Name the budget!

The annual federal budget in previous years has had bland, generic corp- gov-speak titles applied to their card stock-bound covers. In 2006, scoring another shot at Paul Martin post-election and seeking to underscore their main election theme (those 5 priorities), the Conservatives named the budget (drumroll) “Focusing on Priorities” and in 2007 the budget plan was titled “A stronger, safer, better Canada“, which the Liberals promptly paraphrased in their messaging by labeling their campaign “a richer, fairer, greener Canada.” In 2008, the budget was called “Responsible Leadership“.

With President Obama plunging the US deficit into the range of a trillion dollars, and Canada being dragged along the same path by the elephant projecting a 64 billion deficit over two years, what should we name this budget? Here are a few proposals:

– Yes We Can (Too)
– Welcome to the economic Obamalypse
– For God’s sake, give us a majority already
– Canada’s doomed, we couldn’t even cut $1.95
– Turning the corner… into your livingroom
– Stimulate this
– If you think this is budget’s bad, imagine a Liberal-NDP one

Post yours in the comments.



  • Stephen Taylor

    I need to ship you “Hayek for Dummies” right away!

  • Devin Johnston

    “We were Wrong, Keynes was Right”

  • Steve

    Canada's New Deal

  • Trevor

    “LOOK! Something Shiny!”

    haha…. Seriously! This whole idea of “stimulus” is ridiculous, it is just to distract and occupy those people who feel the government needs to “do something”.

  • Darcy Meyers

    Including the Kitchen sink!
    It's only money!

  • Cat

    Name the budget? How about this?

    – Coalition's Ransom

  • Pierre-Luc

    how to write with the left hand

  • Erwin

    Morey for Nothing

  • Derek MacPhail

    Change: The stuff in your pocket that used to be dollar bills.

  • Derek MacPhail

    Ever hear of Ludwig Von Mises?!?!?! I freakin' hate Keynes.

  • Derek MacPhail

    More like “Canada's Raw Deal”.

  • slgam

    The Minority – Temerity – “Wish we had a Majority” budget.

  • David

    A Fistful of Dollars;

    The Price Is Right;

    Deal or No Deal? (directed at Iggy)

  • leftdog

    -Proving the myth of 'Fiscal Conservatism' … (or)
    -If the Free Market System Works So Well, Why Do The Taxpaying Public Always Have To Bail The Free Enterprisers Out;?

    I could give you more … but I have made my point!!1

  • Steve

    The Liberal / NDP / BLOC seperatist coalition for national destruction sucks

  • Joan Tintor

    “I can't believe I borrowed the whole thing!”

  • Anonymous

    PMSH’s slash and burn special!

  • Liz J

    Liberal-NDP-Bloc wish list, NOT!

  • Bec

    The Coalition Crapped on Canada Budget.

  • Lorraine

    My uninformed guess is that the government is going to call the budget ” Action for the Economy” since that is the phrase they have been using.

  • wilson

    You Asked For It !

    Read 'Em and Weep

    Who's Afraid of a Tax Cut to the Middle Class?

    Coalition of Loser's Delight

    Iggy Made Me Do It

  • MaryT

    Iggy made me do it, my first choice,
    second, coalition ransom.

  • Don

    Harper should bring a balanced budget. Fiscal responsibility is critical and getting back into spiralling deficits is going to harm the future economic prowess of the country.

    If the wacko coalition takes him down, great! Hand them the keys and after things get worst in 12-18 months, Harper will win a Mulroney term 1 like majority.

  • Jordan Alcock

    How 'Bout

    “Hands in your pocket”

  • Myra

    The Incredible Invisible Money Supply!

  • Gabby in QC

    1. Fiscal Prudence. Fiscal? Fiscal yourself!

    2. The Coalition made me do it! (cf. Flip Wilson's “the devil made me do it)

    3. Don't worry, Be Happy! ((Bobby McFerrin song)

    4. Brother, can you spare a billion? (“Brother, can you spare a dime”, song from the 30s)

    5. Happy days are here again?

    6. Spend, Spend, Spend! (a riff on Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman)

  • Gabby in QC

    Heck, here’s some more:
    1. Money, money, money

    2. Money makes the world go ‘round (from the movie “Cabaret”… )

    3. Take a chance on me!

    4. We Kid You Not (To the unbelieving coalitionistas)

    5. Money Make The World Go Round
    I hope the last one does not have any objectionable language. I don’t quite understand all the words, but it’s got a good beat.

  • Erik Thomas

    “Well Look! T-T-T-T-Tax Cuts!”

  • Stephen Taylor

    I sure hope so

  • John

    The Winter of Our Disconnect

    On Saving the Reputations of Drunken Sailors

    Stimulation Cream Enhances the Screwing


    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Trading Places

  • terry

    Let's call it like it is:
    Harper's desperation

  • Capital C


  • Robert

    $1.95 Special.

  • Anonymous

    I would call it like it is:
    Harper’s desperation

  • Single Malt Scotch

    “Nothing for Money”

    “Holy Crap Now What”

    “Where's the Light? This tunnel goes on for ever!”

    “It slices, it dices, it puree's future generations”

    “I want my Reform Party back.”

  • Michael

    $21 billion stimulus in a $34 billion package;

    From Black to Red: Turning Canada's Economy on its Ear;

    $25 billion Boondoggle;

    Canada's Worst Kept Secret;

    Perdu Partisanism: Playing Games with Fiscal Policy;

    The Shell Game

    ….Shall I go on?

  • Rick

    “This hurts me more than its gonna hurt you”

  • Jonathan

    Jimmy was a Stimulator

    (Scott Weiland lyrics… look ‘em up for a chuckle)

  • Name that dot dot dot

    “It's only money.”

    “We'll pay you to fail – but only if you're a really, really big failure.”

    “Picking losers is more fun than picking winners. And they're a lot more grateful, if you know what I mean.”

    “We're spending your grandchildren's inheritance.”

    “Everybody else is doing it.”

    “Our head government banker is from Goldman Sachs? Ha ha ha, you're such a kidder. Where did you get that idea?”

  • kristen

    My vote is for “Stimulate this”

  • Soccermom

    This Insanity Brought to You by the Coalition of Idiots.

    The best one is “Canada's doomed, we couldn't even cut $1.95″, because that, dear friends, is what all this is about.

  • Meany

    “Canada's New BigBudget Conservatives: Because it worked so well for Bush!”

  • Meany

    Oooh or what about:
    Canadian Conservatism, 1993 – 2008. RIP.

  • RL

    How about, “I can't believe it's not Liberal!”

  • Wes Walker

    Trickle-North Oba-nomix

  • terry

    soccermom, the 1.95 cut was a sharp dig at democracy in this country and a push for dictatorship by Harper. He must go.

  • JCL


  • Evan from the GTA

    Stimulate This!

    cmon, it just reeks of raw action movie quality titling.

  • Evan from the GTA

    Stimulate This!

    cmon, it just reeks of raw action movie quality titling.