You know, if you keep using that word, it won’t scare Canadians anymore

The Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber writes about the latest poll showing the Conservatives climbing in the polls. Here are just the first five paragraphs. What’s the story here?

Stephen Harper, the piano man and economic manager, is making Canadians so comfortable they want to see him win a majority government, according to a new national public opinion poll.

The EKOS Research survey released to the CBC shows that the Conservatives’ substantial lead over Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals is solidifying – a lead that now has the Tories knocking on the door of a majority government.

According to EKOS, the Tories now enjoy 40.7 per cent support compared to 25.5 per cent for the Liberals, 14.3 per cent for the NDP, 10.5 per cent for the Green Party and 9.1 per cent for the Bloc.

Two polls last week showed the same upward movement for the Conservatives, edging them into majority territory.

But EKOS has gone farther by plugging their numbers into a seat projection model that gives the Harper Conservatives 167 seats, a clear majority. They now have 143 seats.

(emphasis mine)

Making the same point over and over again?

Jane Taber is spelling it out her downtown Globe readers who perhaps have not yet discerned the gravity of recent news.

The Tories are on the verge of M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y.



  • onetireddad

    How do you spell relief? M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y. Unless your name is Taber and then you run screaming into the night.

  • PoliticalJunkieOttawa

    Poor Jane … she must be sleepless on Wellington Street.

  • wilson

    That Canadians were NOT going to run for shelter at putting 'majority and Harper' in the same sentence, was evident after the Young Liberal secret cell tape went public.

    Give me a majority…says PM Harper on the tape of a secret Tory meeting
    I think we will just do that, says Canadian electorate to polsters .

  • Rastas

    Jane reputedly called Craig for consolation upon misplacing her Liberal red Harper is Scary scarf.

  • David

    Perhaps the old talking point that Harper is scary will be blended to create the new phrase “scary majority”.

  • rightful

    Ms Taber is reflecting the view from Rosedale/Beaches – the possibility of a Tory majority is halloween spooky – perhaps if the entire country consisted of that narrow constituency, this would be a problem – fortunately the rest of us do not care as much – an elevation in the G & M political commentary is overdue

  • wilson


    Scary Majority, is the definition of the coalition of losers, 3 Stooges etc.

  • Liz J

    Should we entertain the thought the non-negotiable billboard size cheques with the big “C” logo had something to do with this latest poll?

    When you pick yourself up off the floor,Terry/Parney, please tell us, do you find this poll to be hilarious?

  • batb

    Forget the sublety of Morse Code.

    Janey's Jingle sledgehammers her readers: M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT.

    GET IT?


  • Leasa

    When they had the Iggy corination, I watched Jane talk about old Iggy, honestly, I was embarrassed for her big time. She gushed, wiggled, giggled, blushed and drooled over old Iggy. Of course she’s trying to scare ppl by using the word majority over and over, but guess what Jane, ppl WANT Harper to get a majority. They trust him and he’s done a hell-of-a good job!

  • Joshua

    All i gotta say is MUHAAHAHAHA!The Tories are coming !The Tories are coming!
    Good, its about time.

  • Joshua

    All i gotta say is MUHAAHAHAHA!The Tories are coming !The Tories are coming!
    Good, its about time.