• Liz J

    The leader of the Opposition sure doesn't appear to have a lot of time to “talk to Canadians” judging by his tee shirt agenda! Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable as a Canadian after his long absence from the country. Why he would cancel out on his his alma mater is puzzling. Wonder if he's a tad embarrassed with his performance as leader of the Opposition?

    Visiting nursery schools or any schools, as he has been doing, will be of little help to him, he'll not be around by the time they're able to vote. Taking time to do photo-ops of no consequence in an attempt to change his image, tells us he's back to starting at square one.

  • CanadianSense

    Can I order a shirt, with the Conservative logo? Will you throw in a novelty cheque as well?

  • CanadianSense

    He is testing his adult conversation with the last friendly demographic.

  • Bec

    Voters, will see right through the 'baby bouncing' and it's obvious, it's not his thing. Call it female instinct or a sixth sense but he is purely, a huge paternal fake. Those kids shots, are the hardest thing he's done in his 4 years BACK in HIS northern nightmare.

  • Bec

    What? There is still a Conservative logo? Didn't the Liberals demand that it be burned….at a stake, in front of millions?

  • terry1

    I see the need to keep on changing the agenda lest the truth about tory malfeasance keeps your fans awake at night .

    I think harpo has done more flip flops than any amount Iggy has done. At least Iggy hasn't sold his ideology down the tubes and become a socialist like Harpo.

  • CanadianSense

    It was nice to see Iffy with his politicals peers today having an adult conversation. I was really impressed with the CBC trying to keep the party and logo-gate alive.

    I am sure all those posts and plans will work out for the Liberal Party. Really this time it will work.

  • terry1

    Is this how popular conservatism is in Canada:
    …… …cancelled due to nobodys' giving a shite. Where's that Tshirt?

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009
    Future of conservatism in Canada panel discussion
    UPDATE: Unfortunately this event has been canceled. They hope to have another event in Ottawa in the future.

    On October 29th, the Young Conservative Forum is hosting a panel discussion entitled “Future of Conservatism in Canada” in Montreal. Speakers include Joseph Ben-Ami, president and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, Gerry Nicholls, author, former senior executive with the National Citizens Coalition and President of Libertas Post , Adam Daifallah, member of the National Post editorial board from 2003 to 2005, and John Robson a columnist with the Ottawa Citizen, broadcaster with 580 CFRA in Ottawa.

  • http://blog.ederek.net dbo789

    At least Harper didn't jump into bed with the socialists like the Liebrals did. And honestly, Harper = Socialist? Please. Maybe you should take a POLI 101 class at your local community college.

  • http://blog.ederek.net dbo789

    At least Harper didn't jump into bed with the socialists like the Liebrals did. And honestly, Harper = Socialist? Please. Maybe you should take a POLI 101 class at your local community college.

  • terry1

    A $60BB deficit and a life saving abstention from the dippers is pretty telling evidence, especially since harpo sold out to them on EI legislation. The EI stuff has nothing to do with peoples' needs but simply a face saving mechanism to hold onto power.

  • wilson

    Caroline Parish was seen stomping on a 'C'…
    Hedy Fry saw a giant 'C' burning on lawns in Prince George…

  • sharon

    Yah, those silly Dippers should have taken their chances instead of giving Iffy a live saving abstention….

  • novablast

    I so want one of those shirts. I think if there is enough of us we could get one done up for real!

  • Jim Shapiro

    What AC/DC lyrics fit Iggy the best?

    Runaway Train
    (Running right off the track)
    Runaway Train
    (Running right off the track)
    Runaway Train
    (Running right off the track)
    Yeah the Runaway Train
    (Running right off the track)

  • CanadianSense

    I just heard they have finalized their location for their “thinkers” conference. Waffle House has a small room and a play area available.

  • Bruce

    Michaelle Jean retreats from ‘head of state’ debate


    In other news the Liberals remain ethically and morally bankrupt while sliding toward “da turd pardi” or perhaps even the fourth party status. Their continuous faux outrage has, is and will keep turning more and more people away from this self described “natural ruling party”. If they put half the effort into working for their constituents as they do with their feces flinging monkey antics they might have been able to avoid total meltdown, but such is not the case.

  • Liz J

    The Liberals and Dippers with their MSM buddies feeding frenzy re the Conservative logo and Conservative MP's signatures on non-negotiable cheques is another sad and pathetic attempt by them all to GET something, anything, to stem the free fall of the Iggy Liberals.

