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  • terry1

    I should have added the word mistrust about Harper as in hated and mistrusted. Thatcher was trusted to do the right thing. Chretin is disliked becasue he did the right things which were all tough but had to be after the Mulroney debacle and he won 3 majorities in a row.

    Iggy is not running to be liked;he's running to replace someone who is broadly disliked and that makes the difference in perception about him.

  • terry1

    As I said in an earlier post…Harper will down there with kim Campbell in about a year at 1%.

  • terry1

    they do attack in palriament and the government side attacks back…..so what's your point?

    I'm sure there is no point except to defend stupidity and desperation.

  • east of eden

    You are entirely correct, Terry1. Ignatieff pretty much says “***k Canada. I'm only here for myself”. Harper, on the other hand, wants only the best for Canada and since he is a man of faith, he calls upon his diety to bless our country. I'd rather have a PM who wants the best for our country than one who wants the best OF our county…for himself. God Bless Canada.

  • east of eden

    How would you know what is the “right” news (I note that you did not use the word 'correct' but, rather, the word 'right' – freudian slip?) if you are not there, personally, for every event that you quote?

  • east of eden

    Poilievre is an MP for a riding in Canada, where he lived his entire life. Ignatieff wants to be PM of a country which he absented for most of his adult life. You made a technically correct point but…the two men are worlds apart when it comes to what they seek.

  • east of eden

    Uh oh, did the universe just tilt? I actually agree with one of Terry1's points – the one about letting the market dictate GM's fate. Holey moley, what just happened here? Seriously, Terry, do you think that if Harper let that happen the Libs and NDP would just let it slide? I believe, although I have no proof, that if Harper had a majority, there is a 50% chance he would let GM survive or die on its own. As for the pensions, the Ontario government has an obligation thanks to Bob Rae. The pensioners should not have to suffer because Ontario made the stupid mistake of electing that particular government. I think that as long as Rae is a senior member of the LPC, the party may be carrying a liability. It is a testament to a swollen ego that a dismal failure as Premier should think that he could lead a national party to victory. One thing I'll say in Ignatieff's favour is that he managed to push Rae to the side – at least publicly.

  • east of eden

    All political leaders are hated by many for periods of time. There were many who hated Chretien, Mulroney, Pearson, Trudeau…etc. and I'm sure many hate Ignatieff, Rae, McGuinty, Harris…etc. What's the point of your comment? Heck, even Clinton who was one of the best Presidents, was hated by many. All leaders have their hate segments. In my 56 years on the planet, I've never known one who was not hated by some people. Even Kennedy was reviled by some.

  • Liz J

    My, are you desperate for a “comparison” to Ignatieff on the absentee Canadian front! Gretzky made his mark in Canada as a phenom in the game of hockey. He went to the US to continue his career, he would have preferred to remain in Canada. He also spent a great deal of time here off season with his family, still does. He's not aspiring to lead Canada as PM but he'd be more in touch with Canada, the rank and file citizenry than the Count if he were.

    Ignatieff, spent “part of his career in the US” he spent another part in Britain, married and had a family there,we can assume his kids are dual citizens. Not much to compare I'm afraid.

    In fact Ignatieff has to take a break from his pressing duties to swan off to Bermuda for this break week. So typical of the Upper Crust attitude, send the MP's off to work in their ridings, do the grunt work, hoping he can cash in on the rewards should they be able to gain a few points, so he can effortlessly become King of the Hill.

    It's not about being here for the events, it's to emphasize all these events took place in the time span Ignatieff wasn't here. It was a generation plus, most Canadians never even heard of the erstwhile professor.

    The man is an opportunist. It's more about him than about what's best for Canada. The Liberals needed a Mannequin to put in the window, they had nothing in the store. That will become clearer as the truth ads continue.

  • Richard

    Chretin … did the right things …

    i can't believe my eyes. how about a list of the RIGHT things he did, other than:
    - not abolish the GST
    - not bring in universal childcare.

  • Bruce

    “stupidity and desperation”, that sounds like you terry1.

