The latest on Omar Khadr

If you’ve been following the Omar Khadr saga in Canada, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Canadian government jurisdiction in foreign affairs with respect to the repatriation of Khadr. The Minister of Justice released the following statement yesterday,

“In its ruling, the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional responsibility of the executive to make decisions on matters of foreign affairs, given the complex and ever-changing circumstances of diplomacy, and the need to take into account Canada’s broader interests. The Supreme Court did not require the Government to ask for accused terrorist Omar Khadr’s return.

“In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Government of Canada today delivered a diplomatic note to the Government of the United States formally seeking assurances that any evidence or statements shared with U.S. authorities as a result of the interviews of Mr. Khadr by Canadian agents and officials in 2003 and 2004 not be used against him by U.S. authorities in the context of proceedings before the Military Commission or elsewhere.

“Omar Khadr faces very serious charges, including murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, material support for terrorism, and spying. The Government of Canada continues to provide consular services to Mr. Khadr.”

The part about the formal request seeking assurances regarding evidence is interesting. The Supreme Court ruled that Khadr’s Charter rights were violated as Canadian officials were party to an illegal interrogation. A formal request from the government to for the US to reject evidence acquired in collaboration with Canadians, may cure the breach of rights that the Supreme Court references.

Earlier today, Khadr’s lawyers filed an injunction against the formal request complaining that they were not first consulted on the government’s plans. It seems that the ultimate goal for Team Khadr is repatriation of the accused murderer. The legal reality is that the Supreme Court did not compel the government to seek Khadr’s return and it is no secret that this government will never do so. However, a future government may follow this course of action. A request to expunge evidence only can help Khadr’s case. Since repatriation is out of the question for the Harper government, Khadr’s lawyers may have more hope waiting for an Ignatieff government than for their client to face justice in the United States.

Khadr’s supporters seek the 23 year old’s repatriation and reintegration into Canadian society. In Toronto, this weekend a conference titled “Media War on Islam ” was held at a Toronto-area Islamic Centre. Here’s an excerpt from the National Post,

Western media have a “spiteful policy” toward Iran of inventing “fraudulent” news to “increase false national expectation” and “encourage disturbance,” according to the cultural attache in the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hamid Mohammadi said media deception has caused hatred and fear of Muslims by presenting the “false belief that religion is incapable of running a country” and that Iran is therefore illegitimate. He said the result has been political “position changing” by Western countries against Muslims.

He quoted an “American thinker,” whose name did not come clearly through his strong accent, to the effect that “future wars are in the hands of the media, and their words are more effective than bullets.”

Somehow, his brief scripted remarks were among the least controversial at a conference about the “Media War on Islam” on Sunday night at a Toronto-area Islamic centre, in which the Christmas Day underwear bomber was described as the tool of an Israeli plot; Barack Obama was referred to as “Mr. Black Man”; al-Qaeda was called “the figment of the imagination of the West”; and a video was shown that mocked 9/11 by putting the Muppet Show logo over slow-motion footage of the second plane’s impact, with screams of terror for audio.

According to the Post, the main organizer of the event was a man named Zafar Bangash. Bangash is the director of the Islamic Society of York region. Here are a few quotes from Zafar Bangash,

“Obama could never have been elected president if he were not a slave of the American establishment.”

“Under Obama, there is a greater chance that the US would now launch wars in Africa. A black man in the white house would be better able to pacify African-American sentiment than a white man.”

“Immediately after winning the Democratic Party nomination for president, he went to prostrate before America’s real masters: the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.”

“The first appointment Obama made after winning the election was that of Rahm Israel Emmanuel as his White House chief of staff.”

“Obama’s presidency will not usher change; it will mean more of the same: American and Zionist crimes under a different face with a smooth tongue.”

and other troubling quotes from Bangash,

The West is “murderous, racist and virulent”

Canada is a “fully paid-up member of the Anglo-Saxon mafia, which is responsible for most of the recorded genocides in the world”

“Muslims must strive to overthrow the oppressive systems in their societies through Islamic revolutions, and not by participating in fraudulent elections organized by the elites operating through various political parties that actually divide the people.”

