Watching Obama’s visit on Facebook

There were only about 1000 people on Parliament Hill today to greet President Obama as much of downtown was locked down. There were barricades and security officials on the MacKenzie King bridge and checkpoints a plenty as the Parliamentary precinct was secured for Obama’s seven hour visit. Barricades also line Wellington street past Sussex through Rideau and also cover the street to the US embassy.

Staying away from the fray, I’m tracking the Obama visit passively via status updates on Facebook. Here’s a sample.

F – if this was Bush, they’d be calling it a police state.

J is irritated that Air Force One delayed flights at Ottawa International today, and that all of Ottawa is going crazy b/c of President Obama…

S is chuckling at the Canadian news media who are all experiencing the big O.

R can’t shake the feeling that there’s something going on here today. I guess everyone else is excited about the Oilers taking on the Stars tonight too.

N saw obama in his motorcade, and did not experience any change.

B is demanding 20 minutes with Obama as well.

A is happy for Ottawa’s leper community today.

R is Obamatastic!

E just missed barack in the stairwell… saw his entourage.

S questions the sanity of the people calling in to cpac.

C counted from his office window 40 vehicles and 2 helicopters in the Obama entourage

B is stuck in traffic, why didn’t the President just fly to the Hill like a superhero? Or he could have walked on the canal proving he can walk on water.

L just saw the motorcade go by! Video to follow!

H is going to the Obama press conference!

J is wondering – can Canadian media get any stupider over a Presidential visit? “Yes they Canada!”

Z thinks that if they’re going to close the city down, it might as well be a holiday.

J is wondering were the anti-war protesters are?




  • Devin Maxwell

    What a negative group of friends you have Stephen… Your parties must be a blast.

  • batb

    ‘Everyone tied in knots because President Barak Obama is visiting Ottawa.


    President Obama is a mere mortal with a lot of issues on his plate and not necessarily the experience to deal with them in a decisive manner. (On the other hand, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, having got to where he is by years of hard work, lots of opposition, and more than his share of smarts, is actually a more realistic role model of effective leadership than President Obama — but who, in the Canadian MSM is pointing this out?)

    Look, I was part of BEATLEMANIA when I was a teenager and yelled with the best of them at their first Maple Leaf Gardens’ concert, but, come on! Barak Obama is the POTUS. Image does not trump content, despite what our ingratiating and sycophantic MSM likes to think.

    It’s time for our MSM to grow the H*** up and stop this silly and undignified toadying to a youthful and inexperienced U.S. president just because he’s photogenic, articulate, Democrat, and black. Being black, Democrat, articulate, and photogenic is no substitute for political experience, and even some of his most ardent admirers in the U.S. are pointing this out — and with some alarm.

    “This guy’s a star,” says Craig Oliver to Tom Clark, pointing out that PM Stephen Harper isn’t. Well, whoopee.

    Who will rid Canadians of this meddlesome, sycophantic, toadying MSM?

  • batb

    batb to stephen: Come in!!!!

    You've got to post comments within 24 hours of receiving them, otherwise bloggers go to other sites … n'est-ce pas, verdad? ;-)

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