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Etobicoke North, ON - 2021 Federal Election Results Map

📌 The Canadian federal electoral district of Etobicoke North was contested during the 2021 Federal election which was held on September 19, 2021. 🏆 Kirsty Duncan, the Liberal candidate, won the riding with 21201 votes making up a 59.6% share of the vote. 🥈 The runner-up Conservative candidate, Priti Lamba, received 8866 votes (24.9%) and was therefore defeated by a vote margin of 12335. 📊 Other candidates who received a sizable share of the vote include Cecil Peter - NDP (10.4%).
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Briefing on Etobicoke North Federal Electoral District

Located in the city of Toronto, the federal electoral district of Etobicoke North is part of the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. It is a culturally diverse, vibrant and growing community with a mix of urban and suburban neighbourhoods. The riding is home to many parks, community centres, and recreational facilities, making it a desirable destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Population centres

Etobicoke North is made up of several communities, each with its own unique identity:

  • Humber Summit: situated in the north-eastern part of the riding and home to many parks and trails.
  • Jamestown: located in the south-western part of the riding and a hub of cultural activity.
  • Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown: in the south-eastern part of the riding, this community is home to many recreational and cultural activities, including the Albion Library and community centre.
  • Thistletown-Beaumonde Heights: located in the northern part of the riding, this community is home to many parks, including the Beaumonde Heights Park and Humberwood Downs Park.

Issues and events

From 2019 to 2022, Etobicoke North experienced several issues and events that impacted the community directly, including but not limited to:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on local businesses, schools, and social events.
  • The dispute between Toronto Pearson International Airport and the City of Toronto over airport expansion and noise pollution.
  • The rise in gun violence and gang activity in the area, leading to many community-driven initiatives and anti-gun violence campaigns.


Etobicoke North is home to several major employers, including:

  • Humber River Hospital: a leading community teaching hospital serving the surrounding community.
  • Woodbine Entertainment Group: known for its Woodbine Racetrack and Casino, a major entertainment destination in Toronto.
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport: one of Canada's busiest airports, providing countless jobs and economic opportunities.

A recent event that had a profound impact on the local economy was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many businesses to shut down or operate at reduced capacity. However, the community has shown resilience and perseverance, with many local businesses adapting to the changing economic landscape.

Important landmarks

Etobicoke North is home to many significant cultural and natural landmarks, including:

  • Black Creek Pioneer Village: a living history museum that showcases life in rural Ontario during the 19th century.
  • Humber Arboretum: a stunning 250-acre arboretum with gardens, trails, and a pond that offers a tranquil escape from city life.
  • Claireville Conservation Area: a vast natural conservation area with over 800 hectares of forests, wetlands, and meadows, offering countless recreational opportunities.

Arts and culture

Etobicoke North is a hub of cultural activity, with several institutions and events celebrating the area's diverse communities, including:

  • The Albion Library and Cultural Centre: a community hub offering a wide range of programs, including workshops, cultural events, and free internet access.
  • The Lakeshore Arts: a community-driven art organization that offers arts programming and exhibitions.
  • The Taste of Manila: an annual street festival that celebrates Filipino heritage, culture, and cuisine.

Electoral issues

During the 2021 federal election, the main electoral issues in Etobicoke North included affordable housing, community safety, and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The candidates proposed various solutions, including increased infrastructure spending, job creation programs, and improved social services.

Community organizations

Etobicoke North is home to many community-driven organizations, including:

  • Rexdale Community Health Centre: a community health centre that offers a range of health services, including primary care, mental health, and addiction services.
  • Thistletown Multi-Service Centre: a community organization that offers a range of social and settlement services to newcomers and refugees.
  • Jamaican Canadian Association: a cultural organization that promotes Jamaican culture and heritage through music, dance, and community events.

Multicultural groups

Etobicoke North is home to a diverse population, with several significant cultural demographic segments, including:

  • Jamaican community: one of the largest Jamaican communities in Canada, with a vibrant cultural scene and community events.
  • Filipino community: a significant Filipino community, celebrating Filipino heritage through festivals and cultural events.
  • South Asian community: a diverse community with roots in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, offering a variety of cultural events and community organizations.

Overall, Etobicoke North is a thriving, diverse, and growing community in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, offering a high quality of life, economic opportunities, and cultural vibrancy.

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