Paul Zed to run Ignatieff campaign

I’ve learned tonight from sources close to the Ignatieff team that Paul Zed will head up Ignatieff’s leadership campaign as his National Director. Zed is the former Ignatieff 2006 national Liberal leadership co-chair and a former Saint John, New Brunswick MP.

UPDATE: An reader points out that Zed’s been the one doing media on how Ignatieff isn’t a fan of the coalition.



38 thoughts on “Paul Zed to run Ignatieff campaign”

  1. Saint John, New Brunswick … we get very annoyed when we get confused with St. John’s … so now also being known as St. Jean I’m sure wouldn’t go over well with the locals …

  2. The grown-ups in the Liberal Party may have a coronation for Iggy, but the radical leftists will come out in full force at the convention and give it to Rae. Rae's record of incompetence and mismanagement is a good match to his patronizing ignorance of all the little people, he especially adores ethnics and will go on at length about how cute they are, he'll be an excellent leader for the Liberal Party of Montreal and Her Majesty's 'Loyal' Opposition.

  3. The Libs should go ahead and crown Iggy as leader. This is a man who represents the elitist of this country. He wouldn't recognize a severely ordinary Canadian if he fell over them.
    With his lizard like tongue licking his lips, his raised eyebrows and that scolding look on his face trying to explain to the unwashed masses why he is the “One” Canadians will be turned off in large numbers.

  4. I encourage the Libs to elect Iggy as leader. We can watch this inexperienced poitician with his big eyebrows and correspondingly big mouth try to convince severely ordinary Canadians that he understands their pain.
    A patrician, arrogant, elitist with his lizard like tongue licking his lips he will remind Canadians as they get to see and hear him that this is not a man of the people but one who represents the elites of this country.
    It won’t be long before the carpetbagger wears thin on the vast majority of Canadians.

  5. Since we all know that the Liberals drop by this site to guage our opinion how about some free advice?

    Why don’t you clowns appoint some non-elected female to the post and let her steal the limelight away from a bunch of old farts who have no clue on earth how to run a cocktail party at Seagrams let alone a political party.

    Make sure she is cute and ideally that she doesn’t sound like a bimbo when she talks.

    This would take the heat off all the idiots in charge.

    Then my most novel part of the whole plan (aside from actually having one not written on those cocktail napkins) Why not a) back away from the coalition and b) have an AS SCHEDULED leadership convention in May and c) pick a leader who has some sense of Joe and Jane average citizen.

    Let that leader try to find some ways to appeal to Joe and Jane, find out why they have dumped the party and try to get them back?

    Oh silly me, why do this when the other plan is working so well at least for the next four minutes until they have a NEW new plan!

    Personally, I think they have a hidden agenda to take over the house of commons armed with flyswatters wearing those cute little hats with the propeller on top.

  6. Paul Zed can head up Ignatieff’s campaign, hopefully, it will be much better than his own of which he lost. Sort of like a loser backing a loser. Although I would prefer Ignatieff as opposed to Bob Rae who is reaching out to all his former (NDP) radicals and union types. For all intents and purposes he may as well be heading up the NDP and put the boots to Jack Layton. This lethal cocktail mix of Iggy, Rae and Layton reminds me of Jim Jones’ coolaid and we know where that all ended. Throw in Duceppe and my, my, lights out. Canadians are not that dumb, so do away with the coalition and lets get on governing for Canadians as it should be.

  7. Hollinm, Iggy can be as good an actor as Steve Harper…his recent national address was just so much soap opera filled with more lies and innuendos.

  8. Rae is out so liberals will be led by a Bush supporer of the Iraq war. Also believes torture is ok in certain circumstances. That is being proven by what he is doing to liberal members.

  9. There are no grown ups in the Liberal party!

    They are missing the whole point since October, they lost and need to rebulid. That the turkey running the party came up with the coalition idea was insane. The “grown-ups” in the liberal party should have stood up and attacked it BEFORE they served it on a platter to Harper.

    Not only is he “off the hook” for the crisis the Liberals are a laughing stock to the NDP and Bloc!

    Leadership would have said. No we won’t go along with this deal but we will vote against the economic statement (forcing Harper to make changes or risk defeat)

    Leadership would have fired Dion’s butt and still preserved the integrity of the party by insisting on walking away from the coalition crisis and insisting on the May leadership as planned.

