• Hoarfrost

    To begin with, I have a lot of respect for Frank Klees I think he is a major force within our party and could become a great Progressive Conservative leader. I also enlisted early on his website as a supporter. Now I am undecided.

    I have dismissed irrevocably, Christine Elliot, over her position on the reform of the Human Right's Commission. She just doesn't get it.. I despair that her husband doesn't get it either. Where I differ from Frank Klees is on the importance of the issue.

    This is the defining issue of our time. If we do not ABOLISH the Human Right's Commission as it is now, we will see the demise of our laws regarding traditional rights as we know them. It needs more than the tinkering that Frank Klees advocates. Hopefully I misunderstand his position.

    Our potential leaders must also understand that many PC's, some Liberals and some NDP feel that serious changes need to be made. What we are against is the methods of resolution for complaints. Even the Toronto Star is onside with this change. This must be presented as a bipartisan issue with support developed from within the opposition parties.

    it is worth battling this consummate issue even at the expense of gaining power in the next election.

  • Liz J

    Hillier may just get my vote. I'm sick of pandering and pussyfooting around important issues.

    HRC's do not belong in this or any democracy. To say it needs changes is no guarantee it will happen. It must be abolished.

    The flat tax may be another tough sell.

  • Jack Astor

    I hear you both on the HRC and th flat tax!

    think the issue with teh HRC is sening it to so called real courts might be a grand idea if they were not so disfunctional themselves at this point! HRC is IMPORTANT and we all agree is it a total mss! Frank wants to completey clean it up! he doesnot support the way it is run and how people are being abused by the system – buy make no mistake – they will be equally abused by aother system – the court system, which is equally corrupt by moving this important issue there.

    It is not the most defining issue of these times! The ecomomy is and we need to beat McGuinty first and formost – end of story! I was not suppoting Hudak (please! with all those shinanigans!) but otherwise open. I now know where I need to be to get rid of the Libs next election. Frank is the only one out there that can pull it off. Randy has some awesome policies! They just won't work at this time and we really need to get rid of McGuinty! I can't say that enough – we NEED to get rid of McGuinty!!!!!!!!

    The flax tax is a non-starter and seeing as she cannot even explain how to pay for it I do not want to hear about it. Sounds good in theory but will not play in the general population.

    Think bigger picture here folks! policy is great buy when you are growing roots in opposition you cannot do anything about it. Frank has great policy and he let's the party members take charge anyway! Time to step up and do the right thing here so we are not totally bankrupt like we were in 1995!

    Anything else is self destructive!

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