“Muslims have to get their own act together and unite their efforts under a single leadership — that of the leading edge of the Islamic movement, Islamic Iran — to work toward the common goals of the Ummah [Muslim World].”

you can read more here, here and here.

So, what does this have to do with Omar Khadr? Here’s Zafar Bangash with Khadr’s lawyer Dennis Edney,

CTV reported that Bangash made the following statement regarding Omar Khadr,

We have put in place arrangements whereby [Omar Khadr] will be accommodated with another family and he will be under close supervision as you can see this plan has the support of members of different faith communities and we of course are one of them, the Muslim community in Canada. He would be provided spiritual counselling as well as assessed periodically to see what kind of progress he is making.

That’s quite a support group. Here’s the CBC’s report,

Later Wednesday, Khadr’s lawyers and Muslim leaders unveiled details of a plan they say will help Khadr gradually integrate back into Canadian society during a news conference in Toronto.

The group, which included lawyer Dennis Edney, Islamic Society of York Region president Zafar Bangash and Canadian Arab Federation head Mohamed Boudjenane, urged Harper to meet with them before Obama’s visit so he can pass along a formal request.

“Call us. Meet with us. Whatever it takes. But your obligation, Mr. Harper, is to bring Omar home and allow him to heal,” said Edney.

The group has signed and delivered a three-page letter to Harper outlining details of the plan.

“We urge you to act expeditiously and request the repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada, without further delay,” says the letter.

“Our plan is designed to allow eminent organizations, representing a broad cross-section of Canadian institutions and agencies, to take legal responsibility for designing, implementing and supervising all aspects of Omar’s life in Canada, until such time as he is able to become a fully functioning member of the Canadian mosaic.”

Khadr will live with host families and receive spiritual counselling from leading Muslim clerics, it says. Much of his living costs will be paid for by dozens of Canadian Muslim organizations.



  • Philanthropist

    Omar Khadr must be sent to Afghanistan for trial, that is where he terrorized and killed people. Afghans must see justice being done too or else they will think a Western passport is a free ticket out of consequences for killing and terrorizing them.

  • Stephen Taylor


  • david

    Khadr's lawyers may be hoping for an “Ignatieff government” but god help the rest of us.

  • Liz J

    So Khadr's lawyers and Muslim leaders have a “plan” to integrate him “back” into Canadian society. Was he or any of his family ever truly integrated into Canadian society?

    Could he ever be employable? Who could trust him or any of his family who are avowed supporters of Osama Bin Laden? His own mother has said on our National TV she would be proud to have her children martyr themselves for their cause.

    To have Canadian Muslim organizations offering to pay his “living costs” has to be a desperate ploy to get him “home” . Why ?

  • kenn2

    This cannot go well… but…

    Common ground first. Those quotes attributed to Bangash don't make me all warm and fuzzy either, and I wouldn't necessarily put him on my A-list for sponsors for Khadr.

    I do suspect that at least some of those quotes are plucked out of context. I could pull up equally disturbing quotes from the published words of some fundamentalist Christians (anyone up for Rapture?), orthodox Jews, western cdn separatists, Tibetan monks, Montana libertarians, Vatican officials, or American presidents.

    And, for the moment anyway, we still have the right of free speech.

    So, Stephen, this article doesn't really show why Khadr shouldn't be repatriated (with different sponsors maybe), and I fail to see how this sort of presentation can do anything to bridge the current gulf of ignorance between Islam and the West. The reverse actually…as many posts here will shortly prove.

    Back on topic: A Canadian 15-year-old Muslim who allegedly tossed a grenade during a battle, in which he was helping repel a foreign invasion, has been held without trial for 8+ years in a legal gulag. He was likely tortured, by our allies no less. No evidence has been presented to indicate that he was anything other than an enemy combatant, or that he actually had useful intelligence to provide. Like most of the Gitmo detainees, he should have been treated as a POW.

