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    Toga Party !

    Then 3 essays for Professor Iggy … or else.

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  • Bec

    Wow, did you hit that one, head on!

  • MaryT

    So if the first report card is a D, will he demand PMSH write 100 lines saying, I am sorry to disappoint the opposition. My bad. Then correct the spelling and say, you are still on probation.

  • http://www.torytattler.blogspot.com Michael

    Mock all you want. You're still on notice!

  • Fay

    You made my day! Too funny!!

  • Liberal

    You’re such a moron, Taylor.

  • Liberal

    You’re such a moron, Taylor.

  • Joan Tintor

    “Fat, drunk and Liberal is no way to go through life, son.”

    Bonus: John Vernon, who protrayed Dean Wormer, was Canadian.

  • http://darcymeyers.wordpress.com Darcy Meyers

    Or what…..You'll forcefully abstain? Co-operate or you'll face the voters.

  • http://therightitswhereitsat.blogspot.com/ The Right

    Probation ! People give me a break pleases ! I think the reason the Liberals
    will support this budget beside being a Liberal budget is the fact that the Liberal
    party isn't ready to fight an election and also Mr.Ignatieff was never
    a supporter of a coalition government with the NDP supported by the separatist Bloc
    period ! Nothing more nothing less.I don't think that the Liberals will be willing to go into
    an election this spring also, now that they have the NDP and the BLOC on their backs beside
    of having money problems.

    Mr.Taylor we've seen this movie before starting Mr.Dion. The difference now is that in
    this sequel we have a new actor starting named Mr.Ignatieff. Will it be a OSCAR winning performance?
    Well we will have to wait and see.

  • terry1

    You all know that Iggy is a much more formidable foe than Dion was so quit being so arrogant. Iggy has simply given Harper time to wind down his tenure and resign by this summer or be defeated.

  • Ronald

    All that is changed – are the faces and names – Business as usual pending the next crises.

  • Alberta Girl

    Ha Ha – speaking of “arrogant”. So how come Iggy had to use the same ultimatium that is outlined on page 72 of the budget. I assume either he didn't read it or he assumes that none of his supporters will read it.

    It is really quite laughable Terry1 – and scary, oooooooow – BOO

  • BCVoiceOfReason

    I would really like a reporter ask the Professor his grading criteria as to how he will judge the Harper government. It seems that in a recession/depression the unemployment statistics should be the bottom line. Will the CPC government get a failing mark when it reaches 10%? Or when it reaches the average of 1994 to 2003 (Chretien’s years in power) 8.4%.

    The crisis inducing unemployment rate of December 2008 is 6.6%

  • D. Nicholls

    Mr. Ignoxiuos now cares about Canada? His pension is secured in American Dollrs and he wants to take care of mine. No Thanks Iggy, go back to the border and swim back!!!
    The Liberal Party has found another bunger and it looks good on them.

  • http://www.torytattler.blogspot.com Michael

    And how shameful it must be for your glorious leader to sell out with a budget such as that.

  • terry1

    Alberta girl, you will be devastated when Iggy wins seats in Alberta next election later this year.

  • ken

    … reminds me I have to rent Animal House again. It’s been too long.

    However, this is really weak soup, Mr Taylor. What’s next – photoshopping a Hitler moustache on Ignatieff and everyone commenting ROFLMAO?

    It’s ironic that the one amendment the Liberals are putting forward is about the only conservative thing about the new budget: adding oversight.

  • Jen

    I guess the conservatives will have to put the liberals on suspension for the next decade or so for stealing from the taxpayers dollars and for not returning a dime. Also The conservatives can easily and every day without fail remind the liberal party of canada of what they have done to canadian taxpayers.

    Michael Ignatieff has thirteen years of liberal report cards to produce to the prime minister showing exactly where when and how the liberals spent our tax dollars on the liberal personal use,
    I am sure, now that Ignatieff is the Dean of the liberals, his students will have to produce what the prime minister ask or face detention.
    I am sure that the undemocratic MSM we hear daily will be eager to donate their time and money in helping the liberals file the report cards which will be scruitinzed by the conservatives in checking that nothing is amiss or mis-printed-rewritten, redone in favour of the liberal party.

  • Bruce

    Are you on drugs? Iggy has stepped firmly into Dion's shoes, they fit him well.

  • http://www.RohanJayasekera.com/ Rohan Jayasekera

    I haven't even watched the video yet, but I recognize the face and I'm already laughing. Well done!

  • batb

    Just had to point out how much like Caravaggio’s Bacchus John Belushi looks.


  • http://www.mileslunn.blogspot.com Miles Lunn

    This seems more like after the next slip up. I believe the Tories are only on probation, not double secret probation yet, although maybe that will be the next step.

  • http://blog.ederek.net dbo789

    You're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding.

    The fact there is an NDP seat in Alberta is a total fluke. The cards fell into place, but don't think its a harbinger of things to come.
    1) Edmonton Strathcona encompasses both the University of Alberta and King's University College. Post Secondary campuses are usually very supportive of either the Green or NDP.
    2) Most of Edmonton's francophones reside in the district. While admittedly generalizing quite a bit, most francophones are usually left of centre.
    3) Rahim Jaffer was so absent from the district most of the time, many residents (myself included when I lived there) didn't even feel like they HAD an MP. I remember a candidate debate in 2006 where Rahim didn't even show up! He sent a lackey instead to debate against the other candidates for him.

    Rahim's overconfidence combined with the district make up are the only reason Linda Duncan has a seat at all – and only by the skin of her teeth.

    Landslide Anne held on to her seat for as long as she did only because of vote splitting on the right and pity. Harper would have to reinstate the NEP for a red seat to pop up in Conservative heartland.

  • http://www.mileslunn.blogspot.com Miles Lunn

    This seems more like after the next slip up. I believe the Tories are only on probation, not double secret probation yet, although maybe that will be the next step.

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