Ruby Dhalla speaks out

on the status of women.

From “Ruby TV”, posted May 5, 2008

In this clip from a year ago, Ms. Dhalla speaks about:
– the rights of women from her riding
– how it is the Conservative government that has failed women in her riding
– about how Stephen Harper has “broken his promise” to “women who advocate on the behalf of other women” like Ms. Dhalla (or “Miss Ruby” as she’s known to the help at home)
– about how Stephen Harper has failed women that “actually speak up”
– We learn that the wage gap is “still alive and well”.

h/t: Jim Richards



  • Martin

    I read somewhere that Parm Gill, Conservative candidate for Dhalla's riding and great friend to Jason Kenney, received a diploma in private investigation after finishing his grade 12. Any truth to that?

    I understand he's a mattress salesman also.

  • NovaDog

    Miss Dhalla is a hyprocrite who is ignorant to the values we want as Canadians. It appears she has the attitude, do as I say not do as I do.

    Miss Dhalla and her family should have their day in court.

  • NovaDog

    And what's wrong with being a matress salesman?

  • John L

    There is a certain creepy self-righteousness in Ruby now trying to use her current predicament as a launching pad for a role as advocate fighting for women. Probably best to deal with the dirty laundry in her closet first then report back.

  • Liz J

    Miss Ruby may have a few words to eat before all this is over.

    That the Harper Conservatives have failed women has been the shtick of Liberals from day one. It's running a tad stale and has no foundation.

    Some women have spoken up against Miss Ruby and her family, let's hope she doesn't fail them. She has an opportunity to show how serious she really is. It appears she has already chosen an escape goat in the form of her brother, interesting days ahead.

  • wilson

    Well, I read that Balraj Deol, publisher and editor of a weekly in sweet Ruby's riding, the Khabbar Nama,

    ''There's a move within **** the Liberal Party *** to have MP Ruby Dhalla removed from her Brampton riding. ''
    h/t nationalnewswatch

  • Cat

    Isn’t this what aspiring actors/actresses do best…….read from prepared script?
    Perhaps Ruby’s just doing what she’s been trained to do?

  • Honey Pot

    It really has to be someone within the liberal party that bought this alleged domestic abuse charge forward against Dhalla. Hopefully, it was for the right reasons. Ruby’s lawyer is casting his net far too wide in hopes of catching something. This is going to get very ugly within the liberal party, it is way too late to try and hide the excrement.

  • terry1

    Why does the party have to ugly within the party. It is not covering anything up and is giving her time to disprove the story. I'm syre th aprty hound dogs have been all over it before the feeding frenzy actually began. I smell some dirty stuff here and not necessarily by Ruby or her party. If she's gulity she will be turfed just like others have been from BOTH parties in the past. The feeding frenzy here tells me the Tories just like dirty stuff because it lets them hide behind their own very dirty and ugly politics of division. Iggy is far too smart to be eaten up by the lightweights who will try him on.

    The Tories will not be able to pass their very full excrement bucket to the Libs.

  • Peter

    Aside from all the uppity partisan posturing here, doesn't anyone appreciate this delicious irony?

  • Stan

    I wonder if the Star and the CBC are simply blowing this story out of proportion to show the liberals who's boss.
    Normally they would bury a story like this, so it seems very odd to see so much ink on it in liberals friendly rags.

    According to Larry Zolf of the CBC the media make politicians and they break them.
    Maybe this is a warning shot to the liberals and Iggy to 'keep left'.

    And it could be part of the echos of the liberal civil war, Iggy and his crew whacked Dion so the other team will get a bit of revenge and flex their muscles a bit to show they are not down and out.

    There has to be SOME reason the Star is acting like a real newspaper!

  • dbo789

    Just a note: As Stephen points out, this clip IS from a year ago. So it is not as if she walked right from the press conference onto the floor to give a speech on women's rights. That said, it is rather humorous that the issue she decided to be known for is very closely related to the one that brought her down.

  • Gabby in QC

    I don't have much to say re: Ruby Dhalla, other than both she and the nannies deserve to have their day in court.
    I find it extremely distasteful when a person's reputation is ruined on hearsay, be that person a liberal or a conservative.
    I would rather withhold judgment until all the facts are known.

    Having said that … “I also thought Stephen was trying to have intellectual discussions here.”

    Terry1, you of all people should hardly start admonishing other commenters to “have intellectual discussions” what with the way you cast aspersions on any conservatives who disagree with your POV, and with the insults and accusations you constantly hurl at PM Harper and members of his government. If an intellectual discussion is truly what you seek, you might start by toning down your own tirades.