    Canada is alone in being the only Western democracy that has NOT requested and successfully repatriated their citizens detained at Gitmo, for trial and/or rehabilitation at home. Why? Aren't our laws and prisons strong enough? Are we not principled enough to call Gitmo the legal travesty that it is, and to move our citizen to a jurisdiction with laws?

    It took nowhere near this long for the Allies to deal with the worst Nazis after WWII.

    As Stephen has pointed out, Harper is an uncritical supporter of US foreign policy. If he was at the wheel, Canadian blood would have been shed in Iraq. Well, yes we seem to outsource many things these days, but i still firmly believe that foreign policy should be Made In Canada, and that we do the US no favours by ignoring or falling in with their occasional ethical missteps.

    Stephen – is the CPC base so shaky that their darkest fears and prejudices need to be stoked?

  • Bec

    “If he was at the wheel, Canadian blood would have been shed in Iraq. “

    You know that how, exactly? FACTS, please, if you don't mind.

    Despite the drive-by innuendo, Canadian military WERE in Iraq and not in the transparent sort of way, if you know what I mean…..

  • kenn2

    “Harper supporting the invasion of Iraq” is hypothetical situation, so short of Harper saying so himself, all I can offer are opinions and probabilities. Here is someone else's opinion:

    There were some Canadian staff in those support roles, as a continuation of duty started before the invasion, but Canada did not join the Coalition of the Misled.

  • KC

    What really doesn't make any sense about this rehabilitation plan is how they plan to enforce it? From the CBC article it seems that these groups think that they and the feds can just make an agreement about Khadr's rehabilitation and thats that. No. Once Khadr is back in Canada he is free unless charged. Period. “Community” groups and the federal government can't just make an agreement like this.

    Not that I disagree with Khadr being able to return but this proposal is just ludicrous.

  • batb

    What grounds do Canadians have for trusting anything said by Omar Khadr or his supporters? It appears to me that the Khadr family have been, and still are, freeloaders on the backs of Canadian taxpayers and I'd like to know what any of the Khadrs have done to contribute in a positive way to their country of adoption. As far as I can make out, nothing.

    PMSH and his government are not only within their rights not to “repatriate” him, I applaud their position on this issue. Give me a break: How long did Omar Khadr actually live in Canada? What did he ever contribute to our collective well-being? What was he doing fighting against the allied forces in Afghanistan? It's obvious that Omar Khadr put himself in a conflict of interest information and acted as a traitor to Canada's interests in Afghanistan, so why would the Canadian government or Canadians want him back here in Canada?

    What guarantees do we have that Khadr's “support group” has Canadians' interests at heart and not just Omar Khadr's desire to be out of jail in the U.S.? I don't have any confidence, after reading past remarks by Zafar Bangash or the comments made at the “Media War on Islam ” conference held at an Islamic Centre somewhere in Toronto that this “support group” has any genuine plans to “repatriate” or “reintegrate” Khadr.

    In order to repatriate someone, they had to have been a patriotic Canadian, which Khadr clearly was not; in order to reintegrate someone, they had to have once been integrated into the Canadian way of life, which is clearly not the case.

    I smell a rat, and not just because Liberal MP Bob Rae, Bloc MP Paul Crête, and NDP MP Paul Dewar think it's in Canada's “best interests” to bring Omar Khadr back to Canada.


  • batb

    “conflict of interest information” should read

    conflict of interest situation

  • batb

    I, too, think that this proposal is ludicrous but agree with Khadr's being UNABLE to return. What has he ever done for Canada except use us for free health care?

  • Bec

    “There were some Canadian staff in those support roles, …….”

    STAFF? As in MILITARY? As in Canadian MILITARY? And of course based on your 'splitting hairs' rebuttal, I suppose we are to assume that there was NEVER a threat of “Canadian blood” that could have been shed?
    It often helps to READ the supporting information.

