Where is Michael Ignatieff? Is he just vacationing?

Everyone in Ottawa is starting to wonder. Unlike the Prime Minister, who has official duties representing this country at events like the G8 and at funerals for past Governors General, as Opposition leader, Michael Ignatieff doesn’t have any real obligations when the House isn’t sitting beyond representing his constituents in Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

Being the type who would have his own passport stamped in the country of its issuance, Michael Ignatieff has been rumoured to be clearing customs at other ports of entry. Michael Ignatieff updated his twitter on July 17th and 18th to suggest that he’s been in Ottawa, at least recently, but many observers have noted that he hasn’t even been spotted on the hamburger circuit pressing the flesh with us regular folk besides his $40 a head, no hat, no cattle pancake breakfast fundraiser during Stampede. Instead of beating a party-building path flipping burgers and chewing the fat with the locals coast-to-coast, Ignatieff has been spotted in London giving a lecture on Liberalism and “tough times” to his friends who attended the Isaiah Berlin Lecture. This shouldn’t be so easily dismissed; this is a rare piece of work where the Liberal leader has mused openly about the economy, yet is characteristically light on what to do about it. His office has denied it, but besides London, Dr. Ignatieff has also been rumoured to be stimulating the economy in Provence, France, where his family has owned a villa for decades.

If so, I say let the man have his rest. He got himself worked up over EI before the summer break and when it was all over he couldn’t even get the Conservatives to concede the colour of the blue ribbon committee to investigate reform of the system. While some Conservatives may suggest that Ignatieff’s true employment insurance is Harvard should he lose the next election, for now Michael Ignatieff deserves a break before more concessions in the fall.



  • `Liz J

    Heh, he certainly provided the right fodder for an acronym to fit his deficiencies.

    He used to be less abrasive,a tad tolerable but that was back when they were half-assed about supporting Dion. With the new great hope not panning out to expectations we are getting rude and outright insulting comments with no incentive to civil debate. Frustration and desperation have gotten the better of him.

  • terry1

    Liz J Hysterical and the last standing Quebec reformatory……….I think Iggy is doing just fine and not issuing insults and drivel to stay afloat. He is frustrating the reformatory war room becasue he won't give them any real targets. Their just visiting ads went over very poorly, they are dead with rigor mortis in Quebec and will soon take a dive in Ontario. Then we can have an eelction and put the party tha tknows how to govern back in power.

    Just remember that 34 out of the last 46 years were Liberal years and Canada became a very highly ranked nation in lifestyle with much more wealth and a healthy bank account which Harpo and his minions have destroyed like a Tornado hit the balance sheet.

    Keep the anger levels up…. its fun to watch the self destruction.

  • memyselfandnoother

    Has anyone checked Soros’s calendar for the days Iggy has been MIA ? Just asking.

  • terry1

    I see that while harpo is absent his minions are dishing out pork in their ridings;this one's a dandy:

    OTTAWA — The federal minister responsible for economic development in Quebec has dished out more than $6 million worth of cheques to his own riding in the past two weeks, including nearly $100,000 for a butcher shop.

    Denis Lebel, MP for Roberval—Lac-Saint-Jean and the minister of state for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the regions of Quebec, announced this week À l’Orée des Champs, a restaurant specializing in locally raised lamb dishes, will receive $94,770 to open an on-site butcher shop.

    oink oink little piggies

  • `Liz J

    ….Actually, I think we could also add extreme obsession with the CPC and the PM to the resident Troll's breakdown, it could lead to madness. If someone is seen running down a street, wherever, yelling “out, out damn spot” it could be the Troll.

  • Gabby in QC

    You may be right, Liz J.
    Those roars Toxic Troll mistakes for anger are actually roars of laughter at his frenetic outbursts.

    I mean … what is an “eelction”?
    If he can't even spell it, can he help run one?
    Or is he referring to what his slippery snake-like friends have been avoiding for fear of losing?

    And then this gem:
    “… they are dead with rigor mortis …”
    Is he saying rigor mortis is a cause of death?
    Maybe he should spend more time watching CSI instead of eructing all over this blog. :-D

  • `Liz J

    Troll's spelling errors could be just another symptom of his mental state.

