Danielle Smith Wildrose Alliance leadership bid is very likely

Danielle Smith is the former Alberta director of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and is a regular commentator on Canadian politics. She resigned her position at the CFIB because it suddenly presented a “conflict” for other opportunities, namely seeking the leadership of the Wildrose Alliance now that Paul Hinman has stepped down. I asked her about Alberta politics, refreshing conservatism and her very likely bid.



24 thoughts on “Danielle Smith Wildrose Alliance leadership bid is very likely”

  1. My concern, as I've expressed on my blog – is that the WR party appears to have some strong backing from energy – and if anything, I think the Conservative movement needs to move away from a party of big business – to a party of people – including business..

    Also – I would guess that the WR party will, at it's nacence attract the strong right. Again – the inclusion of anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion advocates is a strong negative stereotype for conservatives in this country. While I've had my concerns with PC policy over the years, I prefer to work within a party which continues to offer a “big tent”..

    Just my $.02.

  2. AAAH! That voice…I had forgotten what the shrieking harridan sounded like, since I haven’t heard it since CanWest canned her television show.

  3. This may very well be the time to rescue the right in Alberta by promoting a true conservative message which seems to be eroding in policies put forward by the incumbents. If Danielle has a well thought out vision for a new direction that would allow Alberta to set the pace for the rest of Canada I’d certainly like to hear about it.
    My feelings are mixed about coming from the outside vs trying to rebuild from within but a new ,fresh and informed voice like Danielle’s might just be the catalyst that triggers an energetic new debate vs 38 years of morphing into a comfort zone.
    We do need energetic ,forward thinking leadership and Danielle’s thoughts vs the Premier’s thoughts about the future of a dynamic Alberta could be the intelligent debate we would benefit from. Let’s hear what she has to share and see where it leads us. Where there is no vision the people perish.

  4. Danielle would be a good choice. She’s no-nonsense, and she believes in low taxes and small government. Plus, as a woman party leader, she could really attract the all-important vote in that segment as well.

    Add to this name recognition. Albertans see her name in the local newspapers all the time, and we all remember her from her stint hosting a current affairs program on Global TV.

  5. I hope Danielle bids for the Wildrose Alliance leadership. She would be an excellent choice to head Alberta’s only credible centre-right political alternative.

  6. The WA Party is simply the Conservatives in pundit mode. They have been around for well over a decade and have made very few inroads because they fly the same flag as the Tories. I have been watching them over the last couple years as I have become utterly disenchanted with our “natural governing Party” here and the only real message that I have heard from them has been about oil royalties. Is it the only drum that they can beat ~~ or is it because they are essentially funded by the O&G industry? Danielle Smith seems to be a nice lady but she will need to change, or at least widen, the scope of this Party if she wishes to make them a viable choice for conservative voters in the next election.

  7. As a long time Albertan who has been supporting the PC’s since 1968, I am of the opinion that they have lost the compass, they have left the conservative values behind in favor of a more nanny state attitude. Albertans needs a leader that is both strong, informed and with real conservative values. These values are clear, they include support for the family, very tough on criminals that want us to sumit to intimidation, very supportive of personal accountability, will embrace change in how we do medical delivery, and enhancements to the quality of education. Danielle Smith is a person who has a demonstrated ability to understand what Alberta is all about, and has the capacity to lead. The WRA can use her talent.

  8. There are a lot of stronger conservatives who were elected to the government caucus in the election last year. Ted Morton of course but also Rob Anderson, Jonathan Denis, Teresa Woo-paw, Evan Berger. What are the chances one of them would cross the floor?

  9. She sounds good. If carefully marketed, she may have a real appeal to women like my daughter, age 40. I’d like to see her views on social issues, but after first impression, I would probably support her if she runs for the leadership of the Alliance Party.

  10. Danielle Smith would be great. If she decides to run this student will cut her a $250.00 cheque. It would probably be paid back in the long term as she would lower taxes and not ring up the deficits that Stelmach has posted.

  11. Very easy to see her Media talents shine.

    Should be interesting to see how this race shapes up, should come as a significant surprise to see someone step up to publically show an interest in running for the WA so fast. Wonder if this means we will see other signifciant talents show an interest in running?

    All the old keywords being used, but a couple of newer, underused ones as well that should help as well.

    I look forward to hearing much more about Mrs. Smith.

  12. The Wild Rose Alliance has a decent amount of funds in the bank, but their support has never been particularly broad (they had strong support in a handful of rural ridings in 2008). Smith is well-spoken and could make the playing-field a little more interesting if she does run for the WRA in a potential Calgary by-election. I'm interested to see who the other competitors in the WRA leadership contest are.

