Call and answer

I like Warren Kinsella. One of the reasons I like him is because he went for my open question, brought in the other side to weigh in, and now this allows us to fill in the blanks too. Oh, and he introduced me to Bob Rae, the next leader of the Liberal party!

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Other potential tweets:

“Senate reform: can’t wait to pass legislation that has popular support by folks that have a democratic mandate from Canadians! The scotch budget, however, will remain.”

“Respect for the Alberta: Liberal-free since 2006. WK may return but has to wear black hat in the parade”

“When the ‘decade of darkness’ for the military re: Liberal investment is so far in the past, kids file it along with ‘moon landing’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ as crazy #$@* that happened that only our history books can really tell us about”

“When the Liberal party stops offering us out-of-touch humanities professors to feast upon, and tosses us a street-brawler like Jean Chretien or (oh please) Ruby Dhalla”

“When ‘Unity Crisis’ is mistaken as the name for an 80s revival band that covers Starship, rather than our recurring Liberal ballot headache”

What other things are you hopeful for in the future?



  • MrEd

    when the seat redistribution hits in 2012 and Quebec's 75 seats can't control who sits in the PM chair with a majority anymore…

  • terry1

    stephen, Hard advocacy on debt reduction….is that a halloween joke?
    I love the hypocrisy.

    Think back over the past three decades or so – stagflation, high interest rates, slow growth, external shocks, a volatile dollar, recessions deep and mild. Nobody predicted these nasty developments, but they happened periodically. The best insurance has always been prudence.

    Philosophically speaking, it's odd that Conservatives should be so lacking in it, since true conservatives believe in the likelihood that, humans being humans, errors will be made and the unexpected will happen, that only foolish socialists and liberals believe in the steady betterment of the human condition. Conservatives are supposed to be the skeptics, the doubters, the prudent.

    But North American conservatism got away from those virtues many decades ago, first in the United States, when old-style conservatives were overtaken by the Goldwater- and Reagan-style conservatives, who believed in tax cuts as the answer to almost every social and economic problem.
    This new conservatism seeped across the border into Canada, and, after many years, captured some of the commanding heights of the media and made its way into politics.

  • David

    I want a Canada that will guide the UN back to credibility not one that simply seeks approval of it.

    I want a Canada that leads the world in alienating rascist regimes.

    I want a Canada where our allies are treated with respect.We should not think less of them if they choose a new government.

    I want a Canada where no politician cheers for a recession.

    I want a Canada where 20+ % mortgage rates are not called “good times”

    I want a Canada where politicians recognize that leading is a privilege not a right.

    I want a Canada where our politicians are not ashamed to wear the flag.

    I want a Canada where woman are treated as individuals and not props come election time.

    “We can do better”

  • canuckle

    that the liberal party retains WK as chief ass-kicker, and Iggy's advisors keep dishing up the same old demonization of PMSH, in place of any rational, middle of the road policy – leave that area open for us please !

  • MrEd

    gawd you're living in the 80's….now I get it

  • terry1

    The fact is that voters seem to like down and dirty federal politicians and therefore the need for WK who is also a masterful strategist. ask dalton Mcguinty who didn't play scorched earth olitics to get re elected.

  • wilson

    'What other things are you hopeful for in the future?'

    I am hopeful that Canadians realize that 'we' are the Boss,
    and can actually exercise that power through referendums and thru our elected representatives in our regions (Senators).

    And that every region is treated equally and equally unique, and not demonized for their differences.

    That when a province shows innovation and challenges the borg mentality,
    change is embraced rather than an object of fearmongering.

  • CanadianSense

    Agreed, the Liberal party keeps framing their party as out of touch with reality. It begs the question is Iggy a double agent or the Rosedale gang a front for Republicans for Iggy.

  • canuckle

    and demonizing PMSH is not scorched earth ? – working well so far !

