• Liz J

    Yeah, Gabby, I was searching for some of those “best-sellers” and have so far come up empty.

    Terry will fill us in shortly.

  • Observant

    “True Patriot Love” is a “we Americans” term moreso than Canadian because Canadians don't make much out of “patrtotism” in the face of Quebec “separatism” … regardless of our nominal national anthem.

    O Canada! our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    … does not appear in the French version, and replaced by:

    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
    Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,

    … no mention of 'patriot sons' in French ..!!!

  • Gabby in QC

    Just having a bit of fun at Iggy's expense. What's the matter with that? Is he too sensitive a soul?

    Haven't you guys had loads to say about the PM's girth, his hair, his steely blue eyes, his shaking hands with his children, his sartorial choices, his choice of make-up or not, his purportedly wanting to take away women's choice, his supposedly being a control-freak, etc etc …

    So, puncturing a MAJOR ego who puts on an act of being a self-effacing servant of the people … what's wrong with that?

    As for the Mulroney-Schreiber affair, it's funny how “analysts” like Jim Travers and Daniel Lessard seem to have conveniently forgotten who was demanding an inquiry. Daniel Lessard in particular, on today's Politics, said Quebecers are saying the Conservatives should stop hounding Mr. Mulroney.
    If the PM had not agreed to an inquiry, the same pundits would be saying the PM was trying to hide something.

    ALLÔ ! M. Lessard ! Ce sont les Libéraux, et même M. Mulroney, qui ont exigé une enquête !

    If the Liberals do get to form the next government, it will be because Canadians too, like Lessard, Travers and Newman, suffer from very selective memory.

  • Gabby in QC

    I agree with you that Iggy's academic accomplishments and his intellectualism should not be the key focus of criticism levelled at him, but I hope you use the same yardstick for his opponents, in particular PM Harper.

    Mr. Harper's master degree has also been the subject of derision, both by pundits and bloggers.

    When he first became the PM, Mr. Harper was also derided for not having traveled widely. Now that he is travelling in his function as Canada's representative, he's either almost completely ignored by the MSM, or he's criticized for over-exposure in the foreign media.

    So I hope your criticism is also levelled at your fellow travelers.

  • batb

    Terry1: Please give me the title of Stephen Harper's self image book that he wrote on his way to the top job. DO TELL, or retract your statement: “Every wannabe leader has written self image books on their way to the top job.” Certainly, Obama wrote not one but two and Iggy has written his one.

    Geoffrey Jason Hall: “Sorry, so should he apologize for a successful career abroad? For having lineage both to a founding father of Canada and to an immigrant heritage?”

    Not at all. It's simply that his successful career abroad was abroad, and yet he's angling to become Canada's Prime Minister. That's the problem. I'm delighted for Mr. Ignatieff that he had a successful journalistic and academic career — but both careers were in England and the United States.

    He's been out of our country for 30 years, and even though he's obviously a bright man, he wasn't in touch with many of the unfolding issues in Canada during this time and because of this, he has missed nuances which are important. By his absence from our country, he hasn't exactly shown an interest in ordinary Canadians and our day-to-day struggles. He hasn't been a part of these struggles and because of his physical and emotional detachment, he hasn't EARNED a place as the leader of the LPC — and certainly not as the leader of Canada's Government. And, no, his “living and working in different places makes him a better, not a worse candidate.” If he'd been away for “a time” that might be commendable, but 30 YEARS? That's half or one-third of a lifetime, a little TOO long to have lived and worked in different places and still expect to be in the running as the prime minister of a country.

    Hall: “Should he apologize for his education? And if so, will Harper for his master's degree?” Absolutely not. Mr. Ignatieff's many university degrees are not what I object to. It's his insistence that his academic laurels qualify him for the prime ministership of Canada that is problematic and his arrogance about his academic successes. At a recent speech in Winnipeg, he opened with great deliberation and condescension with “I am an academic.” That's supposed to inspire confidence in the Canadian public?

    Hall: “You may disagree on policy, but what an absurd belittling of the minds and aspirations of Canadians this tirade is.”

    You've got to be kidding. It's, rather, Michael Ignatieff who belittles the political process in Canada by being parachuted into Etobicoke-Lakeshore, instead of paying his dues in that riding, and by becoming the “leader” of the Liberal Party of Canada without a leadership vote. He operates out of a misplaced sense of entitlement, and that's my greatest concern about him.