  13. D. Smith would add extra life to the campaign for leadership of the Wildrose Alliance. She will have to demonstrate that she has the energy, know-how and commitment to work hard to continue to build a province-wide organization for the Party and that she can provide the leadership to develop policies which are based on conservative principles. Alberta could use a political alternative since the Liberals and NDs have failed
    in this challenge.

  14. You call yourself a conservative? You sound like a liberal and should stick with the Stelmach Tories as they are liberals and socialists as well. I guess you forgot who has financed the PC's all these past years, and that was the oil and gas industry. Now that you have lost their support financially you peg the Wildrose Alliance Party as the party of Big Oil. You are dead wrong. This Province is, or was, all about small oil and gas companies. The Premier has stabbed them in the back and abandoned their trust and placed this Province in a death spiral. He has jeopardized the future of Albertans.

    You stick to what you feel is right and we will defeat the Stelmach Tories in the next election and every by-election that will be held between now and then. The labels the PC's and their media buds have pinned to the Wildrose Alliance Party in the past, are yesterdays garbage and are unfair fabrications designed to mislead Albertans about what the new party and all the new members are all about. Fiscal conservatism, social moderates, middle of the road, not too far right and nowhere near the far left as the Stelmach Tories are headed. The party is about smaller decentralized government, less taxes, pro-business and understands business and how a healthy business climate benefits all Albertans. It is also for the protection of the environment and a strong social structure that supports those in need. Sound too good to be true? How about crime and punishment? Victims’ rights over that of the criminally convicted. That is what we are building at the Wildrose Alliance Party. A party that is inclusive and tolerant of everyone’s opinions. Members that love Alberta and want to restore the Alberta Advantage and follow through on the initiatives the PC MLA’s were elected but have failed to do. What happened to an Alberta Pension Plan, collecting our own income tax, a Provincial police force? This is what PC MLA’s were elected to do. However, they sit and do and accomplish nothing.

    It is a new day now Cathy, never dismiss that which you don't understand. This Premier does not understand the Province and neither do the PC MLA's that are sworn to keep their mouths shut, even if they strongly disagree. Wake up and smell the coffee. These MLA's will be defeated. The tide has turned and the Stelmach Tories brought all this on themselves. If some of the MLA's had stood up for fiscal conservatism and their constituents interests and forced a showdown, maybe the premier would have backed off. Now they are stuck with the Premier and will go down with the ship. The opportunity is still there for some of the MLA's to do the right thing, resign and cross the floor to the Wildrose Alliance Party, but only if you are a true conservative. And that window of opportunity is going to close. The longer they remain silent and support the Premier, the more tied to the whole mess they will be. We will hold them accountable.

    The Wildrose Alliance is growing, is raisings money and has the support of a growing number of true Alberta conservatives, not left leaning, Stelmach PC's, but we are not asking for their support. Just the support of fair minded Albertans that have seen enough, heard enough and have had enough of the Stelmach Tories. This is more about the survival of family, business and livelihoods now than it is about political philosophy.

    Seniors benefits, healthcare, education, oil and gas royalties, crime and punishment, the destruction of the Alberta Advantage, Bill 19, the Alberta Human rights commission, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. What will tomorrow bring? Just another blunder and case of mismanagement to add to the list and another exposure of the complete incompetence of the Stelmach Tories.

  15. In her latest comment to the Calgary papers she says the Conservatives have lost their way referring to the oil royalty regime. She apparently does not realize the so called new regime changed the Alberta take on oil from US to Canadian dollars; a loss of at least 20% on a good day.

    Over the course of the royalty plans the Conservatives have dropped 20 billion dollars to the oil companies. It is the province which is in trouble because of the lowest royalty in the world and wild rose does not seem up to the task of improving the provinces future.

  16. I certainly hope that Danielle runs for the WA leadership! Responsible Albertans desperately need a viable alternative to the entrenched corrupt and complacent PCs.

  17. Danielle if elected leader will have my support. She is a classy lady and is quite smart.

    Having said that others like Mark Dyrholm are coming forward and I hope he runs and wins.

    Mark has a big tent approach and realizes that the conservative movement is a co-operation between social and fiscal conservatives. If we relegate social conservatives to the sidelines we are no different than the Alberta Progressive Conservatives who have proven to be Liberals.

    Alberta wants a choice not just one between Liberal and Liberal Lite, but for conservatism.

  18. Danielle Smith has what it takes to win the leadership of the Alliance and make it a main stream party. She seems to represent real conservatisim. The type that made Alberta what it is today. Its to bad that the PCs are more Progressive than Conservative, but thankfully we may have a true Conservative party and potential premier in the next election.

  19. Congradulation for seeking the leadership for the Wildrose Alliance. I would like to hear more – less gov and lower taxes. The provinces have to start useing the powers that they have.

  20. Congradulation for seeking the leadership for the Wildrose Alliance. I would like to hear more – less gov and lower taxes. The provinces have to start useing the powers that they have.

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