    Defending the Liberals is a very taxing task.

    We read his complaints about government handouts, he's apparently unaware his party supported the stimulus package and called for even more. Is he saying Liberals in power never did such a thing?

    How about that famous fountain in Shawinigan for stimulation? Surely people from across Canada are flocking to see it. How about a paved road to JC's private “cottage”?
    Then there's the biggie, ADSCAM, hard to top that.

    Nah, I'll take a chance on helping a butcher, kind of puts more meat on the table.

  • terry1

    Gabby the last Quebec reformatory………….its always interesting how you try and slur people with your so called polite language. Its like Harpo saying his attack ads are truth ads when the real intent is to damage his opponent while his lousy management of the economy does not get discussed. That is about to change as Warren kinsella has his computer ready to release truth ads about Harpo and his ruination of the Canadian economy and his lies and his past.

    I notice sneaky Flatulence has found another way of downloading taxes and increasing the government's take via the harmonized taxation route. The feds will gain $1.5 BB annually in additional tax revenue in BC alone and probably triple that in Ontario. That won't go unnoticed by the Libs and others. So much for the tax cutter reputation.

  • terry1

    Liz J hysterical and Gabby the last standing reformatory in Quebec…..debating with you two tells me why the Liberals have governed for 34 out of the last 46 years and why Tory governments become duds very quickly.

  • Gabby in QC

    Oh, my! So now you're offended by my “slurs”?
    What's the matter, Toxic Troll?
    Getting a little hypersensitive, aren't you?

    You persist on referring to commenter Liz J as “hysterical.”
    You persist in referring to other commenters here as brain dead, among other choice epithets.
    You persist on referring to the finance Minister as “Flatulence” and the PM as Harpo, among other choice epithets.
    Yet I'm the one using “slurs”?

    Grow up, stop using your idiotic epithets and I may consider not ridiculing the inanity of your endless eructions … oh, and mocking you for the teeming typos.

  • terry1

    Gabby the last Quebec reformatory……..did I say I was offended or simply stating you do the same thing………..big difference but then again there is always a difference with you.

    I use my idiotic epithets where I feel they are needed;its part of my attack ad training.

    I don't care if you stop ridiculing me; I think it simply shows your defensiveness about the failure you support.

  • Gabby in QC

    “Gabby the last Quebec reformatory” the Toxic Troll calls me. And my stock reply to that is “It is better to be alone than in bad company.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    See, Toxic Troll, my entire life does not hinge on the Conservatives remaining in power.

    Although I support them with my vote, my donations to the party, and my posting factual information countering the ridiculous idiocy posted by haters such as you, I will survive even in the unhappy event the Liberals regain power.

    You, on the other hand, I fear may pop a vein when the Conservatives are reelected. I said so before, and it bears repeating … get some medical attention.

    As for this thread, I've got other fish to fry. You can continue your soliloquy on winning the next “eelction.”

  • terry1

    Gabby the last Quebec reformatory, I notice you don't chatise the reformatory trolls who call Iggy names like “IFFY” and “MIAMI”. is that a little partisan hypocrisy?

    My life doesn't depend on any politician whatever stripe but many of my fellow do need governments in their lives and the reformatories are the worst kind of government for those people.

    You see I believe government is there to serve and help those in need as well as regulate the things that need it. Reformatories only want to help their breed of angry white middle class mostly alpha male types.

    The fact you call my posts idiocy typifies you.

    My doctor says I'm just fine and in fact says I'm in the top 5% of healthy Canadians. I have fish to fry also and will continue to challenge your slanted versions of the truth and attack the mindless and unethical government we are getting.

  • `Liz J

    Wow, Toxic Troll has seen a doctor! Nice to know he's physically fit, however that's no guarantee of mental stability or mental maturity.

    If he has other fish to fry they must be calling out for attention judging from the time he spends here to spew crazy, juvenile screed 24/7.

    Wonder what the Liberals pay per hour for his services ?

  • terry1

    Liz J…you can't help yourself can you. Does hysteria run in the family gene pool or were you the runt of the litter?