    You can link to a previous posting of Stephen's all you want. He DOES NOT come close to saying what you did and a substantial little bonus to absorb, Michael Ignatieff did more than support the invasion of Iraq.
    Let's just keep that another dirty little Liberal secret though……

  • kenn2

    Sorry, what is your point exactly? If you're saying that because of a few hundred Cdn military people in a planning and support role, Canada was as 'in' as , say Britain… well, I disagree.

    Just because our government disagreed with the US about invading Iraq, it's not like we were going to close the borders, or yank every Canadian out of NATO operations.

  • bradmaynard

    let him rot. he is damaged goods and always has been. his family are known terrorist supporters and i for one will not shed a single tear until the islamist threat is removed (by any means necessary) from this world.
    i am so sick and tired of being asked to “see it their way” when it comes to security (good example is the “all to convenient” religious excuse for not passing through the new scanners).
    we really need to move forward in enforcing the laws and beliefs of this land at the expense of those who would destroy it.

  • kenn2

    Our story so far…
    - sperm meets egg …rights
    - 15 yr old Canadian, ALLEGED combatant – tortured, held without trial for 8 years, by all accounts driven mentally ill by the experience… no rights

    Is this accurate?

  • batb

    Omar Khadr is no innocent and it's sickening that many on the left and in the media like to tout his being “a child soldier.” Sorry. No cigar. He “allegedly,” kenn2, was driven “mentally ill” by his treatment by the U.S. army??? His living conditions in Guantanamo, with religiously sensitive policies providing the Koran, prayer mats, and three square meals a day, no doubt, Halal, are heaven compared to how the Taliban and Al-Qaeda treat their prisoners.

    It appears that Omar spent more time in Peshawar, Pakistan and Afghanistan than in Canada, largely because his mother wanted to raise her family outside of Canada because of her animus to Western social influences.I guess that's why Omar stands on guard for Canada whenever he hears our national anthem.

    Yeah, right.

  • kenn2

    You don't know SH!T about Omar Khadr except what your right-wing haunts tell you, yet you can deny a person with Canadian citizenship their basic rights with a snap of your fingers.

    You like Gitmo? Move there. It's the poster-child for neo-con amorality gone amuck.

  • Fred

    Back on topic: A Canadian 15-year-old Muslim who allegedly tossed a grenade during a battle, in which he was helping repel a foreign invasion

    “Foreign invasion”, you say?

    Funny…I was under the impression that Omar Khadr was Canadian. What was he doing in Afghanistan attempting to murder Americans, anyway?

  • batb

    Guess what, kenn2, I also “feel that Western secular society [has] a corrosive influence on [my] kids” but I didn't move them to Pakistan, enroll them in a madrassah in Peshawa, or arrange for them to learn how to tote a gun and hang out with Bin Laden's kids.

    Big difference there — for the Amish, Mennonites, and fundamentalist Christians, most of whom, BTW, have contributed to the social and moral fabric of Canada, unlike the members of the Khadr family who are Canadians of Convenience.

    As for my not knowing SH!T about Omar Khadr … how would you know?

    Careful there, kenn2, your nasty side is showing. It doesn't take much opposition for your lib-leftists' knickers to get in a knot. The least bit of push back and your tempers flare. Tch, tch.

  • Liz J

    It could only come from the thought process of a Lib-bot to even think about equating the lifestyles of the Amish, Mennonites and fundamentalist Christians with the Islamic terrorists. This is deeply offensive to me.

    The Liberals were not worried about the wretched Khadr spawn until the Conservatives gained power.
    Bring him back to this country the Khadrs used as a birthing chamber, a safe haven, and he'll be free to sue us for millions.

  • kenn2

    Knee-jerk Islamophobes are offensive to me.

  • kenn2

    As for my not knowing SH!T about Omar Khadr … how would you know?

    It's obvious.

