• Liz

    Now wait a minute, we have to find out who this fellow “Ignatieff” is? All we can assume is he's a US citizen and a Republican, can't be our Liberal Iggy, unless…… he's leading a double life which would be one explanation for his where's Waldo summer.

  • east of eden

    I would love to know why the Republicans would care about Ignatieff. If they are pushing for him, then I would really question his sudden appearance in Canada and sudden vault to the leadership position.

    More troubling is his recent letters to ex-pats living outside of Canada. In his letter (I think it was in the Star over the weekend) accuses PM Harper of questioning ex-pats loyalty. That, IHMO, is a huge lie. Like many Canadians, the party questions how a man who has been absent for 34 years can effectively govern our country. It has nothing to do with ex-pats. Those ex-pats are not trying to be PM. The sleaziness of the LPC never ceases to amaze me. However, this latest move shows me how fearful and desperate the party really is. I believe that Rocco what's his name was quoted in the article. It's probably in the Star's archives – I think I read it on Saturday.

  • east of eden
  • east of eden

    Paid for by Republicans For Ignatieff
    Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee

    Republicans for Ignatieff is not affiliated in any way with the Republican National Committee or any state Republican Party.

  • east of eden

    I am getting the feeling that this could be a spoof. Check out this headline:

    In a landmark television interview, Ignatieff repeatedly embraces fellow Americans as “we”

  • skuleman

    My expectation is this is a spoof site, possibly created by one of those ex-pats he p…ed off with his anti-Harper letter. It is hosted in Cocoa Beach FL, home of many snow-birds.

  • oldschoolliberal

    Has quite a bit of resemblance to someone I know, you know… like a… brother to someone quite familiar.

    Pure coincidence. I'm sure.

  • east of eden

    That letter of his was just so sleazy. PM Harper, in no way, questions the loyalty of ex-pats and the LPC knows it. I wish, just for one, that the LPC could incorporate some honesty in its shenanigans. There was one woman quoted who felt that her privacy had been violated – she had no idea how the LPC got her name and address and was not overly comfortable with the invasion of her privacy.

    I am fairly sure that this is a spoof site.

  • Liz

    I'm from Missouri on this one…….sorry 'bout that!

  • Dick_Richards

    hmmm…maybe YOU

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Nah Dirk, you just think all of us pale white guys look the same.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Obviously done by a Harper supporter to criticize Ignatieff in a backhanded sort of way.

    Very clever, though! And one that exploits Liberals' tradtional accusation that Canadian conservatives are in bed with American conservatives.

  • Switchyard O'Taylor

    Are you sure?… because I have unsubstantiated rumours saying it's you.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Yeah, Warren Kinsella thought so too.

    And I only type out Warren Kinsella's full name because I know he has a Google Alert on his name ;)

    Hi Warren.

  • Liz

    Nah, too obvious.

  • Bec

    I guess that I would like to know who is behind this as well because whomever it is, has a brilliant and very witty sense of humour. A clever genius and although Stephen certainly fits into all of those categories, I seriously doubt he has the time.

    Hats off and besides the bonus regarding this particular subject, no rants from terry1. That alone is worthy of doing it twice a day.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Anybody that writes something like this

    “Although the current Canadian Prime Minister is a conservative, he has challenged the United States on the Arctic, he is charting Canada's own course in the Americas, and he has failed to demonstrate a deep emotional connection to America like Michael Ignatieff.”

    knows exactly what buttons to push among Canadian voters. I find it unlikely that the author would keep hitting the target if he was shooting blind.

  • wilson

    BigCityLib posts:
    ' For what its worth, this is all supposed to be happening at the Missouri State Fair,
    and all the politicians referenced in the handouts above are indeed Missouri Republicans.'

  • Casual Observer

    Maybe it's a bunch of Haaavaad frat boys, helping out their old prof with his new career. It's hilarious, regardless of who it is.

  • wilson

    Keep your fingers crossed that some US comedian picks this up, or CNN puts it in their silly section…..or heh, how much did that billboard cost in NY?
    We should take up a collection and give RfI a Times Square debute!!!
    I'm in for $100 .

  • sebastianronin

    Re “Anyone out there know who these people are?”

    Beyond silly rubes, no. But I would imagine this thing has been cobbled together by a higher level of Repubicrat globalists to back “their man.” That much at least would seem to be as obvious as the nose on one's face.

  • Casual Observer

    I wonder if George Dubya would do a tv spot, showing his support for Ignatieff, if there's an election?

  • terry1

    It's really Brian Mulroney and some chums trying to promote Iggy to his Us friends.

  • east of eden

    Hmmm – that would be the kiss of death among the LPC supporters – they hated Bush and hated Harper because they likened Harper to Bush. Yo, Dubya – get on board and join that group.

  • east of eden

    Ironic – LPC supporters drooled all over Obama and threw darts at McCain and Palin. And now the Republicans are showing “support” for the LPC leader. Interesting.

  • chuckercanuck


    You know I'm a big fan but I'll be an even bigger fan if this turns out to be a Taylor-made hoax. I just can't believe those pictures from Missouri. Funny that it was the Show-Me state that was featured in the pictures!

  • bobbyroberts


  • bobbyroberts