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I received this from a friend yesterday. It was taken on a mobile phone in Copenhagen where world leaders are meeting today in, as one newspaper amazingly put it, “the most important international meeting since World War II”. “Brad Pitt is saving planet Earth in Copenhagen” is printed on the side of a 20 ft long reflective metallic trailer parked in the streets of Copenhagen.

Here is another image of this monstrosity from (of all places) the Flickr photostream:

The caption?
“Brad Pitt is Saving Planet Earth in Copenhagen”… a fun experimental project that will feature 12 non-Brads dressing up like the megastar to promote climate change action.

Yes, this comes from a US government social media account.

On the other side of the trailer is a web address which reads “”. When I checked the website, I found this awesome image:

In other decidedly non-warming news, Copenhagen was hit with a blizzard last night dumping 4 inches of snow on the Danish capital.

Copenhagen, December 6th 2009

Copenhagen, December 17th 2009

Drastic climate change in our lifetime.

Do I have to tell you about the ice caps of Mount Kilimanjaro?



  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    That's not fair! Random weather events can only prove global warming not disprove it. You need to take some science classes.

  • SirAlexander

    Random weather events only prove 'climate change'. Which no one will deny, the world has in a constant change for 4.5 billion years. 'Climategate' proves their are lies & manipulation behind this environmental religious movement. All smoke & mirrors. EU (appointed) President, Rothschild, Danish Leader, Gore all say in there own words, “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”. Wake up Switchyard and exhale some carbon while it's free to do so!

  • Patsplace

    All the silly little boys and girls, making nice with little papier mache models and cutsey-poo face paint are having the time of their lives and the nasty beasts that like to smash stuff, just 'cause they can are out there being “Street Fighting Men”. Ain't youth wonderful. Dumb as rocks, but wonderful.

    After all is said and done, it's a scam and one that people should go to jail for, Gore included.

  • tedbetts

    I have no doubt that the earth is slowly warming – don't know why, but there is just too much incontrovertible science behind it.

    But lordy lordy, environmentalists can be their own worst enemy. Al Gore was both the best and absolute worst thing to happen to the global warming movement. They make it so easy not to take them seriously.

  • east of eden

    Bono stood in front of an audience and asked for complete silence. Then, he clapped his hands once. Thirty seconds later, he clapped them again – once. Another thirty seconds and he clapped them again – once. And then he said that each time he clapped his hands, a child in _____ died. A older gentleman in the back of the hall shouted out: “well, then stop clapping yer hands, ya daft idiot”. Just thought I'd toss that in – these environuts and world saviours like Bono and Gore are such scammers, it makes me sick. As for Brad Pitt, at least he puts in some sweat equity – he did do some grunt work in New Orleans, he does some serious work in Africa and he doesn't spout off like Bono and Gore. He's slightly more than just another pretty face and he's a sight more comprehensible and believable than some of those “stars”.

  • tedbetts

    Bono has done great work too. He's one celebrity philanthropist I do admire. Puts his own time and money into it. And what's unique he really wants to convince leaders to do it by meeting and discussing things with them and not publicly shaming them or attacking them. The only “attack” I think I've seen from Bono was on Martin and not because he wouldn't do anything for world poverty but because he stood there with Bono and said he would do something, used Bono's name as much as he could and then did nothing.

  • tedbetts

    Bono has done great work too. He's one celebrity philanthropist I do admire. Puts his own time and money into it. And what's unique he really wants to convince leaders to do it by meeting and discussing things with them and not publicly shaming them or attacking them. The only “attack” I think I've seen from Bono was on Martin and not because he wouldn't do anything for world poverty but because he stood there with Bono and said he would do something, used Bono's name as much as he could and then did nothing.

  • ZZMike

    Well, yes… “Climate change science” predicts lower temperatures, higher temperatures, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, drought, flood, more rain, less rain, …

    This proving conclusively the efficacy of “climate change science”.

    The day that Al Gore and Christopher Monckton sit down in front of a TV camera and have a little chit-chat (and Gore comes out even a teeny little bit ahead), then I'll consider changing my mind.

  • gimbol

    I have to admit I know nothing that would substantiate AGW but there are oh so many that claim they do.
    So I went to look up this quote by Thomas Jefferson as it seems so apt:

    “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. “

  • novadog

    It is not a secret, the Viking’s prospered in Greenland; over a thousand year ago, because the climate was warmer and livestock could survive in the coastal valley’s. After a couple hundred years the climate cooled down and the Viking’s moved on. Scientific research has proven that climates and global temperatures do fluctuate over time and the Humans did not cause these changes.

