Justin Trudeau on Michael Ignatieff

“…je pense qu’une des grandes différences entre Ignatieff et mon père et là, je vais sûrement me mettre un peu dans le trouble, c’est au niveau de la force de son jugement.

I think that one of the big differences between Ignatieff and my father, I’ll be surely getting myself in a bit of trouble here, it’s a level of the force of his judgment.

Avec Ignatieff, il est un peu partout des fois. Il dit ceci, il dit cela, il se contredit. Il n’a pas la clarté que mon père a pu avoir

With Ignatieff, he’s a bit all over at times. He says this, he says that, he contradicts himself. He doesn’t have the clarity that my father could have.

Il a peut-être l’intelligence, mais il n’a peut-être pas la sagesse nécessaire.

He maybe has the intelligence, but he does not have, maybe, the necessary wisdom.

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  • Liz J

    Oh my Papa……..!

  • Bec

    No critics position for Justin, now. Or maybe MI will forget and change his mind. He did with Brisson on a similar 'flip flop' analogy.
    Just think, MI has only been here 4 years and he has a consistent pattern of regularly contradicting himself.

    Gawd, it would have been great to be a teenager, with a father like this; can't take the car, take the car, here have some gas money and stay out all night!

  • batb

    Le jeune Trudeau would be best not to say ANYTHING about Ignatieff. He is showing HIS narcissistic petty coat, because it's not necessary to compare LE Ignatieff avec LE Trudeau. As far as I'm concerned, they're both bad news.

    Justin Trudeau has just made himself a target. When a public figure the less said the better, especially if you're going to diss the leader of your party. So, what's Count Iggula going to do? Give him a pass? 'Doesn't look like he's got much control over his caucus.

    Et tu, Justin?

  • bluetech

    Let's not get too partisan. That is a very intelligent observation by Justin!

  • Leasa

    What? Could the Liberal Party be wrong and Iffy Iggy isn't the second coming of Pierre? Horrors! LOL

  • wilson

    What's your point Ted?
    It applies today as it did in 2006, if that's the case.
    That's one of the reasons Iffy LOST the leadership to Dion,
    second to 'we Americans'
    and torture if necessary but not necessarily torture.

  • Nicola Timmerman

    We could say that Justin has neither the wisdom to keep his mouth shut, nor the intelligence of either man.

    As for his father, who never met or read about a dictator he didn’t like, he had the love of the totalitarian ideal of his beloved Plato (see Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies on Plato’s usurpation of Socrates).

  • http://www.lesbleus.qc.ca audrey

    Thanks for the post Stephen. Just check the spelling! Its Les Bleus ;)

  • Bec

    So what is Ted saying, FLIP FLOP is an acceptable part of the Liberal messaging? All is forgiven and not to be examined, 3 years into the future?

    No, they MUST examine previous PM's as long as they are Conservative and DIDN”t TAKE tax payers money. Oh and guys saying stupid things, 20 years ago. The list goes on and on and on…….
    …but Justin's comments are well, insignificant.
    Anyone sniffing a double standard?

  • Liz J

    Stay tuned Teddy, there could very well be more where that came from. You should be nervous. Nothing more powerful than the truth and truth videos, straight from the horses' mouths, are impossible to spin and deny.

  • Gabby in QC

    “… a double standard?”
    Or as our fair Justin might say, “deux poids, deux mesures.”

    As already pointed out by a couple of other commenters, anything said by a Conservative as far back as kindergarten is fair game, fodder for media “analyses” – but Liberals come into the ring with tabula rasa each and every time.

    Another little example of “double standard”: on today's Politics, Don Newman interviewed some guy (name ?) who attended the meetings Ignatieff went to in the States. Newman solicitously asked something to the effect (paraphrasing) “I know the meeting was private but what was the reaction of the people in the room to Mr. Ignatieff?”

    Had the Conservatives been in a similar meeting, I'd be willing to bet it would have been termed a secret meeting.

  • Ted

    How good of you to leave out the date of this clip. This is from the 2006 interview isn’t it?

  • Len in NB

    It looks asif Trudeau could use a little help with the English language.Perhaps a course in esl is in order.