  • kenn2

    Question for you, Mr Law-and-Order –

    Canada is alone in being the only Western democracy that has NOT requested and successfully repatriated their citizens detained at Gitmo, for trial and/or rehabilitation at home. Why? Aren't our laws and prisons strong enough?

  • Liz J

    “Knee-jerk Islamophobes are offensive to me”. Typical Lib-bot reply.

    He is where he should be, this government will not interfere with the US handling of this file.
    If he is brought home at some point, he should be tried for Treason.

  • Liz J

    I strongly object to your use of the word “repatriate” in this case. We have just repatriated another soldier killed by some of the same bastards the Khadrs support. Shame on you.

  • glennderson

    So the so-called expert panel to oversee Khadr's rehabilitation had an Islamic Fundamentalist as a participant..I wonder if Dennis Edney & co. had any knowledge of these statements by Bangash or were they simply trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes…This Edney plan received BIG play in the media.but, was seen by the Harper govmt. as a Public Relations ploy…For all their hot air ,have any of Khadr's lawyers actually professed their client's guilt or innocence..ever?? They rail against the system of military Commission,they rant against the Harper government, the Supreme court of Canada,the Obama Administration with only one end in mind……TO AVOID THE COURTROOM AT ALL COSTS!! STALL & DELAY FOR MORE TIME!!
    There is enough direct evidence to convict the accused terrorist Khadr without using any of the information gathered by CSIS in those interviews..The SCOC stated that Khadr's rights were infringed by NOT having legal counsel at those interviews…The government has rectified that breach by having the U.S. wipe out that testimony and NOT use that information against Khadr…Would that be enough to satisfy Khadr's legal team? OF COURSE NOT!!
    Edney & co. still DEMAND the repatriation of Khadr,that way he can avoid a trial and given the amount of evidence,a lengthy prison sentence….The remedy that they seek is way out of proportion to the supposed infringement of this thug's “Charter rights”
    I continue to applaud the stand that the present government has taken – that KHADR faces trial in the states for killing a American soldier and is sentenced on 4 other charges that he faces
    In closing ,I have one thing to say to Edney & co……SEE YOU IN COURT,GENTLEMEN!!

  • kenn2

    A citizen is a citizen. My Canada is strong enough to take responsibility for ALL its citizens, which includes being responsible for upholding their rights AND for trying and punishing their crimes.

    The shame is on leaders that won't do either.

  • kenn2

    Answer the question.

  • kenn2

    For all their hot air ,have any of Khadr's lawyers actually professed their client's guilt or innocence..ever??

    You clearly know nothing about law. Defense lawyers advocate FOR the client. Courts (at least when you're in Canada) determine guilt or innocence.

    The delays started on the US side. Basically, Gitmo is a place with no laws, and the US is making it up as they go. When the US finally got around to holding these cobbled-together “military commissions” and real lawyers got involved, the process was shown to be full of holes.

    There is enough direct evidence to convict the accused terrorist Khadr without using any of the information gathered by CSIS in those interviews.

    There actually isn't. Some of the prosecution info was leaked a few years ago, which shows that there's no eyewitness account of Khadr actually involved in hostilities at all, let alone throwing a grenade. Delays in Khadr's case are mainly BECAUSE the evidence is pathetic, and they can't prove anything beyond his being in the wrong place in the wrong time. Basically, the US knows that a 15 yr old kid who liked to do beadwork isn't exactly a kingpin in Al Qaeda, and they're delaying the embarrassment of this going public.

  • batb

    Hahahahahahahah …

    Why should the Conservatives bring Khadr back and ask the taxpayers to give this family of Canadians for Convenience any more financial support. In jail here, Omar would live much better than a whole lot of hard-working Canadians. He killed an American soldier; he should face justice in the U.S.

    Now you answer a question: Why did the Liberal$ not raise a finger, let alone their voices, to bring Omar Khadr back to Canada when they were in power? Why all the indignation now?