    Its a shame because every once in a while you do come up with something approaching human intelligence levels but then again they are very partisan. I'm glad Harpo is your hero and you like attack ad style debates. I like em too, as rebuttals, but unfortunately I'm on the other side that perfers to think about governence as opposed to beating the CRAP out of opponents.

  • Omanator

    You are right, David. I had a discussion with my family, and the consensus
    was that this immigrant group in our society will be more careful in the
    future. I am not so sure about that. On the other hand I am willing to admit
    that is will be very difficult to curtail. For one this is a very close
    society and often it does not come out until it is too late. To tighten
    immigration laws for this kind of society, will be portrait as racism. In a
    sense you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. The ordinary people
    have to carry the ball to begin with. I can only hope that as the process
    proceeds and more details are coming out that more people will speak out.
    Forget the womens groups, they only stand up when they can make political
    hay out of it.

  • terry1

    Its amazing that no one from team reformatory posted this article on their bigotry:


    ” This angered evangelist preacher and activist Charles McVety, a longtime crusader against same-sex marriage, abortion and homosexuality. Mr. McVety launched a campaign on the Institute for Canadian Values website, under the headline Conservatives Announce New Program to Fund Sex Parades.

    “While many parents are losing their jobs, trying to make ends meet and pay their taxes, the Government is taking their hard-earned money and giving cash towards anti-family activities that ultimately endanger our children!” said the site, urging supporters to contact the prime minister’s office and their local MP to express their opposition.

    The campaign worked.”

    “So the Conservatives sent one message to the social conservatives that are a key part of their electoral base, and a different message to the general public”


    “On July 8, the Conservatives got some support from Suzanne Girard, the director of Divers/Cité, a Montreal gay and lesbian festival headlined by disco act Sister Sledge, who was to perform their hit We Are Family in front of thousands of dancing gays and lesbians.

    Ms. Girard defended the Tories and said she didn’t believe her organization would be cut off.

    “We live in a great country in that we can do this, even if it is a Conservative government,” she said.”

    On July 22, five days before the festival was to begin, Divers/Cité learned that it would not get funding under the program, although officials had been optimistic until Industry Minister Tony Clement took the file from Ms. Ablonczy.”

    “Mr. Harper’s people have made a political calculation. Socially conservative Christians form the core of the Conservative base, as they formed the core of the Reform Party’s base, and they must be cultivated. Mr. Harper’s team wants them to exercise their influence quietly, though, and he was likely displeased that Mr. Trost signalled openly that they had been heard.

    The Conservatives, naturally enough, want to have their cake and eat it too — heeding Mr. McVety and his supporters while not letting other Canadians know that they are doing so.

    But money talks, and the decision to not fund Divers/Cité makes it plain that they would rather anger gays and lesbians — who mostly won’t vote for them anyway — than Mr. McVety and his supporters, who do vote Tory.

    Appropriately enough, Divers/Cité had to cancel Sister Sledge.”


    Now please tell me this is not a party controlled by right bigots. The article goes on to say there is one closeted cabinet minister in reformatory ranks.
    If that is your idea of an open democratic party then I would even prefer communism over that. Shame shame.

    By the way I am very hetrosexual.

  • terry1

    More documented proof of Harpo's hidden ideology:

    New book labels Harper a neo-con

    By Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch

    “Thomas W. Joseph believes he has a message every Canadian needs to hear before they vote in the next federal election.”

    Through his fourth politically themed book, 8 Days of Crisis on the Hill: Political Blip…Or Stephen Harper’s Revolution Derailed?, Joseph explores the events that occurred on the Hill in November and December when the prime minister asked the Governor General to dissolve parliament. By doing that, Harper thwarted an attempt by then opposition party leaders to form a possible coalition government.

    “Those events got to me and I decided to explore them further and that led me into an examination of political leadership of the prime minister and the Conservative government,” Joseph said at his book launch at Chapters Friday afternoon.

    The book lands at the conclusion that Harper has a hidden agenda, said Joseph, adding he lays out the evidence supporting his claim.

    He also said that anybody that considers themselves progressive, whether it be Liberal, NDP or progressive conservative, should be concerned.