    He has no political experience outside of the past few years in the HOC — and he got there not by his own accomplishments but because he was handed the riding on a silver platter. He hasn't earned his spurs, because he's barely mounted the horse let alone proven he can ride it in all sorts of situations.

    He's an inexperienced poseur, a lot like President Obama, and I fear for the future of Canada if he ever becomes Prime Minister. His strings will be pulled by hidden others with an agenda, and I wonder if they'll be pulled by the same crowd as pulled Trudeau's, Mulroney's, Chretien's, and Martin's?

  • terry1

    John Dope……just think $80 billion deficit,after stupid GST cuts when you think of your own party.

    Tories are the dumbest economc managers we have.

  • terry1

    Liz j…… I've decided you're not intelligent enough to be a Tory which means you're not newfie.

    I'm haviung fun also watching you tories squirm about losing power

  • Anonymous

    In a blog some time ago I said I did not want to have a PM wo takes his orders from Washington.
    Well, what do you know Mr. Ignatieff is already in Washington confabing with his old buddies. I wonder if he can persuede the brainless twitt they have for a Secretary of Security Mrs. Politano to admit that the 9/11 Terrorist did not come through Canada. What’s worse, he is not even Prime minister yet. If Harper talks to the Obama administration he does so with the full authority of his office. What authority does Ignatieff have.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Gaby , not only that. Everyone knows who caused the world wide calamity. But Ignatieff the so ” educated ” man blames the Harper Government. The massive stimulus packages was pushed onto the Government by the Liberals, and now they are howling about the Deficit. They are certainly know how to twist the truth. But they have done this for more than 17 years.

  • Observant

    batb …. ever notice that Liberal supporters really don’t have much to say about Ignatieff? They are just using him as their nominal leader to get back to power. They don’t have anybody else of substance so they are running with what they got.

    Their strategy is to demonize Harper and hope that the Canadian voter will prefer anybody but Harper, and return to the warm womb of their beloved Liberal party (I vote for the candidate and the party … not the leader).

    What is truly frightening is that loyal Liberals are willing to turn the country over to somebody of the likes of Ignatieff … an interloping prodigal son, returning to the land of his mother even though he preferred the legacy of his father away from Canada.

    The Liberal party has truly sunk to new depths with their lack of truly Canadian leadership. Listening to Ignatieff’s voice when he’s speaking, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the voice of Dion .. who is more ‘Canadian’ than Ignatieff will ever hope to be.

    Trickery, guile, deception … that is the strategy of the Liberal party as they attempt to install Ignatieff as their leader and next prime minister of Canada …. thus revealing the dangerous evil that lurks within the Liberal party no longer of Canada.

  • terry1

    Harper was verey inexperienced when he first won office and had never held a real job in his life. Please don't squirt that halucinatory stuff here.

    Here's more of the tory hypocrisy as displayed by the PM:

    Stephen Harper, November 9, 2007: “I think it will be incumbent upon myself and also upon members of the government not to have dealings with Mr. Mulroney until this issue is resolved.”

    And what was he saying just yesterday? Just the opposite
    The caucus is on his case so he casually creates another lie.

    We are being governed by a bunch of fools.

  • terry1

    Geoffrey….this is a blog of angry Tories. They were all waxing elequoant about their wonderful party and the fact the Liberals were squirming in opposition until a more broad readership came along. You cannot ignite reason here with most of the posters. Their feet are anchored in Tory concrete and they don't even recognize that some self criticism could help their own party.

    The Mulroney issue is a case in point. Until some members stood up to the PM there was anarchy forming in the ranks and finally Harper had to withdraw his former statement.

    Attacking Iggy is just another case of putting on the anti Liberals blinders and sputtering away on any tidbit they can find. That is not poitical discussion but simply ideological drivel.

  • terry1

    Mary T…..Ezra has gone bankrupt once trying to foist his ideological rants on Canadians. I like the way he fought the censorship issue but his ideology is very similar to the one Harper used to have until he became greedy and realized it wasn't working with the vast majority of Canadians. Not reading iggy's book simply keeps you in the cellar of real intellectual pursuits on Canadian politicians particularly one who will most likely be the next PM. You can broaden your mind and it only costs $20 or so.

