A response to Alf Apps’ politicization of H1N1

Alf Apps made the news for emailing this disgraceful letter to a wide distribution list within the Liberal Party. He has been roundly criticized for suggesting that H1N1 may be Prime Minister Harper’s “Hurricane Katrina” and that “Canadians are entitled to wonder if they are being victimized by some clinical cost-benefit analysis premised on the theory that expense could be avoided if demand for the vaccine were suppressed and access to immunization for most was made well nigh impossible.”

I’ve put together the following video as a critique on Apps’ disgusting words. H1N1 is not a game and all parties ought to be working together to ensure supply and manage fears. It is wholly irresponsible to cause panic thus jamming lines with low priority Canadians at the expense of those who need the rationed vaccine first. This is not an issue upon which Apps’ and a handful of Liberals should be scoring cheap political points. When faced with great situations, we ought to have government accountability yes, but we must be wary of those that would unnecessarily stoke fear to drive a partisan agenda.

Let’s get back to work shall we? This video is a admonition of the politicization of H1N1 and only an admonition of the politicization of H1N1. I believe that most Liberals want to help steer Canada through this potential crisis with minimized turbulence. I agree with Brian Lilley’s take on the recent dialogue on H1N1 on Parliament Hill; Ignatieff has been rational and responsible on this issue while members of his caucus and party have not.

UPDATE: Here’s part of a CTV report by Graham Richardson that aired last night that should interest Mr. Apps.

Again, let’s move forward shall we?



  • Bec

    That was terrific and I am still astounded at how this analogy could have even entered into the civil mind of a Canadian.
    Carolyn Bennett should be 'Off the charts on Shame' too. Hopefully we can expose this shameful double speak as well. Please check it out Stephen.


  • ripples

    You guys just don't get it. Apps is doing what Tories have been doing for some time now. They do the leader's dirty work for them.

  • Jonah

    Is that background video from the Liberal convention?

  • Bec

    I beg your pardon? When exactly has this nation had to repond to an unprecedented worldwide health event?
    I will repeat, NATION.
    Your reaction was shallow and explains probably more than you intended but speaks volumns.

  • TwoYen

    Tonight's CTV News with Lloyd Robertson reports that the GlaxoSmithKline sole supplier contract was signed by the Jean Chretien government and that the company thanked the government for the contract by giving a $56,000 political donation to the Liberal Party.

  • TangoJuliette

    CTV National News 2200h EST.

    Lloyd Robertson reveals the truth on single source vaccine snafu. 10 year, $325,000,000 + base contract awarded in 2001, by Jean Chretien. Extra payments for hyper production during pandemics.

    Alf Apps, Bob Rae, Martha Findlay, Krista Ericksosn, WK, Ig/CBC lawyer-stooge Sakomoto et al tee off on Harper and the Governing conservatives? And keep at it? And this yutzes don't even know that their gang is the screw-crew that put all these boobytraps into play? And none of the perpetrators even bother to drop a dime, pick up a phone, call in a tip and tell the yapping, baying hounds to consider changing their course of attack?

    Extremely Angry TangoJuliette sez:

    These are the deadly morons that still feel that it is their entitlement to continue to be the so-called natural governing party, to be the ones to govern this nation in perpetuity? Were their callous actions not so reprehensible, this would be something to laugh at. Right now, I'm just rummaging through my basement looking for my pitchfork and torch.

    Please tell me that much of the recent librano behaviour of an actionable nature. Please.

    t.e. & o.e.

  • ripples

    Were not those donations legal back then? and are the backroom boys in tory central sure the comopany didn't contribute to the reformers back then.

    Was the contract recommended by the civil servants in order to have a long term supplier in place for emergencies such as this.

    secondly, did the Harper government check to see if things were still the same with this supplier in the six months it had to get up to speed.

    This is just another troy drive by smear to stop the backlash they are facing for their failures.

  • ripples

    You are way over the top with your torrent of abuse.

  • Bec

    Tango, is never over the top, ripples. He is absolutely smack on with his outrage over what has been a disgusting and thoughtless barrage of crap and partisan bs on Canadians, this past week.

    Liberals, have put the fear of God onto the citizens of this country and repeated numerous times, their rants about more sourcing of the vaccination.
    These are the facts and Tango and the rest of this country have a right to some calm, peace and sense. The Liberals THRIVE on chaos, its all they know and you too should be ashamed of this mindless, self serving politicking.
    All the while, they could have been working as Canadians, instead of election threatening, power hungry, scandal fabricating Liberals. All about them, all of the time.

