CBC blindsides Harper

Please watch the following video featuring a report from CBC’s Christina Lawand from last night’s National. Lawand follows the Conservatives to Cornwall, Ontario to report on the governing party’s caucus meeting. Watch how Lawand takes a Harper answer at a press conference and applies it to her own view of the Prime Minister.

UPDATE: August 21st, 2006: CBC expresses “regret” on-air as a result of this video (and the complaints received as a result from it)



2 thoughts on “CBC blindsides Harper”

  1. I’m surprised you interpreted the clip used in the report as being unfavourable to the Arab side specifically. When I watched that clip, I saw him referring not to the Arab side in particular but to the fact that there are various communities with (let’s face it) pretty predictable biases. When you showed the longer clip, I couldn’t figure out what contradiction you were trying to point out: that one and the excerpt were saying the same thing as far as I could see. It was only when I saw your question afterward that I saw you were actually reading a biased interpretation into the use of the shorter clip. I think you’re quite off side on this, sorry.

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