Larry Summers nods off

US President Barack Obama’s economic adviser Larry Summers is seen here dozing off during a press conference with reporters while his boss explains what he learned about interest payments on borrowed money from the credit card companies.

Michael Ignatieff is said to have met with Summers later on for a private dinner.

If the most exciting political leader of our generationâ„¢ put an economist into snooze-mode, I can’t imagine what sort of responsive state Summers is in today after his meeting with Dr. Michael life-of-the-party Ignatieff.

The Liberal leader’s new book is titled True Patriot Love wherein Ignatieff recounts four generations of his family. One wonders if Ignatieff presented Summers with a copy for bedtime reading. Early reviews indicate that it’s no Dreams from My Father. But, who knows, it still could be a sleeper hit.



  • Liz J

    Wow, if Larry had wine with dinner Michael may have had a one-way conversation. Of course, Michael wouldn't mind talking to himself. It's not so much what's said, it's all about the optics of the trip. Na,na,na,na,na, I got friends in the Obama white House on a first name basis and Mr. harper doesn't.

  • JDot

    Stephen, TMZ has a way better picture..

  • Omanator

    I think that most people seem to miss the real significance of the miss steps of Obamas people.
    One falls asleep. Napolitano does not know where the 9/11 terrorist come from. She told us they came through Canada, when the truth is that they all had US Driver licenses. Now she wants to do away with the secure driver license program that was instituted after 9/11. Either these people are really uneducated or don't care.
    In either way it does not bode well for our Relationship with the US.
    As far as Ignatieff is concerned ,who gave him the authority to speak on behalf of Canada to White House Staff?
    He is not even crowned leader of the Liberal Party never mind PM. He bragged about his discussion with his former buddies on Power Play. I don't want Ignatieff speak for me, a Canadian, at the White House.

  • Loren

    I love this! I am sure Obama was impressed! I might thumb through a copy of Iggplant's book free when the libraries buy it (sounds like there is only one chapter of interest). I would certainly not want to contribute to any royalties. I gather that none of the family really liked Canada too much – always wanted to criticize and change it or, in his father's case, rebel against change that people wanted. No thanks. We have enough critics, and need STABILITY and a return to values we really believe in in Canada, with all the crazy change implemented by Liberal policies and conservative governments who did not fulfil their real mandates coming to fruition.

    Dreams of my father, in contrast, is readable – a young man trying to understand his complex roots. Very different from a senior citizen (a citizen of England mostly) still trying to figure out who he is – in public, no less – and trying to justify his desire to seek power in his birth country. He has foot-in-mouth disease, as we know he does not get our culture, having missed so much!

    Maybe Iggplant should have done his cross-country trip at age 20 something; instead he called Canada provincial and left. I lived abroad too in those years, and it does make one nostalgic for roots; but, hello, wrapping a flag around him does not make him PM material … He should join a think tank or something .. be a visiting prof of some university or whatever …

    I might read his book sequel when he is 74, “Power-seeking as a Strategy for Loss of identity; But not Necessarily Power: How I Corrupted McKenzie-King's Famous Quotes to Further my Ambition.

  • terry1

    Omanator, And I don't want Harper speaking for me anywhere

  • terry1

    Loren, it will still be bettee than harper's future bio which will have as a theme the fiscal destruction of Canada.

  • Doozy

    I don't get this post at all… if Summer met Iggy after the press conference, what does him falling asleep earlier in the day have anything to do with anything?

  • Werner Patels

    In all fairness to Larry, I think we’re all so utterly bored by the “numbers game” at this point that we’d all like to simply sleep through this ordeal.

  • terry1

    When their own party is almost down and out tories start the nasties. They only have one policy. Be angry and insult anyone who catches on

  • Liz J

    Terry, you say it will be bettee [sic] than Harper's “future” bio? So Harper didn't really write one on his way to the top then?

    Appears Iggplant realized the people of Canada really don't know him and wanted to give them all the inside dope on the great accomplishments of Me, Myself and I. He's a HARVARD man don't you know, HARVARD I tell you!

    Frankly there are many Liberals who aren't too impressed either, the gulf is widening. It will be interesting to see how many turn up for the Seinfeld convention. They may need lots of mirrors and canned applause.

    BTW, has Chevy McCallum been put on probation for his pathetic lie? Guess Iggplant hasn't got much time for mere lies, par for the course. Such behaviour does chip away at one's credibility on more important issues.

    Have you been apprised of the government surplus, Terry?

  • MaryT

    The point re Summers falling a sleep is, if he falls asleep listening to the POTUS, what would he do with iggowaffle. What time did the meeting between iggo and summers take place, and was it at the WH.
    Considering the WH was evacuated for much of the day, and O taken to a safe place, did said meeting take place. No pictures, no mention on US media, the only place we have heard about it is from iggy and his spinmasters.
    Terry, seems you had a very bad night, or got out of bed on the wrong side. Buy a pair of ear plugs for the next few years so you don't have to listen to our great PMSH.
    Are you going to the great leadership thingy in BC, to smooze up your unelected, uncontested leader.
    Considering that on several occassions iggy has said when HE is in govt etc that tells me that he doesn't consider being in opposition to being in govt. And, always saying I, Me, he has no use for all you grassroot people, other than to give him a job with a pension.

