Vote results on policy resolutions

P-106 healthcare (No)
P-110 at-risk workers (Yes)
P-113 dangerous offender status (Yes)
P-114 faint-hope clause (Yes)
P-119 human trafficking (Yes)
P-202 affirm Charter (Yes)
P-203 human rights commission jurisdiction (Yes)
P-207 protecting pregnant women (Yes)
P-213 women (Yes)
P-218 diversity principles (Yes)
P-222 temporary workers (Yes)
P-223 program coordination and outcome audits (Yes)
P-301 new securities regulator (Yes)
P-303 capital gains (Yes)
P-305 income splitting (Yes)
P-306 tax code simplification (Yes)
P-308 striking workers (Yes)
P-321 agricultural trade agreements (Yes)
P-101 climate change in the North (Yes)
P-104 energy from garbage (Yes)
P-105 offshore oil and gas development (Yes)
P-111 complementary health (No)
P-122 veterans principles (Yes)
P-205 advancing arctic sovereignty (Yes)
P-208 student loans (No)
P-209 EI for summer students (No)
P-307 innovation (No)
P-311 invest in arctic research (Yes)
P-312 long-term energy framework (Yes)
P-316 rural family businesses (No)



5 thoughts on “Vote results on policy resolutions”

  1. Where can one get a copy online of the actual wording of these resolutions for one's personal “archives”?

  2. Thanks for that link.

    What I was looking for, though, was the actual wording of each resolution as amended and voted on in the plenary session, minus the deletions and strike-throughs. I don't know if such a document exists.

  3. What results do you have on the proposed amendments to be made to the constitution.
    Has the membership of the Party continued to be stripped of what little power that it was able to retain from the Reform days?

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