Preston Manning Live Interview

Today, at 6pm EST, we’re going to try something new. My boss at the Manning Centre, Preston Manning, will answer your questions live here on this blog. The floor is open to whatever you’d like to ask (within reason) and I’ll do my best to moderate the discussion. It’ll be like those old days of the AOL celebrity chat, but with new web 2.0 technology. I hope that you’ll join us.

UPDATE: We’re live!

UPDATE: I think the experiment was a success. Here’s the video.



  • Jan

    It seems to me in listening to Mr.Manning that he basically agree with an Carbon Tax as proposed by the Liberals.
    but he also claimed that the implementation as proposed by Dion is wrong.
    As a conservative I do believe that action need to be taken on the enviroment issue, and the Harper Govt. will definitely come up with a better programme to counteract the Liberal approach which is full of holes.

  • prestonjr

    OK MEN! Time to oil and recrank the Reform Party Machine. I WON'T VOTE CONSERVATIVE (?) anyway, so give me an option. It's no vote or a vote for Preston! A devoted Ontario Reformer!

  • dave

    Quite impressive. Reminds me of why I joined Reform when it came to Ontario.

  • Oemissions

    Stephan Dion is Not a Leader.

  • Oemissions

    Stephan Dion is Not a Leader.