Michael Ignatieff appeals for expat dollars

I’ve received this letter addressed to expat friends and readers from America to Africa. The letter is written by Michael Ignatieff and appeals to expats for dollars, dinars, and drachmas and tries to draw a link between the Liberal leader’s 34 year absence from Canada and the career paths of other expats.

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Ignatieff can’t seem to help himself as he boasts of his own experiences in a closing paragraph of the letter,

“My own path has taken me across the airwaves of the BBC to the pages of the New York Times, from the remote villages in Afghanistan into the lecture halls of Paris, Vancouver and Boston. And now that path has brought me here — to the country that has always been my home, as Leader of the one party that can set Canada back on its own path.”

Remember that Michael Ignatieff, when he wasn’t running to be Prime Minister said that the only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park. When asked by a British interviewer after the Quebec referendum if Ignatieff was actually suggesting that Canada, as a concept, has failed, Ignatieff said that he can’t see what sort of future we have [as Canadians]. And, there is of course, this:

Michael Ignatieff left Canada in 1969 only to return to become Prime Minister. If these expats have the same sort of attachment to Canada, it’s doubtful that they will donate any money. Yet, if they not only miss Algonquin park, but also Flin Flon, Oakville, Grand Falls or wherever else in this country they call home, they’ll recognize that, unlike them, Ignatieff as a man without a deep sense of attachment to this country but rather a profound sense of entitlement to it.



  • Bruce

    That letter clearly wreaks of desperation.

  • Jon

    When the likes of Gerry Nichols are telling Conservatives to give up this messaging, I think it's time to take a hint…

  • Bruce

    Gerry who?

  • NovaDog

    Why would expats donate money to an ex-expat?

  • jad

    “…. by signaling your commitment to support change.”

    I guess they still can't support Spellcheck in the OLO, or is this the American spelling ?

  • calgaryjunkie

    With all due respect to Gerry, Nik Nanos has said that these ads are OK. But that it's too early to tell if they will be effective. That what the Tories need now is for Iggy to say and do things which reinforce the messages from the ads. Iggy's laid back approach so far this summer, including his book signing trip to England, kind of paints him as a dilettante–just dabbling in politics.

    Nik also said that he sees these ads as being directed at soft Dipper voters. Those who might swing to the Libs at the last moment, as happened in the final week of the 2004 campaign. One effect of these ads is that they seem to have spooked Iggy into not daring to say anything one way or the other about taxes.

  • trustonlymulder

    Maybe it was his way of getting Maurice Strong to give up $1100.

  • Joan Tintor

    He says it right in the letter! He wants to “set Canada back.”

  • terry1


    The Ignatieff Liberals have raised $3.9-million in the second quarter for this year, four times the amount raised last year at this time when Stéphane Dion was leader.

    The party posted its results on Twitter Wednesday evening with an update that read, in part: “Exclusive 2nd Quarter Fundraising numbers are in: $3.9M More than 4 times last year's.”

    Last year, in an election year, the party raised a total of $5.8-million. So far this year, the Grits under Leader Michael Ignatieff have raised $5.7-million.

    stephen, Sure sounds like many Canadians don't care about your noise level. I would think Iggy has out funded the reformatories last quarter.

  • terry1

    Stephen, maybe you should focus on the real issues facing canadians instead of copy cat attack ads you get from the war room:


  • clownpartyofcanada

    “… the Grits under Leader Michael Ignatieff have raised $5.7-million.” Terry1

    Does this mean that the LIEberals under Biffy will start to pay back the millions they stole from Ad-scam ?

    The same LIEberals who also promised to abolish/change the GST {Grits Support Tories Tax}

  • Omanator

    Amen to that.

  • terry1

    this oone reeks of stupidity:

  • Gabby in QC

    Paragraph 1 states: “… Canadians have been bombarded by a campaign of personal attack ads, aimed at the fact that I spent part of my career outside Canada. …”
    Mr. Ignatieff is saying the attack ads are “personal” aimed directly at him “at the fact that I spent …”

    But in Paragraph 2: “… Prime Minister Stephen Harper has questioned the loyalty and patriotism of every Canadian who has ever chosen to work or live abroad” Ignatieff extrapolates from the very “personal” attack ads aimed at him to say they constitute an attack on every single Canadian ex-pat.
    In other words, Ignatieff identifies with every single Canadian ex-pat; they are one and the same.
    Ah, but have any of them been handed the title of Leader of the Liberal Party, Leader of the Official Opposition? Are any of them the would-be occupants of 24 Sussex?

