This ain’t your hippie father’s NDP

The New Democratic Party is meeting in Halifax this weekend for their federal convention where they will discuss policy, hand out literature and hit up Pizza Corner at 3am.

The NDP is looking to, among other things, rebrand itself as a more palatable alternative to the Liberal Party on the left.  It’s going to be a tough slog for the dippers (we’ll still be able to call them that if they rename themselves as the Democratic Party) and many observers note that this will be Jack’s last chance if he doesn’t deliver tangible gains during the next election. They’ve been given a gift in that the Liberals have the most right-wing leader in recent memory, so some re-configuration may be on order along with seafood this weekend. However, are they selling out in order to make their policies easier for Canadians to swallow?

First, let’s look at Jack Layton’s obvious flip-flop on sweaters.

Jack’s party has been particularly guarded on releasing draft policy resolutions from his party’s EDAs this time around.  This is likely a result of what happened last time the NDP had a convention.  But, it allows us to ask if there’s some platform sweater stuffing going on here.

Next, we can’t help but notice that the NDP is leaving those hard-working families™ behind and showing a strong nod towards those that sit around boardroom tables rather than kitchen tables as the rich fat cats in Jack’s party can pay $300 for a chance to sit in the “winner’s circle” and attend an “exclusive” (read: exclusionary) reception with Betsy Myers, the COO for Obama for America.  According to her agency, Betsy’s fee is between $15-$20k per gig.  Let’s hope that enough NDP “suits” fill the Bluenose room at the Delta (my, oh my) to pay her fee.  It is unknown why the NDP is cozying up to an American political party that is currently pushing for two-tier healthcare in the US, and one that supports increasing troops in Afghanistan.  For those outside of the “winner’s circle” (read: drum circle) there’s an alternative event for $10 where they’re be some traditional Maritime music.

If you’re thinking about lighting up some of the green stuff while you listen to another rendition of Barrett’s Privateers at the Lower Deck, think again.  Word from the convention this weekend is that the NDP has barred Dana Larsen from attending Dipperfest this year.  Some will remember that Larsen was the NDP pro-drug candidate that was dumped during the last election.

But more seriously, is the NDP shifting the the centre-left to fill a perceived vacuum left there by Michael Ignatieff? Remember, if Ignatieff supported Bush, it might as well be safe to embrace for the NDP to embrace Obama (as a majority of Canadians still do).



  • terry1

    Jack knows he's about to be swamped on the left by Iggy's left wing of Rae/Kennnedy/Trudeau and Dryden once Iggy turns them loose in an election campaign. The Libs are well covered on the left and Lyin Jack knows that only too well. His ego is what will take him down.

  • terry1

    Here's the dippers platform that has been leaked:

  • Parnella

    Wish the Dippers well in their endeavor to cut into the Liberal bastions, Jack should have no trouble being Left alone, Ignatieff's not exactly a denizen of the Left, in fact, he seems to be having a hard time fitting the mold.

  • David

    Strange. No doubt the same was said about Paul Martin. Martin certainly was not considered left leaning but he managed to move the party to the left quite a bit. Iggy could do the same.In my view I see Iggy more to the left than Martin.

    A shift for the NDP closer to the center makes sense.

  • jckirlan

    More to the centre is unlikely. Their new leaked platform would make Stalin happy. The loons have control of that party and they ain't letting go. They would be better t try and capture the Green vote.

  • wilson

    Rae/Kennnedy/Trudeau and Dryden,
    brings to mind Rae Days, Dion's leadership win, Castro's bff, and National Daycare.
    Right you are, the LPC has the left covered!

  • wilson

    Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what the Lib platform is either.
    What you see is not what you will get, should Iffy and Jack do the coalition thing.

  • rindia

    I have called them the Nearly Departed Party in the past. Departed Party on its way? Fingers crossed.

    “obvious sweater flip-flop” – funny! You'll never see Steve do a sweater flip-flop. Orange way too garish for him.

  • David

    I just had a looksy. It seems you are right.

  • Rich

    I know that this comment from the National Post does not pertain to the NDP- but I would like to highlight a certain part, where a writer for the G&M chastises Jane Taber for her editorial on the Larry Obrien trial. It is good to see and kudos should be given when a Journalist puts partisan reporting aside and gives good unbiased opinions. This journalist is Christie Blatchford; Please read her comments on the web page below.

  • Bruce

    Posted this at Mr. Janke's;

    If the Liberals play this wrong, which is very likely, they could very well end up becoming “da turd pardi” or worse.

    Look what's been going on right under Iggy's nose;

    OTTAWA – Anita Dunn, director of communications to the Obama for America Presidential campaign, and a member of Barack Obama’s tight-knit inner circle will be a keynote speaker at the August convention of Canada’s New Democrats.

    “We are thrilled that Ms. Dunn will be in Halifax to share her insights and the Obama campaign’s recipe for victory with party strategists and activists from across the country,” said New Democrat National Director Brad Lavigne.

  • Bruce

    And Mr. Taylor, have you heard of that resolution pertaining to the merger of the NDP and the Green Party that is to be voted on this weekend?

  • Bruce

    At their upcoming Halifax convention, members of the NDP Party will vote on the following resolution:

    7-26-09 Exploring Merger with Other Political Party

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT if this reporting process indicates that the party
    members and riding associations are open to the possibility of such a merger,
    the federal party should initiate discussions with the Green Party of Canada to
    consider a merger of the two parties, possibly beginning with an agreement to
    work together in an electoral alliance or partnership in the next federal election.