  • http://unambig.wordpress.com/ Raphael


    Perhaps you can clear something up for me. According to biographical accounts of Michael Ignatieff, he left in 1978 and returned in 2005. For him to be gone for 34 years he’d have had to leave in 1971. Yet he was a professor at UBC until 1978. Are they counting time he was absent during his days when his father was a diplomat?

  • east of eden

    No, it is not relevant. In fact, your cut and paste has no bearing on the topic. Sorry, Gayle, your attempt to veer us off the topic and onto something unrelated just didn't work. Nice try, though.

  • east of eden

    Gretzky – relevant to this discussion. Snort. Good grief. Hockey is hockey no matter where it is played. Running a country without knowing it is quite another. Snort. Grasp at a lot of straws, lately? Snort.

    Nice try, though. Try again some other time. I have to say, Gayle, that your hiatus seems to have dulled your ability to post relevant comments. What happened during your time away? You have not been the same since you returned.

  • Gayle

    Oh Liz, have you stooped so low that you feel need to respond to a minor amusing point?

    Who cares what happened while Ignatieff was not here – if they are relevant to the good governance of this country then you have to consider how many people vote who were not here, or born, when those events occured.

    If the best criticism you can muster is that he took a position in a prestigious university or two (which no Canadian university can match, by the way), then I suggest you do not have much.

    As for your opportunist complaint, I defy you to find me a politician who is not an opportunist – or have you already forgotten the unneccessary election, called in violation of the fixed election date laws in order to ensure the timing was at the maximum benefit for the conservative party, costing the taxpayers 30 million dollars.

    But I guess in your little world that is totally different…

  • Liz J

    Who among the opposition respects the the fixed election date law? Did the coalition of Libs, Dips and Separatistes consider those laws?

    Chretien called elections when he knew he could win as opposed to the necessity for one. Tell us all Chretien didn't tell a whopper of a lie to ensure he would win….. GST? “It's gone”!

    Being given an opportunity most of us know our limitations and suitability for the offer at hand and make our decisions on those grounds. He had no intention of returning to Canada before being lured with the promise of big things, leadership and the opportunity to be the PM of the country he chose not to live in for decades. It hardly seems unreasonable to question his motives which many of us think is more for personal gain.

    I'm concerned about his accepting this opportunity, assuming he is fit to take the reins of power without living here or having a scintilla of experience in politics.

    Events happen, we are mentioning them to emphasize the time span he was away from Canada, is that so difficult to get? We're talking a generation plus here, not a decade.

    Your comment about “my little world” is so typical of the condescending arrogance you're noted for on the blogs you're allowed to comment on.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    It's sad that even today Liberals like Terry just can't let go of the vision and dream of Trudeau's Canada.

    There must have been something pretty funky in that koolaid..

  • Gayle

    Way to totally miss the point, yet again.

    Here is what I said:

    “I defy you to find me a politician who is not an opportunist…”

    To which you responded by pointing out other politicians are opportunists – so thanks for proving my point.

    As for the rest, yes, I get it. He committed the great sin of having such a great intellect that the best universities in the world hired him to teach there. And to you that means he would be a terrible PM.

    Oh, and what an awful man – actually wanting to be Prime Minister. Show me someone who wants to be Prime Minister and I will show you someone who is in it for personal gain. Why, even the great Harper was prepared to create divisions in this country when his power was threatened by the coalition – prepared to fan the flames of separatism all because he feared his residence at 24 Sussex was about to be taken away from him.

    See, what you do not get is that a lot of us have lived out of the country – and those of us who have never considered ourselves anything but a Canadian. Not only that, but those of us who attended university were taught by professors from other countries – professors who live in Canada, but who claim citizenship and affinity with their countries of origin.

    But, as I say, if this is the worst thing you can find about Ignatieff, I think he is doing OK.

  • terry1

    So much for your Try holier than thou BS:
    there is our current Conservative government, which seems to be run by aging schoolboys with a penchant for calling names. The country is facing serious economic problems, but our Conservative leadership thinks the important thing to tell the public is that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has spent much of his life outside the country. Good for Ignatieff for getting out in the big world and making a success of himself. More Canadians should do the same.

