• Agent Smith

    It would have been far more effective if they had Harper dressed up as Agent Smith with an ear piece and shades.

  • Rick

    Guess we change Taliban Jack's name to Chicken Little as in ” The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”. Or is this like the Pot calling the kettle black with Jackie boy using scare tactics as he has oft accused the Cons of using.

  • simon

    Jack appears to be allowing his PR people to much free rein.
    Its kinda like leafing through a Sears catalogue in search of the latest 'look'…it just ain't gonna be there.
    Admittedly Jack does have a certain 'previous era 'appeal to him…Robert Borden on the hundred dollar bill comes to mind…good prime ministerial optics…though when he opens his mouth, that illusion shatters like a rock through a store front.

  • http://www.bluebloggingsoapbox.com BBS

    Please tell me this isn't a real ad!

  • Caz

    OMG..and the conservatives are the extremists? Unbelievable, but given the terror in people's voices over the possibility of a Harper majority that I've been hearing over the media in the last few days, I have to assume that people are absolutely losing their minds and their ability to examine issues and people rationally. What the hell is going on? Those who claim that Harper is a dictator, should really speak to some of our immigrants who have escaped those kinds of regimes and gently pull their heads out of their asses without hurting themselves which could be a challange given the size of their heads. good grief!

  • Fred

    Looks like Jacko the Whacko is staying true to his deal with the Pot Party and has over indulged.

    They say paranoia is one of the key symptoms.

  • Lori

    I think Jack needs some reminding that his deputy house leader, Libby Davies, is a troofer. Let's get that message out, especially since today Dion fired a candidate for just this sort of stuff, and the media are discussing it.


  • http://politicalstaples.com Political Staples

    Leaves yourself wide open to a counter – A vote for the NDP is a bad as the Matrix 2 & 3

  • http://loreweaver.btblogs.ca lore_weaver


    Is that real? That can't be their real ad O_O.

    Did they get permission to rip off the matrix?

    I guess it'd be awesome if Layton said something like, “There is no spoon”.

  • Liz J

    Need any more proof of the sickness that permeates the Leftist mind? Hope he can spell 'l-o-s-e'.

  • Nicola Timmerman

    I guess they get away with it because it is just in French (I assume). Even more bleak and noir than that 1984 Orwellian ad they did in Quebec. Strange mindset.

  • NeilD

    The video looked nasty but I have no idea what the narration was about. I don't speak french.

  • MaryT

    Anyone will to translate this piece of crap for those of us that can't understand the words.

  • http://loreweaver.btblogs.ca lore_weaver

    LOL, you had me fooled Stephen, I thought the Matrix thing was the real ad!

    *smacks forehead* I think I had gulli-bowls for cereal this morning.

  • http://www.iamrobyn.com Robyn

    Wishing I knew French right about now…

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Here's my rough translation,

    VOICE-OVER: A vote for the Conservatives… it's voting for a right-wing mindset, for cuts to culture. It's voting against Kyoto. It's a vote for war that makes us slaves to oil companies.

    JACK LAYTON: One lone gesture, is all that can stop it. Join up with us. Vote for the NDP.

  • Casual observer

    Check out story in today's Vancouver Sun, where NDP “star” candidate in BC, Byers, says we “need to shut the tarsands down”, at a candidates' debate at UBC. It was also on cbc news last night.

    Is this official NDP policy, anyone know?

  • mecheng

    Link doesn't work for me in IE, worked fine in Firefox…WTF?

  • grantk1

    That was hilarious, I see Jack's been smoking pot again.

  • batb

    Keaneau Reeves with that machine gun gives a new meaning to CHEAP SHOT.

    Yeah, I'd say this is way over the top. But it's in keeping with the whole election campaign which is showing the insanity our world has become, especially on the part of the Moonbats. They seem to have few, if any, boundaries and little, or no, perspective. They're going totally nuts at the thought of a duly elected Canadian, albeit not on their side of the political spectrum, quite possibly pulling off a majority government.

    Hey, Moonbats!

    If Prime Minister Stephen Harper's CPC Team wins the election–with a majority–it's called D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y.

  • Tony

    Hilarious parody…

  • Liz J

    “Star” candidate Byers is really out of touch, it's “OILSANDS not tarsands.
    Aside from the media, who in their right mind, with capacity for reason could give any consideration to any of the Parties on the Left? It boggles the mind.
    Also what blows the mind is still hearing the name Lee Richardson as a leadoff to newscasts on CTV and CBC.
    Beginning to think Ignatieff was right when he mused about Liberals having the Puffin as a Mascot, they like to cover their poop. Looks like the Media are their Puffins.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    This is right up there with the soldiers with guns ads – looks more like a ad for a new video game than anything based in reality.

    One thing I have noticed this election is that there is a point when the same old lines stop working on the Canadian public when they have enough evidence to the contrary and have not noticed 'soldiers with guns in our streets' on their way to work. I think Jack and the LIEberal$ have not picked up on this..

  • blanks

    I say “the Quebecois “whoever they are, have their own “nation” now and should be invited to leave the federal government of Canada and then we don’t have to concern ourselves with the stupidity that is.
    Duceppe should be in a jail and Layton, Dion and May should be put in a rubber room preferably the same rubber room.
    Down with the official languages Act and the metric system in Canada!

  • http://www.commiesutra.com Mercuda

    Yeah, this ad and it's english counterpart are totally baloney. It's not like Harper wanted to go to war in Iraq, or that he was against Kyoto, or he cut funding to the arts.

  • pete e

    Actually, I think your parody would make a good NDP ad, if not for TV, at least for a “viral' internet video.

  • pete e

    Actually, I think your parody would make a good NDP ad, if not for TV, at least for a “viral' internet video.