  • batb

    Doozy (or is it Dozy?): “I don't get this post at all… if Summer met Iggy after the press conference, what does him [sic] falling asleep earlier in the day have anything to do with anything?”

    a) Obviously, Summer isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    b) So, big deal that Count Iggula met Summer after the press conference. 'Seems like he's not much of a catch, this Summer guy. 'Wonder just how Iggy's talk with him might benefit Canadians. But wait! Iggy's not at all interested in benefiting Canadians: He just wants to help himself.

    It's the height of arrogance for Michael Ignatieff to play on his Hahvahd pedigree and the commensurate White House connections as the so-called “leader” of the Opposition here in Canada. It's not his role to foster connections with the U.S./White House independent of the governing party of Canada. This move shows what an elitist Iggy is, trying an end run around Prime Minister Stephen Harper and, in doing so, attempting to come across as more connected and cosmopolitan than our PM.

    This move on his part may well backfire. It's left more of a bad taste in my mouth.

    Terry1: Re your remark, “Omanator, And I don't want Harper speaking for me anywhere.” Well, tough for you. The difference between Ignatieff speaking for Canadians at the White House and Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking for Canadians at the White House is that Iggy has no bona fides to speak for Canadians, except his parachute jump into his riding and his acclamation as Liberal leader, whereas Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the duly elected leader of our country. I realize that for a Liberal, these distinctions are mere quibbling. For the rest of us, however, there is an important principle involved and it's called “the democratic process.” Liberals like you may not honour due process when it comes to who it is that speaks for citizens of a country but for people of principle it matters a great deal.

    And, finally, sorry to be OT, but where's the thread on the Tamil Tigers?

  • terry1

    Bat b……The liberal has followed their constitution to a T in elevating IGGY to the leaders position. The rest of your noise is simply nonsense.

  • Nick

    “Clearly Summers isnt the sharpest night in the drawer”?? Since when is staying awake a sign of intelligence. The guy is 54 and working his tail off to navigate a nation through a major financial crisis. I think that I'll give him a free pass this time.

  • Nick

    How about the 100 000 people of Etobicoke—Lakeshore? Can he speak for them? How about the 26% of Canadians that voted Liberal? Can he give them a voice?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Larry is an economist!

  • MikeW

    I don't see anything remarkable about Iggy meeting with Summers, they were both at Harvard. Iggy as a prof? and Summers as Pres. ( remember the ladies arn't so good at science and math speech) lost his job over that I understand.

  • MaryT

    Re the 9/11 terrorists who arrived in the USA via the US customs. Not only did they have drivers licences, issued in the USA, they also took flying lessons in the USA. They were there a long time before 9/11. And why was it after the fact that it come out these guys did not want to learn how to land a plane.

  • Liz J

    Larry's an economist? Then Iggplant needs to talk to him for sure since he's not in agreement with our Economist PM. He may well be surprised to find the US Admin would welcome tips from our PM. It's more by design than accident the POTUS visited Canada first.

  • terry1

    Of course he can speak for the people in his riding. They elected him fair and Square and they had a choice of parties in each election. He will start giving voice to all Liberals at the convention when one person one vote rules are enacted. They have new on line tools for communicating with the party and within the party. Does that answer your baseless question?

  • Alberta Bob

    Only in the House of Commons. Not internationally.

  • Omanator

    Wake up from your phantasies. Iggy, will distruct the country totally.

  • Omanator

    Liz, Obama has already listened to our PM, He has said so.

  • Omanator

    How nice. Terry1 Democracy is nonsense. We should have picked that up earlier.

  • terry1

    My FANTASIES are real nightmares. I dream of Harper getting a majority and wake up sweating profusively as everything I value about this country would be in mortal danger.

  • terry1

    If our PM is a real economist then I'm Superman.

  • terry1

    Yep he listened to him and then went and washed his hands.

  • Liz J

    Correct, he is not the voice of Canada on the world stage.

    BTW, apparently Iggplant has his old job waiting for him in Baaaston should things not work out here.

    The Seinfeld convention should be a real hoot. Wonder if Cramer and George will speak early or towards the end?

  • ByJove

    Theoretically, Harper can’t speak for us on the international stage, either, being that he’s head of government, and not head of state.

    Oh, and you spelled Summers’ name wrong.

