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Bonavista--Burin--Trinity, NL - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

ūüďĆ The Canadian federal electoral district of Bonavista--Burin--Trinity was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. ūüŹÜ Churence Rogers, the Liberal candidate, won the riding with 13972 votes making up a 46.6% share of the vote. ūü•ą The runner-up Conservative candidate, Sharon Vokey, received 12278 votes (40.9%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 1694. ūüďä Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Anne Marie Anonsen - NDP (8.3%).
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Briefing on Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity, Canada

Welcome to Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity, one of the 338 federal electoral districts in Canada. Located in the eastern part of Newfoundland and Labrador, it encompasses a large geographic area including the Bonavista Peninsula, the Burin Peninsula, and the southwest coast of the island of Newfoundland. This district is known for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and diverse economy.

Population Centres

The largest population centres in Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity are the towns of Clarenville, Marystown, and Bonavista. Clarenville serves as a hub for the surrounding rural areas and is the economic centre for Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity. Marystown has a strong industrial presence and is home to the Newfoundland and Labrador Shipbuilding facility. It is also the service centre for many nearby communities. Bonavista, a historic town on the Bonavista Peninsula, is known for its scenic views, cultural attractions, and fishing heritage.

Issues and Events

Between 2019 and 2022, Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity was impacted by several local issues and events. One of the most significant was the closure of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries facility in Marystown, which led to the loss of over 400 jobs. The local economy also experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including restrictions on travel and tourism. One positive development was the reopening of the Bonavista North Museum and Gallery, which showcases the cultural heritage of the region.


The economy of Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity is diverse, with major employers in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. The Newfoundland and Labrador Shipbuilding facility in Marystown is a significant industrial employer, with a focus on offshore oil and gas projects. The healthcare sector is also a major employer, with the Eastern Health regional authority operating hospitals and medical clinics across the district. Tourism is an important industry, with attractions such as the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, the Trinity Historic District, and the Terra Nova National Park drawing visitors from around the world.

Recent economic events in Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity include the completion of the multi-year Bonavista Biennale art festival, which showcased the region's cultural and artistic heritage. However, the closure of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries facility in Marystown had a profound impact on the local economy, with many residents losing their jobs and facing uncertain prospects.

Important Landmarks

Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity is home to many important landmarks and natural attractions. The Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, located on the Bonavista Peninsula, is one of the oldest operating lighthouses in Newfoundland and offers stunning views of the coastline. The Trinity Historic District is a well-preserved example of a 19th-century fishing village and is home to many cultural institutions and events. Other natural attractions in the district include Terra Nova National Park, which offers opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, boating, and fishing.

Arts and Culture

Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity has a rich cultural heritage, with deep ties to the province's fishing and maritime history. The Bonavista Biennale art festival, held every two years, showcases the work of local and international artists across a variety of mediums. The Trinity Pageant is an annual event that celebrates the region's history and culture through music, theatre, and dance. The region is also home to many museums and galleries, including the Bonavista North Museum and Gallery and the Trinity Historical Society.

Electoral Issues

During the 2021 federal election, the economic and social issues facing Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity were a significant focus for voters. Candidates addressed concerns about job creation, healthcare access, and infrastructure investment, particularly related to roads and telecommunications.

Community Organizations

Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity is home to many important community organizations that provide economic and social support to residents. These include the Community Business Development Corporation, which offers assistance to local entrepreneurs and small businesses, and the Bonavista Peninsula Health Centre, which provides healthcare services and support to residents in the area. Other notable organizations include the Bonavista-Trinity-Fogo Island Area Chamber of Commerce, the Discovery Global Geopark organization, and the Burin Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Multicultural Groups

Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity has a diverse population, with many cultural demographic segments represented in the region. While there are no major cultural enclaves or institutions dedicated to specific groups, many cultural events and festivals throughout the district celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the province and its people.

We hope this brief overview of Bonavista‚ÄĒBurin‚ÄĒTrinity has been informative and helpful. For more information about the district and its communities, please visit the official website of the Government of Canada or the Newfoundland and Labrador tourism website.

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