• parnel

    The infestation is local and limited to the tried and untrue group who post here. Try dealing with the issues for a change and not the ad hominum ATTACKS you specialize in.

  • batb

    “Official government communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. The information may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for its political effect.”

    That's funny. I don't know any government, anywhere, that doesn't try to influence public opinion. That's the nature of the beast, isn't it? A government not intent on influencing public opinion and not highlighting information “for its political effect” just isn't doing its job.

    The part about not caring whether the information is true or false, again, is in the eye/mind of the beholder.

    When the Liberal$ were in power, LPC supporters didn't seem to care whether that government's “information” was true or false. They were in thrall to the party and let a whole lot of scandals and questionable parliamentary jiggery pokery blow by them. In the media, reporters passed up a whole lot of opportunities for investigative journalism, giving the Liberal$ a pass, for instance, on Adscam, and airing their “soldiers … in the streets” ads ad infinitum, even after the Lib$ had pulled them — not, BTW, to aid the CPC but to drum it into Canadians' heads that Stephen Harper and his party were “dangerous.”

    When the Lib$ were in power, it was anything goes. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, Lib supporters are apoplectic. Too bad. Suck it up. Maybe your team will win the next round. And maybe they won't.

  • wicked

    Hollinm, you continue to drift from the facts. Your leader and PM has covered up and allowed torture to continue. I wonder how many Afghanis are maimed or dead from these actions by our government. That should be your only concern.

  • wicked

    Hollinm, you continue to drift from the facts. Your leader and PM has covered up and allowed torture to continue. I wonder how many Afghanis are maimed or dead from these actions by our government. That should be your only concern.

  • Gayle

    You asked the difference between a government “propoganda attack machine” and a “well oiled justifiably hard-hitting” political party.

    I explained that one to you.

    You respond with the predictable “But Adscam. ADSCAM!!!!!” and the predictable paranoid conspiracy theory about the media, neither of which had anything to do with your question.

    You need to get some new material. Do your initials stand for “Beat Around the Bush”?

  • jamesbowie

    Have you got a copy of the OP ED he was going to quote from?

  • batb


    Look, this government is hands-down better, more credible, and more accountable to the Canadian public than the LPC ever was. The markets are doing well, PMSH has steered Canada through a global financial meltdown with Canada doing far better than most other Western countries, and the CPC is NOT stealing the taxpayers' money. You might question how they are using our money, how they are allotting funds to various government initiatives, but there has never been any question about criminal activity as there has been concerning the tactics of the LPC.

    I bring up Adscam because the money stolen from Canadians has neither been found — where did it go? who's got it? who got rich off it? — nor has it been paid back. Adscam isn't going to go away, Gayle. And, I'll keep bringing it up until some heads roll, some LPC fraudsters go to jail, and there's an accounting for the whereabouts of the million$ stolen from Canadians.

    I'll hang onto Been Around the Block. That's why I'm asking some hard-hitting questions about the LPC and Adscam. 'No way I'm allowing it to fly under the radar because it's “an old story/material.” I'm not “moving on, 'nothing to see here, folks.” Like a dog with a bone, I'm hanging on.

    Nice try, Gayle, but no cigar.

  • Liz J

    Adscam is still an unsolved theft of OUR money and we will never stop talking about it until it's found, paid back and the thieves pay their dues. The person who enabled it may have cavalierly said, “what's a few million”? We who work and pay taxes take it more seriously.

    Keep up the good work batb, your comments are appreciated, insightful and on the mark.

    The LPC and their apologists are not in a good place right now, we can expect more insults.

  • batb

    Thanks, Liz.

    As you point out “We who work and pay taxes take it more seriously.” We sure do! Those of us who work hard and struggle to pay all the bills on time, support our kids' education, give to charity, and sometimes wonder how we're going to meet all of our financial obligations are horrified that PM Chretien opined, after his government had been caught red-handed with their collective hand in the cookie jar, “what's a few million?”

    'Easy for him to talk. What do you make of that comment, Gayle? Is it acceptable? Is it Prime Ministerial? Is it helpful to millions of Canadian taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet? is it OK to disappear $42-million of our hard-earned dollars to put the LPC back in power?