  • terry1

    Gabby in QC…..,make sure you include you anti liberal tirades as well. You thought this wasa tory playground where you could verbally bet the crap out of anything Liberal. I respect stephen for his views while not agreeing with them necessarily. I do however seriously detestHarper and hs government for the deceipt and divisions they are causing in this country, the very poor fiscal management, the very stupid knee jerk tough on crime stuff to please his far right wing. the income trust fiasco, the Cadman affair where lies are still buried, and his tax treatment of only certain citizens in his desire to make them all vote conservative w/o regard to the fiscal health of the Country. My theme has been consistent and will reman so.

    Thank you for agreeing wih me and allowing Dhalla time to have her day in court. The kangeroo court here had her hanged from the lampost already.

  • east of eden

    We were, until you showed up.

  • east of eden

    There seems to be an assumption that all women are sisters and they stand up for each other. Women are just as capable as anybody else of abusing other women. In fact, I work with a woman who hates our manager because our manager is a woman. My colleague hates working for women and treats any woman manager like dirt.

  • Honey Pot

    Terry, it is going to get ugly within the liberal party over nanny gate, because no liberals, except Judy of strippergate infamy are coming to Ruby’s defense. Birds of a feather sticking together. Judy has no credibility and should have been kicked to the curb a long time ago. The fact that the Toronto Star broke the story is a good indication that it was someone within the liberal party that decided this needed to get out. There are a handful of liberals with a conscious and morals. Ruby is going to take a whack of the liberals down with her when she goes.

  • Gabby in QC

    “I do however seriously detestHarper [sic] …”

    And there, Terry1, is the crux of the problem.

    Your hatred of the person, which animates every comment you make here and apparently extends to anyone opposing your POV, regardless of the merits of the issue under discussion.
    If you start out on that basis, don't be surprised if other commenters respond to you in kind.

  • east of eden

    Don't pay attention to this comment. The same avatar is over at Hunter's blog making the rudest comments.

  • terry1

    Stephen, a suggestion for your next blog;

  • greyburr

    Interesting that the usual feminist liberal activist outrage about representing and protecting the most vulnerable never applys when a liberal politician is supposedly the perpetrator.The Philipino nannys are about to find out what it's like to be Sgrod.

  • east of eden

    Greyburr, I have seen that our feminist contingent only want to handle convenient issues. I did not hear one peep out of the feminist lobby about the women in the FLDS in BC, not one word about women in Afghanistan, not one word about women in Saudi…but they do accuse our PM of hating women. The feminist lobby, including the LPC, is silent on real issues. Of course they would not come to the rescue of Philipina nannies – just not glamourous and…it would entail actually fighting for something worthwhile.

    The whole LPC slag-fest against Harper and women is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The LPC has done absolutely nothing for women and, indeed, when disadvantaged and vulnerable women deserve support, the LPC is absent.

  • terry1

    Stephen, here's another candidate for a blog on your site;

  • Jen

    Honey Pot 7 hours ago ,

    There are a handful of liberals with a conscious and morals,

    If there are any, why haven't they stood up against Dion to vote for the ANTI TERRORIST ACT BILL? instead, they all sat while the prime minister stephen harper and his party were the only party to vote for the ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL. which tells me that the conservatives care for me; my family; country; troops and you.
    Oh by the way, the ndp and the bloc voted against the anti-terrorist act bill.

    The MSM well, they like the liberals don't care either.

  • Jen

    EoE, The liberal media is looking under every carpet even in the garbage pile to find anything against the conservatives.

    every woman every nanny from around the world, the human rights activists, the women movement you name it will be interviewed had a conservative been involved.
    The stench within the national media is so powerful yyou can smell it across this nation. That's how bad they are.

  • Gabby in QC

    Terry1, evidently you and the writer of the article you referenced have conveniently forgotten this:
    A quote from the June 3 2005 Hansard – a statement by then MP Richard Marceau (Bloc Quebecois)
    “The public perception of a politicized judiciary is based on facts. I would like to refer to the excellent work done by the Gazette and CanWest—and those words are not likely to come often from my lips; perhaps this day should be marked on the calendar. Elizabeth Thompson and Cristin Schmidtz, among others, have come up with the statistics. …

    Nearly 60 per cent of lawyers appointed to the bench in Quebec by the federal government since the 2000 election contributed to the Liberal Party of Canada in the years leading up to their appointment, The Gazette has learned.

    If professors and public servants are factored out, the proportion rises even higher.