    The prime minster’s intent, his political ideology, leads him to believe that many of the social programs, many of the economic policies that have been developed since the Great Depression of the 1930s are wrong,” Joseph said.

    He goes on to accuse Harper of looking at more so-called neo-conservative policies like those of Ronald Regan or Margaret Thatcher, which helped bring on the economic crisis the world is currently struggling with.

    “I think he’s a threat to the country,” he said. “As a progressive, I find it an alarming situation.”

    It took Joseph four months to write 8 Days of Crisis on the Hill and he hopes any Canadians with an interest in the country’s political situation will consider his message.

    “I’m hoping that Canadians will find the conclusions I’ve drawn with the evidence I’ve provided something to give serious though to before they go to the ballot,” he said.

    Joseph’s book can be found online on Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble’s websites. It can also be found locally at Chapters.

  • NovaDog

    I wise person told me; “it maybe better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know”.

  • `Liz J

    Anyone read or hear much about the fact the recession is now over in Canada? Too positive for the Liberal toadies in the media?

    Never mention the fact it has unfolded just as our PM said, we'd be the last in and the first out, again, too positive , not a fit with their agenda.

    Iggy's elf, Special K, must be getting frustrated, the sky is not falling, the ammo drawer is empty, to use an old Newfie quote: “The arse is out of 'er” on the arsenal front for the Iggy Liberals who hoped to ride to victory on gloom and doom.

    EI reform anyone?

  • terry1

    Liz J Hysterical, I was wondering when you would surface with more half truths in orfer to avoid the truth about yopur party;its noted you don't dare debate the right wing bonanza and Reformatory homophobia handed to the Libs:


    “There are still risks to the recovery,” says Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney. He also feels your pain, and suggests that part of the recession isn't over.”

    and before you think Harpo and his gang of reformatories did all this on their own:

    Well, monetary and fiscal policy – lots of liquidity and lots of deficit spending, have apparently done their jobs, may Keynes be praised. And at some point pent-up demand is going to kick in.

    Which isn't to say the pain is gone. In Canada, unemployment has risen from six per cent a year ago to 8.6 per cent today. Since the beginning of the recession in the third quarter last year, the Canadian economy has lost 370,000 jobs.


    and then this:

    Our dollar is petro-currency, and closely tracks the world price of oil, which has doubled from a $33 low early in the year to the mid-60s last week.

    Carney needs to be careful about this. It's one thing to rein in speculators. It's another to be seen as poor-mouthing.

    Almost every economist states the need to raise taxes at some point while Mr. Harpo Liar is in denial. Those consequeneces will show up pretty soon with an ever increasing deficit.

  • terry1

    Nova dog, youa re correct. We don't really know Harpo do we. The facts are starting to come and the peoples knowledge will enable them to judge accordingly.

  • David

    Four consecutive budgets all passed by the Liberals. Thank You.

  • David

    I look forward to hearing from MIAMI that he will increase taxes….

  • NovaDog

    He has already said it, he wants to reduce EI hours to 360. There are hudreds of seasonal businesses that will lay off part time employees as soon as they qualify for poogie. Some of these people will be wacking golf balls while the tax payer will have to make up for it.

  • terry1

    Four consecutive budgets and only one really telling the truth. Flaherty has a habit of lying so that will be exposed a tthe right time. The PBO chief has already caught them in the big lie on deficit repayments. Tories are Liars which is why Tory times are tough times and remewmber that 34 out of the last 46 years were Liberal years and they ended with huge surpluses. Your next excuse about Liberal accounting treatment of the EI surplus is bogus becauee the harpercrites will not change that either.

  • terry1

    Maybe Harpo and his gangg of thieves need to revisit the social welfare they have given every family in the Country..the monthly family allowance beer and popcorn check. The stupidity is populist tax decreases that do nothing for the Country's productive capacity. The Libs want to protect those at the bottom end of the spectrum and they are the most vulnerable. Then again reformatories don't care about the poor do they when they can whack away at anything that moves them away from their right wing base.