  • CanadianSense

    Is Iggy as double agent? the complete meltdown is nearly complete. The Rosedale gang are doing a wonderful job in muzzling and making the leader appear angry and out of touch with concerns of regular Canadians. This is the perfect storm, with the liberals only leading in the 25 and under demographic. Do you think MI can break the 20% number before Christmas?

  • CanadianSense

    Masterful strategist? Did you look at the Polls since Iffy took over? (Don't answer)

    Only 2,000 new contributors in 2009 vs 2008. ( Elections Canada)

    70,000 new instant liberals NOT donating!

    Every single demorgraphic, behind in Toronto, Montreal DOWNTOWN.

    I am impressed how WK participation is actively aiding in destroying the Liberal Party from coast to coast to coast.

    Thank you.

  • terry1

    As usual you have created facts. Show me the link to the EC stats you mention.

    Lets see the results of party funding which should be out any time now. it will prove how full of shite your are.

    WK is an election strategist only and not a party managment guy. Shows how little you really know, as if I needed to further embarrass you.

    We'll see in a few weeks when the polls turn again who is who. You seem to forget how quickly these ones turned. The Libs know the answers and have solutions.

  • CanadianSense

    Can't your friends in Oakville help you rebuke the claim? Can't your friends in the LPC provide you the total number of contributors in 2008? What is the total in 2009 so far?

    This is ——–>Public information.<————-

    Simple math comparing all of 2008 contributors vs the first two quarters the LPC sent to elections Canada.

    You can't navigate the website, you can't figure how to use drop down menus?

    Sux to be a devoted liberal who can't use the web or have any friends who can't give your the “facts” to back up your spin.

    Q3 financials are coming , you are relying on a Press Releases from LPC.

    Do you hear the LPC bragging lately?

    This proves again you have NO “real” friends within the LPC, can't use the EC website, no friends interested in helping you navigate the web on a PUBLIC website.

    This lesson is now over.

    Back to day camp Terry.

    Stop interrupting the adult conversation.

  • Bron

    “As usual you have created facts.”


    And you do otherwise.

  • Rastas

    Warren Kinsella has publicly admitted that he is volunteering and not getting paid by Ignatieff. That alone should be the evidence of his worth.

  • Stephen Taylor

    I suppose you mean to say his work is priceless. *nervous laughter* (don't sue)

  • Gabby in QC

    “What other things are you hopeful for in the future?”
    • I’m hopeful the majority of Canadians will realize how truly great and fortunate this country is this Thanksgiving weekend.
    • I’m hopeful Canadians commit to building on that greatness rather than demeaning Canada’s international role for mere political gain.
    • I’m hopeful the media will eventually try to focus on what’s right with our country rather than always focusing on what they think is wrong.
    • I’m hopeful talk show hosts stop blaming politicians for everything gone wrong while in the same breath decrying the electorate’s cynicism.
    • I’m hopeful political partisans concentrate on criticizing policies rather than the personality of politicians.

    • I know most of the items on my “hopeful” list are wishful thinking.
    • I know some strategists and their flunkies will use any hateful means to disparage the PM and his party.
    • I know Canada has fared and will continue to fare better under PM Harper’s government than under a different administration.
    • I know Canadians are finally getting to appreciate this PM’s qualities.
    • I now know what his “secret agenda” was: he dances to his own tune, not the backroom boys’ tune, and he sings and plays the piano rather well.
    • I know I’m a fan.

  • terry1

    You are the one who states you know the numbers so I asked you to prove it. Apparently you can't and I won't feed your dementia. I'm not going to waste my time debating your garbage. You are known as a crackpot from west oakville and I agree totally with those sentiments.

    By the way the LPC doesn't need to brag;they did very well in Q3 and I know what the numbers were up to the first week of Septemeber and they were very good.

    So, KMA and produce your so called knowledge.

  • terry1

    WTF do you about facts? haven't seen any thing from you that represents any level of IQ above a 5 year old.

  • terry1

    Rastas, I would say its shows dedication and the fact he's not a whore like the tory guys who have all been appointed senators so they can run around on our dime and promote Harpo.