    I wite this because I am kind of a Cliff Claven on history and I believe history can answer questions.

    Best regards,

  • machiavelli

    Unfortunately something rotten is about to happen in the state of Demark where our so-called “world leaders” are expected to acquiesce to a tax escalating and wealth transferring scam. A Canadian PM more apprehensive pursuant to the economy and welfare of Canadians than he is about his own prospects would enthusiastically and ardently oppose any form of the fraud known as “Cap, Tax, & Transfer”. This scam will devastate the Canadian economy, transfer billions of our tax dollars to corrupt socialistic/communist countries, slaughter tens of thousands of our jobs, and diminish our standard of living

    Now that communism has been invalidated, “Climatism” is the new “ism” adopted by the extremists as their vehicle to increase taxes and transfer wealth just as Trudeau’s National Energy Program was intended. The inconvenient truth is that the job slaughtering “Cap, Tax & Transfer” scheme that left-plunging Harper and Prentice are about to inflict us is a stealth strategy for enormous, disingenuous long-term, structural tax increases. “Cap, Tax & Transfer” will evolve around an economic Ponzi scheme that includes an enormous new source of tax revenue to the Canadian government to allow it to continue its current expansion into the private sector, will transfer billions of our tax dollars to undeserving often corrupt countries, will demolish tens of thousands of high paying manufacturing and service jobs, will result in the transfer of political power to the emerging global governance, and will be a devastating disasters for our children’s standard of living.

    The Climate Change Fund (CCF) will increase the reach, power, and authority of global governance and transfer at least $100 billion a year to the nations (many corrupt, some communist) of the world who repudiate creating their own wealth. The recipients, who are commonly corrupted/socialistic leaders, are demanding annual transfers of hundreds of billions of dollars, and on top of that, if you can believe it, they don’t want the donor countries to have much authority as to how the money is spent (wasted), to monitor the spending of our tax dollars, or to authenticate emission reductions. Harper must amend comrade Prentice’s tax increasing proclamation by asserting that Canada categorically will not raise the necessary taxes which will be required if we contribute to this scam fund which will finance the retirement funds for thousands of corrupt, socialistic, illegitimate, wack-job leaders such as the Mugubes, Kims, Ahmadinejads, and Chavezes of this world. Surely we all remember the last time that the UN was given responsibility to administrate a multibillion dollar program, and how they incompetently screw-up the corrupt “Food for Oil” fund.

  • mel_wilde

    To wind up 2009, I suggest we start a Canadian fund to help McGuinty, Charest, Miller and Slizuki
    to relocate to Mr Mugabe's wonderful carbon free country. The improvement in air pollution alone for Canada will more than offset the cost. I assume we would not allow dual citizenship.
    Regardless of ones opinion; Expressing disloyalty to ones country in an international arena for the purpose of personal gain is an unacceptable behaviour.
    If these men do not have sufficient maturity to understand this small, but important character trait, so be it…please leave.

  • bluespades

    The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) or Medieval Climate Optimum was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region, lasting from about AD 800–1300. It was followed by a cooler period in the North Atlantic termed the Little Ice Age. The MWP is often invoked in discussions of global warming.

  • Bec

    Albertans, are FURIOUS! The emotions are as highly ramped as they were over the 3 stooges. Watch though as the media suggests that the PM is fueling Western separation….. Look in the mirror Dalton and Jean.

    Ironically, the Alberta Premier joked today about the “fleet of Audi's” and “private jet” that one of these Central Canadian governments' is fortunate enough to enjoy, while the Albertans, have a fleet of Taurus'. Ironic!

  • mel_wilde

    I am not surprised by the reaction you state from Alberta. I lived and worked in Calgary during PET's assault on Alberta many years ago. That Alberta got kicked then is true, but that can be avoided by good grass roots leaders such as the Wild Rose group. It would be better if Ed was a good leader, but?
    All I intended by my remarks is that like a family anywhere, folks need to discuss and fight about differences at home rather than in front of blood thirsty international audiences. That is what mature folks do…what we are seeing is juvenile kid stuff.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    The day a failed presidential candidate sits down with a hack newswriter to debate the fate of the world is the day that I'll finally give up and destroy the world myself.

    Monkton is as credible as Gore is on Climate Change. You just happen to be drinking the Koolaid from the fridge on the right so you think he's right.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    For future note:

    If anyone on a website starts with “That's not fair!” and then makes an obviously ridiculous statement you can assume he/she was being sarcastic.