  • terry1

    Bat B…. here it is:

    Madness and Popular Culture
    Author: Stephen Harper
    Format: Hardcover
    ISBN-10: 0230218806
    ISBN-13: 9780230218802

    I could dig out all his NCC papers and really embarrass you about his then and now philosophy.

  • terry1

    Bat B comment:
    “and I fear for the future of Canada if he ever becomes Prime Minister. His strings will be pulled by hidden others with an agenda, “

    So you think Harper is his own man and didn't have Manning or Flanagan among other right wingers as key agenda builders and mentors.

    A man with Iggy's intellect doesn't need people with hidden agendas to guide him which is why he is the current leader. If you would take off your blinders you would note that he has started to rebuild the party from the ground up and has successfully raised a lot of money in just four months, enough to pay off their debt and have cash in the bank. His popularity in recent polls has soared.

    “He is an inexperienced poseur” Tell us how he is inexperienced and a poseur and tell us why you fear the future of Canada keeping in mind your leader has flirted serously with separatists and continues to breath life into that movement in his quest for votes. Also keep in mind the financial disaster he has foisted upon us with his populist and irresponsible tax policies. I could go on but will let you do your comparison.

  • terry1

    Bat B comment:
    “and he got there not by his own accomplishments but because he was handed the riding on a silver platter”

    Are you also saying the current PM has not done the same thing with certain people he wanted in his party. he even had an unelected cabinet minister in a very key role until the guy finally ran and lost very badly.
    If Harper is the future of our democracy I become even more afraid for our country than you do about Iggy's rise to power.

    Keep in mind of course harper's abuse of the parliamentary system with his unilateral call for an election last fall breaking a law passed by the house. His further abuse by getting the porogation also sticks a craw in my throat.

    go for it.

  • batb

    Terry1, Been Around the Block here: I've already answered all of your questions. The “poseur” is as a politician. His sterling “intellect” isnl't what Canada needs to steer them through the most serious world economic crisis in 60 years. I have no trust in a man who has been shielded by trust funds and financial legacies from his family. He's even admitted that he's got no experience with RRSPs or the stock market. Like, yeah, he's going to be really on the ball when it comes to Canada and the world economy, espeically as he has no need of “people with hidden agendas to guide him.” Yup. Right.

    As for Stephen Harper's book “Madness and Popular Culture,” it's a “self image book”?? In fact, are you sure it's even by Prime Minister Stephen Harper? This book was published in September 2009 (when's PMSH going to have time to write a book with all the other things on his plate) and Amazon lists Stephen Harper as the EDITOR of this book. It also lists a whole lot of other books by “Stephen Harper,” which I'm sure our PM didn't author.

    Check out your sources and verify that “Madness and Popular Culture” has, in fact, been written by Canada's Prime Minister.

    Over and out, Ter ry 1.

  • batb

    Check out this link, not Amazon, re books by “Stephen Harper”:


  • terry1

    Bat B….here's another “tory” book for you to read.


  • Liz J

    You've read this book Terry? You know for a fact it's a bio written by Stephen Harper, an all about Me book? Is it comparable to the all about Me Iggy book, I say I've got true patriot love, therefore I have?

    It looks suspiciously like Iggy's mantra is the Kennedy quote ass backwards, it's not what I can do for my country, it's what my country can do for ME that brings me “home”.

  • Liz J

    PM Harper gets no credit for his Masters degree from his detractors in the MSM and Opposition apologists. It happens to be in economics and very useful in the political arena, most especially now.

    We're sick of being told Iggy went to Harvard and other prestigious halls of learning, therefore he's fit to govern the country without having lived here for decades and with little experience in politics, or leadership for that matter. Different studies have different applications.

    We are NOT belittling the minds and aspirations of Canadians, typical Liberal attempt to stifle debate. We are rightfully questioning a man we don't know who has been lured “home” and is being fast tracked by the LPC to lead the Country. We have every right to do so.

  • terry1

    Liz J,
    I know for a fact I was pulling your leg.

    It looks like you view Iggy with very jaundiced eyes or blinders on.

    No one needs to run for high office simply becasue their ego demands it. he is obviously a very bright guy and so is harper. The difference is that IGGY will use his intelligence to better the country and not pump right wing ideology down our throats or at least attempt to. The voters of Canada have never trusted harper and do so even less now becasue of his arrogance and ignorance of the popular mood.