    Of the 29 law firm lawyers appointed to the Quebec Superior Court or Quebec Court of Appeal for the first time during that period, 21, or 72.4 per cent, had made individual contributions to the Liberals.

    In fact, The Gazette's investigation reveals that the overwhelming majority of contributions made by those later named to the bench was to the Liberal Party during the 10-year period of contributions studied. …”

    And this:
    “… And the courts? Let's just review, shall we? 89% of all political donations made by federal judicial appointees in Ontario since 1993 went to the Liberal Party of Canada. 92% of all political donations by federal judicial appointees in Quebec went to the Liberal Party of Canada. More than 60% of all federal judicial appointees in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba since 2000 donated exclusively to the Liberal Party of Canada in the three to five years before their appointment. Notice a pattern? (UPDATE: “Would you be surprised to find that almost all federal judges appointed from Saskatchewan are Liberal Party donors?” Why no, no I wouldn't.) …”

    Check it out yourself, don’t just take Andrew Coyne’s word for it ….

    But let's forget partisanship for a moment, Terry1.
    Let's try to apply common sense to an everyday situation, whatever that situation may be
    Whom would you hire to be part of your team – whatever the “team” may be?
    Would you hire your adversaries or your friends?
    People whose work you already know or people whom you don't know?
    People who agree with your own philosophy, strategy, POV, etc. or whom you know oppose all those? Eh?

    So … some may call that “patronage” – I call it common sense.

  • east of eden

    You got it. The LPC is more concerned with dirt than something so trivial as working toward the betterment of Canadians.

  • terry1

    What happened to the commission that Harper promised that would vet all appointments in government? He promised that in the 2006 campaign and has since dropped it because he needs friends in high places. The hypocrisy of this government goes beyond the pale. They hid behind attack ads and have never lived up to the accountability promise they made..not even close.

    You played that one just right as it exposes the stuff Harper said he would stop which were all lies to the electorate. The public who are more prone to vote Liberal/left are now beginning to realize they don't need a Tory government because they are not ethical or honest
    Harper's in a minority government and the betting line is the opposition will kill all those pure patronage appointments because they are the true conscience of this parliament against a government that is truly ethically and morally bankrupt.

  • Gabby in QC

    “What happened to the commission that Harper promised that would vet all appointments …”

    Again, Terry1, it appears your memory is faulty.
    What happened? The members of the committee studying that question accused the PM's candidate, Gwyn Morgan (who would have done the job for the princely sum of $1), of being a racist. The PM did not want to subject quality candidates to such debasing treatment.

    Then that paragon of journalistic interviewing skills, Jane Taber, started off an interview with Gwyn Morgan with this brilliant question “Mr. Morgan, are you a bigot?”
    Would anyone in his right mind have accepted that job after such treatment? I’m not so sure.

    As for me playing “just right,” you have confused – should I be surprised? – the factual information I've provided in my previous post with my trying to present a purely partisan defence, approving of what you call “ethically and morally bankrupt” behaviour.

    Wrong again. I simply wanted to inject a modicum of reality to your world, which seems to be filled only with venemous hatred and distrust of anything remotely connected with Mr. Harper.

    If it was ethical for the majority of previous Liberal appointments to be filled by Liberal supporters, why is it not acceptable for a Conservative PM to appoint people he knows and trusts?
    Double standard comes to mind.

  • terry1

    Gabby, then it must be the crux of your problem as well. Your tirades against the LPC and its proponents,former PM's and leaders is at times much worse than my factual thoughts aboiut Harper. So please don't opatronize things with that holier than thou approach. Its BS.

  • terry1

    Gwyn was a tory plant and not a neutral commisoner as the position should be. So please don't patronize me with more nonsense. That position should be vetted by parliament and not the PMO.

    People voted out the Liberals for non accountability as this PM scored points by promising it twice. He has not delivered and in fact has become even less accountable than the previous liberal government.. That's the reality, not your one sided diatribe.

  • Liz J

    Guess it's time to call it a day Gabby, appears your being accused of “patronizing” and “with nonsense” no less!

  • Gabby in QC

    “Its [sic] BS.”

    You're right. It's Basically Substantive.

  • Gabby in QC

    You're right, Liz J, time to stop beating my head against a brick wall cemented with hatred.

  • Omanator

    Honey Pot. Even Tom Clark came up with this idea today. The Liberal themselves have leaked the story.
    They are looking for the culprit.

  • Omanator

    Liz and Gabby. I have given up to answer Terry1' s comments. I refuse in future go down to his level. Let's stick to the subject, rather than reply to this man.

