Hudak campaign responds regarding push poll

Blair McCreadie, the co-chair of the Tim Hudak campaign wrote me a letter to clarify what’s been going on from their campaign’s perspective with respect to the push poll they allege the Klees campaign conducted. Here is Blair’s letter:

Here is the Klees release:

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has completed an internal hearing by the Rules and Appeals committee, with all PC leadership campaigns invited, concerning the complaint raised by the Tim Hudak Campaign against the Frank Klees Campaign.

The Party has concluded the following: “Upon hearing the submissions and evidence of the Tim Hudak Campaign and the Frank Klees Campaign, the Board determined the complaint was without merit.”

“The Hudak Campaign broke their much-touted 11th Commandment by falsely accusing the Klees Campaign of breaking campaign rules,” explained John Capobianco, Klees Campaign Chair. “I am pleased that the PC Party of Ontario, in its deliberations, came to the right decision – that the complaint launch by the Tim Hudak Campaign was without merit.”

To read the decision in full, click here:



  • Anna Grace

    What a bunch of cry babies. If has such a thin skin in a leadership, Dalton McGuinty's team is going to tear him apart. The actions of the Hudak campaign team have lost him my support, that of my whole family, and many of the people I've talked to that leaned towards Tim from the start.

    Too bad, he looked promising.

  • Pollster

    I've worked as a pollster for over 5 years and this is without a doubt a “push poll.” No legitimate research would be conducted this way.

  • Jack Astor

    Since I started to hear about this mess I decided to look into a few thing. I found out some interesting stuff and it is pretty easy to do.

    So the party saw your complaint and said there was no merit to your complaint – even though most of the party are your supporters – so there really must be no merit to it – yet you still insist on smearing the Klees campaign anyway? Why is that? Smearing the Elliott campaign did not work out so well for you?

    You forget to mention the fact that early on in the campaign it was your campaign that was calling voters to tell them that Frank Klees was not running – pretty sleazy huh? I guess the Klees team has a bit of a thinker skin and I did not hear anything about them going and crying to the party about that? Or were they just not posting that on every blogging site as a smear tactic?

    I guess you guys must have been pretty serious about this hearing and your complaint seeing as you could not even bother to show up on time and you guys were 45 minutes late! I guess the Hudak freefall is worse that expected so grasping at straws and using backdoor ways of getting your smear messaging out there right before balloting is a great way to win a campaign!

    Come on people – we can do better than this! Do we really want to reward these people with this type of sleaze so they can only hand the next election to the Liberals? If these are the tactics they are using now it can only get worse in a general election.

  • Paid Polls Are Less Fun

    You know, I was thinking about voting for Christine Elliot until the above comment from Anna Grace. The actions of this commentor have lost my support for the Elliot campaign and that of my whole family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, co-defendants, high school sweethearts, causal acquaintances, business associates, fellow game show contestants and pets.

    Thanks, Anna.

  • Paul M

    Nicely done!

  • Al Rathbone

    I guess it just vindicates what i've been saying. It was all facts and opinions. There was no misconduct if the campaign did not plant false allegations.

  • Luke

    I don't see any reason for a push poll that slams another conservative. And suggesting that a campaign wouldn't complain when there is such an obvious moral, if not rule based, problem is absurd. Its a Liberal thing to do a push poll – which I ALSO recieved – and not the kind of leadership I would want for MY party, let alone would ever consider working/donating to. I'm a conservative because of stuff like that in the Liberal party!

    I've been very dissappointed with Frank's campaign.

    Regardless if they were found by the party to be in the wrong, the average voter can tell that this was rather underhanded.

    It would make the PC's the exact same party as the Liberals – and I think we know how that worked out before.

  • Paul M

    Funny how the Klees campaign doesn’t mention in their release that they admitted to the party that they WERE behind the push polls.

  • Jack Astor

    So Paul M – what makes you so sure the Klees campaign was behind those polls? Any proof? I guess you must be a Hudak sheep too!

  • Jack Astor

    So Paul M – what makes you so sure the Klees campaign was behind those polls? Any proof? I guess you must be a Hudak sheep too!