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Markham--Unionville, ON - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

📌 The Canadian federal electoral district of Markham--Unionville was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. 🏆 Paul Chiang, the Liberal candidate, won the riding with 21958 votes making up a 48.6% share of the vote. 🥈 The runner-up Conservative candidate, Bob Saroya, received 18959 votes (41.9%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 2999. 📊 Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Aftab Qureshi - NDP (6.6%).
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Briefing on Markham—Unionville Federal Electoral District

Welcome to the Markham—Unionville Federal Electoral District, located in the province of Ontario, Canada. This district is situated just north of Toronto and boasts a large and diverse population. With a mix of urban and suburban areas, there is a strong focus on technology and industry in this district.

Population centres

The two largest population centres in this district are the cities of Markham and Unionville. Markham is a hub for business, innovation, and cultural diversity, and is home to several globally renowned companies such as IBM and Huawei. Unionville, on the other hand, offers a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere with its historic Main Street, offering unique shops and restaurants alongside charming heritage homes.

Issues and events

Between 2019-2022, the Markham—Unionville district faced challenges surrounding affordable housing which became a significant issue in the 2021 federal election. The rising costs of housing affected local families, new immigrants, and young people, who were struggling to find appropriate and reasonably priced housing. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges for small business owners in the district, forcing many to close or operate at limited capacity.


Markham is known to have one of the strongest economic bases in Canada, with a thriving technology industry, retail centers, and business parks. Several international companies including IBM, Huawei, AMD, and Toshiba have set up their headquarters in Markham. Over the years, this district has begun to emerge as a hub for biotechnology and life sciences research. The Markham—Unionville district has also seen a steady rise in employment rates over the years due to technological advancements and business expansions. One of the region's largest employers is the Markham-Stouffville Hospital, which caters to the healthcare needs of the community.

Important landmarks

This district is home to several significant landmarks and natural sites. The Markham Museum is an award-winning heritage site that showcases the history and cultures of the community. Unionville's historic Main Street has retained its old-world charm and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The Milne Dam Conservation Park offers a stunning visual experience with its well-manicured gardens, serene ponds, and walking trails. Other popular attractions include the Varley Art Gallery and the Reesor Farm Market.

Arts and culture

Markham has a strong focus on the arts, with several galleries, theaters, and cultural events that run throughout the year. The Flato Markham Theater hosts a variety of entertainers, musicians, and performers throughout the year. The Markham Village Music Festival is an annual event that showcases local artists, and the Markham Jazz Festival attracts jazz enthusiasts from around the world. The Markham Public Library offers numerous programs and events that promote reading and literacy skills amongst residents.

Electoral issues

The most significant electoral issue for this district during the 2021 federal election was the challenge surrounding affordable housing. Candidates from various political parties outlined several proposals that addressed concerns around the high cost of living and the increasing demand for affordable housing.

Community organizations

The Markham—Unionville community has several notable community organizations, including the Markham Food Bank, which provides support to families who are experiencing food insecurity. The Markham African Caribbean Association provides assistance to new and established families from African and Caribbean countries who are settling into the community. The Markham Arts Council supports artists and cultural events within the community.

Multicultural groups

Markham—Unionville has a diverse population, and there are several significant ethnic and cultural communities. The Chinese-Canadian community is one of the largest in the district and has a significant impact on the local economy. The South Asian community is also prevalent and is represented by several community organizations and businesses. The Filipino-Canadian community is also growing in the area and plays an active role in the district's cultural events and festivals.

In conclusion, Markham—Unionville is a vibrant and diverse Federal Electoral District with much to offer residents and visitors alike. From its thriving tech industry and significant cultural landmarks to its supportive community organizations and rich multicultural landscape, Markham—Unionville has much to offer.

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