  • Omanator

    East of eden. You are so right. I cannot understand how our media can become so biased.
    Do they really think the people of Canada are to dumb to notice?
    As far as women are concerned. I have my own story to tell. I friend of mine came as nanny from Germany ( 1961) Her emplayer also took her passport. With the help of another friend we simply got her out of there. But she had an immigration visa. There was not need to go to the police. As far as Ruby is concerned I would dearly like to see an police investigation.

  • terry1

    Sorry there's no hatred,just disgust at the way we are now governed and the fact none of you can even speak up to the truth. Slagging me only makes me more determined to show you the way….an impossibility I'm sure

  • terry1

    Double standards are set by your heros in the PMO:

  • terry1

    I think yours is pretty subjective as well.

  • Liz J

    It is rather difficult to fathom how the nannies have come forward with complaints such as this if there's no truth to them. How and why would they make specific mention of being ordered to polish her shoes if it were not true? How would they even come up with such accusations?

    This case may have a silver lining for immigrants who work in such settings by preventing any such abuse from happening again, others will know they have rights and a voice.

    All we can say is, Miss Ruby……over to you, the champion of the rights of women. Oh, the irony!

  • terry1

    I love people who say they love democracy and are then prone to deliver guilty verdicts before any trial. Must be a tory trait since human rights are generally not on the right wing's agenda.

  • terry1

    Gabby, in QC, It seems you are beating your head against the wall and in fact you maybe the last Tory standing in Quebec.

    This poll shows the Liberal lead hardening and with higher numbers looming. Lets see if Mulroney can bail you out today. LOL

  • Liz J

    BTW, I think Miss Ruby will have an explanation, she's too ambitious to have risked her reputation and career, it makes no sense. She would be aware these workers have people who look after their welfare. It also makes no sense for the nannies to make such accusations if unfounded. It's all a bit bizarre.

  • east of eden

    Interesting, to say the least, article in the Star:

    Let me just say – Terry are you listening – I am male, middle-aged, Conservative, and of the Christian faith. I do not believe in hitting women, I do support complete equality and rights between the genders, and I support the eradication of this sort of legal stupidity as seen in the article.

  • BCVoiceOfReason

    This is really scary for the CPC and their drive for majority. It shows that the Liberal war machine is a lot better than it has been since the days of Chretien. Ruby's incredibly attitude of entitlement and disregard for the rights of those beneath her on her social scale was “publicly” exposed at the provincial care giver's meeting. It would only be a matter of time before the CPC war room would come across this.

    The best time to use this information from the CPC perspective? Lower the popularity of Ignatieff and the Liberals after the minor bump they got due to the convention? Or would it be better if this came out after the election writ were dropped and the Liberals came out with their motherhood platform of supporting immigration and the rights of the poor oppressed women? At that time it would likely be THE election issue.

    Obviously the best time for the Liberal party to have this ticking time bomb go off is right now. It is 6-30 months before the next election. The impacts of this scandal will diffuse over time. The Liberal war room and their media wing the Star are smart enough to orchestrate this to get it out of the way. It shows they are not the Dion/Martin political amateurs that have been running the political circus for the last 5 years. The Chretien boys are back!!

  • outdoors

    your right–they “feel” that they are not equal–typical feminazi garbage

  • Liz J

    There's another angle to this aside from Miss Ruby's reputation. The names of the nannies involved are public and could affect their chances for employment since they've been accused of lying.

    Ruby has absolved herself of anything to do with the issue, passing it on to her brother. Does she feel his reputation is not as valuable as hers? Sure can't help family relations. He could perhaps get away with pleading ignorance to rules of employment of such workers as an out.

    It's a bad scene no matter how it's sliced and diced for all concerned.

  • Gabby in QC

    See Terry1, you've once again demonstrated your entirely incorrect assumptions and flawed reading of conservatives.

    Scoff if you like, but my support of the Conservative Party is not determined by poll numbers nor by what my neighbours are saying.
    My support is based on my philosophy, which happens to coincide pretty well with that of the Conservative Party.
    It is the party that best resonates with me, with my POV.
    It may not be a perfect party.
    Nor does it claim to be the sole exclusive proprietor of Canadian values.
    But in an imperfect world, the Conservative Party is the perfect fit for me, regardless of polls.

    Terry1, please consider our conversation in this thread closed.

  • terry1

    Gabby, after Mulroney's outburst today I would not be bragging about being a conservative party supporter. Being a conservative is one thing, supporting a right wing power hungry ideologue like Harper is another. I call the two wings of the party the progressives and the regressives…guess which is which!!