Greenhouse gases over Copenhagen

We’re only partway through the conference in Copenhagen and there has already been criticism of the size of the so-called carbon footprint left by delegates. From flights, to limos to the food imported to feed everyone, the eco-conference is an eco-disaster isn’t it? And if there’s no deal, what was it all for?

Brazil has sent over 700 delegates to the conference while the tiny island nation of Tuvalu has sent 20. Each delegate represents just 750 Tuvaluvians who earn an average of $2000 per year. Presuming there aren’t many direct flights from Tuvalu to Copenhagen, travel costs, let alone hotel costs, would seem to me to be quite prohibitive for the island’s treasury.

The United Nations boasts 30,123 registered delegates and 2,941 media passes granted.

That’s a lot of dead polar bears.



14 thoughts on “Greenhouse gases over Copenhagen”

  1. Maybe they are looking for an alternate location if the sea level rises as predicted by the alarmists.

    in 2000, the government appealed to Australia and New Zealand to take in Tuvaluans if rising sea levels should make evacuation necessary-CIA factbook. Did you know they have less than 13,000 people in total and only 26 sq km of land?

  2. The only thing worse than a dead polar bear is a dead polar bear with an I phone and a briefcase full of carbon credits.


  3. I don't know if they would have to follow his new AGW dogma, it may be a problem. They don't practice the AGW religion from what I can tell. Church of Tuvalu (Congregationalist) 97%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, Baha'i 1%, other 0.6%-CIA factbook.

  4. And we , a corrupt carbon spewing nation, is at it again!
    Oh my gawd, this will hurl tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, not to mention the dirty fuel the product runs on!!
    Dahlton McGuinty, how could you, shame.

    ''Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. says it will add a second shift and about 800 jobs to start building more sport utility vehicles in Woodstock next March''

    Layton and Iffy should demand that this second line not be run… no no, think of the granchildren!
    (obvious sarcasm)

  5. All I can say is, that video was disgusting. Repugnant. This reminds me of that British ad about the Dad telling his child a bedtime horror story about “Global Warming.” Why do the Alarmists feel that ugliness will convince people that they are right? I know, I know. Because they are Alarmists and their other lies haven't worked. However, scare tactics like this just make me want to puke. They don't convince me of anything except that some people are absolutely shameless…

  6. The global warmists are a cult. What else can explain such a disgusting video?

    It appears the cultists were worried about attendance in Copenhagen. To add to the obvious hypocrisy, the do as we say not as we do syndrome, they offered up free sex. It appears no bar is too low.

  7. Way off-topic but I'm hearing a lot of negative talk about our CPC right now. Not because of Afghanistan but about the HST – especially from seniors. The people who have made the negative remarks are shocked and stunned that our federal party supports McGuinty's cash grab. Seniors, especially, will be hard hit with the tax on energy and the increased cost of goods and services because the HST will affect each step of the way to final delivery. We disparaged the Dion green tax on everything and here we have our own party supporting McGuinty in his latest cash grab. Even myself, I am furious with Flaherty right now because this HST will increase my own cost of living. It looks like the GST reduction will be more than offset, in the long run, by the new HST – brought to us as a joint venture between Flaherty and McGuinty.

    Just when we were making inroads in Ontario, Flaherty supports another of McGuinty's cash grabs. What the heck was he thinking? This will NOT stimulate our economy, it will NOT create jobs, it will NOT help Ontario. What it will do is raise Ontario's revenues and possibly remove Ontario from the have-not side of the equation, thus reducing or eliminating equalization transfers.

    So, we have Flaherty supporting McGuinty's latest cash grab and the Liberals want to restore the GST to its former rate. Right about now, if I was not a strong Conservative, I'd be looking favourably at good old Jack. At least we know where he stands on taxation.

    Watch – in the next federal election, you can bet your boots that the Libs will attack our party for pushing the HST on us Ontarians. Bye bye 416 and 905 area codes.

  8. The taxation in Ontario that will hit the seniors and other fixed income people is not the fault of the feds, it's the fault of McGuinty who's in the red like never before and will do what he said he wouldn't do, raise taxes. The HST is only as good as the Premiers want it to be, McGuinty chooses to abuse it.

    The Liberals voted for it as well, on paper it makes sense . Jack Layton may make some gains on the issue but who in their rigt mind would vote for Taliban Jack over that issue alone? The Provincial Conservatives in Ontario are against it and for the same reason, it's being abused by McGuinty.

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