• terry1

    stephen since this is a NS news piece I thought your readers would like to know the isotope scandal is growing nicely,just like cancer……..sorry for the pun.


    This is the article the courts have refused to hide for the Tories also known as the reformatories.

    While you digest this please keep in mind that Lisa Raitt beat out Garth Turner for her seat. Sounds like a riding to avoid running in.

  • Acer

    Whats up Stephen, no post on Raitt?

    CPC is cooked, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • http://www.halifaxrealestatebroker.com/ Scott Grace

    I have already voted for the Conservatives(Jessica Alexander). Good idea sending out this video.

  • C Munro

    I fear he NDP will distroy this province as they did in BC and Ont

  • j watson

    I voted for Jessica because we need a change in Lr. Sackville and she is a keen leader.
    I fear for Nova Scotia with unions taking it over.

  • Darlene Morrison

    Rodney needs to get more on the ball in terms of renewable energy. I haven't heard him speak much about this. He needs to stop catering to NSP and invest some money and interest into Tidal and wind energy. I am conservative, but I did not vote conservative today. I voted liberal because I heard at least what sounded like an intention to move green… also in the area where I live, the NDP always get in and it is always a close run between them and the liberals. I bit my tongue and voted Liberal.I didn't want to waste my vote by voting Conservative, as i always do. Sorry Rodney. I hope you get e-elected but I also hope you get GREEN, for the sake of all of us and I hope you take another look at the abortion issue. There are too many people seeking abortion as birth control. That is a life we are taking. Science proves this… we can call the child a fetus if we want, but it is still a child. We need to find a solution to this killing of our kids. There is more commotion over killing baby seals than the fact that we do the same things to our own offspring. Wake up!

  • C Munro

    I fear the NDP will distroy NS as they did in BC and Ont.

    I hope NOva Scotians will not be fooled

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    Interview suggests an unbiased discussion….. this is a commercial.

  • terry1

    Another Tory loser

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    I just did also, thanks for sharing this video.

  • Liz J

    The losers could be the people of NS. They're about to find out. Wonder if Bob Rae goes to visit will they allow him in?

    Anyway, we can look forward to hearing more fiddle tunes from Rodney.

  • terry1

    Tories in third place is certainly not a loss for the people of NS.

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    Thanks for the share Stephen, I appreciate it.