    That also speaks to the worth of the tory “volunteers”. Either they get paid or they don't perform.

  • terry1

    Stephen, I note your respect of WK's abilities to sue reformatories and get apologies or money from them. You included.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Ah, we've established that you can read. Now, we just need to install your humour chip.

  • CanadianSense

    Poor Parnel.

    can't read a single person to back him up. You can't find how many contributors donated to the Liberal Party in 2008. (Public information)

    Is no one returning your calls anymore?

    Charity begins at home, and since you have proved how much of a turkey your on this site here goes.

    In 2008 at total of 30,890 contributors donated in total for $$5,811,492.

    Dec 2008 17,558 contributors (highest point) Q4

    Terry (Parnel) still can't find 2009 data?

  • terry1

    Get lost stupid. I work with web sites all day and I definitely know how and where to get information. I also deal with people who try to suck information for various nefarious reasons out of me. You're way too dumb and haven't a hope in hell of sucking me into whatever stupid game you're playing.

    Now go and write more crackpot type stupid letters to the TO star about power plants and Liberals.

  • CanadianSense

    Full name: Terry P. A********
    City: Victoria
    Province: BC
    Postal code: V8P***

    Is that you. I used * to block the rest.

  • CanadianSense

    Are you hiding Terry Parnel A?

    What city do you live in? Did you donate to the Liberal Party? You said you have so come clean.

  • Roll Tide

    Kinsella is at times a confused man. He thinks that Bill Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry is a Republican operative.

  • terry1

    Stop trying to change the subject.

    How's the power plant protest coming along?
    I hear trans canada has all you idiot protesters going nuts……..they will be breaking ground soon.

  • terry1

    Keep on guessing…have fun

  • CanadianSense

    Terry Parnel A. donated $ 300 to the Liberal Party in 2008 and you won't deny it was you. You live in Victoria BC.

    You won't deny you attended the Lib convention in BC. Too funny. Shall I dig deeper and find out how many cats live with you?

    Time is UP, you have been “outed”

  • terry1

    Stephen, that chip is there and well implanted….you just don't get liberal humour because reformatories are by nature humorless or consistently angry.

  • terry1

    wrong guy…..I already told you I am a Laurier club member and have been for some time. I did go to the convention and I did vote for iggy.

    Your having the same name as our host here is something he may not like when he realizes what a crackpot you are. The mayor of Oakville thinks you are crazy as does the town councillor in your ward. That's in addition to all the others you come in contact with.

    I love that power plant !!!!

  • terry1

    Wrong guy, wrong city, and wrong pets. 3 strikes and you're out.

    Time is up in Oakville………you are the one outed. Mr. Crackpot!!!!

  • CanadianSense

    You are on the list of contributors for 2008 Terry Parnel A. for only $ 300 on the Elections Canada Website.

    If you like I can check for 2009 your contribution. Too <span style=”margin-left: -51px; margin-top: -57px; opacity: 0.25;” class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble smarterwiki-popup-bubble-active”><span class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-body”><span class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-links smarterwiki-clearfix”><span class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-links-row smarterwiki-clearfix”><img src=”” alt=”” class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-link-favicon”><img src=”” alt=”” class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-link-favicon”></span><span class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-links-row smarterwiki-clearfix”><img src=”” alt=”” class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-link-favicon”><img src=”” alt=”” class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-link-favicon”></span></span></span><span class=”smarterwiki-popup-bubble-tip”></span></span>funny. All DONATIONS to political parties is PUBLIC INFORMATION.

    Doh! Busted again….rofl

    This explains why no one from the Liberal Party is not returning your calls. You did NOT donate in 2009. For a devoted Liberal you are really hysterical.

    Were you let go because you spent too much time online posting for the Liberal Party?

  • terry1

    Go for it stupid but please remember I use an alias……………..doh!!! my name is neither terry nor parnel. I'm not a stupid Tory
    Terence young is dead man walking in Oakville………..MAX will clean him out in a hheartbeat.