  • Anna Keightley

    Wuilson, hold that thought. “what you see, is not what you will get” add on “guaranteed.” That’s campaign slogan/real messaging material for Tory War Room. Sharp, right on messaging Canadians must be reminded about.

  • Anna Keightley

    Wuilson, hold that thought. “what you see, is not what you will get” add on “guaranteed.” That’s campaign slogan/real messaging material for Tory War Room. Sharp, right on messaging Canadians must be reminded about.

  • Anna Keightley

    Wuilson, hold that thought. “what you see, is not what you will get” add on “guaranteed.” That’s campaign slogan/real messaging material for Tory War Room. Sharp, right on messaging Canadians must be reminded about.

  • Bruce

    Liberals go fishing and fail to land NDP fish;

    Andrew Dreschel
    The Hamilton Spectator
    (Aug 14, 2009)

    Councillor Sam Merulla as a Liberal MP?

    Thanks, but you've got the wrong guy.

    That was Merulla's reaction when former mayor Larry Di Ianni asked him to run as the Liberal candidate in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek in the next federal election.

    Merulla, who left the Liberals to join the NDP in 2004, was tickled but taken aback by the approach from Di Ianni.

    “I think his intentions were good; I think he was acting on behalf of the party; and I'm flattered.

    “But at the same rate I'm somewhat insulted they would expect me to flip-flop, considering that I left the party based on its ideology and nothing has really changed.”

  • terry1

    wilson, it's right for sure. you have Vic Toews, Jason kenny and a few other of those right iwng nut bars to help you along

  • terry1

    Bruce, two points bith salient.

    1. The Liberls have the dems software and other tactical stuff used to find and hold voters for Obama. They will not sell it to the Dippers.

    2.Maybe its the reformatorts who will fall to 3rd if the progeessives spit the party once again. there are serious rumblings of that possibility.

  • Gabby in QC

    An interesting article here by Gerald Caplan:

    Some excerpts:
    “Give the media an excuse not to cover serious policy debates and they'll jump at it every time. …

    I have a wonderful photo of me blasting out Solidarity Forever with Tommy Douglas and Saskatchewan premier Allan Blakeney, with them faking the words they didn't know beyond the chorus and me carrying two of my heroes with gusto and pleasure. …

    But at the national level, most Canadians want us around to keep the other guys honest but not to govern. That's the evidence-based reality, as we say these days, and changing the name isn't going to change it one jot or tittle.”

  • Bruce

    Ooops, tewwwiiii's been into da kooowaiiid again.

    The Libs will not sell the NDP the Dems software? Are you for real? The company that created the software that both the Dems and the Fibs use will sell it to whoever they want to. who's going to stop them? You? Bwahhhahahahaaa!!!!!!!

    The only serious rumblings that are going on tewwiiii are in that vacuous cavern that you call your brain.

  • terry1

    Brucey baby….I said the dems would not sell the software to the dippers.. I know reading accurately is not one of your strong suits but please try.

  • Bruce

    Leo Gerrard of the United Steelworkers at the NDP convention;

    Gerard, whose union has 800,000 members across North America, also called on working Canadians to join with environmentalists to protect the environment because without a good environment there can't be a prosperous economy.

    “If we care about the future of our planet, if we care about the future we are going to leave to our kids and our grandkids, it's not that you can't have good jobs and clean environment, it's not that you have to make a choice. We are either going to have both or we will have neither,” he said.

  • Bruce

    Hey retard, the company that developed the software can sell it to whom ever it pleases.

    I can read just fine, apparently you lack the neurons.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Raise the bar guys

  • terry1

    Brucey baby…..please show me where they would sell that software to say the reformatorts. You don't know and are bluffing………..I call it.

  • terry1

    Too bad the coalition between the progressives and the reformatorts is breaking down. Should be interesting to see some red progressive votes going liberal next election in order to help get rid of Harpo.

  • Bruce

    Check it out Terri, the Dippers have more than likely already bought the tracking software or had it provided to them courtesy of the SEIU. Iggy is not as well liked by the Obama administration as you Liberals lead yourselves to believe in that delusional haze that you all inhabit.

    And Conservatives don't need this software.

  • terry1

    Brucey baby,
    “Most likely” you are into the sauce again and only palying make believe as usual. I was at the lib convention in April and took the course being given for use of that software from one of the staff members.

    Firstly , they only license it for a fee and don't donate it. They are a business.
    Secondly, they won't sell it to competing entities and that's in their sales contract and said specifically the Libs would be the only Cdn political party to use it. They are not stupid nor conservative.

    Would you like more facts or are you “most likely” to come with another fairy tale?

  • Bruce

    Reality will come back to bite you Tewwwiii.

  • terry1

    Brucey baby, you wouldn't know reality if it bit you in the lower brain. But, nice try.

  • Bruce

    And do try to brush up on your reading comprehension skills, they are sadly lacking.

  • Bruce

    And your Tewiii “facts” you can verify? Didn't think so.

  • terry1

    Sad to say you maybe correct by a fluke; however you are once again just shooting from the lower brain and don't know why you said that except to defend your own ignorance of the subject.

  • terry1

    Brucey baby, which facts? at least be precise even if its hard to concentrate for more than 10 seconds.

  • Omanator

    Troll, keep on dreaming.

  • terry1

    somanator… way to treat your host here!!!

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