    This will only infuriate Rae and the lefties as Iggy takes on the party. That is what the party needs is a move away from the left but they need to do it without a manufactured crisis at hand.

    This bunch of incompetents is causing cemeteries full of Liberal leaders to rumble with the fits of turning by the likes of Laurier, Pearson, King and Trudeau.

    Somewhere Chretien is heard saying “you bastardes tink you can destroy me? I’ll ruin you all and you won’t even reaolize dat i tis me doihg itt! hahhahahahahhah! Dat Harpher he watch me good and knows how to divide the awfulsition.”

  10. It strikes me a moose on the kitchen table large that no one wants to mention that despite the MSM touting the strength of the Liberal Dream team in juxtaposition to PMSH lone-wolf leadership and now it turns out there is only one leadership candidate that the Liberals can come up with.

    It turns out there is no one from the Dream team roster that could step in a provide credible leadership while the anointed one gets soviet style approval from the proletariat: You can exercise your democratic rights in the Liberal party so long as you vote for the only candidate.

    The fact that the Liberal machine thinks so little of Martha, Ralph , Scottie, Gerald, McCallum and Joe Vople that they were actual second choices to Dion as interim leader speaks volumes.
    The Liberal party is devoid of ideas, ethics and now it turns out even personalities.

  11. Ignatieff must take some heat. The coalition has made it clear in the letter to the GG that they have lost confidence in the government and are prepared to form a new one. Ignatieff of course, tells Canadians something different. He should not be allowed to mislead the GG or Canadians any more.

  12. This should prove interesting. Paul Zed heading up Ignatieff’s campaign. Lost his own badly, so I’m sure he can offer up some great ideas to this campaign. Loser backs loser. Only good point is: Coalition gets the deep six. Now, bring on an election and Mr. Harper will receive his majority. Foolishness finally falls by the wayside commonly known as – Nice to know but usless information. A good day for Cons.

  13. Picture this. A Conservative academic from the United States of America who just recently returned to his/her birth country to run for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and by extension Prime Minister of Canada. Just imagine. The institutional hypocracy in the liberal party of Canada and the mainstream media in Canada is absolutely breathtaking. Thank goodness for the Conservative blogs. Iggy = Mr. U.S.A.

  14. The above is right, it has been more about who is not running then who is running when it comes to the Liberal leadership. Maybe the Tories can use this as a benchmark in the future. In other words, when the number of candidates putting their name forward (in a serious manner) outnumber the ones withdrawing, then we know it’s time to dig in. Until then, I think we are running against a less then unified and efficient machine.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Liberal brand is always strong and should be taken seriously. I just don’t see them attempting to work on their weaknesses, or admit to their obvious failures. Until they do, it will be tough for them to ever get back to where they are used being.

    Unless they are content on being Canada’s natural government in waiting.

  15. Hate to get personal…however…Iggy creeps me out…His “slitty” eyes…His lizard like tongue when he licks his lips…and that smile…I am reminded of how in the cartoon “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, the Grinch is on the mountain top nastily looking down on Whoville…Well, you get the picture.

  16. so where does Kinsella fit into all of this. The impression he’s left on his blog is that he’ll be kicking ass for Iggy too.
    Yet he’s busy suntanning his buns on a Jamaican beach for Canada Obama’s big moment.

  17. Paul Zed has his work cut out for him running Iggy's campaign for the leadership! What a joke!

    I resent Ignatieff coming on the political scene in this country after years of living elsewhere, parachuted to the leadership of the Liberals who with a coalition, he could become PM.
    I don't see any sign the people of this country will accept this coalition with the Bloc giving an embryo politician in the top job of PM if they succeed in taking down the government we elected.

    I thought Ignatieff was smoothly arrogant on MDL this evening. That won't fly with rank and file, ordinary Canadians.
    It's a disgrace the media hacks are so disrespectful of PM Harper, he deserves better for the job he's doing and the Office he holds.

  18. He’s not even the leader yet and immediately Iggy is called a faliure? Completely based on personal attacks too no less. Call your dogs off and let things unfold. Sheesh.