  • Jan

    No, this style of attack is all Liberal and, this time, they have shamelessly taken fear mongering to never before contemplated heights. Not only do they hold the general public in little regard by playing on their fear of illness and inciting panic, they have not given one passing thought to what they are doing to health care providers – to the doctors and nurses and administrators who now have to deal with the results of their politically motivated hysterics.

    This is more disgusting than the guns in the street ad, at least that attempt at fear mongering was so unbelievable it was laughable. This is simply pathetic.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor


  • Bec

    And we haven't even mentioned that these guys would have had us smack dab in the middle of an election right now.
    Go figure huh how the media has entirely dropped the ball on this outrageous double standard.

  • wilson

    not a big surprise….it's in Quebec, no?

  • http://devinjohnston.ca Devin Johnston

    I don't know if the Conservatives are really in a position to accuse anyone of politicizing anything. Oh wait, I do.

  • wilson

    drive by smear? by CTV?

    The donation to the LPC (not in brown envelope) was legal then.

  • wilson

    Canadians witnessed Bennett screaming and spitting in QP, and Bodybag Bob and Apps with 'it's Harper's fault if people die'…….
    I have more faith in Canadians than to think they don't get it,
    yes there is fear, but followed by reason.

  • Bec


    Give me a friggin' break, Devin, this is far from ANYTHING.

    Weren't you guys to be firing up the 'election train' about now?
    PUHLEEZE! Can you give it a rest and recognize the things for what they really are?

  • wilson
  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Devin's NDP

  • Bec

    Whoops! Well sorry then Devin….

  • http://devinjohnston.ca Devin Johnston

    No worries.


  • ripples

    Is this fear mongering or are the tories hiding stuff when they refuse to answer questons properly. I'd say the attacks are warranted when the government goes into fetus mode on important questions hat affect many many people.

    “Picking up on criticisms in Sheila Fraser's report saying the government has failed to develop a national emergency preparedness plan, which includes planning for epidemics and pandemics, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said that was why the roll-out of Canada's vaccination program has been so “slow and confused.”

    The Health Minister was not in the Commons, nor was the Prime Minister, so Industry Minister Tony Clement was left to answer.

    “Let me dwell in the realm of facts,” he said. “The fact of the matter is that there have been six million doses of H1N1 vaccine that have already been delivered to the provinces and territories.”

    And he repeated what was said yesterday – that Canada has more H1N1 vaccine per capita than any other country in the world.

    Mr. Ignatieff, however, followed up with the obvious question: “If there is all this vaccine about, why are there eight-hour lines?”

    That was never answered.

  • ripples

    nec, Harper had us smack in the middle of an election ;ast year insread of planning to dela with the recession which he was in denial about……I smell typical Tory hypocrisy.

    Your anger is, as usual with blind partisans, misdirected. You should be observing the facts instead of pouring your guts into auto pilot outrage.

  • ripples

    We have yet to see the reason since the Torties have turtled on the main questions here. Where are the vaccines?

    I have read your posts in the past and am sure reason is a foreign word to you.

  • ripples

    there is word starting to surface that a known tory supporter, now a pharma lobbyist, is right in the middle of this thing. I guess that explains the cons dusting off the old contract news as cover up for the current facts. Pretty damn typical of this group of incompetents.

  • ripples

    Need we say more about Tory incompetence when the AG points it out very bluntly. I presume we'll now hear she''s a liberal. To all the firebrands here, have a good day with your indigestion.


    Fraser exposes Tories
    Auditor general's report calls Conservatives' competence into question

    “Auditor general Sheila Fraser's latest compendium of federal misdeeds calls into question the basic competence of a Conservative government already under fire over stimulus squander and the current flu-shot fiasco.

    Surprising only to those awaking from a long coma, Fraser concluded that Stephen Harper's government of big cardboard cheques is far better at making announcements than actually implementing them.

    Some of Fraser's findings would be worthy of a comedic spoof were the consequences not so dire.

    The Department of Public Safety, for instance, is responsible for co-ordinating national responses to large-scale emergencies, disasters and other crises such as the current H1N1 flu pandemic.

    Most ordinary Canadians probably believe that preparing and dealing with catastrophe is rather fundamental to the whole concept of government.

    Apparently not.

    Fraser found that while the public safety department has a “federal emergency response plan,” it never has actually been implemented.

    The department also has spent a fortune and many memos to co-ordinate police, firefighters, medical and ambulance crews in response to a major disaster.

    Nothing concrete

    Years later, Fraser reports, they still don't even have compatible walkie-talkies.

  • Jan

    Yes, it is fear mongering. Why do you think there were 8 hour lineups? Do you think there is just the slightest chance that faced with a barrage of spitting outrage, hyperbole, images of death, dying and illness and resulting media coverage of those Liberals who have been playing this for all it is worth politically, that the general public has become just a tad panicked?