    The fact that Stephen Harper and his gang think success in the world is a weakness tells us a lot about them. These are the small thinkers who don't get the arts, don't get science and have no plan for our economy beyond building roads and bailing out failed automakers. Ignatieff's advice that the Conservatives should “grow up” and do their jobs properly was the smartest thing he could have said.


    That's typical of right wing nut bars…all are hypocrites and telling the truth or taking bribes is ok for them but not others.

  • terry1

    of course you quote me in an incomeplete sentence….Chretien eleiminated a $43BB tory deficit and made the country prosperous once again and now we ge tto watch Harpercrite squander that wealth. GST would have been abolished but Martin convinced his party that GST was needed at that time. He went about his THREE TERM MAJORITY in a very orderly manner. Harper will never ever see one majority and most like will never win another election,thank the stars.

  • terry1

    Beer and popcorn…I have long ago let go of the Trudeau legacy and put it amongst my finest memories.

    However, now I, and all Canadians, am living the ultimate nightmare and his name is Harper.

  • terry1


    Iggy threw out the gauntlet..the war is on.

    Here you go nasty Tory boys and girls..the Liberal hit man has spoken now that he is back on his feet.
    Warren Kinsella:

    I'm heading back from CTV, where Tim Powers, Brad Lavigne and I did a Question Period panel thing with the legendary Craig Oliver – and the ad stuff came up. Craig wanted to know why the Reformatories (my word, not his) are resorting to attacks on a good man's character.

    “Because they're scared,” I said. “Because they don't know what else to do. We're beating them badly – we're whipping them, in fact. And people don't like their ads. They're bringing in tons of money for us and tons of new members. So the Conservatives are reverting to type.”

    But does that mean we'll just let them get away with it? No way. At the right time and place – and in the right way – we'll give them a beating they won't ever forget.

    That's a promise.

    That's our boy, Warren!! He doesn't take crap from Tories and their overinflated egos.

  • Liz J

    We are not talking about a myriad of other people, we are talking about a person who has accepted the opportunity to become the PM after living abroad for a very long time. It appears more for personal gain than for the good of the country.
    This is only a part of it. He's being handled and carried along by the cadre who recruited him, he doesn't do well winging it . He's the epitome of contradiction calling the factual ads attack ads. If the truth is an attack, what's left?

    Lust for power award goes to Paul Martin, he got it, after salivating for it for decades then he blew it with a frenzied trek across the country spewing a barrage of lies about Mr Harper with comments such as Harper doesn't have Canadian values, etc.
    Sad end for Martin for whom there were great expectations among Liberals and others.

    Stephen Harper enjoys the job, he has said so. He also has said when the people decide otherwise he will move on and doesn't plan on writing any book about how someone did him wrong. He is the best person in Canadian politics to be PM at this time, we are lucky to have him.

  • Gayle

    Blah, blah,blah…

    People who run for the highest office in the land are by definition egotisitical. You have to have a big ego to think you can lead a country.

    Harper is no different from any who came before him or from any who will come after.

    (and if lying about your opponent makes you unfit for office, Harper should have resigned years ago)

  • Gabby in QC

    What a great man that WK is. He has to prove it by quoting himself and giving people a blow-by-blow description of his interruptions … er … interventions, in case anyone missed his pearls of wisdom.

  • Gabby in QC

    Gayle said to Liz J:
    “If the best criticism you can muster is that he took a position in a prestigious university or two (which no Canadian university can match, by the way) …”
    Oh, I hope you're not denigrating our own Canadian universities … or are you?

    On Ignatieff's lack of Canadian experiences, i.e. not having lived here for 34 years.
    What about all the people who were not born yet and thus did not experience some or most of those pivotal historic events, Gayle asks.
    • Well, how many of those people were parachuted into a safe Liberal riding?
    • Immediately ran for the leadership of the party, and lost, probably rejected by some party members because he was considered an interloper?
    • Was given a consolation prize as Deputy Leader in the shadow cabinet?
    • Saw another opening for the leadership, and was awarded the crown with no opposition?
    • How many of those same “inexperienced” young people are vying for the keys to Sussex?
    • And how many of those same people said that if they couldn't make it here, they'd go back to their old stomping grounds?

