has to be aware of what the needs of the moment are and to go left or right as the times dictate, regardless of what song they sang during the elections. Now that I know he's not hell-bent to achieve all the ideological stuff, I'm now confident that he won't screw things up. He's competent. There, I said it.

    The downside of this is that he's also not going to do some of the things that I happen to agree with. He's done a 180 on government transparancy and accountability, and he's quickly losing appetite for an elected senate.

    The kerfuffles around prorogation, the Afghan detainee stonewall… these are relatively small potatoes, and Harper may not be much damaged by them in the long run. What will ultimately bring him down is the realization that Canada has lost some stature in the world's eyes, we've ceased to lead on several fronts, and we're reverting back to the mid twentieth-century Canada of boundless primary resources and a nice place to cottage. With a dollop of staid banks on top. Worst of all, we've gone silent on human rights and values. The whole Omar Khadr thing is the most glaring example of that. We cannot uphold our Canadian values when our nose is up the US elephant's ass.

    The new right has forgotten that Canada is a progressive country. Our base is one of fiscal conservatism coupled with social responsibility and tolerance, and any party that forgets either is doomed to eventual defeat. The right forgot this when they chased the “progressive” out of the federal PC party.

  • roughandtumble

    A guy, and an ideologue, like Harper doing whatever it takes to stay in power is dangerous just with that very issue alone. It simply means he has an agenda of his own and he will try anything to get him there including lying through his teeth.

    As I've stated the canadian public has now seen through the smokescreen and are judging him accordingly. His numbers will continue to trend down and he won't be able to salvage them even with voters short memories.

  • roughandtumble

    Bruce speaking of those who are not the sharpest knives in the drawer……people who comment on others in that manner must understand the connotation well.

  • batb

    Oh my. You're more than welcome.

  • kenn2

    His only real chance of remaining in power is to not rock the boat. If he goes ideological again, he will be whapped on the nose again by a coalition threat. Sometimes a minority government is a Good Thing.

  • Liz J


  • batb

    kenn2: “What will ultimately bring him down is the realization that Canada has lost some stature in the world's eyes, we've ceased to lead on several fronts …”


    What stature are you talking about — I mean, real stature other than Trudeau's being cool because he once went out with Barbra Streisand, our passing gay marriage (sic) into law, Mo Strong's, Jean Chretien's, and Paul Martin's signing the Kyoto Accord …

    And, on what fronts have we ceased to lead?

    If you're talking about David Suzuki's kooky snake oil Foundation which “led” in passing off AGW as real science, you need your head read. If you're talking about our CHRC's pretending to defend Canadians' human rights, you've got to be kidding.

    I'm curious. What world stature have we lost? (When did Chretien, Martin, or Trudeau, for that matter, get an honour guard of Swiss fighter jets to escort them out of Switzerland's air space?) On what fronts have we ceased to lead?

    You have some 'splaining to do.

  • roughandtumble

    A Swiss escort out of their territory was to ensure the snake oil salesman Harper actually left. They don't like the smell of his politics either obviously.

    If that's your version of his increased popularity internationally why did he get panned for his speech there. Why is no one giving him credit for the Haiti rescue ops? Why… because he's lost the trust of almost every canadian,you being a notable exception. His lies and deceptions have finally awoken Canadians to his dirty game.

  • kenn2

    I've already given a few examples. Try those for size.

    For bonus points, tell us how Harper has actually improved Canada's standing in the world.

    Gay marriage is a perfect issue for smoking out people with their priorities backward. Anyone with enough time to get upset about this is not spending enough time on the serious issues that face us.

    You have some thinkin' to do.

  • m123T

    You should ask that question of the biased media in Canada. Did you miss the kudos Pres Clinton gave Canada, or Bill Gates. The speech he got -in our words- panned for was his talk on cap and trade and how it will not solve the worlds problems. Seems he is right, with all the so called science re AWG being thrown out at lies.
    You can dislike PMSH all you want, but quit lying and trying to convince us you are right. The election will make you crawl back into your hole, Iggy will never get a minority, and will only be PM with his coalition. But, what if Layton says, hey, I want the job, and if I am not PM no coalition.

  • Liz J

    Could you tell us then why Prime Minister Harper was INVITED to speak at the event in Davos if they think he's a “snake oil salesman”? Your ignorance is astounding.

  • roughandtumble

    Liz J, maybe you shoukd understand that its pretty damn easy for any head of state of an advanced country to get a speaking gig there. And, due to the fact we sare hosting the G20, hopefully with PM Ignatieff, was another reason. Harper probably sent his goons out there begging for that gig. God knows he needs lots of help.