  • NovaDog

    It has been said that those GST cuts adds up to billions of dollars, I ask where those billions of dollars went? Has it been stashed in offshore accounts, have people been stuffing it into their mattresses? Oh yeah we went into recession later than all other countries and we are coming out faster, Hmmmmm Harper got it right again…

    The beer and popcorn monies went to families that had children under 6 years of age, I guarantee you the money in one way or another was spent on care for the kids. Does anyone honestly think that putting all toddlers in a universal day are would help the economy? Yeah help the afternoon soaps get higher ratings maybe.

  • Roberto

    Iggy is, at this moment, filling a time capsule with things that have not been invented yet, or, having an awkward moment, just to see what it would feel like, or just speaking French in Russian!!!

  • terry1

    Nova dog, you know and I know that the reason Canada went into recession was because our banking system did not tank like the US system. The GST cuts did not add up to several billions more in the pockets of people that needed tax relief. The rich continue to buy their luxury goods and new houses at cheaper prices.

    As for the beer and popcorn monies….. it has been proven over time that directed subsidies are more productive for the economy as opposed to direct handouts.

  • NovaDog

    I respect your theories and of course I am no economist, maybe and just maybe the Libs will get the credit. As far as where the beer and popcorn money goes, I remember back in a simpler time when the PC's and Lib's would bring my grandfather a bottle just before every election. Just politics I guess.

  • Omanator

    Girls, Girls, Don't go into the outhouse of the Toxic Troll, he stinks too much. Why go down to his level. Things are already heating up on the political screen. The PM has more less given Iggy an ultimatum either withdraw your EG accessibility or face an election. Lets see what the ” CZar
    Iggy” has to say to that.

  • Omanator

    Frankly I don't see why my tax Dollars are supposed to finance people who want to strut around in the nude. They can do that without our money. Besides we have never denied to be right wing.

  • `Liz J

    The question being asked here is concerning the whereabouts of one, Michael Ignatieff, successor to one, Stephane Dion.

    So far no one has been able to locate him. Whether he's being kept hidden by order or design is hard to determine.

    One thing for certain, this thread is off the rails and in need of attention. We should be able to make comments without the schoolyard name calling by the resident Troll who always starts the ball rolling on that score. We can all be smart asses in jest and fun but tearing into someone personally because of a different opinion on politics or anything else crosses the line and ruins civil debate.

    I've reached an age where being called hysterical, or brain dead or a puke really doesn't phase me and I certainly would never lie to support a politician of any stripe, lying is not something I condone anywhere.

    Politicians are often accused of lying, some do, but more often than not conditions change and they have to change direction, that's the nature of politics, opponents call it lying. it's all part of the game. Still say the biggest example of a lie, it had to be deliberate , came from Jean Chretien just before an election, when asked about the hated GST, he replied “it's gone”, there's a clip of it in the news archives somewhere. He went on to win a majority. Sheila Copps had to make another run to re-win her seat
    because she ran on the same lie, she believed her boss.

  • terry1

    So, Harpo the bully is speaking out against Canada's unemployed….that plays very well on the left so I hope he keeps it up. He can then keep his bible toting base support and lose the rest.

    Speaking of outhouses………rumours abound that you still live with an outhosue as your only facility and that you have Harpo's picture on the door to help get things moving. LOL

  • terry1

    They did it in Toronto but won't in Vancuver and Montreal simply because the bible thumpers chastised Harpo.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Clean it up Terry. Thanks

  • terry1

    Liz J hysterical, the thread was on the rails and th wherabouts of Iggy were answered by yours truly very early in the thread. Stephen had not done his homework as well as warren Kinsella who posted exact details of iggy's movements and appearances.

    Your issue on the other posts I've made is the fact I've further exposed the reformatory rabble in more lies and dumb stuff. All facts by the way, and no inuendos or half truths that you like to specialize in.

  • terry1

    Just a little sunday afternoon humour,Stephen.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Cut the ad hominem Terry

  • Gabby in QC

    An interesting link to an interesting opinion (dated July 14, 2009):
    The Liberals are in big trouble. Ever since Paul Martin's regime collapsed under the weight of its own hubris, the party has looked for leadership from a group of well-meaning incompetents — Dion, Rae, and Ignatieff — not one of whom has the charisma, the political skills, or the staying power to rebuild the Liberal brand as the natural governing party of Canada. After Dion's leadership fell apart last fall, there was hope that some of the men who had been watching from the sidelines might jump back into the fray, but one after another, past contenders like Brian Tobin and Frank McKenna decided, for one reason or another, that it wasn't worth it.”
    H/T Dr. J and Mr. K

  • terry1

    Stephen, I think that goes for more than myself if you care to check on the “sisters” here.

