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Thornhill, ON - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

📌 The Canadian federal electoral district of Thornhill was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. 🏆 Melissa Lantsman, the Conservative candidate, won the riding with 25687 votes making up a 51.3% share of the vote. 🥈 The runner-up Liberal candidate, Gary Gladstone, received 18168 votes (36.3%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 7519. 📊 Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Raz Razvi - NDP (6.1%).
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Briefing on Thornhill Federal Electoral District in Canada

Thornhill is a federal electoral district located in eastern Ontario, Canada. The district encompasses several population centres, including Vaughan and Markham, which are home to significant economic and cultural attractions. In recent years, there have been a number of important news events and issues that have affected the district, including economic downturns and political upheavals. The area is primarily known for its diverse economic base, which includes a range of major employers and industries. Thornhill is also home to important landmarks, cultural events, and community organizations, which contribute to the region’s rich social fabric.

Population Centres

  • Vaughan: a city with a population of around 335,000, Vaughan is the fastest growing municipality in the Greater Toronto Area, and is characterized by its diverse ethnic communities and thriving economy.
  • Markham: a city with a population of approximately 353,000, Markham is the largest city in York Region, and is known for its thriving technology sector and high standard of living.

Issues and Events

  • Climate Change: in 2021, the district experienced some of the hottest summers on record, leading to concerns over the impacts of climate change and the need for greater action to mitigate its effects.
  • COVID-19: the pandemic has had a major impact on the region’s economy and social fabric, with businesses struggling to stay afloat, schools and community centers closed, and increased strains on the healthcare system.
  • Housing Affordability and Transit: high housing costs, limited rental options and a lack of reliable public transit have been significant concerns for residents in the district.


The district is home to a number of significant businesses and employers, including:

  • IBM Canada – a major technology company with a research and development campus in Markham.
  • TD Bank Group – one of the largest banks in Canada, with a significant presence in Thornhill.
  • Honda Canada – a major car manufacturer with a plant located in Markham.
  • Canadian Tire Corporate – one of Canada's most recognized retail brands, with its headquarters located in the heart of Thornhill.

In December 2020, the Thornhill Chamber of Commerce announced the Virtual Christmas Market. Rather than the standard in-person market, vendors were able to sign up for free so they could showcase their products through an online platform due to the pandemic.

Important Landmarks

  • The Richmond Hill Heritage Centre: a museum that showcases the historical and cultural heritage of Richmond Hill and the surrounding area.
  • The Markham Museum: a living history museum that tells the story of early Markham settlers and the area’s agricultural heritage.
  • The EAST Don River Trail: a scenic trail that winds through the lush greenery of the East Don River Valley, providing opportunities for hiking, cycling, and birdwatching.
  • The Canadian Air and Space Museum: a museum that houses a collection of vintage aircraft and other aviation artifacts.

Arts and Culture

  • Unionville Festival: an annual celebration of arts and culture held in the heart of Unionville, a historic village in Markham.
  • Thornhill Village Festival: an annual festival featuring live music, art exhibits, food vendors, and a wide range of family-friendly activities.
  • The Varley Art Gallery: a public gallery that showcases a range of contemporary and traditional art, including the works of famous Canadian artist Fred Varley.

Electoral Issues

During the 2021 federal election, one of the key issues in Thornhill was the economy, with candidates discussing the need for greater investment in infrastructure and small businesses. Another major issue was housing affordability, with many voters concerned about the high cost of living in the district and the need for more affordable housing options.

Community Organizations

  • Ladies Learning Code: a group that aims to empower women and girls to become passionate about technology and coding.
  • The Thornhill Seniors Club: a community organization that provides social and recreational opportunities for senior citizens in the district.
  • The Markham–Stouffville Hospital Foundation: a charity organization that supports the Markham-Stouffville Hospital which serves as an important medical facility for the area.
  • The United Way of Greater Toronto: a charity organization that provides funding for a range of community programs and services in the district.
  • The Centre for Dreams: a non-profit that provides support and assistance to individuals with special needs.

Multicultural Groups

The district is known for being one of the most diverse communities in Canada, with a significant population of Chinese, Jewish, Korean, and Italian ethnicities. The district is also home to a growing number of newcomers from a range of countries, including Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. The Markham Public Library offers a new Immigrant Services department that provides resources to newcomers settling down in Markham, including job search assistance and settlement services.

In conclusion, Thornhill offers a diverse range of cultural, economic, and social opportunities for visitors and residents alike. With important landmarks, cultural events, and community organizations, the district is home to a vibrant and thriving community, making it one of the most sought-after places to live in the Greater Toronto Area.

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