    Power plants are your thing though…..and I love the fact they are building one in Oakville. Ford makes more money and the rest of you choke on your air!!!

  • CanadianSense

    You have used Terry and Parnel extensively and claim to be a devoted Liberal. Sadly being fired for posting online too much forced you to abandon any donations in 2009. That is why the Liberals are not returning your calls.

    You are worthless to them.

    I am glad you are making fun of the residents of Oakville. (Shows you don't care about people)

    Just a bitter angry unemployed person who calls are not returned any more from the Liberals.

  • terry1

    I see Harpo has issued his biggest whopper yet. No tax increases to pay off an expected $200 additional debt in the next 5 to 7 years. WOW!!!!

    The man doesn't so much lie as he feeds of the gullible among us.
    That's you….reformatory supporters who would never ever think of calling him on that whopper. You are all blind to reality.

  • David

    464,000 hits and counting…

  • terry1

    1409998 and still nothing relating to human intelligence from you.

  • terry1

    Here's the beginning of the end for the refomatories. The Alberta Tories are about to split apart and Wild rose is being prepped to become the party of the right. Maybe the federal liberals should just sit tight for a few more months and watch the implosion. Tom Flanigan and most of the religious right are abandoning the Tories. Do I smell dissension in the ranks? In particular the religious right which is responsible for most of Hsrpo's funding could very likely change their donation base to Wild Rose.

    “While Ms. Smith may be new to provincial politics, she has already gained the support of Alberta's conservative elite. “I'm hopeful that, under Danielle's leadership, [u][b]the party could … become a serious contender,” says Tom Flanagan[/b][/u], the University of Calgary political scientist who helped to groom Stephen Harper for the Prime Minister's Office.

    Ms. Smith had been a lifelong Tory until this year. But Premier Ed Stelmach's government changed that: “There's [u][b]nothing left that is conservative about this party at all except their name[/b][/u],” she says.


    Prof. Flanagan, a central Calgary School figure and architect of the Reform Party, believes Ms. Smith [u][b]“potentially could have national impact”[/b][/u] – although he says it's “too speculative to discuss” whether she might eventually end up in federal politics.

    Other charter Calgary School members, political scientists Barry Cooper and Rainer Knopff, are also endorsing her campaign. “Alberta was the first to elect women MLAs and women MPs and we could be the first to have a female premier,” Prof. Cooper points out. “That would be good. Rednecks can be feminists. That will irritate all the people who don't like Alberta.”

    Chaldeans Mensah, a political-science professor at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, says Ms. Smith's blend of views would help her both in the leadership race and a general election. “What is likely to tip the race in her favour is there's a sense that she represents something dynamic and new,” he says.

    [u][b]But Keith Brownsey, a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary, points out that despite Ms. Smith's profile, Mr. Dyrholm has the rallying and fundraising chops of Craig Chandler, a noted Alberta religious conservative, behind him. “Chandler can organize like nobody's business,” Prof. Brownsey says.[/b][/u]

  • batb

    I'm hopeful that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's “hidden agenda” gets the attention it deserves, because thinking about this so-called “hidden agenda” the Librano$ insist he's got makes it clear that this so-called “hidden agenda” is none other than good old populist democracy.

    And that's what the Liberal$ fear so much: a party and a leader who actually endorse and encourage democratic practices, unlike them who push an autocratic, dogmatic, undemocratic plutocracy.

    They can't dare say that PMSH's loathed “hidden agenda” is none other than a country and a Parliament run according to democratic principles, so by making him the boogeyman they're hoping against hope that Canadians will see him through their lens — and that of their cheerleaders in the media.

    Fortunately, their scare tactics seem not to be working, which is throwing them into more of a panic than usual.

    My hope for Canadians is that they see clearly in this new year that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the best Prime Minister we've had in decades and that they will in the next election, whenever it is, give he and his part a majority so that Canada can take back its democratic heritage which, under Liberal rule, has taken a real beating.