  • Liz J

    Wasn't my leg you were pulling, I was simply butting in. You're unable to answer the questions so you change the channel.

    You're not improving, time to go off and hum a tune. Think I'll do one by Hank Snow, “Squid Jiggin' Ground”, that's a Newfie classic no?

  • jad

    Will the real Stephen Harper please stand up !

    Check out this site http://www.port.ac.uk/departments/academic/scaf
    which is from the University of Portsmouth in England. Dr. Stephen Harper is a Senior Lecturer in Media.

    If you want to know more about his work, Terry, you can email him at stephen.harper@port.ac.uk .

  • Liz J

    Given the fickle nature of Quebec support, iggy might lose a few votes for declaring “Patriot ” love.

  • Gabby in QC

    Kudos, Jad, for proving once again how Liberals, exemplified by Terry1, will use any means to obfuscate and distort facts.

    Our busy friend here complains this site is an “angry Tory” site, yet he's the one who doesn't even have the courtesy to use the exact name of commenters, preferring to distort even those.

    And as far as anger is concerned, I'm beginning to think the number of his typos is in direct correlation to HIS mounting anger.

  • Gabby in QC

    Batb, thanks for that link. The Stephen Harper who wrote those books is this one:
    “About the Author
    Stephen Harper's career in journalism started when, aged 16, he joined the Leicester Evening Mail, and was 'interrupted' only by service with HMS Petard during the Second World War. Harper joined the staff of the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo and then, in 1950, the Daily Express. He was based in New Delhi when he covered the Cho Oyu expedition, and later reported from various overseas posts. In 1979 he joined the BBC, initially on the foreign desk, and then with the parliamentary staff.”

    Terry1 may have tried to hoodwink us by telling us “Stephen Harper” had written the aforementioned book.
    He thought there is only ONE Stephen Harper in this world; in a way, he has indirectly confirmed what we conservatives have known all along: our Stephen Harper is unique, although others may share his name.

  • Joe Lunchbucket

    Then there is Mr. Ignatieff, who sat in university offices writing about the world from the perspective of an ivory tower. He has never has never managed a popsicle stand let alone a business, agency or not for profit group.

  • batb

    Well, Ter ry 1: Where are you?

    'Tried to tie PM Stephen Harper to a book he had nothing to do with. 'You still contending that “Every wannabe leader has written self image books on their way to the top job”?

    Don't you think that's a little too general an accusation? It seems it might apply to Liberals/Democrats, who spend an inordinate amount of time looking at themselves in the mirror and writing books about themselves before, during, and after their tenures in government. There's a word that covers this self-interest: narcissism and the adjective that goes along with it is narcissistic, neither of which apply to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    Unfortunately, Terry1, you have badly damaged your credibility. Anything you say from now on will have connected to it a tinge of “hmmm … is that true … or is it just Terry1's fevered imagination or wishful thinking on his part …”?

    Do your homework, Mr. Liberal Cheerleader. It seems to me that you don't know what you're talking about … an all-too-typical attribute of lib-leftards.

  • Liz J

    What a pathetic, and out to lunch comment.

    Where is anyone attacking his Russian heritage? We can refer to it. We all have a heritage but we sure do not consider ourselves children of two worlds. We are Canadians first and foremost. It was the Irish, Scottish, English, French who built this Country on Judeo/Christian principles. We have welcomed many others who consider themselves Canadian.

    It's the Charter and Multicultural policies of Trudeau that has played havoc with allegiances to this country. It's a very serious problem that will have to be addressed.

  • Soccermom

    Yes, that Ignatieff serves up a lot of drivel.

  • Liz J

    Now let me get this straight, I'm not intelligent enough to be a Tory, so that means I'm not a
    “newfie”[sic], so I “maybe” [sic] a Tory from “somewhare”[sic] else.

    Beautiful reasoning from a superior intellect.

  • Soccermom

    Yes, that Ignatieff serves up a lot of drivel.

  • Liz J

    Now let me get this straight, I'm not intelligent enough to be a Tory, so that means I'm not a
    “newfie”[sic], so I “maybe” [sic] a Tory from “somewhare”[sic] else.

    Beautiful reasoning from a superior intellect.