    Its your ignorance of the lies and deceipt of this government led by that character which is at play here. Progrogation, and his intent to bury stuff Canadians need to know, is close to the final straw for this bunch of misfits you support blindly. Look at the polls. They are telling

  • roughandtumble

    m123T…those comments by Clinton and Gates were aimed at all Canadians for our generosity. Harper had basically nothing to do with that. In any event he has so discredited himself that no one would believe him even if he had done something positive as he has poisoned the well beyond repair.

  • Tricky_Dick

    oh dear sweet, gullible and naive Gayle.
    Cretien fed us what you an excuse that you deemd “credible”.
    Clearly you were still to young to understand that when Cretien's lips were moving, he was lying to us.
    Not your fault, all the kids are getting brainwashed in the public education system.

  • Tricky_Dick

    I can hardly wait for that election.
    Since our PM has been abusing democracy so badly, I am sure we can count onm you to contact your hero Iggy and enourage him to vote non-confidence on March 3.

    but I won't be holding my breath.

  • batb

    What are you TALKING about?

    The honour guard escort is rarely deployed, and is considered a heartfelt sign of close ties between Switzerland and Canada.

    And, please provide links to Prime Minister Harper's speech in Davos being “panned.” I have seen no evidence of this. It was generally “well received” say most reports even though, obviously, there are those who felt his approach to world problems was “blinkered” or defended the status quo and didn't go far enough. That's not being “panned.” Proof, please.

    As for Prime Minister Harper and his government's handling of disaster relief in Haiti, he's getting kudos from the most unlikely places — like in the Toronto Star. Granted, the praise is begrudging — “we wouldn't want to be TOO complimentary of a politician we can't stand, but we've gotta admit that Canada's more than pulling their weight in this disaster” — but most columnists in the media are giving credit where credit is due.

    Even Bill Clinton, who you wouldn't exactly call a C/conservative supporter or cheerleader, is praising Canada's efforts in Haitian disaster relief:

    After meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper for about half an hour on Thursday, Clinton made a point of saying Canadians should be proud of their huge outpouring of support and money for victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake that flattened much of Haiti.

    “It has been unbelievable. First, the Canadian people are so generous,” said the former U.S. president. “I'll bet you on a per-capita basis, they're No. 1 in the world now in helping Haiti.”

    “… There is a big Haitian diaspora in Canada but this goes way beyond that. I'm very grateful,” said Clinton, who is also the United Nations' special envoy for Haiti.

    So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, roughandtumble … and provide some proof of your unfounded allegations.

  • Gayle

    Ha ha ha

    Way to completely miss the point, but then if you actually acknowledge it, you would have to admit your comments are foolish, so I understand.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  • kenn2

    Harper's and MacKay's direction of our response to the Haiti crisis, and indeed the response of Canada as a whole nation, has been generous, well-executed and above reproach. Please let's not make this a political football, folks.

  • batb

    Hey, I didn't bring up Canada's response to Haiti. Read roughandtumble's uncalled comments …

    “Why is no one giving [PMSH] credit for the Haiti rescue ops? Why… because he's lost the trust of almost every canadian … His lies and deceptions have finally awoken Canadians to his dirty game.”

    … and call him/her out on it.

    Now that parnel's not around, we've got roughandtumble: What's the difference? A troll by any other name is just as irritating: Drive-by swipes at PMSH and his government without any evidence to back them up is dirty pool. 'Pot calling the kettle black when roughandtumble accuses PMSH of dirty games.

  • centrestage

    How does one find out who their senator is”

  • m123T

    google canadian senators, you will find all the senators, who appointed them, when they retire.
    And you can also find out who represent each province. It might surprise you to find out how many lib senators are still there that were appointed by PET.

  • kenn2

    I was agreeing with you on Haiti. Hope that's ok. So I'm calling everyone out on it. (“…folks.”)

  • batb

    Yeah, well, kenn2, it sure sounded like I was being told to lay off being political about Haiti when I'd simply answered a drive-by slur by r&t.

    I guess I could recognize that r&t was included in “folks,” but why not be specific, just to avoid misunderstandings. You know?

  • roughandtumble

    batb……..The dirty stuff is a creation of your leader

  • batb

    That's a laugh. Where have you been keeping yourself? 'Under a rock? Or, in some other dark place?

    The Liberal$ have the file on dirty stuff. The Gomery Commission pointed out that millions of dollars were stolen from the public purse to benefit the Liberal Party, that there was political direction of the sponsorship program, and that a “culture of corruption exists within the Liberal Party.”

