H1N1 vaccination priority

Hedy Fry believes that there should be a special clinic on Parliament Hill to vaccinate Members of Parliament and staff. Meanwhile, most people in Ottawa will have wait as the first two weeks of vaccinations are rationed for those of us that need it now such as those with respiratory conditions, young children and pregnant women, among others with special needs.

Fry argues that parliamentarians are a special case as they “shake hands, I don’t know how many times a day with people”. Do you agree with her?

UPDATE (11/2): The National Post publishes an op-ed



  • TruthMan

    It’s funny you say you support giving it to the government and “even support giving it to Tory MPs” – the Tory MPs are the only MPs that are government. Hedy Fry and her opposition cohorts in the Bloc and NDP are not, and hopefully never will be, government.

  • C. Cross

    The “MPs before children, elderly and infirmed” certainly doesn’t translate well and this would hardly be the first time Hedy has let her tongue move faster than her brain. She does at least have one valid point, the very nature of an MP’s job requires them to come into contact with large numbers of Canadians, many of whom may be unsuspecting H1N1 carriers. Nevertheless, MPs are by no means in a special or unique class, bus drivers and other front line public works employees likely run a far greater risk of exposure and yet no one has been clamouring for them to jump the cue.

    In any case Hedy when confronted with a constituent who might be eager to press the flesh should consider doing what I’ve observed a few Senators on the Hill doing recently, offer a polite and quick fist bump.

  • Gord Brown

    I have no comment that falls within the parameters of decorum. However, I have many that come to mind which fall quite outside those boundaries. Suffice to say, I have 2 words for MP Fry, and they aren't Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas!

  • Jen

    By the way, PM told Graig Oliver in an interview that he, the prime minister, and his family will not be seeking peferential treatment . The PM and family plan to stand in line like the rest of us canadians.

    Dr. Hedi Frye and Dr. Bennett should stop behaving like lunatics and act more like doctors at a time like this by easing the public fears and not create a panic.

  • Jen

    'FEAR' is what the liberals have always created and used on people to get votes.

  • Jen

    How on earth does this idiot keep getting elected

    the same way the other liberals get elected With the help of the media.

    Can you imagine Dr. Hedi Frye in the 'TITANIC'


    Wow………why am I not shocked.

    I mean Liberals already think that they know what is best for Canadians and want to engineer our lives. It of course follows that they are special and need to be protected better than the peons.

  • Donn

    I believe that all MPs and MLAs who vote for giving the public untested medications should be mandated to take them at least a couple of months ahead of anyone else, particularly when there have been no real trials completed for public safety as is the case with the H1N1 vaccine.
    Until we start hearing the numbers of deaths from ALL causes each day, quotes of how many die from Swine Flu are irrelevant as a reason to expose oneself to a drug that seems to escape the government's own mandatory listing of warnings and contra-indications in all promotional materials (noting the government brochure recently mailed out to all Canadian addresses at great cost – that lists no warnings, contra-indications, nor possible side effects).
    Hedy can have my shot.

  • T. Eagle

    I am not surprised that politicians would put themselves ahead of the people of their country. If they are worried about handshaking then they should react like most Canadians and cease handshaking until this danger has passed. No one should put themselves against those individuals who are at risk medically. I work in the public system with children and I and my colleagues have not yet received the vaccination. I feel I must wait to allow those who need the vaccine can get it.

  • Colleen

    ya this figures. As the Calgary Flames have their doctor fired for giving them the vaccines. Why anyone thinks they are more important to “the public” than others is beyond me. I work in a school with adults and students why aren't i more special. Instead of making loud noises lets just do what we have to do and let the public health deal with this as best as they can, and all will work out.

  • Linnea

    Can't believe anyone would willingly shake hands with Hedy!

  • Linnea

    Can't believe anyone would willingly shake hands with Hedy!

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