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York South--Weston, ON - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

📌 The Canadian federal electoral district of York South--Weston was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. 🏆 Ahmed Hussen, the Liberal candidate, won the riding with 21644 votes making up a 56.1% share of the vote. 🥈 The runner-up Conservative candidate, Sajanth Mohan, received 7783 votes (20.2%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 13861. 📊 Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Hawa Mire - NDP (16.9%).
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Briefing on York South—Weston

York South—Weston is a federal electoral district located in the province of Ontario, Canada. The district is located in the western part of Toronto, and is home to a diverse and vibrant community. With a rich history, this district has become a hub for arts and culture, economic and social organizations, and multicultural groups. In this briefing, we will discuss the population centres, issues and events, economy, important landmarks, arts and culture, electoral issues, community organizations, and multicultural groups that make York South—Weston a unique place to visit.

Population Centres

York South—Weston is composed of several population centres, including Weston, Mount Dennis, and Keelesdale-Eglinton West. As the district's largest population centre, Weston is an important transportation hub with a vibrant business and arts community. Home to a variety of shops and restaurants along Weston Road, this neighbourhood is known for its annual Weston Farmers' Market and the Weston Santa Claus Parade. Meanwhile, Mount Dennis has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years, including the construction of new condominiums and the restoration of the historic Kodak Building. Keelesdale-Eglinton West is also seeing redevelopment projects, including new community spaces and a community hub.

Issues and Events

Between 2019 and 2022, York South—Weston has faced a number of issues and events specifically local to the district. One such issue is the ongoing gun violence in the community, with several incidents reported in recent years. Another issue has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses and the local economy. On a more positive note, the Weston Farmers' Market has continued to operate throughout the pandemic, providing an important source of fresh produce for the community.


York South—Weston is home to several major employers, including Weston Foods, which operates a bakery in the district, and Loblaw Companies Limited, which has a large distribution centre in the area. The district also has a diverse range of small businesses, including restaurants, retail shops, and arts and cultural organizations. One recent event that had a profound impact on the local economy was the opening of the Mount Dennis Crosstown LRT station in 2021, which is expected to bring increased investment and development to the area.

Important Landmarks

York South—Weston is home to several important landmarks, including the Humber River, which runs through the western edge of the district and provides important recreational opportunities for the community. The district also has a number of historic buildings, such as the Weston Public Library and the former Weston Bakery building, which has been converted into a community arts space.

Arts and Culture

The arts and culture scene in York South—Weston is vibrant and diverse, with several community organizations and events celebrating the district's rich cultural heritage. One such organization is UrbanArts, a non-profit community arts organization that provides programming for young people and families. The district is also home to several annual events, including the Weston Arts and Culture Festival and the Mount Dennis Community Arts and Culture Festival.

Electoral Issues

During the 2021 federal election, economic and social issues were a major concern for voters in York South—Weston. Some of the key issues included affordable housing, education, and healthcare, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local economy.

Community Organizations

York South—Weston has a wealth of community organizations that support the economic and social well-being of the community. One such organization is the Weston Village BIA, which works to promote and support local businesses in the Weston neighbourhood. Another organization is the York South—Weston Community Council, which advocates for the needs and priorities of the local community.

Multicultural Groups

The most significant cultural demographic segments in York South—Weston include Black, Portuguese, and Caribbean communities. The district has several cultural organizations that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of these communities, including the Portuguese Cultural Centre and the African Canadian Heritage Association.

Overall, York South—Weston is a diverse and dynamic community with a rich history and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors to the area will find a range of attractions, from historic landmarks to community events and cultural organizations. The district is an important part of Toronto's west end, and is well worth exploring.

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