    It's no big deal. We all know it isn't the Conservative Party money going out to the people, they're merely the ones who get to put it out. The only problem for the Liberals is they can't bear to see anything that reminds them or their constituents they are not the ones in government. The way they're acting they'll not be getting there any time soon.

    People are concentrating on getting through this rough period and thankful of any help the government gives them. We certainly don't give a damn if Iggy dons a bright red shirt over a brilliant white shirt with a large collar and visits some little kiddies in a nursery school. It's time he gets going with some ADULT conversations, tell us he can do better.

  • Independent voter

    Hey, its not my fault the shirts werent made in Canada and not ‘officially bilingual.’

  • CanadianSense


    You forget where the mindset belongs for the Liberals…

    as Tatoo would say the plane, the plane.

    The Liberals would say the plan, the plan.

  • prairie dog

    Very cool, I sense a Christmas rush order coming…

  • m123T

    You need to post the LIBRANO t-shirt beside this one. I still prefer mine

  • prairie dog

    I think Eggo was at the daycare to try out some of the liberal party’s ideas on the kiddies, you know just to test the water….so to speak.

  • terry1

    There you go on your feces kick. Are they eating your lunch?

  • terry1

    Liz J HYPOCRITICAL… so what the libs did was wrong but attack ads, lies and innuendoes from your party are fine? Do you know how to spell…..HYPOCRITE?

    According to your party they have painted the country with bank notes and no one is suffering thanks to them…..unless they live in a non reformatory riding.

    You are something else demanding my removal from this site when you post such nonsense and garbage.

  • terry1

    No you have the wrong songs………..its “the winner takes all”

  • terry1

    It would be cash only and the proceeds would go to the dog pound.

  • terry1

    Brucey, you must come from a forth rate community…does the welfare payment scheme not pay enough while you drive that taxi and collect EI at the same time?

    Idiot is a kind word on this post.

  • Michael Harkov

    Its not a t-shirt with the name “Harper” on it.

    Try to pay attention, Parnel

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    24 hour ban on terry1 starts now.

    The next infraction nets you a week in the penalty box.

  • terry1

    In other news:

    The parliamentary ethics commissioner will formally look into opposition complaints about Tory MPs putting their own names and party logo on economic stimulus cheques.

    “She's going ahead with an investigation,” a spokeswoman for Commissioner Mary Dawson's office said Tuesday.

    Opposition MPs have already filed a sheaf of complaints over the cheques and Dawson said in a statement she expects to see a total of about 50.

    The opposition says Tory MPs have flaunted oversize ceremonial cheques blazoned in Conservative colours and carrying their signatures at announcements about stimulus projects.

    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said 55 Tories are implicated in this “dubious strategy.”

  • Bruce

    Thanks for putting Terry in the penalty box Stephen, I hope he might learn something while he has time to reflect.

  • double scotch that rocks

    Ahh Terry:

    I’ve been out of town a few days…I’ve truly missed you and your shadow valet Parnel!

    Good to be back ‘con’fabulatin with y’lad.

    Now I’m goin’ to have to ask you to come back down to earth me bucko ’cause y’know that residin’ out in space as you do has got to be lonely an’ cold too…I imagine!

    Now…Down to business

    Y’know y’confuse me terry (I’ll just take the liberty of leavin’ off the one (1) moniker if that suits y’…seein’ as we’re all family here….what was I sayin’?…ah yes…y’are confusin’ terry as you seem to want to keep championing that Iggnatief fella. A nice enough fella as he may be in private life, I doon’t think the man has a clue what he’s up to…nor what he hopes to personally achieve by this misdirected forage into the cutthroat world of the politico.

    Now we all know the man’s as ruthless as the next …what professor who holds the future over upper tier college kid’s isn’t an opportunist of the highest order?…we also know the fellow’s as gullible as …well the day is long…ah I can hear it now in me head…the LPC recruiting team on a headhunting mission to Harvard a few short years ago, (short for us mind you …likely an eternity for the dear professor!)

    “Micheal…come to Canada…you’ll have fame,fortune,prestige…and you,ll get to run your own ideas a bit when you become PM after Paul. Its a sure thing Micheal …the big machine’ll take care of it all. A great way to cap off your international career”….” Retire with prestige m’man.”

    Ooh Micheal (and you too terrnel)…what happened…It was such a sure thing…why it makes me head spin to try to figure it all out…but y’know terry…its not really all that complicated laddie…Mikey was so insulated up on his intellectual pedestal for so long that he couldn’t figure how the heck to get down and gladhand it with the common folk…Grandiose musings will not a Prime Minister make my son!

