Internal memos reveal leadership campaign message tracks

I received this internal memo from a source close to the Hudak campaign,

and this internal memo from within the Christine Elliott campaign,

Meanwhile, a source from the Frank Klees campaign boasts that their membership numbers have surpassed 10,000.



  • Liz J

    Funny someone would mention the word coronation, that thought entered my mind in the beginning regarding Tim. It appeared he was the one to beat and the others had an uphill battle. That's not a positive for any Tory candidate after the recent spectacle of the federal Liberals. It leaves a bad taste.

    It's a tough choice, like many others I'm waiting for the debates.

    In my riding we have a very good, popular and visible MPP who has endorsed Tim and is working hard for him.
    At this time I cannot make a definite choice although I have a slight lean. Have to wonder if it's wise for sitting MPP's to go to bat for a particular candidate, it could lead to divisions.

  • Phil

    14,000 + 14,000 + 10,000 = 34,000 (doesn't include Hillier). But I thought they only added 32,000?

  • the real deal

    Hudaks campaign has been less than impressive. They thought they had it in the bag. Kind of like being entiltled to their entitlement. 3rd in memberships, 4th in fundraising – I expect the usuall crew of ass kissers will start playing all sides to save their asses if Tim loses. Hudak will have a hard time raising money and finding endorsements from here on in.

  • SV

    Well, the obvious answer would be that Elliott and Klees didn't sell many memberships, but Hudak did.

    I'd say the Klees number is pretty questionable… like a lot of people, I've barely found anyone who is planning to vote for him. Elliott? Who's selling them for her? She doesn't have much by way of organization. Hudak does, though — apparently he covered off almost all of the membership drop-off points last week. I'd say that having actual people out in the field, selling personally, probably makes a difference.

  • John

    The Boddington memo sure seems a lot more credible to me. Especially when we know the FACT (as shown on legally required filings with Elections Ontario) that Hudak’s fundraising is worse than stalled – it is dead in the water.

    What happened to the Hudak juggernaut? Kinda seems like Paul Martin the sequel. The juggernaut that just couldn’t deliver.

  • Cool Blue

    Hudak is “the first and only campaign to build grassroots, on-the-ground organizations in each and every riding.`?

    Last I checked my riding had a whopping total of 5 members…

  • Northern Ontario Tory

    Hudak is “the first and only campaign to build grassroots, on-the-ground organizations in each and every riding.`?

    Well, the so-called organization was very poor in my riding IMHO. The notice I received in the mail had the wrong date for Hudak's visit, so I missed it. :-/ And the person from the Team (in Toronto area?) who managed to reach me by phone wasn't interested in speaking with me further when I didn't a) make a donation, or b) indicate my support …. in fact I indicated I was very unhappy with the policy announcements Hudak had made to that date. No attempt to determine what I didn't like and try to discuss it, just “Oh, well, have a nice night.”

  • Jack Redpath

    The truth is that Hudak did not sell 14,000 – That’s been proven. they arrived at 14,000 by adding the number of original party members (8,000) which they assume are all supporting him with the number they actually sold (6,000) Its incredible that he sold so few.

    As for Klees' numbers – not questionable at all – he signed up virtually the same number of members last time, and is the only candidate who has done this exercise before and had a list to work from. Interesting that his campaign is the only one not to put out their numbers – certainly some strategy in that. It would be shocking if he didn’t sign up the most, though signing up the most or least isn’t always a recipe for success or failure respectively.

  • Jack Astor

    Stephen, I followed your last topic “Ontario PC Membership Numbers” and your comment about how surprised you seemed that Frank Klees apparently sold he most memberships. I wanted to find about more about some previous posts on him by you and noticed that on your topics list you have ALL the other candidates listed EXCEPT Frank Klees??? What is up with that? I saw your interviews and it seemed to me that Frank was the only one that actually addressed your policy questions? What have you got against Frank Klees? I cannot imagine what could be seeing you seem to have an inside source in his campaign team.

  • ConfusedByTheSpin

    Stephen, could you please explain to the readers how fundraising numbers are counted and reported? Does anyone really believe that Tim Hudak has one-tenth the campaign money as Christine Elliott? (Christine's campaign certainly doesn't think so. In fact one of them told me they're worried this could affect future fundraising efforts. Why donate to a campaign with no need of money?)

  • North of Kapuskasing

    Team Hudak is in spin mode, like Lasch on Faithbased Funding. Its not hurting us!!!!

    What a disaster.

  • North of Kapuskasing

    Team Hudak is in spin mode, like Lasch on Faithbased Funding. Its not hurting us!!!!

    What a disaster.