  • Casual Observer

    Would the Great Iggster even notice if Summers dozed off? Would he care? As long as he can hear the sound of his own voice, is not the Great Iggster happy? I’m quite sure the Iggster, being a university prof, is fully accustomed to people in a room dozing off; but it matters not, because of his, well – magnificence.
    And of course, even if all others in a room were snoring away, the Canadian MSM would be dutifully fawning over, and reporting how mesmerizing or calming the Great Iggster’s speaking ability was.

  • Liberal

    You, a Harperholic, are accusing Iggy of being boring?

    Are you out of that little mind you have?

  • terry1

    NOpe, Mulroney and Joe Clarke will be surprise guest speakers.

  • Michael

    How many of Harper’s books has Obama (or anyone else) read? Oh wait….

  • MaryT

    Summers was interviewd on Fox News Sunday today. First, he said he was just getting ahead start on achieving the american dream, by falling asleep. Second, not one word of his meeting with iggy. Where is Summers office, I don't think it is at the White House.

  • terry1

    Bat B…. maybe you need to look at what even the conservative press is saying about the Libs vis a vis the Tamils to understand why your host may have pulled that blog.

    “Between Messrs. Rae and Ignatieff, the Liberal Party of Canada has reinvented itself on this issue — and on other broad questions of foreign policy. How refreshing it is to see a party leadership that puts principle before electoral expedience. It's one big reason, we suspect, why so many Canadians are taking a fresh look at the Liberals.”…

    That should provide another answer for you as well on questions about Iggy's ego………I think you Tories need to look at the mirror when looking for arrogance, ignorance and egos. You have a party divided;you slammed your only true former PM is the last 50 years; your party's lack of accountability to Canadians is shameful.
    As another exercise in humility one should read Diane Francis' Saturday column, another conservative writer who slammed Harper and Flaherty for thier $35BB screw up on income trusts.

    Happy Liberal days are almost here.

  • Catherine

    Iggy had an interview Friday with CTV (Tom Clark’s program). Iggy was name dropping and inferring that he was “friends” with Larry and Barney Franks.

    Now, if Barney Franks is Iggy’s friend and if Iggy supports Barney Frank’s vision and leadership – then, we should be very nervous and scared here in Canada. Barney Franks is one of major players in the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. The Canadian Liberals should be very concerned about their leader and his so called friends.

  • Liz J

    SURPRISE guest speakers? Damn, you bloody fool, you've gone and ruined the surprise!

  • Stephen Taylor


  • Liz J

    Diane Francis is a conservative?

    Any truth to the rumour some may cancel their trip to the coronation of Iggy due to fears of hog,er, swine flu? It's a timely excuse for poor attendance.

    Since you have the inside dope could you tell us if Lieutenant Coderre will be attending? Any other Gentry we should also know about who will be there to kiss the royal butt?

  • terry1

    Liz J, just continue to bury your head in sand, the convention will be over on Saturday and you can then resurface and start undrstanding your next PM better. I know its painful but listen to some harper speeches and it will dull the pain as you doze off further into la la land.

    Since you are such a tory it all……when will the regressives and progressives announce thier formal split?

  • east of eden

    Your nightmare is my most sought-after dream. Oh man, our country would be so great if only he didn't have to put up with the unholy coalition threat. Harper majority – sweet words.

  • Soccermom

    I agree, Catherine. Having Barney as a friend should be an embarrassment to him.

  • Liz J

    Woweeeeee, speaking of know-it-alls……………..

  • Liz J

    After the ceremony of adoration and pledge of servitude to the crowned one, they better not toss around any Liberal red thongs, folks might mistake them for blood.

  • Gabby in QC

    Umm, Terry1, I think you forgot to quote this part from the National Post op-ed you linked to:
    Following on the Conservatives' courageous and groundbreaking decision to ban the Tigers in 2006, Michael Ignatieff has signalled a clear break on the issue within his own party.”

    The truth will set you free, Terry1!

  • Gabby in QC

    Batb, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the main page of Stephen's blog, you will see “previous entries.”

    Click on that, and you will see – again by scrolling down – the post entitled “Protest in Ottawa” dated April 8 … or is it April 9? I guess that's the one you're looking for?

  • Gabby in QC

    “… OT, but where's the thread on the Tamil Tigers?”

    Batb, go to the main page of Stephen's blog, scroll all the way down, and you'll see “previous entries.” Click on that, and again by scrolling down, you will arrive at the thread entitled “Protest in Ottawa.” I believe that's the one you're looking for?

  • Gabby in QC

    I don't know what's going on with the “submit comments” function.

    For the past few days, comments have appeared immediately, without the usual time lapse for moderation.

    E.g., I posted a comment about 15 minutes ago, and it appeared immediately.

    However, just a few minutes ago I posted a reply to Batb – information on how to find a previous thread – and my reply did not show up.

    Just asking: are we back on moderation?
    But I didn't see the message saying “thank you for your comment etc …”

  • Gabby in QC

    Yet this one made it through immediately … ???

  • Liz J

    Superman you are then, if that's your criteria for being so.