    Who writes that kind of stuff for him? Or did he do it himself?

    Also, I saw the “Just Visiting” ads first on the internet, not because they were foisted on me, but because I choose to visit this blog. Then I saw them on TV for about a week.
    Does that amount to “Canadians have been bombarded by a campaign …”?
    Again, who writes Ignatieff’s garb … er … letters?

  • Therealgayle

    You mean, he is using these ads to raise money, and you do not like it?

    He is only borrowing that trick from the CPC. Do you remember how they lied about the coalition in order to raise money?

    Good times…

  • terry1

    Gabby the last standing QC refromatory…..I would say that six or seven times during a stanley cup game on RDS and TSN is bombardment. They couldn't do it during the finals because the CBC, in their wisdom, tries hard not to do do gutter stuff.

    And remember Bob Fife works for the owners of TSN. Of course he is only reporting the truth…….as his bosses suggest he tell it. Which network was duffy on? AH…CTV. Which network is fighting hard with the CTRC not to pay the cable companies for carrying their main networks………..AH yes CTV. Of course it was just reporting and of course the shipbuilding announcement was never hinted at to the Irvings, conservatives all, prior to the apology and that formal announcement.

    Give your head a shake towards reality. Quebeckers have read that reformatory “body language” and want nothing to do with it.

  • Gabby in QC

    “You mean, he is using these ads to raise money, and you do not like it?”

    Your assumption, not my statement, Therealgayle.
    Don't put words in my comment which I did not put there.

    I merely suggested the choice of the words “Canadians have been bombarded” as being an excessive overstatement.

  • David

    By highlighting his musings at the BBC and Boston lecture halls etc. he opens the door even further to criticism to the comments said or written in them. Who knows how many more nuggets are hidden in the vaults at the BBC, PBS, Pravda ,People’s Daily etc.

    It makes it harder for him to dismiss them when he is sending letters to (certain) Canadians reminding them that they are part of who he is.

    Make no mistake Iggy was defeated in his first crack at Lib. leader in large part because of his AWOL.
    We don't need to get into some of his commentary gems here but they spooked the Libs out of choosing him as leader in the first place.

    No doubt he will be forced to defend a lot of his quips when the time comes and this letter will only emphasize them. In a backhanded way he legitimizes the criticism he wants to deflect.

  • Gabby in QC

    Terry1 the Toxic Troll said on July 30, 09 at about 6:00 am ET:
    “And, oh yes, fingering Liberal Party figures by name as being responsible for the “conspiracy”, or as bearing responsibility for getting to the bottom of the “conspiracy”, is the kind of thing that can get you sued.”

    Now, I’ve been enjoying re-reading some of TT’s pronouncements. Here are a few recent ones in two previous threads:
    “Its [sic] like Harpo saying his attack ads are truth ads when the real intent is to damage his opponent while his lousy management of the economy does not get discussed. That is about to change as Warren kinsella [sic] has his computer ready to release truth ads about Harpo and his ruination of the Canadian economy and his lies and his past.”

    “stephen [sic], Count [sic] on Warren kinsella [sic] to get the real facts out!!!!”

    “… Warren K. is just itching to get at Harpo in an election campaign.”

    “I've repeated the lies many times over and am not going to waste my time supporting your drivel. … An Irving newspaper apology and a potential shipyard susbsidy [sic] announcement all on the same day. Dirty politics at play from this dirty PM.”

    “harpo [sic] lied and Kinsella has challenged him openly.”

    “That Irving apology is simply a reaction to a threat from the PMO and it will be exposed.”

    “WK is well known and I didn't wan [sic] to oveload [sic] his very popular blog…popular becuae [sic] it contains the truth!!!”

    “However, I do believe Warren Kinsella hit the nail on the head in terms of the apology being made ahead of a shipbuilding subsidy program which would benefit the Irvings immensely. Harper is still a liar and never consumed that host in church.”

    So, Terry, who’s the one who’s been “fingering Liberal Party figures by name”? And a renowned NB family, to boot?
    Terry the Toxic troll, that’s who!
    And Terry1 is threatening me by saying I'm the one who's going to get sued for “fingering Liberal Party figures by name”?