    Cue Old York, Old York (with apologies to ol’ Blue Eyes)
    “Start spreading the news, I’ve headed your way
    I want to be part of it – Old York, Old York.
    These vagabond shoes are longing to stray
    Right through the very heart of it – Old York, Old York!

    I wanna wake up in a city that lets me sleep
    And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap.

    These little town Blues are blocking my way
    I’ll make a brand new start of it – in ol' Old York
    If I can’t make it there, I’ll go make it elsewhere
    It’s up to you – Old York, Old York!

    Old York, Old York
    I want to wake up in a city that’s half asleep
    And find I’m A-number One, top of the list, king of the hill
    A-number One!“

  • terry1

    At least he doesn't hide behind some rock like the tory attack ad writers do.

  • terry1

    here's another fact of the day…the Tories are going to get whipped in Quebec:
    The Léger poll indicates that the Harper government's support in Quebec remains at only 13 per cent, which could possibly wipe out most of its 10 seats in the province were an election held today.

    “This is catastrophic for the Conservatives,” said Jean-Marc Léger, president of Léger Marketing. “Poll after poll shows they are losing ground. It will be a tough time for them.”

    He said the numbers indicate that if a federal election were held today, Conservative losses in Quebec would mean that the Liberals would likely form a minority government.

    The low number represents a precipitous Tory drop from last year's high. Only eight months ago, polls indicated support for the Conservatives in Quebec was at 35 per cent, narrowly surpassing its main rival, the Bloc Québécois, with the Liberals a distant third.

    Now, however, the Liberals have outpaced them both. Liberal support has climbed to 37 per cent while the Bloc appears stalled at 33 per cent.

    The overall popularity of the Conservative government also remains low, with only 22 per cent of respondents saying they are satisfied.

    Léger pointed out that even during the height of the sponsorship scandal, the Liberals' popularity never sank below 30 per cent.

    The poll also shows that only 10 per cent of Quebec voters say Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a good leader, placing him a distant fourth among major party leaders.

    Support for the Liberal Party coincides with the rising popularity of its new leader, Michael Ignatieff.

    While it might be too early to tell, the poll seems to indicate that recent Conservative attack ads, which began just as the poll was taken, have had little or no impact on Ignatieff's rise in popularity.

    He polled the highest support of the four major party leaders at a lukewarm 29 per cent. Second place went to Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe at 23 per cent. Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party, was third at 17 per cent.

    “We face an economic crisis and people want an alternative, and the only real alternative is Michael Ignatieff,” Léger said. “Overall, they want to give him a chance, they want to like him. The main question is, is he likeable? They don't know yet.”


    Léger Marketing surveyed 1,053

    Quebecers from May 13 to 17.

    Here is a look at voting intentions on the federal front.


    Francophones Non-francophones Total

    Liberal Party 32% 58% 37%

    Bloc Québécois 40% 4% 33%

    New Democratic Party 14% 16% 14%

    Conservative Party 11% 19% 13%

    Green Party 3% 3% 3%

    Other 0% 0% 0%

    Does that make Gabby from QC the last standing Tory in La Belle Province

  • Liz J

    Wow, what a country we'd have if the Ignatieff Liberals were to win power over the outrageous EI scheme they're proposing. What would sustain it? Who would pay the people across the country who could work the stated number of hours/days then lay off for the rest of the year? This is a form of freeloading on the working, taxpaying people and the employers. What sort of country would result from such a mad scheme? It's going to entice a lot of people to get employment for the required period and get pogy for the rest of the year. Some may even come out of retirement.

    Why is Quebec so gung-ho about the idea? Is there any connection to this mindset and the fact that resource rich province has remained “have-not”?

  • Gayle

    Most of your complaints are internal LPC issues, and in any event you have not explained why any of those issues means he is not qualified to be Prime Minister. It sounds like you are scrambling to find some reason to criticize the man.

    He is arrogant too – but that does not disqualify him either.