    Also, your edit feature seems to be down so its pretty hard to self censor posts.

  • terry1

    Gabby the standing tory in QC……….the polls that Nik Nanos did recently don't bear out those so called facts you quoted.
    Then again I always presume half truths are your trade in stock. Iggy is staking a measured approach to all this fully realizing he has to rebuild the party and he has doen remarkably well in a short time. Fund raising is at or near Tory levels, even w/o church basement donations, their election software is live and working and the party policy committee has taken a little more time to test their future pronouncements. So, its all good leadership from where I sit and Warren K. is just itching to get at Harpo in an election campaign.

    Frank Mckenna did not want to to do the penance of opposition when he's currently making milions per year as deputy chair of TD. The same goes for Tobin. Neither of these two were rich and now have opportunities to sock some real money away after years of public service. Its that simple.

  • `Liz J

    Don't know about you Gabby but I've had entirely enough of this blog. Terry1 can have it. He's takes over all threads with the same old screed.

  • terry1

    Liz J, I thought you had more fight in you than that.

  • Gabby in QC

    “those so called facts you quoted.”

    As usual, you have misread what I have posted and put your own inane spin on it.
    I introduced that quote with this: “An interesting link to an interesting opinion (dated July 14, 2009).”

    Get it? An opinion. I did not present that as “facts.” It's not my opinion, but that of Andrew Potter.
    Unlike you, I do not use facts and opinions interchangeably.

    Furthermore, your statement “Frank Mckenna did not want to to [sic] do the penance of opposition…” is clearly an admission on your part that the Liberals' motivation is self-serving power, not service to the country.
    You think highly of the aforementioned Liberals, don't you?

    The idiocy continues.

  • Gabby in QC

    Liz J, despite the idiocy of the Toxic Troll, I do not intend to leave this blog. That is precisely what he's looking for, to chase away and shut out any opposing POV. He wants it all to himself so he can spread his poison.

    I have rarely sunk to the level of name-calling, but to paraphrase Groucho Marx – who apparently said “I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception” – well, I never call anyone an idiot, but in Toxic Troll's case I'll make an exception.

    And I'll keep on calling him an idiot until he stops using the epithets he's been using all along.

  • terry1

    Gabby the lone Reformatory in QC…………..I see you've been to the reformatory war room and graduated. Congrats.

    I'm glad you're hanging around to fight another battle.

  • terry1

    Gabby the uniformed last tory in QC……..frank Mckenna did not want to serve his Country?

    That's rich. He was in NB politics for over 2o years and won a landslide victory wiping out the Tories in one election. He was the Canadian Ambassador to Washington.

    I would suggest he's done one hell of a lot more for his Country than you could ever imagine. What a slur.

  • Gabby in QC

    You have once again misread my comment.
    Probably because your bilious anti-conservative anger and your biased view of anything said by a conservative prevents you from comprehending even the simplest of sentences.

    Did I say Frank McKenna did not want to serve his country?
    What did I say?
    “Furthermore, your statement … is clearly an admission on your part that the Liberals' motivation is self-serving power, not service to the country.”
    What is missing from my original comment, represented by […]?
    This, your own words: “Frank Mckenna did not want to to [sic] do the penance of opposition…”
    See, Toxic Troll?
    I did not say Frank McKenna did not want to serve his country. You are the one who hinted at that.
    BTW, learn how to write the gent’s name. It's McKenna, not Mckenna.

    By all means, keep misreading and misrepresenting what is said. That is the only way you think you'll win an argument. Oh, and let’s not forget using numbskulled name-calling.

    “Gabby the uniformed last tory”?
    So now you're even phantasizing about what I wear?
    Or is that more proof of your illiteracy?
    The idiocy continues.