    Also, whatever the drug is that's blocking your sarcasm detector, cut the dose.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor


    The truth is none of us actually know why the world is getting warmer at 0.3 deg C per decade. The scientists among us know that when a solution is warmed it's capacity for absorption is far greater. That's why water is saltier where it's warm.

    The atmosphere is the same but for one big difference. Geophysical data tell us that a rise in temperature precipitates a rise in carbon in solution (like salt in warm water), and not the other way around. What the warmists are claiming is that as the water gets saltier it gets warmer, which is missing the point entirely.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    If Bono knows how to solve the world's problems why doesn't he run for office and have to deal with the consequences of his actions as well. Guilting others into wasting money on Africa is not noble but stupid.

  • tedbetts

    I am glad you agree the world is getting warmer and, as I said, I don't know why it is and am not asserting why.

    I would add though that one of the reasons I think it is getting warmer is that there is simply too much verified, incontrovertible and consistent scientific backing for it, but not sufficiently consistent or verified to point to any particular cause.

    Put another way, I don't think I agree with statements like “the warmists are claiming” because too many people, like yourself, who accept that the world is warming are pointing to too many different reasons for it to say that “warmists” say this or that. Perhaps you simply mean AGWarmists?

  • SirAlexander


    “That's not fair!”

    I hadn't had my coffee yet. =)

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    That being said Ted…

    The 0.3 deg per decade is within our best error calculations for global temperature measurement, so it is entirely reasonable to argue that the world is “within our ability to measure accurately: the same temperature”

    I am specifically referring to CARBON based warmists when I say warmists. Also it's good to note that the Antarctic ice anomaly shows that more ice is being added to the south as ice disappears from the north. It should also be noted that a good deal of the ice has returned to the north this fall, there was a CBC story about it.

    In regards to quality of temperature measurements… you say that “I think it is getting warmer is that there is simply too much verified, incontrovertible and consistent scientific backing for it”. The consistent science backing (I'd call UEA pretty inconsistent, as I would Hansen from NASA) is a function of where these scientists get their money. They work for the public sector and get more grant money if they can give an excuse to raise taxes, that's why every scientific discovery is now post-texted “possibly connected to climate change”.

    Given that the only full audit of north american weather stations has been done to the dismay of the “scientists” makes me think that the truth has very little to do with climate politics. How can we have temperature records that do not account for the urban heat island effect? How is a record incontrovertible if there are consistent (“adjusting up for cold bias”) and significant errors (just see some of the pictures of the stations) in the measurement and interpretation of the data?

    Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it so. Truth is derived from hypothesis testing, and the AGW crowd (UN included) has a failed hypothesis. It might be marginally warmer, but carbon is not the most significant culprit as carbon tends to historically follow temperature and not the other way around.

  • batb

    In the meantime, back to BRAD PITT. Here's my comment cross-posted at SDA:

    Brad's problem is that his lifestyle just doesn't support an I really care for the future of our planet stance. He has no credibility when you look at his mansions, his private planes, his jet setting all over the world with six kids and a nanny or two — not to mention Angelina's wardrobe.

    IMO, he's not even a pretty face.

  • east of eden

    I actually dislike Bono. His antics a few years ago sickened me. His conceit and arrogance know no bounds – he was going to hound and humiliate world leaders into saving the world – yeah right. And for a guy his age to still be wearing silly glasses is quite juvenile. Bill and Melinda Gates are my kind of philanthropist – low key, no bragging, no arrogance and no stupid glasses. I cannot stand Bono. He gives philanthropists a bad name. Funny how he is so concerned about poor people but he hasn't exactly given away his millions, has he? Bill and Melinda Gates give away millions and they put in sweat equity – doing actual work. Bono is a charlatan of the worst sort.

  • east of eden

    The reason that Zimbabwe would be carbon-free is because Mugabe has killed off half the people AND destroyed any semblance of agriculture or industry. Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa but Mugabe's idiocy and despotism has destroyed the country and its people.

  • ZZMike

    “The day a failed presidential candidate sits down with a hack newswriter to debate the fate of the world is the day that I'll finally give up and destroy the world myself.”

    “Failed presidential candidate” I'll grant you, but Lord Monckton may have a thing or two to say about “hack newswriter”.

    I note that as usual for wild-eyed supporters of the Left, you provide nothing of substance to back up your carefully-crafted arguments.

    You may have seen the Monckton interview with the Greenpeace lady. How would you have responded to his questions?