    Oh, and he has bushy eyebrows…

  • Gayle

    PS – pointing out the fact that no university in Canada is as prestigious as Harvard or Oxford does not mean I am denigrating Canadian universities.

    But I think you know that…

  • Gayle

    You are aware that Harper is lying about the LPC plan on EI reform, right?

    You are the one who suggested lying about your opponent disqualifies one from the office of PM after all.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    Au contraire my good lady.

    We are indeed living the worst nightmare – Trudeau's and Cretin's Canada, but Mr Harper is doing everything he can to clean it up after so many dark and corrupt years .

    Take a deep breath and relax over there Terry – you're in good hands with Harper.

  • terry1

    B&C…The Quebec poll out thbis morning says that 90% of people in that province do not agree with you. It will be the same elsewhere as well pretty soon except for the blind mice in Alberta.

  • terry1

    I know this will come as no surprise to many but here's the real story on the future of this conservative non government:



    Monday, May 25, 2009, 08:41 AM
    …is not the EI sabre-rattling stuff, or the Leger poll in Quebec, or yet more commentary about the Reformatory ad misfire. All of those stories are interesting, but I don't think they are necessarly surprising.

    The Big Story is the story bearing this headline in today's Hill Times: “CONSERVATIVES COULD LOSE NEXT ELECTION, CABINET STAFFERS SCOUTING FOR NEW JOBS”

    If you read any political yarn today, read this one by Abbas Rana in the Hill Times. It gives you the real picture – and that is, senior Conservatives know they are going to lose the coming election, and therefore their jobs. So they are voting with their feet.

    Those of us who work in this business have been seeing an increasing number of Con CVs landing in email in-boxes in recent months. Abbas' story is the first to confirm that blue staffers are making a rush to the lifeboats on the Harper-piloted Titanic.

    For those of them who cannot find work, I wonder if they'll be revising their opinions about EI eligibility rules?

  • Cynical viewer

    The Liberal response to the so-called “attack ads” (which only the Libs and the Lib-loving media call them) has been so very weak and unconvincing. Why? because they are based on facts, and even have video of Iggy the (arrogant) American. All the Conservatives need to do further, is produce another ad, something to the effect that….can you imagine if an American wanted to run for President, who had been absent from the USA for 34 of the last 38 years? Why, they'd throw them out on their butt so fast they wouldn't know what hit em.
    Also notice in how the MSM on TV showing Iggy's latest finger-wagging the Liberal faithful in his most professorial way……the media cuts right at the end of the finger-wagging, because they don't want people to see the LACK OF applause, by even the Liberal faithful. The MSM is such a lapdog for the Liberals and Iggy, it is truly pathetic; and a sad statement on “journalism” in Canada

  • Bruce

    You believe in fairy tales and unicorns to.

  • terry1

    Cynical viewer….I ahve been to several Iggy 'finger wagging” events and in every one of them he gets standing ovations. Your cheap shot lies don't hold water.

  • Liz J

    Where is Harper lying about EI “reform”?
    One thing we do know the Liberals used the fund to bolster their surplus.

  • Gayle

    The LPC plan is temporary, but Harper is condemning it as though it were a permanent measure.

  • Gabby in QC

    Gayle, the only thing I scramble is eggs.

    Look, I'm not denying Mr. Ignatieff's considerable achievements; they would be an asset under different circumstances. Were he hired to become chancellor/dean at one of our own prestigious universities, it would be considered a coup (in the positive sense of the word). But leading a university is not the same as leading a country, especially one as difficult to govern as Canada.

    Having someone who's spent most of his working life outside the country presuming to move into 24 Sussex practically unopposed – sorry, that shows monumental self-importance.

    In case you're interested, I part company with my conservative friends when they criticize Ignatieff as just an academic, or an intellectual snob, or even for his taste in coffees (I'm partial to espresso myself). Those are not the points that disqualify him, IMO.

    What does disqualify him is that he has not paid his dues here, neither in this country nor within his own party. He has not worked his way up the ranks. Regardless of whether you think the events I listed previously, and some others I did not, are relevant or not, I believe they are part of our Canadian psyche and our Canadian experience, which Ignatieff missed out on, he did not live through.