    As the great Bugs Bunny says “What a maroon!”
    *gales of laughter from me*

  • AlexinEdmonton

    Thanks for compiling this Gabby.

    Sheds some light on Terry's blatant partisanship and hypocrisy.

  • Gabby in QC

    Thanks, AlexinEdmonton.

  • east of eden

    Hey, good catch. That does seem to be his plan, does it not?

  • east of eden

    Are you Gayle? You sound like Gayle. Why the name change?

  • east of eden

    Partisanship is fine – personally, I never deny being totally blue and totally partisan. Idiocy, offensiveness, inanity, hypocrisy, arrogance, odiousness, rudeness…etc. are not fine. Unfortunately, Terry1's comments are all of the latter.

  • gardoffer

    Ignatief has one interest in Canada to be Prime Minister. This guy is a snob no matter how he tries to change his image that’s the way he comes across.Canadians en masse will recognize this in the next parliament. He is not a Liberal,Conservative or NDP He in his own mind is Canada and the party handle is to get him elected. Sorry Buddy intellectual snobs bore me silly just like our last Governor General before we got one of the people.Hard working Canadians want our tax money back from Ad Scam before your party is legitimate again.

  • gardoffer

    Ignatief has one interest in Canada to be Prime Minister. This guy is a snob no matter how he tries to change his image that’s the way he comes across.Canadians en masse will recognize this in the next parliament. He is not a Liberal,Conservative or NDP He in his own mind is Canada and the party handle is to get him elected. Sorry Buddy intellectual snobs bore me silly just like our last Governor General before we got one of the people.Hard working Canadians want our tax money back from Ad Scam before your party is legitimate again.

  • AlexinEdmonton

    Very true.

  • terry1

    gabby……… the “get it wrong” tory troll…………..the original quote you attributed to me was made by someone else and was referenced….. your willingness to make me look like the fool turned 180 degrees on you. then again you are a tory in QC. I am currently in my native province and can smell the fresh breeze of Liberal seats coming our way.

  • terry1

    Iggy lost the first run at leadershipo because the party lefties somehow managed to let their guy slide up the middle. Something like Kimmy baby winning the leadership for the cons in 1993

  • terry1

    jack, who cares? many many canadians have dual and triple citizenship. What is the issue here? His competence or his citizenship. I presume you've lived here all your life but you're not yet running a political party,probably because intelligence is a prequisite.

  • terry1

    sorry Alex, it sheds some light on her ability to get it worng as usual. She thinks she is gods gift to political research but doesn't realize that's not partisan.

  • terry1

    E of E…. and that's how ignorant attack ads get written…. all out of context just like the reformatories governing Canada.

  • terry1

    E of E…. I speak in the type of language used by your party in its limited ability to speak proper english or french..at least from what I see in the attack ads. Libs are just practicing for the day they come down on the reformatory nonsense.

  • terry1

    This a rehash of wafergate and since Step;hen seemed so sure it would bleed bad stuff for the Libs I will celar up your misperceptions once again:

    “ITQ: Is there anything else that you would like to get on the record here as far as the apology from the Telegraph Journal, the comments made by Bob Fife that suggested “Liberal” involvement in “passing the story” to Jamie Irving, or the LifeSite News post alleging that you posted the video before the paper had come out?

    WK: This whole affair is symptomatic with what is wrong with this “government.” In a week where StatsCan is showing unemployment levels exploding, their preoccupation is something else entirely – themselves. It is always just about them.

    I realize they are terrified about losing whatever headway they have made with the so-called Catholic vote. But this is not how to go about doing it, in my opinion.

    I publicized this story because of their insane overreaction. Had they not overreacted, it would not have been as interesting to me or anyone else.

    My lawyers have sent a letter to Lifesite News this morning demanding that they correct the record (as you have sought to do), and apologize. If they do not, they will profoundly regret it. And that, too, is the truth.

    2. http://bcinto.blogspot.com/2009/07/wafer-madnes
    *The timing of this thing is also very peculiar, coming weeks after the initial stories. Clearly these reporters must have picked up the paper the next day, read their story, and been all “wtf dude, I didn’t write this stuff!” They must have gone to the editors and said “this stuff you added isn’t accurate, we need to do something here.” So why the lag of weeks before the retraction/apology? And were there any phone calls, or legal sabre rattling, from the Harper camp?