    It's obvious the LPC is trying to turn this into another scandal and that their purpose in defending Khadr's “right” to be repatriated to Canada is to continue the harassment of the CPC and PMSH.

    The modus operandi of the LPC is so transparent as to be pathetic. Let Khadr rot in Gitmo for all I care. As far as I'm concerned, he's a Canadian on paper only; he's hardly lived here and his family have no use for Canada — except as a trough from which to slurp.

    As for “Knee-jerk Islamophobes are offensive to me,” well, boo hoo. First off, Liz's and my comments about Khadr are not indicative of Islamophobia, but nice try, kenn2. I've made it very clear why I think he's a Canadian of convenience and my reasons aren't knee-jerk, they're considered and based on the facts of Omar Khadr's life.

  • glennderson
  • glennderson

    Type your reply…

  • kenn2

    First, my issue with Harper's stance on Khadr is a solo act (mine); as far as I know your friends the Librano$ aren't currently running with this. So you can stop hyperventilating about scandals and such. Likewise I can't answer about what the Liberals did or when.

    You should get in touch with the US Justice Dept immediately with the evidence in your possession re Khadr's guilt, because right now they got nuttin. Bugger all.

    The only reason the US is footdragging on Khadr, and Harper's playing along, is because the US can't convict him with what they've got, and once Khadr gets released and speaks publicly, he's going to be as big an embarrassment to Canada and the US as other un-convicted detainees who were finally released recently.

    A citizen is a citizen, and this particular one has not been convicted of anything (and won't be, I predict), and your callousness re his plight is saddening. But not unexpected.

  • glennderson

    Besides being handy with beads,Khadr has a sheer talent for assembling IEDs and planting them roadside…What a devilish prank!And if Khadr's lawyers thought that the evidence was “pathetic” wouldn't they want a speedy trial date?Just realize that the Military Commission are legal under the Constitution and that is where Omar will be tried….Isee Khadr as a well trained terrorist,you see him as an innocent child..How absurd is that? Khadr will get to see all the evidence against him and can defend himself against those charges.The delays can be put squarely in the Khadr camp.As I said before,the lawyers are avoiding the courtroom,one can only surmise that the prosecution has so much evidence against Khadr that his conviction is all but assured..You must be privvy to some information that wasn't leaked to the media to state that the case is weak against Khadr…We'll see

  • batb

    “First, my issue with Harper's stance on Khadr is a solo act (mine);”

    Yeah, sure, kenn2. Likely story.

    ” … as far as I know your friends the Librano$ aren't currently running with this.”

    EXCUSE ME? Bob Rae, the Liberal Leader in waiting, is saying that it's in Canada's “best interest” to repatriate Omar Khadr. Where've you been, kenn2; it's all over the MSM. Are you living in a cave — or still under that rock? If you can't “answer about what the Liberals did or when, ” then maybe you'd better do your homework. You accuse me of knowing “SH!T.” Well, may I return the compliment?

    Re the U.S. Justice Department: ” … right now they got nuttin. Bugger all.” Is that so? It seems to me they've got a dead soldier — and that ain't “nuttin.” What do you have? What do you know, kenn2? You seem to be struttin' your stuff. What do you know?

    My callousness? GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. I have no sympathy for Omar Khadr and his family. They've been blood suckers attached to the body politic of Canada, living off our largesse, while despising our country and Canadians.

    Actually, kenn2, taking my elderly, recently widowed mother home tonight, my thoughts, rather mysteriously, turned to you and your “knee-jerk Islamophobic” remarks concerning Liz J. and me ('must have been the dark that brought it on). I came to the conclusion a few minutes ago that you are a provocateur, attached to this blog in order to incite comments that can then be construed as “hate” (Gayle's on the other flank) or “Islamophobic.”