    I’ve seen his documentary on nationalism in Quebec – sharing a beer in the pub with locals from the townships – he didn’t look out of place, he documented their concerns amicably. He shined.

  19. Ignatieff in his media conference is disingenuous on his position on the Coalition Accord.

    In paragraph 2. of the Accord it is stated:

    “The Prime Minister will be the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

    At the bottom of the Accord the signatories are:

    Agreed on Dec. 1, 2008

    Hon. Stephane Dion
    Leader, Liberal Party of Canada

    Hon. Jack Layton
    Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada”

    Now that Dion is gone and Ignatieff is the “leader of the Liberal party of Canada” .. will Ignatieff ask that the Accord be revised with HIS signature, and meet with Layton and Duceppe to reconfirm his support of the Coalition Accord?

    Ignatieff can’t have it both ways with his “Coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition” position, and then proclaiming he is still behind the Accord.

    The current Accord names Dion as the Liberal leader, and Ignatieff cannot present himself as the Liberal leader and the next Prime Minister, without re-signing the Coalition Accord.

    I want to see Ignatieff sitting at the same table with Layton and Duceppe, signing the Accord and then shaking hands with the other two allies.

  20. Please do not be mislead by Iggy, he seeks power just as much as Dion ever did. I do not believe the coalition is dead at all. Remember Iggy was with Rae and the other liberal guy (sorry, I can't remember his name) who came out in full support of the coalition with the socialists and separatists. We will see what happens in January.

  21. So far I'm not opposed to Ignatieff. I like his approach. I wrote to him last night to offer some advice. Taking the “high road” is a good move for him. If he continues to attack policy and not the person, then he has a good chance to rebuild the fortunes of his party. I think the Liberals have largely been destroyed by the likes of Martin and Chretien over the past couple of decades. If Ignatieff can drive out the corrupt element from those regimes, he could bring the party back online. If he adopts the personal attack formats of Chretien and Martin, then they may as well start digging the grave. The party will not survive. He's a Harvard man and should have the IQ numbers to figure this out. The real question is whether or not he has the balls to control the internal pressure to resist change.


  22. Does that also mean that Iggy is committed to raising the GST? PZed was expounding again just yesterday on MDL how bad that GST cut is for Canadians.

    Which would imply either that Ignatieff (or at least Paul Zed, speaking on behalf of the LPC), supports what he considers bad policy (and wants all Canadians to know it), or that he plans to raise the GST. Or would he say that as a leader he would complain about things he would have the power to change, then refuse to change them?

  23. I could care less about Count Iggy. He may or may not be turn out to be a good leader. The jury is still out on that one. However, for the Liberal party to appoint him leader without a convention or a one member one vote opportunity for the grassroots shows that the Liberal party is only concerned about its own partisan interests and their desire to be returned to government at all costs and as soon as possible.
    What do we know about the Iggster? What is his position on the economy? What is his real position on foreign policy other than saying Israel committed war crimes or that he believes in torture. Oh, almost forgot he recanted those positions not in Canada though but in an American newspaper.
    Here we have a “leader” of the official opposition appointed by the old men in the party and that party doesn't even know what direction he intends on taking the party.
    I predict Count Iggy will not wear well on the Canadian people. He will come off as arrogant, patrician and a pompous as.hole. Anybody who pretends he knows something about rural Canada and agriculture by talking about being raised in his uncle's barn as evidence will not take long to convince people he knows nothing about how ordinary Canadians live and what their concerns are.

  24. When I saw Iggy's press conference I just about threw up. I thought this guy can't be for real. Waxing on about growing up in his uncle's barn as proof he understands agriculture and rural Canadians was laughable. His arrogant smirk, and lizard lick tongue licking his lips will cause the severely normal Canadian to say who does this guy think he is.
    Accusing Harper of creating a crisis when it was his party and the rest of the idiot sauvants in the opposition parties who thought they could steal power by putting an economic statement to a confidence vote after being duly elected in the previous 6 weeks. They got fooled and found out quickly the Canadian people were not going to let Dion and Layton control the government with Duceppe having veto power over every piece of legislation.
    The fact that Iggy has not disavowed the coaltion will cost him big time in the next election. The picture of Iggy, LeBlanc and Rae standing out there saying they had confidence in the coalition and Dion as leader will come back to haunt him big in the next election.

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