    So alas pooor Micheal has to compete with a politically streetwise PM who …I will add,could navigate his way in and out of a grand piano in the darkest hour …wearing Houdini’s chains and blindfolded too!

    Now that’s a smart fella terry and y’know it to be true lad …so I’m suggestin’ that y’just fight the urge and join the Conservative side …and as the Olivia Newton- John song says …’just come on over”…to the winnin’ side…’cause its more fun over here and also lad you won’t be so much of a boomin’ bore.

    Oh… and a word to the wise when you do finally see the futility of your present thinkin’ lad…Leave yer Liberal thong at home ’cause Conservative girls don’t like their men in those sorts of getups!

    Nice to talk to you again lad and remember that to be a winner you have to act like a winner!

  • CanadianSense


    the Liberals could have been a “contender” meme is slowly fading. Incrementalism of keeping the Liberal Party out of power and replaced with a common sense, steady hand on the till will placate Canadians. In 2014 those additional 30+ seats outside QC will forever change the dynamic. It won't be Ont-QC, it will be Ont-West paradigm shift.

    Tom Flanagan has pointed to it as well.

    It's the Regime, Stupid!: A Report From the Cowboy West on Why Stephen Harper Matters, Barry Cooper lays out his case for viewing Harper as a historic Prime Minister.

  • Anonymous

    a what?

  • wilson

    The 'thinkers conference' that Iffy said in May, was going to be held in the summer,
    but got CANCELLED…

  • http://twitter.com/eapr9 eapr9

    Its probably time to ban the troll terry parnell for a month? a year? eternity? At least gayle doesn't have a potty mouth and seems way more polite than this grit operative.

  • batb

    GR-8 T-shirt. Who's selling them?

    GR-8 news, too, about parnel's going to the penalty box. Twenty-four hours might not be enough, but you're the ref, Stephen! Good call!

  • batb

    Well, terry1/parnel, what's the diff?

    Hi! I'm terry1 and this is my other brother terry1, aka parnel …

  • Liz J

    Have a heart batb, don't kick Terry/Parny when he's down, too cruel.

    Hi Terry/Parny, na, na, na, na, naaaaaaaaaa.

  • Liz J

    Who's taking orders for the Iggy T-shirts?

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    Wilson can you outline a potential Agenda for the “thinkers conference”.

    Garth Turner handed in his “decoder ring” recently, do you think we can send someone in to those wonderful ideas that will save Canada and restore it's global reputation?

    or should we wait for a telephone call, article written by the MSM with quotes from another anon liberal who is trying to undermine the leader?

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense

    What about a filter on certain words that are demeaning or inflamatory and add little to the debate?

  • Jen

    what about the 'CANADIEN HABS LOGO. It strikes very much like 'Conservative Harper' to me. I just wondered why TOM CLARK and company didn't say anything about this 'logo. You know how Tom is, looking and poking everywhere for a C that resembles…..

  • m123T

    If all the money is going to non liberal/ndp ridings, when did Bob Rae join the conservatives. Is he one of the supposed libs planning to cross the floor. Check out the columns at NNW, and see how much money went to Rae's riding. Oh, and also check out Paulstuff today, and the photo of libs using fake cheques. Dalton libs that is.

  • Liz J

    So true Jen. Perhaps the Habs should sue !

    Clark can hardly keep a straight face any more. If he keeps on this tack he'll lose a lot of respect as a journalist.

    The Liberals are all green with envy over the PM's appearance at the big game in Montreal last week.
    We know by the way they're flailing about in all directions they're in a state of bitter confusion caused by extreme desperation.

    Be sure to read Walter Robinson's comment column in the Ottawa Sun today:” Cheque scandal just partisan smoke”, he's bang on.

  • http://canadiansense.blogspot.com/ Canadiansense


    things must be very slow at Lib blogs, your personal photo of Harper, Manning (included on my recent post) to deserves attention.

    Keep up the great work!

  • hollinm

    Parnel has a fixation on the Conservative PM. I understand this completely. He doesn't have anything to admire about his own leader.

  • hollinm

    Of course the media are quick to point out that Rob Nicholson's announcement on tougher crime legislation is simply a photo op. Well at least its government legislation. Count Igster I guess showing up in a daycare is not a photo op. How about that fire engine red sweater? However nobody in the Liberal loving media suggests his daycare visit was simply a publicity stunt.

  • hollinm

    Not likely he is a Liberal diehard.