    Further, Justice Gomery reprimanded the Liberal government for connecting the interests of their political party with the interest of national unity. He pointed out that the Liberals repeatedly showed contempt for Canadians by overtaxing them and wasting their money with the billion dollar HRDC boondoggle, the two billion dollar firearms registry, and Adscam. No one knows for sure where the money went and no money has ever been recovered.

    The LPC's sleaze and corruption factor stands alone.

  • Jen

    The LPC's sleaze and corruption factor stands alone.

    Are you forgetting something batb, the liberals' media, they are keeping a tight lip on the corruption.

    Come to think of it batb, liberal voters don't seem to get it. that the liberals stole from them as well, in truth 'all of us were stolen from and still we have not seen a dime.
    Oh! another thing during the recession. Ignatieff told all canadians “I have no intentions of wearing the recession on my shoulders” then he walked away. But now the recovery is slowly on the rebound, Ignatieff wants to be rewarded for……let me guess, for, 'doing nothing'.

  • Liz J

    Batb, when you mentioned Gomery pointing out how the Liberals repeatedly showed contempt for Canadians, it reminded me of Chretien's appearance before the Judge and how disrespectful he was towards him, it was shameful behaviour especially since he was in charge when Adscam happened. With his retort “what's a few million?” we know he took none of it seriously, neither did his legals or Little Eddy he had along for the big laughing act they put on.

  • batb

    Where are you, r&t? Still under that rock????

    'Funny how you won't show your face when the Liberal$' corruption is corroborated. 'Funny how you haven't given any evidence of CPC “dirty stuff.” Until you do, you're just a typical Liberal toadie, spewing garbage.

    And, Jen, you're right. The media never highlighted the Liberal sleaze, because they loved the carnival atmosphere in Ottawa, underwritten by taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. Hey, let the party continue! And, Liz, Chretien was just a thug from Shawinigan. It's astonishing what he got away with — but, under the invisibility cloak draped over him by his pals in the media, I guess predictable. Thank G*d for the National Post which began to expose the rot to the light.

  • bocanut

    As foolish as stating that
    “Alberta only ever sits for a few weeks a year”
    Now that's funny.

  • roughandtumble

    batb……I'm here to remind AND mention that one of your heroes took money in the form of cash from one character named Schreiber while still in office. That's called a bribe in polite circles. As for Chretien Gomery exonerated him in Adscam.

    Newest poll out today shows the Tories going down down and further down. Maybe Iggy will chair the G20 in June.

  • roughandtumble

    You are all trying to relive the past. Harper promised accountability and has effectively shelved in favor of a PMO run like a secret society. That breeds corruption.

    Why is harper going down in the polls……….hes not trustworthy is the main reason when pollsters ask the question.

  • batb

    Brian Mulroney, as smooth a voice and stage presence as he has, was a Red Tory. The new CPC purposely distanced themselves from Joe (Who?) Clark, Brian Mulroney, and Kim Campbell's Progressive Conservative Party.


  • m123T

    It was not government money. And, are you not following KHS trial in Germany where his defense is, he never bribed or gave money to anyone in Canada. So, is he lying now or did he lie to the inquiry.

  • m123T

    I suggest you spend at day at the CCRC web page and study up on earned income, advances, prepayments, retainers and other forms of income to see when and where a person or company is supposed to declare it as income. Then read all the loophole available. And, after that, read up on voluntary disclosure. That little tidbit is where the govt is waiting for all those with Swiss bank accounts to come fwd or they will go public with the names. You do know that the Swiss are now ordered to release the information on such accounts, date of deposits, withdrawals and where it come from and where it went. Several million has already been collected.

  • Gayle

    Except when they are trying to suck up to Mulroney and his great Quebec election machine…

    The only time we saw public dissention in the CPC ranks is when Harper told them they could not speak with Mulroney. I am not so sure all the MP's have chosen to distance themselves.

  • Bruce

    Posted this at BLY and AGWN;

    Well folks, it’s that time of year that the MSM dance around the crux of the story when it comes to political parties prowess in fund raising, so here are the straight goods, the annual totals for the year 2009;

    Conservatives $17,770,477

    Liberals $8,109,489

    NDP $4,039,104

    Greens $1,166,874

    Bloc $834,763

    *totals arrived at from the quarterly filings at the Elections Canada Finance page.

  • m123T

    How do these figures compare to 2008 totals for the libs, especially number of donors for each year and average donations. Do the unpaid leadership debts appear in these total.


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  • ridwanzero

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  • bocanut

    “Alberta only ever sits a few weeks a year. “

    Gayle,what in fact do you consider a few weeks?