Ontario PC Leadership race details

I’m receiving word from senior sources who are discussing the future of the Ontario PC Party right now. At the moment, leader John Tory is in a caucus meeting now discussing what he’ll be talking about at his presser at 2pm.

The party is pushing for a leadership election to occur the second weekend of September (see update). The thinking is that this best time that won’t interfere with a potential federal election.

There’s a special executive meeting to be held on Monday to discuss process and to have an interim leader in place by the end of March.

UPDATE: Now I’m hearing that June is a possible for the leadership election. We’ll know more details on Monday. June sounds a bit early for the number of candidates that are thinking of entering and there is no sense of urgency for June.



  • Jeff Sandusky

    Thank God they’re doing it in September. The party needs a long period to reach out to all conservatives across the province as to the direction we take next. Since we have fixed election dates, we can use the whole summer to have a leadership race that is exciting and actually gets people back into the party.
    It’s going to be an interesting few months, but the party will come out stronger than ever.

  • jsands

    June is WAY too early for what this party really needs – open and lively debate between all the contestants, which will lead to renewal. Not to mention that a federal election in June is a distinct possibility, but early September is clear sailing because the house won't be sitting.

  • Phil

    Bob Runciman should be the interim leader since he’s basically held that position for the last year and a half and he won’t be running for the leadership in the fall.

  • Robert

    September seems sensible. Any sooner than that and the race would be a disorganized farce. There need to be real debate and renewal in the PC Party, not an Ignatieff style coronation of the front runner.

  • Former PC

    So now we're trying to be Ignatieff Liberals? June? That's ridiculous. The party needs time to build. A leadership race with a vote in September will allow them to build the membership base again. Now is the time for vigorous debate and renewal, not another coronation of the frontrunner. Any leadership candidate who agrees to a June vote should hang their heads in shame for failing to show leadership before the vote even begins.

  • Jeff Sandusky

    June is WAY too early for what the party needs – and that’s an open, transparent process of hearing everyone’s ideas, broadening the tent, and bringing renewal to the party’s sagging fortunes. Not to mention the fact that a federal election in June is a possibility, while it couldn’t happen that early in September because the house won’t be sitting.

  • real conservative

    What debate is needed here? We need a real conservative to lead the Ontario Tories. Like good ole' Mike, but more modern, and smoother around the edges. The time is right, now find the man or woman up to the job. We toyed with neo-liberalism and kissing up to the urbane crowd and it failed. Now back to the roots, and let's route McSquinty next time.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    John Tory is a neo-liberal?!

  • Liz J

    What's the hurry indeed. Perhaps the party smart guys figure the great excitement of the Liberal leadership will be over, the weather's fine, people are thinking of holidays, let's get it done with. If that's how they're thinking it won't get the attention it deserves. We need a leader and a builder and that requires time and consideration.

  • tyler

    There needs to be a leadership sooner rather than later.

    The party has already lost almost two years and is absolutely nowhere. We need a legitimate leader and need to provide the people of Ontario with an effective and critical voice in the legislature.

    The sooner we have a leader, the sooner we can raise money, start election preparation, and start recruiting candidates and building a strong platform.

  • terry_1

    I agree they should wait becasue there will probably be some federal conservative cabinet members looking for jobs by summer or soon thereafter.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Another classic Terry prediction! You're almost Cherniakian!

  • Liz J

    It's one thing to be in denial but to also be in the Land of Oz is a double whammy. Dream on Terry, enjoy your time on your desert Island. Keep waving the white flag, help will eventually come.

  • Ker

    The number of people who think neo-liberalism is socialism rather than classical liberalism/libertarianism is off-putting.

  • Gary Parker

    September is probably best, but I have to agree that I share the sense of urgency at lost time. Had Tory stepped down after his first loss we could have moved on with good momentum focusing on the good he left us with. As it is, we're in a pinch. I'm noticing nobody's throwing out names, so I will. Shurman. He's popular. He has a seat and he's the kind of new blood that will excite and grow our member base.

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