    The time for philosopher kings is past.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    Terri – Dion (remember him – the guy you prediced would be Prime Minister right now?) also polled well, about the same numbers after his election and you got just as excited. His Quebec numbers jumped and Liberal$ got excited about making a quick return to the fast track to Trudeau's Canada.

    But then something happened didn't it. Canadians began to think about putting the Liberals back into power and its implications. They also began to see how strong a leader Harper has been.

    Terri – polls go up, polls go down but one thing remains the same.

    Canadians don't trust the Liberals.

  • terry1

    Liz J hysterical….in your logic the GST as a separate tax should not go into general revenues either.

    Give your hysteria a rest.

  • terry1

    Liz J. Hysterical… so now you're saying no other party would have respected the 4 year election law. What a hoot. So, one day Mr. harpercrite says to his people ” I don't think the opposition respects our law so lets break it and have an election. you are simlpy covering up the fact he broke his own law and furthermore he brought the Liberals back to life and is now desperately trying to attack their new leader. It ain't working and it won't. Iggy is getting all the free publicity in rim shots that get reported on all newscasts and in all newspapers. He has taken his responses to the public so they can decide on him themselves while harpercrite hides behind a rock.

  • Gayle

    Brian Mulroney became Prime Minister without ever sitting as an MP first, did he not?

    I understand you think people need to do certain things to “deserve” being Prime Minister. You are certainly entitled to that opinion.

    Personally I am more interested in whether or not he will be a good Prime Minister – parachuted in or not. While I may not want to invite him over for supper, I have no problem with him running our country. I think we would be well served by him.

    If massive egos disqualified someone from being Prime Minister we would never have anyone running for the position.

  • terry1

    B&P, Unfortunately you are dyslexic I think. My name is TERRY and not TERRI and I am a hetrosexual male.

    Dion was framed by Harper and the Libs won't let that happen to Iggy. Dion took it lying down because in the end he believed,wrongly, that people would see he was a good leader.

    The war room in the LPC is preparing to tsker some pretty good shots at Harper and his record and will have him framed as an abject failure. Untrue you will say then but they will be facts about his lies and possibly even Cadman type stuff.

    Harpercrite has failed canadians twice now and won't get a third chance. He is not a leader or servant of the people.

  • terry1

    Here's another fact of the day:

    Steven Chase and Kevin Carmichael

    Chelsea, Que. — The Globe and Mail, Monday, May. 25, 2009 04:30PM EDT

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is warning Canadians the federal budget deficit will be “substantially higher” than originally forecast.

    He made the announcement Monday after meeting with his provincial and territorial counterparts at Meech Lake in an attempt to hammer out a unified strategy for tacking growing concerns over pension security and retirement savings.

    The sharp economic downturn has hammered Ottawa's coffers, drastically lowering the amount of corporate and personal income tax the government is collecting.

    This deepening deficit threatens to plunge the government into record levels of red ink. A mounting deficit will also push Canada further into debt, increasing the national mortgage that Canadians will have to eventually pay off.

    Gee, and this brilliant government cut the GST so we could all have fun now and pay later. What a bunch of ideological and populist clowns these tories are. They don't have a clue and are worse than the NDP at fiscal responsibility.

  • Liz J

    Temporary is sometimes difficult to remove. Depending on how long it would be deemed necessary to remain in force, it could wreck havoc with many small business employers as well.

    Can't imagine how EI could sustain huge numbers of people collecting from the plan after working only a bit over one month and laying off for the rest of the year.

    We still don't know what has happened to the millions the Liberals used from EI to create their surplus. It has to have impacted it.

  • batb

    Fact of the day: Another Stephen Taylor thread hijacked by terry1. He should simply be ignored. He loves hearing himself talk and most of what he says is dribble. Don't stroke his ego. He thrives on it.

    Re Ignatieff he says, “Iggy threw out the gauntlet..the war is on.” LOL. The expression is, he threw DOWN the gauntlet, but never mind.