  • Ronald

    Uh Oh! The beginning of the end. Perhaps the caucus infighting has just begun and heaven knows where this one will end. In any case, not looking good. I can hear the knives being sharpened as we speak.

  • paulsstuff

    Sure Ted. Liberal’s use quotes from as far back as 1988 regarding the PM., but I guess that’s diferent.

    Besides, Iggy has one quote himself that will go down in history among the greats like “where’s the beef”

    “We didn’t get it done”. Come to think of it, that was around the same time in 2006as Justin’s comments, and it’s still true today.

    Kind of ironic that is.

  • wilson

    Iffy's history in Canadian politics only starts in 2006,
    when he moved here and got the parachute into a riding and the coup into the leadership (after he LOST the race).

  • Sagitelle

    It's pretty sad when a full-grown adult and would-be politician is still riding on his father's coat-tails. He would be wise to to keep his mouth shut until he has some ideas of his own to contribute.

  • charlie greenwell

    “You can tell a man from Harvard but you can't tell him much”

    Oscar Wilde

  • Omanator

    Who said there was no discontent among the Liberals?

  • Stegosarus

    I think we'll see more of this kind of assessment as time unfolds. This is not the first ad it won't be the last. It's leaking out, little by little. Iggnatieff, like Trudeau, thinks he is the final word on everything, but Trudeau was more subtle about it. Trudeau, the son fails to see that both are flawed in much the same way, naturally seeing his father as superior. How could he say that they are simply cut from a similar egocentric mold, as is he, as well.

  • J. Voulu

    Lâche ton père, baby. Let your father go bébé.

  • J. Voulu

    Is this site shut?

  • J. Voulu

    Let your father go, Justin.

  • Soccermom

    Ewwwww, Trudeau.

  • wilson

    Same for you Iffy,
    let your father and mother go.

  • AEK

    A naive socialist airhead dissing an arrogant socialist airhead?

    Sacre bleu!

  • antoine

    As much a I dislike Iggy and especially his right hand Kinsella I have even more concerns of young Justin Trudeau. He lacks wisdom and judgement. This short interview shows that . He sounds more of a potential leadership candidate than a loyal backbencher.

  • east of eden

    Why should Justin not speak his mind? After all, the Liberals sure loved it when a former MP of theirs (formerly Conservative) dissed Harper and the CPC – all in the name of democracy and truth. Justin has every right to say what he wishes and, to be honest, he said nothing which was not true. He did not lie, he did not become personal, he did not say anything overly critical. I tell you what – tell Ignatieff to stop criticizing everything which our PM does and then perhaps you will have the right to say that Justin should keep a lid on it. If a formerly Conservative MP is to be lauded for dissing his own former party while still in the party, then Justin should be equally lauded for making true statements about the INTERIM leader of his party.

  • east of eden

    And you, as well, Len. The last time I looked, “asif” is not a word in the English dictionary. Also, leave a space between two sentences and capitalize ESL. In case you didn't pick up on it, the English portion in Stephen's post is a translation – Justin spoke in French during the interview. I've heard Justin speak in English and he is fully fluent.

  • east of eden

    Zing. Way to go, Wilson. While we're at it, why doesn't he let go of Harvard, as well.

  • east of eden

    Hey Leasa. Where've you been? Good to see you.

  • east of eden

    It’s amusing that the Lib supporters will bring up something Harper said in 1990, for example, and use it to apply today – as if he stayed static for all the ensuing years and yet when a Conservative blogger brings up something from a couple of years ago, it is assumed to be irrelevant? Let’s try to stick to one yardstick. But, then again, considering the interim leader, it is not surprising that a Lib supporter would flip flop or apply a double standard.

  • east of eden

    Neither the wisdom nor intelligence? So, would you say the same thing about that former Conservative MP who crossed the floor and became a former Liberal MP? Seems to me that he shot his mouth off about Stephen Harper and misrepresented the truth about his dismissal. What’s good for the goose is good for the former Conservative – turned independent – turned floor-crosser – turned Liberal former MP.

  • Observant

    “Use the Force, Justin … Use the Force…!!!”

  • Observant

    “Use the Force, Justin … Use the Force…!!!”