    My other hope, which is much closer to home, is that terry1 will be prevented from hijacking this blog. I notice that many of the once-frequent commenters have packed it in. I come here only occasionally because I can't be bothered with the puerile comments by terry1, which litter this site.

  • terry1

    Batb….. the hidden agenda continues to spew all over us as the star article this am states.


    Flaherty has quietly slipped a $15BB EI tax increase into his spending estimates. And that's right after Harpo said on Friday there would be no tax increases to get us out of the monstrous deficit we have incurred. That article goes on to state that we were in deficit last year when harpo was promising we would not have any. If you wan tto trust a liar like that go for it but I'm, and soon the vast majority of Canadians will see the rampant destruction he has inflicted on our fiscal health. The HST fiasco which he is trying to hide from is just another attack on consumers in two of Canada's most prosperous provinces. He will also shortly bribe Quebec as well and in about a year he will slow down transfer payments because of the new money coming in from HST. Some tax cuts!!!

    If some your comments were worthy of decent responses you would get treated better. Quit being a hypocrite.

  • terry1

    Here is the TO Star article on just how bad we are being governed fiscally and how our incomeptent reformatory leaders are screwing us and bold face lying to us:

    OTTAWA–Any day now, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government will acknowledge a grim watershed – last year, for the first time in more than a decade, Ottawa spent more money than it collected from taxpayers and wound up with a budget deficit on its hands.

    When the final calculations for 2008 are released, that shortfall is expected to come in at $5.8 billion.

    That's nothing, however, compared to the $55.9 billion annual deficit the Conservatives predict for 2009 as they flood the country with money in a bid to offset the impact of the recession.

    Presiding over the first deficit since 1996 will be a glaring embarrassment for Harper, who told voters during the election campaign last fall Ottawa's finances were fine.

    “We are not running a deficit,” he said during a television interview a year ago. Only two months later, a re-elected Harper warned Canadians in a prime-time interview the days of balanced budgets were over.

    By then, with the ferocity of the recession clear, governments in major countries around the world were gearing up for an unprecedented round of pro-growth debt financing. The Tories followed suit.

    But that's only part of the story.

    “The Conservatives ran through the surplus of $13 billion that they inherited before we even got into the recession,” said John McCallum, Liberal MP and former chief economist at the Royal Bank.

    “We certainly don't object to fiscal stimulus during a recession – that's the appropriate thing. But we do object to the Conservative practice of spending like crazy when times were good,” he said.

    The Conservatives, having nearly lost their hold on power in the backlash against their do-nothing mini-budget last November, threw open the spending taps. On Jan. 27, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled a hastily crafted $35-billion, two-year stimulus package.

    Flaherty's largesse brought down the curtain on Canada's long-entrenched fiscal prudence and ushered in an era of cash shortfalls that will run up the national debt – which stood at $463 billion last year – by at least $164 billion.

    “They're not just putting their toe in the water, they've leapt in up to their neck,” Kevin Gaudet, director of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation, said of the expected deficits.

    The Conservatives' Sept. 10 budget update was unable even to say when the fiscal bleeding would stop, indicating only that it would be some time after 2014-15.

    In the years ahead, Canadians will pay a stiff price for this spending in the form of higher borrowing costs, increased taxes or compromised government services.

    In fact, the government's current forecast of Ottawa's deficit financing would be much worse had Flaherty not snuck a hefty payroll tax increase into his calculations. Without fanfare, the Conservatives signalled their intention to raise payroll taxes in 2011-14 to generate $15.5 billion in extra revenue.

    So how did Harper, who arrived at 24 Sussex preaching government restraint and blasting the Liberals for their free-spending ways, become Canada's deficit king?

    Part of the answer, of course, lies with the unexpectedly deep recession. But it's not that simple. The record shows the Conservatives were flirting with a deficit well before the recession hit. And, by ratcheting up expenses in good times, the Harper regime ensured the size of those deficits would be a lot larger when things went bad.