    I am not suggesting that there isn't room for criticism. No doubt there is and it can be a useful exercise at some point in the future when the situation has normalized. What I am suggesting is that Liberals might try conducting themselves like responsible adults, putting aside for the moment their hatred of the Conservative government, their desperation to return to power, and just this once try to think of the people they serve and how best to do that.

    Inciting panic is not going to get the vaccine into the arms of Canadians any faster. Indeed what it does is make the job that much more challenging for those Provincial authorities and front line workers who are trying to sensibly manage the inoculation process.

    As Alfred Apps as amply demonstrated, there couldn't be a more stark contrast between the values of Stephen Harper's Conservatives and those of Michael Ignatieff's Liberals.

  • ripples

    jAN, Look at the garbage going on in the HOC. The Tories are simply turtling instead of giving accurate answers. They either lie or shut up.

    If they told the full truth and asked for understanding thye might have got somewhere with this issue.
    Their typical lies and buffonery didn't work and politics being what it is has the opposition jumping all over their credibility. The AG is in full attack mode on their incompetence as well, so its not simply the Liberals here.

    Open your eyes to the incompetence and get our government working for us. You are helping the problem grow with your compliance.

  • Liz J

    Ripples is a new name for the banned one, Terry1, same attitude, same tactics. We'll see how long before the verbal abuse kicks in.

    Bec, so true, it's all about the Liberals all the time. Driven by a lust for power which they assume is their God given right, they're exposing themselves as real nincompoops. The silly antics of people one would expect to know better, like DOCTORs Carolyn Bennett, Hedy Fry and yes, Bob Rae, displays just how bankrupt the Liberal party is.

    The Liberals better be careful, muckraking is not without risk.

  • ripples

    I see another tory supporter only looking inward as opposed to looking at facts. The AG has squarely come out and stated the Tories blew it. Is that not a wake up call?

    I am myself and not anyone else. Thank you.

  • Jan

    Might you offer up some examples of lies being told by Conservative MPs in respect of H1N1? I haven't heard any but perhaps you can enlighten us.

    Do you mean this kind of competency?


    Or, maybe this kind of competency?

    The sponsorship program was designed to generate commissions for private companies, while hiding the source of the funding, rather than providing any benefit for Canadians, Fraser said.

    “I think this is such a blatant misuse of public funds that it is shocking. I am actually appalled by what we've found.”

    “I am deeply disturbed that such practices were allowed to happen in the first place. I don't think anybody can take this lightly.”

    I suggest you compare and contrast the AG reports, then and now, and I believe you will find quite a stark contrast in the wording of the reports.

    Despite your plainly partisan urgings, I'll take my chances with a government which while not perfect in either my books or those of the AG, has not approached the level of incompetency and malfeasance shown by the former Liberal government.

  • ripples

    tango is way over the top when you consider the facts. The tories have chosen to turtle and give mundane answers when asked hard questions. The opposition led by Iggy asked hard honest questions and received no real answers. Instead we get some airhead from the war room trying to insinuate it was Chretiens’s fault ten years ago. What planet do you people live on?

    Demand that your government give Canadians full and honest answers instead of going into fetal positions. If they heard those demands for honesty from their own supporters they would wake up. People with young children are running scared right now and its not the Liberals who instilled that fear. a lack of vaccines and 8 hour waits did that.

  • joannetb

    I love the video, Stephen!

  • David

    There was positive news on the governments progress with ehealth.I'd say by comparison to the Ont. Lib gov't it is an exceptional endorsement. I know you don't want to mention that but it is essential part of an emergency response plan. If you were truly concerned you'd acknowledge that Liberal gov'ts have been equally neglectful on this file but that of course does not help your agenda.

    With Ontario emergency rooms backed up under normal situations it is clear to everybody we are not prepared for a disaster. It has been decades of neglect that has got us here. You are part of the problem just as much as anyone else.

  • ripples

    the video is a complete lie.

    Then please tell us how there are 6 million doses out there when the government will not confirm it with hard facts. It would be quite easy to show shipping docs from the producer whiuch thye can't seem to do.

    I agree with the host. let's move on. if you don't it will only cause further embarrassment to your party.

  • bigmacinthenorth

    Ripples old chap…your remarks remind me of a joke I once heard…A Liberal cabinet Minister once visited a northern Indian reservation a long time ago….during his speech to them they kept on yelling “HOYA HOYA”. This seems to please the Liberal politician and after he finished his spiel he was asked to inspect the new barn that had been built by the Liberals to accomodate their livestock. However
    before entering the barn the Chief cautioned the Liberal politician by advising. “Sir when we go in you will see two magnificient bulls.” Just make sure you dont step on the HOYA'.