    The placement of the retraction, and the on the knees grovelling nature of it, is also out of line with standard newspaper corrections/apologies, which even under threat of legal action tend to be grudging, at best.

    BigCityLib also raises an interesting connection: the TJ is controlled by the Irving family, whose shipyards rely heavily on federal contracts. And which very recently got a half-billion shipbuilding contract from the Conservative government. Things that make you go hmm

    there's more:

    Isn't life wonderful when the reformatories get to play in their own dog poop. and there is more embarrassment coming for Harpo on this so stay tuned…lets just hint that lying is part of the red faced stuff to follow.

  • Gabby in QC

    Terry1 said: “… it sheds some light on her ability to get it worng [sic] as usual. She thinks she is gods [sic] gift to political research but doesn't realize that's not partisan.”

    A nonsensical response … but congratulations, for not including insults in your comment as usual.

  • David

    They are all lefties.

  • terry1

    Gabby… being a reformatory in Qc is punishment enough and I don't want you to suffer needlessly

  • terry1

    David, that's certainly better than being a right wing harpercrite fan.

  • east of eden

    Many are faux lefties. Good grief – how could Martin, for example, ever be promoted as left of center – he sure didn't become wealthy by giving it all away to the masses, that's for sure.

  • east of eden

    Whatever Ignatieff's official citizenship – I would like know the answer to one question: where is his heart? Is he here only for his own glory or the glory of his backers or is he genuinely a Canadian at heart. Based on his long absence and his sudden reappearance and even more sudden rise to “power”, I do not have the impression that his heart is in Canada. He may not be officially American (there is no doubt that he is officially Canadian) but I consider him to be American because he obviously didn't love Canada enough to build his life here. Even though I cannot stand Bob Rae's style, at least the guy paid his dues in Canada, unlike Ignatieff. Dominick LeBlanc paid his dues in Canada and is the son of a great late Canadian. Ignatieff seems to be defined by his Russian heritage and his foreign career. How can I take him seriously as a contender for the Prime Minister of Canada?

    And, Terry1 – if you reply with some crack at Harper, I'll know that you agree with my sentiments – if you cannot answer the actual question without slagging our Prime Minister, that means that you have absolutely no logical argument against my sentiments.

  • David

    Yes, Martin did steer the ship hard to port considering his history.

    Dion won because he wasn't either Rae or Iggy. That is what Rae had purportedly said. Iggy's baggage about supporting the Iraq war and torture were well known to conventioneers. Iggy wasn't going to win because of it.

  • terry1

    first of all, why does being a Canadian mean someone has to spend their life here. I had a wonderful overseas life for 14 years myself and neve felt less Canadian even though I was working primarily with Americansbrits,etc in other foreign lands. iggy built a reputation and his talents took him to the height of academia, a great TV career in the UK and finally a return to Canada where he must have some passion for the land. Remember, he had a choice and chose his land of birth to return and use his talents for the greater good.

    I cannot resist the crack at Harpo because, as a comparison to Iggy, he never ever left Canada until he was PM, not even to the US. His narrow minded and very parochial vision shows up right there. His writings were all dogmatic and narrow and eh has certainly proved he is no economist.

  • terry1

    Iggy's wide search for donations is because he knows Tory times are tough times. Here's another failed report card :

    Canada's Economy Contracted More-Than-Expected
    By Alexandre Deslongchamps

    (Bloomberg) — Canada's economy contracted for a 10th month in May because of falling manufacturing output, and declines in the mining and energy industries.

    Gross domestic product declined 0.5 percent during the month, compared with the median estimate for a 0.3 percent drop in a Bloomberg News survey of 22 economists. The economy shrank 0.2 percent in April, Statistics Canada also said, revising its original estimate of a 0.1 percent decline.

    The economy contracted 3.5 percent in May from the year-ago month, the biggest drop since October 1982, Statistics Canada said. The report adds to evidence the world's eighth-largest economy extended its contraction in the second quarter as the global slump saps orders for Canadian exports.

    Output shrank at a 5.4 percent annual rate in the first quarter, the biggest drop since 1991, and will shrink at a 3 percent pace in the second quarter, according to a separate Bloomberg survey.

    and this is the government who says the recession is over………..liars all

  • David

    We can certainly be thankful that we avoided the new “Greenshift “taxes the Liberals promised . It would have decimated the private sector. Given the options Canadians had they clearly made the right choice.

