You should see Tony Clement’s Ron Maclean impression

Tonight, industry minister Tony Clement had a bit of an experience helping in a rescue of a woman drowning in a river. Clement tweets about the experience,

True story & happy ending: we were having dinner when a young woman knocked on our door, hysterical. Her friend was drowning in the river…

We rushed out & dove in. She was just too far away & I felt the undertow working on me. I had to get to the riverbank. Fortunately…

Fortunately Jennifer somehow figured out she could float on her back. Two others got her to shore. Another would-be rescuer then went into..

Went into shock, so we kept him conscious & warm. Our perimedics then arrived & took over. Folks: don’t swim in unfamiliar waters. Swim…

Close to shore. Rapids mean undertows. If a friend is in trouble get help & call 9-1-1. Be well & give your loved ones a hug. I know I am.

Post script: my wife Lynne and her father Doug got to Jennifer first. Another two locals jumped in too. It was a team effort.

It was an intense evening but it shows how community works together, even in the face of danger. All you need is love…

Now I’m totally knackered, as the Brits would say…

Clement’s first tweet on the event.

Let’s hope that we all have similar clarity of mind when we’re called to help. It’s good to hear that everyone’s safe. Now, back to the treacherous census undercurrents in Ottawa that Clement will brave next week. (amazing segue I know…)



  • Hollinm

    Good for Tony.
    This whole census thing has really gone way overboard. The census is not being eliminated. The fact is it is going to more households. To suggest that people only completed it previously because it was mandatory and they were afraid of going to jail is stupid. Statscan will advertise more heavily and send out it out to 30% versus 20% of households.
    The information received will probably be just as accurate as it has been before. I think people have lost their minds or it is a media driven thing like the last prorogation because they have nothing better to do and the country is recovering nicely from the recession.

  • Honey Pot

    What a happening ending. Thank you Tony, your a good guy all the way around.

  • wilson
  • wilson

    Even with all the media hysteria, poll shows only half of Canadians think the long form census should remain mandatory.
    And how many of those were voting against the government, not the change to voluntary long froms.

    Tuesday we hear the entire story, not the fabricated media opinions.

  • Abt

    If Tony walked on water, he would be accused of not being able to swim. ;)

  • Liz J

    It's media driven for sure, the hacks and hounds in the MSM have choices in what and how often they report a story. They go for overkill when they're playing unelected opposition to the government, the census is another chance for them to play silly beggars and put out false information.

    Why are they not all ga-ga over Iggy riding a bicycle for a photo-op? They have an opportunity to make it his Sea-Do moment, oh, forgot, he's a Liberal.

  • Enkidu2

    I doubt if this really happened, I looked all over CBC and couldn't find a word about it;)

  • batb

    So, Ron McLean when he rescued something, got a headline, an article, and an interview with Mark Kelly on the CBC. The media was abuzz with his bravery.

    What would Tony Clement have to do to get the recognition he so justly deserves in the Canadian MSM? I guess he'd have to do something really nasty to get their attention, so they could continue the CPC-are-mean meme.

    As it is, Mr. Clement has shown what Conservatives are made of — no-nonsense, can-do — and has more than earned “The Honourable” in his Ministerial title.

    Way to go, Tony!

  • batb


    Ron McLean rescued SOMEONE …

  • Mary T

    And how accurate is that poll, it was voluntary after all.

  • Mary T

    How about a poll with this question,
    Do you agree that canadians should face a 500.00 fine or 3 months in jail for refusing to answer personal questions on the long census form.
    Wonder what the response would be, considering it would be voluntary to answer.

  • jon

    We'll never see such a poll question put to Canadians. It would be like MSM continuing to ask if we support the gov't's recent fighter jet procurement deal in the wake of the recent CF-18 crash.

    Now, we don't know if it was a mechanical issue — related to the age of the aircraft or not, or pilot error. Nonetheless, the poll result would boost the numbers in favour of the Harper gov't's decision over having asked it last week, which is why we won't see any more poll questions by MSM on the issue.

    Funny thing, they continued to ask Canadians if they thought Jean should stay on as GG, even though the decison to replace her had already been made. Her popularity they could get mileage from — so they kept asking the question.

    As for Clement, shame on CBC's John Northcott, who opened his report this morning by “reminding” viewers that Clement is the minister under fore on the long form census issue; concluding his report by saying that Clement could possibly use the rescue to “rehabilitate his image”, instead of reporting the story on its facts.

    And MSM wonders why we're so cynical!

  • East of Eden

    I read it in either the Star or the WPF.

    I was wondering when an anti-Conservative would try to negate this story. It sure didn't take long.

  • Liz J

    The nattering nabobs of negativity, aka the MSM, are out in full force, they have to give their negative spin before giving any credit to anyone or anything connected to the CPC.

    They really should be concentrating on the Iffy's escapades on the bus and off as he travels across the country. Guess they'd really have to fill in too many blanks with fiction, that would take too much imagination in the dog days of summer.

  • East of Eden

    There it is. You may want to actually read more than the National Enquirer. Oh, the CBC? Please. There is more than one media outlet in Canada.

  • kenn2

    Ahem. The first and fourth result when searching CBC news for “clement”.

    And a video containing a live interview wit Mr Clement (link from first URL)

    Bravo and thanks to Tony and his family for coming to the rescue of this woman. Boo to the regulars who won't miss a chance to yell “MSM bias” but can't operate a search form.

  • Mary T

    But Ron did not jump into the water.