    There's nothing “Islamophobic” about a few carefully chosen comments, backed up by facts, about Omar Khadr. Khadr happens to be an Islamist fanatic, but he's only one person and there are plenty of reasons for reasonable Canadians not to want him “repatriated” or “reintegrated” to Canada. If comments here were to continually put Islam or its practitoners down, for no good reason, it might be reasonable to accuse us of being Islamophobes.

    As this is not the case, however, your calling us “knee-jerk Islamophics” is hyperbole of the worst kind. It is incendiary — your intent, I suspect — and dishonourable.

    Get thee behind me, you incendiary provocateur. You sicken me.

  • batb

    I'd like to know why this comment was flagged. If someone simply doesn't like the comment, can it be flagged? 'Sounds a bit like the CHRC if that's the case. I'm curious. What caused glennderson's comment to be flagged? He seems to know a lot more than kenn2 would like.

  • paulsstuff

    “The only reason the US is footdragging on Khadr, and Harper's playing along, is because the US can't convict him with what they've got”

    You must be talking about the sworn testimony of the four officers on the scene at the time of the medics death and Khadr's arrest. I've heard two of the American soldiers on the radio who were actually there, and both testified that Khadr did indeed throw the grenade. They also pointed out that they were fired upon first, after asking the terrorists (yes, terrorists) in the compound to come out. I agree Khadr was tortured. I still can't get that image out of my head of Khadr being forced to eat a McDonalds Happy Meal.

    And while you and others keep carping on about Khadr being a child soldier under Geneva Convention, that matter was already dealt with in the U.S court, where Khadr was found not to have met the conditions necessary for such title.

  • kenn2

    This wasn't flagged. Young Glenn had trouble posting, is all.

  • kenn2

    Whatever you're smoking… send some to Liz and the bat. They could use a lift.

    I don't deny that Khadr's family wasn't aligned with the Taliban. But neither you nor I nor LizJ nor the US have proof of Omar's actions on a given day, or that he lobbed “the” grenade, or ever fired on the Americans in any capacity.. And batb refuses to send her evidence to the US, apparently. And even the worst criminal has a right to a trial. A real trial.

    Like Gitmo itself, the US military commissions are pretty much legal aberrations. Even so…8 years and the world's superpower can't bring this guy to trial? The US is stalling, they got nuttin.

    But this is all moot. Do you not believe in innocent until proven guilty?

    Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Pontius Harper washes his hands.

  • bradmaynard

    law and order should not apply to someone who is a pseudo-canadian who goes into battle against our allies. hes a thug and so are his parents.
    bleeding hearts in this country will eventually find out the hard way that you cannot deal with uncivilized people in a civilized manner.
    if i were you i would pick a side. it really is us against them. when it comes to protecting our way of life against those who seek to destroy it by making use of our laws to turn against us, i will always choose to protect us.

  • glennderson

    Khadr will have a trial ,despite his lawyers' best efforts.The system can't be all that bad if 0bama is considering using it to try all the jihadists.BTW,I quit smoking 5 years ago,and it was cigarettes.We'll see if they “got nuttin”.I've already seen the video evidence.I applaud the government's stand on the matter.I do believe in innocent until proven guilty..too bad Khadr's lawyers have done everthing to avoid the trial where they could counter all the evidence ,instead of trying the case in the media.

  • kenn2

    I've mainly been watching Olympics, but the few newscasts I've caught recently only mentioned the recent Supreme Court decision. Other than that, this forum is the only Khadr item I've recently followed. Stephen doesn't mention any kind of Liberal pile-on… What cave are you in, other than that of your misconceptions?

    I can only repeat that I have nothing to do, and no contact with the Liberal party, other than having some ideals in common, and not liking everything I see from the CPC. I am here because Mr Taylor interests me – it's interesting to see a young politico in action, and I wanted to see what motivates him, and what following he attracts. And the first thing that got me commenting is when you guys started spewing lies.

    The US hasn't even tried Khadr (after what must be 8 years of hell – over a third of his life) , yet you've consigned him to Hell, and you wouldn't even grant him a Canadian trial.