    Interest rates are at an all time low. If that is tough times I can handle that. Any bank would be happy to give you a mortgage at the Trudeau era interest rates of 22% or so. Ahh the good old days!!

  • Gabby in QC

    Terry1 said:
    “and this is the government who says the recession is over………..liars all.”
    Once again, the product of Terry's febrile overwrought imagination.

    Here are two references (with appropriate links):
    http://www.commandnews.com/fpweb/fp.dll/$cpac/h… (H/T CPAC)
    « L'économie est encore trop fragile pour des élections, dit Harper

    La Presse Canadienne Jul 30 17:56
    Par Alexandre Robillard

    ADSTOCK _ Les signes d'une reprise économique sont encore trop fragiles pour exposer le Canada à l'instabilité politique que provoquerait une élection, a déclaré jeudi le premier ministre Stephen Harper.

    M. Harper a insisté sur le chemin qu'il reste encore à parcourir, affirmant que les économies internationales sont encore au milieu de la pire crise depuis la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

    Mercredi, le ministre des Finances, Jim Flaherty, avait mis de sérieux bémols à l'enthousiasme de la Banque du Canada, qui a récemment prédit que l'économie canadienne sortira de la récession cet été.
    Selon M. Flaherty, le chômage pourrait continuer d'augmenter même si le produit intérieur brut recommence à croître. … »

    In short, both PM Harper and Minister Flaherty have cautioned Canadians there's still some work to be done before getting out of “the worst crisis since WWII.”

    But there are some definite signs of recovery:
    « Recession easing but still has a bite
    Heather Scoffield
    Ottawa — Globe and Mail Update
    Last updated on Friday, Jul. 31, 2009 11:36AM EDT

    … Still, after 10 miserable months of contraction in Canada, May could well be the last, he added. June GDP is showing signs of being flat or slightly negative, as auto production is picking up, consumers are well equipped to continue shopping, and the housing market is on fire.

    That sets the stage for growth to resume in the third quarter, economists said.

    “For now, we are forced to hold our noses for another month and await the flowers that are expected to spring in second half of the year, beginning with the month of July,” said Stewart Hall, economic strategist at HSBC Canada.” »

    See, Terry, that is what a responsible government does. It sends out a balanced message, telling Canadians yes, there is a recession, but we'll get through it OK, and here are some indications that things are improving. And some economists agree.

    So, stop your fabrications: “this is the government who says the recession is over” never happened, like … oh, OK, let sleeping dogs lie.

  • terry1

    I would disagree. The so called green taxes might have been the productive way out of this recession instead of bailing out old industry car companies. Green taxes are inevitable. when the tar sands go green youn will pay at the pump and since you will always need gas it would have made sense to “green up” the tar sands.

    Then again I'm not a populist deficit lover.

  • terry1

    lonely Gabby……….the recovery is not a sure thing. things are still going to hell in a hand basket south of the border. We are not isolated. Suncor just laid of hundreds of VP's today on their way to lay off thousands of people. Nortel is gone. savings have yet to occur in Canada.

    My stuff is based on economic fact not tory BS and the economists say we are not out yet and may not be in the near future. We all know that Tory times are tough times and don't want those tough times with a new debt burden of $150Billion or so while they populate their supporters with my tax money.

  • terry1

    One more thing….stockwell day the surfer gave an interview in kelowna the other day and siad specifically the recession was over. John McCallum wrote to flatulence to ask who was right. See kinsellas blog for both items.

    sorry to blow up your balloon one more time….fresh liberal air here in Quebec and lots of Harpo haters. the BQ wants him gone as well..

  • WarrenT

    Funny odor on this Blog. What does Catsmeat smell like?

  • Gabby in QC

    “See kinsellas [sic] blog for both items.”
    :- D Riotous laughter from me! :-D

    You and your idol are welcome to your opinions, of course, but please!
    You tell me “My stuff is based on economic fact not tory BS” and I'm supposed to read your idol's blog for confirmation of facts?

    :- D Even more riotous laughter from me! :-D
    Geez, it sounds like you're starting a new cult!

    You poor benighted person.

    BTW, could you come up with something more original than “Tory times are tough times”?
    I'd have a tidy sum if I got a loonie for every time you've used it.
    Tsk, tsk … so predictably tedious.