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  1. Here is the PERFECT VIDEO for the Conservatives to show right now: 1) a clip of Dion, with the date shown, where he says before the last election, that the Liberals will not form a coalition. 2) the clip of Dion and the others signing the coalition agreement. 3) then show recent clip of Ignatieff saying he will not form a coalition. THAT would seal the deal for a Conservative majority, if the Liberals force an election.
    Stephen, please send this to your contacts in the CPC.

  2. We have been provided with another moniker for Iggy by Iggy himself: “Hypothetical Iggy”. All questions have become “hypothetical” OR in a take off on Trudeau's “just watch me” Iggy says “wait and see” when asked a tough question he cannot answer.

    Beyond slagging, there's nothing left for the Liberals who have no plan, no vision but are offering themselves up as fit to take over the reins of power.

    Can anyone recall such behaviour in our civilized democracy? Constant threats and attempts to bring down a government we elected as per our system which is doing a stellar job in a recessionary period.
    It's irresponsible and pure madness driven by blind lust for power. It should be treated as a threat to the stability of this country. Mr Ignatieff is not the man for the job, that's becoming more and more apparent to those of us who have been here while he wasn't.

    If ever we needed a majority, a Conservative majority, it's now.

  3. Sigh… This again?

    You know perfectly well the fact that some journalists were speculating about a coalition is not evidence the liberals were planning one.

  4. Gabby, the liberals know the importanc eof beating the dictator and hypoctrital liar named harper and will act accoridingly. If you support Harper you also mus tbe a liar and hypocrite.

    Bring on the whining!!!

    By the way I love iggy's newest ads…he is definitely heading in the right direction.

    Its wonderful to be in Italy and see things from this geography!!!

  5. Enjoy Tuscany Terry, if indeed that's where you are!! Get the hell off the computer and enjoy the scenery.

    Be careful though, you risk betraying your base if you indulge too much of the fruit of the grape,
    “in vino veritas”.

  6. Gayle, if it were only one journalist speculating, I might agree with you.
    But when it's several (I've given three here) plus the leader of a party and would-be MP who made a deal with the leader of the Official Opposition, that all sort of gives credence to the “speculating” doesn't it?
    Of course I know what your reaction will be, so no need to reply.
    I find your predictable responses increasingly boring.

    BTW, maybe you should find more compelling reasons to “Sigh” …

  7. And your comment has what to do with what I posted?
    Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Niente.

    Still using the predictable epithets, I see. The sunny Italian clime has done nothing to improve your disposition, not to mention your manners.

    Maybe if you had invited your soulmate Gayle to accompany you, she would have been justified in uttering her customary “Sigh” … for entirely different reasons … and that might have improved your chronically aggressive mood.

  8. stephen, I see Tony Clements is finally being held accountable for his homophobic rants and cutting funding for visible minorities. Typical reformatory racism.

  9. centrigrade, as I've said before, you have nothing to add to any conversation so if that's your best shot then I think you better enroll in kindergarten.

  10. computers are available 24 hours a day when you live in this age. Of course harper would shut them all down on Sundays but that's another discussion

  11. sirjohnawannabe……….setting the table for agood meal is always a good idea. Tories will be the Liberal meal!!!

  12. So, if I write something that speculates Harper is a closet Nazi, and then someone else does, and then someone else, does that make it true?

    Remember when reporters were speculating about Harper's secret agenda? How much of that became true?

    Sometimes you make it so easy…

  13. “Remember when reporters were speculating about Harper's secret agenda? How much of that became true?”

    Oooh! I am thrilled, Gayle! You have admitted that the “secret agenda” meme was never a credible one.
    Did the Conservatives put “soldiers in our streets”? No.
    Did the Conservatives take away “a woman's right to choose”? No.
    Did the Conservatives abrogate SSM? No.
    Did Harper eat babies? No.
    So, you're right. In that particular case, in the case of Harper's “secret agenda” it was all foolish, unfounded speculation.

    But … you yourself, among others, have posted links elsewhere to the documents signed by Dion, all the Liberals including Ignatieff, Layton, and Duceppe to the effect that a coalition among the three parties was ready to wrest the government away from the Conservatives.
    Did the three opposition leaders sign a document with the intent to take over the government? Yes.
    If the GG had agreed to the bloodless coup, would they have taken over the reins of government? Yes.
    Would Layton have received 6 cabinet positions plus six parliamentary secretary positions in that cabinet? Yes.
    Would the Bloc have effectively received a veto in that ruling troika? Yes.

    So, were the rumours and speculation about a coalition in the works during the election campaign justified ? Yes.
    Did that speculation turn out to be true? Yes.
    Quod erat demonstrandum.

    Phew! That was sooo difficult!

  14. Excpt, of course, you missed that oh so vital element to prove your point – evidence the LPC were planning on a coalition prior to the economic statement.


  15. Stephen is even afraid of that one because its dynamite and will seriously hurt the cons. The reformatorts smear themselves wonderfully all on their own.

  16. Gayle, how can you expect them to provide proof. They only understand how to do drive by slurs….. no proof needed!!!

  17. Don't worry about it.

    She is only trying to avoid acknowledging she has no point. She is not mature enough to admit when she is wrong. That is why I feel sorry for her.

  18. Stephen, your site has a cleaner, trimmer look to it.
    I'm still not crazy about the threaded conversation format, but this new look is easy on the eyes.

  19. Gayle, she is increasingly frustrated as her party sinks in the mess they have made for themselves in Quebec.
    I can't imagine how she can continue to support them when they crap all over her province. Just goes to show you how blind some people really are

  20. I've just read trough this thread and am fascinated by how little the Liberal folks on here consistently add to the debate in terms of substance.

    It warms my heart though as it confirms they actually do belong to the party who's playbook involves no policies or positions, just telling each audience what they want to hear and social engineering and they are not just plants to inspire discussion.

  21. Ah, true love has bloomed between two liberals, Terry1 and Gayle!
    How sweet!
    You definitely deserve each other.

  22. Fairy, how about this truth you never dreamed of. Tories,separatists and socialists in the same bed running from liberals. Sounds like harpo has been had by Iggy to me.

    I love it!!!

  23. Well well, today Harper is prepared to lead a coalition government with the socialists, propped up by the separatists. Surely, this is a coup. Undemocratic. Common, help me remember all the crap you were spewing last year when the tables were turned. You haven't forgot, have you?

  24. Were the Conservatives “in coalition” with the Liberals when the Libs voted for them 79 times in a row?

    A coalition, for the uninitiated, is a signed formal agreement between parties to install a cabinet and Prime Minister. The Lib-NDP coalition would have seen the divvying up of cabinet seats between parties and the installation of a new PM without a new election (and just 6 weeks after the Canadian people returned Harper with a minority government).

    The opposition parties didn't run in the previous election seeking a coalition mandate, so it was quite offensive when they tried to do it shortly after an election where they denied they would form a coalition.

    So to recap, I was talking about “coalition government” in the way the dictionary defines it, while you're talking about “coalition” as the Liberals are now trying to redefine, muddle and distance themselves from what it really means.

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