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Mississauga--Malton, ON - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

ūüďĆ The Canadian federal electoral district of Mississauga--Malton was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. ūüŹÜ Iqwinder Gaheer, the Liberal candidate, won the riding with 21766 votes making up a 52.8% share of the vote. ūü•ą The runner-up Conservative candidate, Clyde Roach, received 12625 votes (30.6%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 9141. ūüďä Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Waseem Ahmed - NDP (14%).
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Briefing on Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton, Canada

Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton is a federal electoral district in Canada located in the province of Ontario. The district shares its boundaries with the City of Brampton, Etobicoke North, and Mississauga Centre. The district was created in 2013 and has since been an important part of Mississauga-Marriott's political landscape.

Population Centres

The district of Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton consists of several population centres, including the cities of Malton and Meadowvale, as well as parts of the city of Brampton. Malton is the largest population centre in the district and has a significant South Asian population. It is also home to the Pearson International Airport, Canada's busiest airport. Meadowvale has a diverse population and is home to several large corporations' offices, including Microsoft and GlaxoSmithKline. Brampton has a significant Indo-Canadian population and is known for its cultural diversity.

Issues and Events

Between 2019 and 2022, a significant news event in the district was the tragic plane crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. The plane took off from Tehran, Iran, and crashed shortly after, killing all 176 passengers and crew members, including several residents of Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton.

Another issue faced by the district was the ongoing strike by Ontario college professors in 2019, which disrupted the academic calendar of many students in the community.


Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton is a vibrant and diverse community with an economy that includes sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. Some of the major employers in the area include Amazon, Pearson International Airport, and Canada Post. The district is also home to several small businesses, which contribute significantly to the local economy.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the economy of the district, as it did across Canada. The pandemic led to widespread business closures and layoffs at local businesses, resulting in an uncertain economic outlook for many residents.

Important Landmarks

One of the most important landmarks in Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton is the Pearson International Airport. The airport serves as a significant economic driver for the region, and it is Canada's busiest airport. Other important landmarks in the district include the Mississauga Convention Centre, Chinguacousy Park, and the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada.

Arts and Culture

Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton has a thriving arts and culture scene, with several community-based organizations offering events and programs throughout the year. Some of the most significant cultural events in the district include Carassauga, an annual multicultural festival celebrated by over 70 countries, and the annual Malton Festival. The district is home to several community organizations, including the Malton Community Centre, the Punjabi Community Health Services, and the Black Community Action Network.

Electoral Issues

During the 2021 federal election, the economy and healthcare were significant electoral issues in Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton. Concerns about job security, affordability, and the COVID-19 pandemic were top of mind for many residents. Another important issue was increased funding for healthcare, especially for senior citizens.

Community Organizations

There are several important community organizations in Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton, including:

  1. Peel Newcomer Strategy Group
  2. Love Thy Neighbour
  3. Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
  4. Malton Neighbourhood Services
  5. Muslim Welfare Centre

Multicultural Groups

Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton is a diverse community with several significant cultural demographic segments. The most significant cultural groups in this district include South Asians, Black Canadians, and Indo-Canadians. The district has a strong cultural heritage, with several cultural festivals and events celebrated throughout the year.

In conclusion, Mississauga‚ÄĒMalton is a thriving district in Canada with diverse populations. The district has significant landmarks with a growing arts and culture scene that showcases its vibrant community. During the 2021 federal election, the district experienced electoral issues such as the economy and healthcare. Additionally, there are several important community organizations that serve the immediate society of the district.

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