  • Gayle

    None of which has anything to do with the topic. I am well aware you worship the ground Harper walks on, so nothing new here.

    But do have fun flogging that dead horse. We can start calling you “flogging tories”.

  • m123T

    You might need a gun to kill the animals and birds trying to eat those crops. And they work great in scaring off liberals.

  • m123T

    The liberals remind me of the spurned wife, who is still dissing her husband she divorced 20 years ago.
    And for all those years she has tried in vain to turn their children against him, and failed.

  • m123T

    Gayle, please provide links to the question periods where the conservatives, in opposition, asked riduculous questions, used faux outrage to make their point, and continually shouted down any responses to their questions. Those actions are by the liberals since being rejected by the people of Canada. Liberals can't handle the truth, they were defeated. They have lost 70 seats in the last elections.
    They will lose more.
    Someone explained the difference between liberals and conservatives, libs have meetings, form committees, have inquiries and do nothing to implement their ideas. Conservatives go out and get things done, for the betterment of Canadians.

  • m123T

    Is Don Newman back on tv. Lots of references to him lately. With no computer, tv, radio, or newspapers for the past week, I missed his return. Please clue me in.
    But, I was at a conference that had mainly liberal and ndp supporters, and listening to their comments during breaks was hilarious. Not one fact mentioned, just a lot of dissing PMSH and the Wildrose party.
    Was like being in a room full of gayles and parnels. Hey, I survived, and was even cordial to Kevin Taft.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense


    NOVEMBER 24, 2009

    “…in a situation of extreme necessity, the possibility, even a slight possibility, that it [torture] may reveal some life saving result would almost certainly overwhelm any consideration that it is evil.” – Michael Ignatieff, The Gifford Lectures, University of Edinburgh, January 2003

    “The use of coercive force in a liberal democracy…is regarded as a lesser evil. This particular view of democracy does not prohibit emergency suspensions of rights in times of terror. But it imposes an obligation on government to justify such measures publicly, to submit them to judicial review, and to circumscribe them with sunset clauses so that they do not become permanent.” – Michael Ignatieff, The Lesser Evil: Political ethics in an age of terror, Princeton University Press, 2004

    But don't just take our word for it, Ignatieff's writings on the appropriate use of torture are of concern to Liberals as well:

    “To justify violence, he must have really given it serious thought. Otherwise, that's very dangerous. What guarantee would there be that he wouldn't change his mind again?” – Terrorism and counter-terrorism scholar Dr. Janine Krieber, Facebook message as reprinted in Toronto Star November 21, 2009

  • batb

    I'll try again, Gayle:

    What do you make of Chretien's comment, “what's a few million?”

    Is it acceptable? Is it Prime Ministerial? Is it helpful to millions of Canadian taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet? Is it OK to disappear $42-million of our hard-earned dollars to put the LPC back in power — and then make light of it?

    Well … ???

  • hollinm

    You have no idea what you are talking about. I doubt Stephen Harper did any such thing. Lets remember these alleged tortures happened right after the Conservatives were elected to government. They do not make the day to day decisions on the battle field. Those are rightfully left up to the commanders on the field. However, they did strengthen the pathetic agrement the Libs had in place.
    Frankly I could care less what happens to the Afghan detainees, combattants, terrorists or whatever name you want to call them. The Canadian military did not torture anybody . I suspect most Canadians feel the same way.
    The media and the opposition may think they have an issue here but in the end Canadians have only one choice in the next election and that is to elect a majority Conservative government. They will never elect the carpetbagger who pretends to lead the Liberal party.

  • Gayle

    Yeah, and if you register them you cannot use them to kill anything.


  • Gayle

    Does that have anything to do with what the CPC are doing or your question?


  • m123T
  • m123T

    Wouldn't it be great if they registered all guns in Toronto, think of the lives that could/would be saved if registered guns couldn't be used to kill.

  • Gayle

    I am thinking you are not getting the sarcasm…

  • Gayle

    I am thinking you are not getting the sarcasm…

  • http://twitter.com/JamesWJBowden James W.J. Bowden

    Thanks for the link to Don Newman’s drivel on the Reform Party as the cause of incivility. I’m preparing an entry for Parliamentum on the myth of civility in the British House of Commons.