    Taking over the reins of government in early 2006, the Conservatives were bequeathed a $13.7 billion budget surplus by the Liberals.

    But by last January, the fiscal cupboard was nearly bare. Even before this year's economic rescue package, Ottawa was poised to overspend its budget by $15.7 billion, according to Finance Canada documents. So the federal government would have run a hefty deficit in the current 2009-10 fiscal year even without the stimulus spending.

    This situation results from the Tories' decisions to sharply reduce sales taxes and lower personal and corporate income taxes while simultaneously allowing a relentless upsurge in Ottawa's spending.

    The Conservative budgets in 2006 and 2007 were notable for their largesse. The government committed to such large spending plans as $5.3 billion for defence, $39 billion for cash transfers to the provinces and $3.7 billion for a new baby bonus.

    Beginning in 2006, the Conservatives cut the Goods and Services Tax, in two steps, to 5 per cent from 7 per cent, a move that now costs $11 billion annually in lost revenue.

    For Flaherty, a former cabinet minister in Mike Harris's Ontario governments, branding Canada as a low-tax jurisdiction has been a personal mission. “We believe in low taxes. We think Canadians pay too much tax. We want to reduce taxes. We decided this some time ago,” he said in 2008. “Our total tax relief is about $200 billion over 2007, 2008 and the following five years.”

    “On the business side, we started off a couple of years ago with the corporate tax rate federally in excess of 22 per cent,” he said. “We're going to reduce that to 15 per cent by 2012 … the lowest corporate tax rate in the Group of Seven nations.”

    Besides lost GST revenue, the government as of this year is also foregoing $15.3 billion as a result of personal income tax cuts and $7.1 billion from corporate income tax reductions. In all, Conservative tax measures have trimmed Ottawa's revenues this year by $33.9 billion – equal to three-fifths of the expected budget deficit. And, by 2013, Finance Canada says Ottawa's business tax revenues will be reduced cumulatively by $60 billion.

    Responding to critics who say they have badly mismanaged Canada's finances, the Conservatives point out that at 3.7 per cent, the national debt as a portion of gross domestic product (economic output) remains relatively low.

    And Harper says he's determined to return Canada to fiscal health as soon as possible. “Our stimulus spending is temporary,” he said Friday in Welland, Ont. “It will end when the recession ends.”

    But economists say it will be a lot harder to slay the deficit in the years ahead, when governments face ballooning health-care costs and reduced income-tax revenues as baby boomers retire en masse.

  • batb

    Got as far as terry1's saying I'd be treated better IF … blah, blah, blah.

    That's as far as I got.

    And, BTW, I feel I'm treated quite well but, then, I'm not a prima donna like you-know-who.

  • terry1

    Bat B…any old excuse to not read the facts I see. Closed minds are the typical angry Tory issues.

  • Gabby in QC

    Batb, I wouldn't waste any more time on PonyBoy, Terry1's new alias, besides Parnel and perhaps Terry Quinn. The latter used to post here when Stephen had the old format of dated comments. He had the same in-your-face offensive approach to posting comments, although the toxic troll now posting here has regressed even further than that other (?) Terry.

    Anyway, we conservatives have much to be thankful for, so let's leave the pestiferous propagandist, the pusher of pernicious palaver, alone to prattle on. ;-)

  • terry1

    Ah Gabby, you do have something to be thankful for…34 out of 46 years with good liberal government and the rest under spendaholics who make it easy to have majority Liberal governments the rest of the time.

    Don't know about any other aliases other than terry1 and parnel. Disqus would not give me parnel for some reason therefore the other name.

    Good to see you are enjoying your thanksgiving in this wonderful left of center country that should remain that way for many more years to come.

  • batb

    Gabby: “Anyway, we conservatives have much to be thankful for, so let's leave the pestiferous propagandist, the pusher of pernicious palaver, alone to prattle on. ;-)”


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Gabby in QC

    Thanks and likewise, Batb!

  • Omanator

    I want a Canada that is not taking for granted by its neighbours. See Gitmo occupants.