Randy Hillier interview

Randy Hillier is the MPP from Lanark–Frontenac–Lennox–Addington and he’s a contestant for the PC Party of Ontario leadership race. Hillier took some time today to answer questions concerning the future of Ontario.

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4 thoughts on “Randy Hillier interview”

  1. I like this guy. Strikes me as a true Conservative. He seems to be the only one who recognizes, at both the federal and provincial levels, that the only way to successfully govern a province as diverse and complex as Ontario is to treat everyone equally. He strikes me as being the only candidate who has the will to undo the mess that will have been left by McDopey and his cabal.

  2. Not one other candidate has made a statement about the Human Rights Commissions. I have never before been a single issue voter. Now I am. At this time I am leaning my vote towards Randy Hillier. He has the courage of his convictions. To my knowledge the other candidates have been equivocating or obfuscating the issue.

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