  • hollinm

    The Libs have so many skeltons in their closet that anything they say or do shows that in many cases it is their actions in government that have caused the problem. This is a big story given the hyperbolic questions in the House and of course the media.

    The media is responsible for causing hysteria within the population. You cannot watch a newscast or a political show or panel without getting various opinions on the vaccine. It is disgraceful. What would really happen if we did get some form of pandemic. This is not a pandemic (yet) but the media have created so much anxiety in the population that they have caused mass hysteria.

    To think that 32 million Canadians could be vaccinated with a couple of weeks without incurring long line ups defies logic no matter how well organized they are.

    The Libs in their desperation are trying to create a wedge issue on the back of H1N1 and now they are being exposed for their blatant partisan and their outright lies.

  • hollinm

    So you don't like it when the complicity of the Liberal party is exposed. The Liberal government had a plan in place supposedly and the Conservatives relied on it. However, like everything else in the Chretien government it was inadequate and has been exposed for what it is.

    The fact that Glaxo gave a $56,000 donation at the same time the contract was awarded was not an accident and you know it. The donation was legal but legal does not make it right. Its quid pro quos and we both know it.

  • hollinm

    It may have been legal but the optics are terrible and you know it. The donation was not made the year before or the year after. It was made in the same year the sole source contract for $300 million was granted. You can run but you can't hide from the optics of this thing.

  • hollinm


  • Jan

    I would characterize the speech in that video as wishful thinking on the part of our Health Minister, not lying, but if you want to call her a liar, be my guest.

    I agree with the host. let's move on. if you don't it will only cause further embarrassment to your party.

    Well, darned if you don't think I just fell off the turnip truck. After your charges of lying incompetence, do you honestly expect me to believe you have any concern whatsoever about embarrassing the Conservatives?

    But, thank you just the same, Ripples, for giving me my first belly laugh of the day. Are you certain there isn't a 'ck' between the 'i' and the 'l'?

    Yes, though let's do move on to more rational discussion. It is, in fact, what I have been urging Liberals to do since the beginning of this exchange.

  • David

    Methinks ripples and Terry1 are the same dude.

  • Jen

    CAROLYN BENNETT AND HEDY FRYE both of them who are doctors put the 'fear and panic on the nation and their media was right behind them to help exploit the 'PANIC'

    Noone is prepare for major breakouts, next year might be another breakout of some sort and no one has that capacity to forsee it. If we did every lab in the world will be overloaded with vaccines that may end up in the cabinet somewhere at which point none of them might be in use.

    AL Gore 'Paniced the world when he above all human life and the Son of God said, that the world will end in four years, this is the fourth year.

  • NovaDog

    What kind of leader is Ignatieff? The Liberal critics have panicked a Country, they have dug up Chretien's past causing accusations that the LPC accepted 56 thousand dollars in bribes. I suggest Iggy stick a sock in someones mouth.

  • Liz J

    He's baaaaaak, Terry1 has added yet another moniker to his repertoire of aliases.

  • BCVoiceOfReason

    Has Donolo taken charge yet?

    The Liberal party is imploding. It seems like they just can't help themselves.

    If there is not 10,000 H1N1 deaths the BLOC is looking good to be the offical opposition with the NDP in 3rd.

  • ktron

    “H1N1 is not a game and all parties ought to be working together to ensure supply and manage fears.”

    Surely you are asking to ensure supply of the vaccine? Fears can not be “managed”, especially when they are irrational. If you’d like an intelligent scientific perspective on H1N1, please read these:



  • Liz J

    Yeah, you are yourself, there can be only one you BUT you can have several aliases on these forums. You ain't fooling anyone parney, even your typos give you away. Hysterical.

  • ripples

    “Tories dropped the ball”…….AG!!!!

    Richard J. Brennan

    Les Whittington

    Complete H1N1 coverage

    More on SwineFlu

    OTTAWA–Auditor General Sheila Fraser says the Conservative government has dropped the ball in preparing Canada for pandemics and other national emergencies.

    The broadside comes amid growing criticism of the federal government's handling of the problem-plagued cross-country H1N1 vaccination plan.

    “For H1N1, coordination … is not as efficient as it could be,” Fraser told reporters Tuesday.

    Among other things targeted in her fall report, Fraser said a federal emergency response plan, instead of being implemented, is still in the draft stage after almost six years waiting for Public Safety Canada to get it approved by cabinet.

  • m123T

    The contract came up in response to a question by a liberal during the great debate. She should have known about it. Numerous libs and media have asked, why only one supplier. Now we know, lib contract plus 56,000+ donation. And don't forget, 20% of all production must go to WHO.