    I still don't know why your team thinks we can't try Khadr here, and/or imprison him here if he's found guilty. WTF are you and Harper afraid of?

    Nobody deserves THIS. No civilized country should be party to this:

    Can you look at those and NOT feel just the slightest bit ill about supporting it?

    If I've provoked you, yay. You need to think about your warped worldview a bit, maybe pick up that Bible and read the New Testament a bit more. Re Khadr, what would Jesus do?

    You're kind of sad. I do hope you get over what is making you so bitter.

  • kenn2

    You of course have a link to that evidence?

    When is 15 not 15? Answer: Gitmo

  • kenn2

    Obama's playing the hand he was dealt. Game's not yet over.

    Link to these videos?

  • kenn2

    law and order should not apply to someone who is a pseudo-[nationality] who goes into battle against our allies

    On this, you and the Taliban agree.

    if i were you i would pick a side. it really is us against them. when it comes to protecting our way of life against those who seek to destroy it by making use of our laws to turn against us, i will always choose to protect us.

    It is ONLY our laws and values that make us different, and “better”, and you choose to throw them away? (OK, laws, values, and the fact that the west has been f*cking with the region for some 150 years, and they'd like us to please stop it. Such evil people.)

    it really is us against them

    There's more of them. You might wanna start digging that bunker.

  • Canadiansense

    Google Task Force 151. The Liberals were bragging to anyone in the US we were 4th in support. Are you even trying to get past the Liberals disinformation?

  • kenn2

    I love that you guys are bringing research to the table. Keep it up, seriously.

    Task Force 151 is a joint force patrolling the Gulf of Aden to protect commercial shipping against Somali pirates. Even I approve of this.

    So, this relates to the invasion of Iraq how?

  • Canadiansense

    I accept you deny our participation in the Iraq war as part of the fake story. How did our General recieve his medal for his involvement in the same war? Powerpoint presentations? If you want to deny our involvement after the Liberals and suggest our Navy was fishing, chasing pirates okey dokey!
    No one can force your to accept the facts readily available.
    A large number of Global Warming fanatics have been trying to deflect the evidence as well.
    Best of luck with your version of reality and evidence.

  • kenn2

    Um, Task Force 151 – I googled, it's a patrol in the Gulf of Aden. Really.

    However I do know what you, in your special, special way, are getting at. Task Force 151 gets a mention in the the following link:

    On 31 March 2003, it was reported in Maclean's that in the previous month Canadian officers, aboard three frigates and a destroyer, had been placed in command of the multinational naval group Task Force 151, which patrolled the Persian Gulf region.

    If you're using CTF151 as an example of Canada's involvement in Iraq… it's a really, really weak point. For starters, do you have a map? Also I can find nothing that says that CTF151 (or CTF150) was involved in the invasion. Can you?

    Maybe you can back off your little rants a bit and post more links?

    My version of reality and evidence, is reality and evidence.

  • Canadiansense

    As I posted earlier like AGW proponents the data is available, we skeptics have not been convinced.

    I can't force you to accept the FACT and the data. You can pretend or suggest we are still Warming and the ice caps are melting as Gore as been fearmongering.

    Either you accept the truth or don't, it does not matter you choose to believe.

    Interesting concept on how you can't grasp simple logic.

    If the Canadian Forces deployed allowed the US to shift their ships for the 'direct action' of invading Iraq, our contribution was significant.

    The US industrial capacity in supplying England is another example of helping the war, with the US entering the war years later.

    You simlpy refuse to accept how our Military convinced (some alleged tricked) the Liberal government in participating in the TASK Force.
    At the same time, senior Canadian officials, military officers and politicians were currying favour in Washington, privately telling anyone in the State Department or the Pentagon who would listen that, by some measures, Canada's indirect contribution to the American war effort in Iraq — three ships and 100 exchange officers — exceeded that of all but three other countries that were formally part of the coalition.”

    …the Liberal government would actually boast of that contribution to Washington.