  • Dave

    Here is Lord Monckton’s speech at this conference. He is naming names like Hansen, Jones et al and calling them liars and crooks. He is showing the way the corrupted data and their statements committed fraud. If he is wrong as he is stating this in a public forum he is subject to liable and slander charges but not one of these crooks and their lies that the left defend so vigorously has brought suit against Monckton, not one. Why is this? It is because he is stating the truth and they know it?…/lord-monckton-on-climategate-at-the-2nd-international-climate-conference

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    I'll grant you that I'm left of your apparent craziness, though left of far right can still be centre-right.

    I will invite you to read “AIDS: A British View” in which he demands anyone suspected of having AIDS “should be isolated compulsorily, immediately, and permanently”. The editor of the American Spectator (in which it was published) wrote a letter to himself denouncing the article in the same issue.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor


    Again it comes down to credibility. He may be telling the exact truth about what Jones, Biffra, Mann et al did at UEA and at NASA, but his previous and spectacular failures at proposing policy make him flaky. See his piece about AIDS in the AmSpec.

    If Monckton wanted to influence policy in any meaningful way he should have run, and won a seat in parliament. He was an unsuccessful candidate (0 VOTES!) for the house of lords. He continues to call himself a peer of the house of lords, despite not being a member.

    I'm really grateful that he's summarized the Climategate issue (his summary is the best) but to hold him up on a platform as some sort of saviour is as daft as a lefty doing the same for Al Gore.

  • Omanator

    Sir Alex. I whole heartily agree. Global warming or earth changes has nothing to do with us humans, but comes from the Sun. Kyoto is the biggest world wide swindle ever perpetrated.
    Created to bring Billions of dollars to a lot of questionalbe characters.

  • Omanator

    Well, the Russian Scientist are complaining that only those temperature measurements in Urban areas of Russia have been included in the East Anglia calculations. All interior measurments have been excluded. They amount to 40 % of the whole. Nice little swindle, eh.

  • Omanator

    Noadog, you are not the only history buff, I belong to the same clan. That is why I do not believe we have anything to do with climate change. It has happened before and will happen again long after we are gone.

  • Omanator

    Machicavelli. I had hoped that the whole thing would go bust, for the same reasons you stated.
    Having listened to Obama and Harper, I suspect that this is only window dresssing. Nothing is in any way shape or form binding. Besides China would never let any outsider into their country to check on their emission, no matter what the agreement,which ditches the whole thing.

  • Omanator

    Bec. Alberta has every right to be furious, not with our PM but with the Jokers from Quebec and Ontario. There mouthing off shamed our whole nation. I am disgusted.

  • Omanator

    Mel, y0u forgot Maurice Strong and Al gore.

  • joesamuels

    All the comments here seem to be pretty rational and one sided. This guy has the right approach (… ) as he asks for reaon but says that no one knows for sure about anything. Maybe global warming is man made and the “scientists” have screwed things up terribly by making things up. Just like the global warming enthusiasts ignore facts that deserve attention, it's not wise to stick your head in the sand and say everyone else is all wrong. Open minds and transparency is what is needed, not “advocates” for either position.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    For most answers it's necessary to follow the money.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    Be careful about using an absolute to discuss what humans do about the climate.

    We effect the climate in many ways, most are temporary and minuscule in the context of geological time.

  • east of eden

    I have to ask something about these eco-freaks. How did they get to Copenhagen? By horse-drawn carriage? Their own two feet? Do they cook their food? Do they heat their homes? Do they heat their water for showering? Do they buy any product made in Asia? Do they buy bottled water? Do they use disposable diapers? Do they own cars? I'd really like to know.

  • east of eden

    Ignatieff has done it again. For a year or so, he's ragged on our PM for not stimulating the economy, for not flowing the stimulus money, and for allowing us to have a deficit. Now, he is saying that creating jobs is more important than reducing the deficit. Does he ever stick with any idea? Does he ever think before he opens his yap?

  • millipo17

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  • tedwebster

    You are seeing how Harper version of “accountability and transparency”.

    Simply a LIE to gain power at all COST.

    The cost is ours not his.

    I challenge all and any Harper's supporters to show me where Harper is accountably and transprent.

    Don't blame others for their lack of accountability I am asking about Harper.

    The truth is Harper is neither accountable or transparent. Harper is self serving LIE to the people of Canada.


  • batb

    'Funny how you hurl insults at our Prime Minister, tedwebster, with no accompanying facts to back them up. 'The usual l/Liberal tactic which seems to be that if you stack invective upon invective, fast enough, no one will notice that it's simply empty rhetoric, sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    You might want to check out a year-end interview Prime Minister Stephen Harper did on CTV:

    Next time you come around, try to back your allegations up with facts. That helps your credibility.