Narnia found!

Michael Ignatieff recently filmed some relatively bland ads where he told us that Canada needs to reach out India and China and make the new green jobs of tomorrow. The ads were largely panned as too light and I speculate that they served to re-introduce the Liberal leader through a softer lens rather than allow the Tories to solely define Ignatieff as “Just Visiting”. Andrew Coyne joked that the ads looked like they were filmed in Narnia, and I was only too happy to take the meme and run with it.

Today, I’m pleased to report that Narnia has been located! The ads were shot at Cherry Beach in… wait for it… downtown Toronto. As critics rip into Michael Ignatieff for taking his advice from a tight circle of downtown Toronto Liberal advisers, as the Liberal leader appears out of touch with Quebec (let alone the rest of Canada), and as the Liberal Party is lovingly dubbed the Liberal Party of Toronto by both its detractors and realist supporters, Michael Ignatieff shoots his definition ad in downtown Toronto.

Michael Ignatieff in Narnia? Algonquin park? The hundred-acre wood?

Michael Ignatieff’s new favourite park. Cherry Beach in downtown Toronto.

Michael Ignatieff once famously said “The only thing I missed about Canada was Algonquin Park”, it appears that Ignatieff doesn’t miss it too much these days as he couldn’t be bothered to drive more than 3km from the airport, or 15 minutes from Rosedale or Yorkville.

Michael Ignatieff tells us that we need to reach out to India and China, while he himself is loathe to reach out past his Toronto bunker. Ignatieff tells us that we need to create green jobs as he lectures us from a park located on an man-made island peninsula in Toronto.



  • Stephen Taylor

    The Globe and Mail seemed to care enough about this “trivial” issue

  • Stephen Taylor

    The bear was Mercer's best in a while.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Yes, no worries.

    I was just looking for a place to plug in that paragraph

  • Stephen Taylor

    Reminds me of the time earlier last week when Iggy showed up at the wrong field in Burlington, ON.

    “A senior party strategist noted that the Liberal advance team, seeking to highlight the government's alleged tardiness in spending stimulus money, had used the wrong field for an Ignatieff photo op last week, and that the park wasn't scheduled for construction until next year anyway. “In our rush to dump Stephane Dion, we have given ourselves John Turner,” he sighed.”

  • Dan A

    I suppose this is what happens when National Newswatch sends people your way? There seems to be alot of pretending not to be upset by this, and yet, they’re upset enough to argue the point.

    Iffy Iggy should have tried his luck in the US. He could easily have been elected a US Senator from Massachussets or New York in 2008. One wonders why he’s wasting his time here. Canadians won’t elect a guy with a US passport.

  • Jim

    I just wikied Cheery Beach. According to Wiki the woods are in the process of being torn down to make way for soccer fields. Probably economic stimulus money at work.

  • TwoYen

    There are bears in downtown Toronto?

    Is it true that Gerrard Kennedy has introduced a private member's bill to rename Toronto Narnia?

  • MrEd

    more likely he wanted to get the message out completely in one un interupted pressentation before some a$$hole rudly interupted him… that said the details were released to parliment simultaniously regardless of the fact Igneative had already prepared a vote of non-confidence

  • Anne in sw ON

    MI: We demand a report card X 4! That's the only way we will support this government and try to save face while we're doing it.

    SH: Oh, you'll get those 4 reports, Mikey, BUT they'll be delivered to 'ordinary' Canadians in places of my choosing. Now try not to fall on your face getting off your high horse.

    Score: SH 1 MI 0

  • madmacks

    IgNarcist is only reaching out to Chinese and Indian voters.

  • Jim C

    According to the wikipedia entry for cherry beech this forest is being turned into soccer fields. Probably stimulus money at work trying to destroy Narnia

  • Name

    For such an expert on geography, maybe you could explain when Cherry Beach became a man-made island.

  • David

    It's their new slogan.

    “We can do better” flopped.

  • Hyper_Toque

    *puts on CSI hat* Okay, the angles of the two shots are slightly out which means backgrounds in 3D including foliage are somewhat unreliable. The most reliable (and obvious) anchor point for both shots is the leaning tree, so let's use that. First, we have to agree on a unit of measurement and I would suggest the length of one of Iggy's eybrows is usable.

    You will note in both shots, there appears to be a broken branch protruding from the main trunk about one Iggy Brow (1 IB) in length. If you travel up the main trunk in the first shot, about 1 IB, you will see a dark area with a white “dot” on it. This corresponds to a dark area, same distance up, in the second shot.

    If you travel down the main trunk from the broken branch in the second shot, say about 1.5-2.0 IB, you will see two lateral score marks perpendicular to the bark grain. They are each about 1/2 the thickness of the main trunk with the top one starting on the left side running toward the centre and the bottom one starting on the right side, also running towards the centre. The are separated by 1/2 IB (approximately). These score marks can be seen correlated to the two dark slashes in the first photo. A case could also be made for a fainter score mark just below the broken branch stub.

    There you have it, your Honour. I recommend that bail be denied and we should all go out for mojitos and wings.

  • Omanator

    All joking about the park aside. You are missing the most important point. Denny Coderre, is making clear to Iggy, that he has to treat Quebec better. After all Quebec is better than any other
    Province and deserves it. When some pollester says this whole disagreement would have no effect on the next poll I disagree. The Block will make hay out of this.

  • turtle

    There was a new wave song in the 1980s called “Cherry Beach Express”, about some kid getting picked up by the police and having a confession beaten out of him there.

    Ah, good times.

  • Jooge

    I see you are in a very playful mood today Stephen. Love it! I will also be campaigning for the Iggy Brow to be officially recognised as an SI unit!

  • megannety

    We've hit the second largest deficit in our history, and you are looking for a forest. Methinks you can't see the forest for the trees; but did you notice the shovel-ready project we'll announce in the far right corner of the shot?

  • Dick_Richards

    Funny it didn't bother you that Stephen Harper become the first prime minister in Canadian history to go into a televised debate without a platform

  • doasIsay

    Good forest..strong roots.

  • terry1

    Andrew, of course they nitpick . They will do and say anything to avoid the real facts of life.

  • Bec

    Oh my…the enablers are restless!

  • Anon

    Cherry Beach used to be the place in the 1940s and 50s and earlier for all I know where Toronto’s murdered bodies were anonymously dumped for the authorities to dispose of. It was a post-industrial wasteland in all respects. In fact, the mere mention of Cherry Beach was sufficient for a yucky recoil reaction amongst the Rosedale nobility. A wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in location with unsavory connotations. Possibly, it still is.

  • Andrew

    Who cares where Ignatieff filmed a commercial?? Maybe he wanted to save valuable time, by NOT driving 4 hours to Algonquin Park. If he had gone there, you’d probably criticize him for wasting time on the long drive! Really, you Conservatives nitpick about the most ridiculous things…

  • terry1

    Harpo also porogued parliament because he had no policies then either.

  • terry1

    Mervin, of course we are in grammar class…………reformatorts have nothing better to do than spell check. Ask your friend Gabby.

  • mred

    actually no… he porogued parliament to stop a koo that would have colapsed Canada's economy and potentially resulted in the colision in calling for the military to enforce marshial law…something only the Liberals under PET have the honor of having the claim for in Quebec..

  • Erik T. N.

    refreshing honesty Taylor, what would partisans do without the fodder.

  • ferrethouse

    He didn't say it was an argument. Do you get hard trying to sound intelligent?

  • MrEd

    did you pay so little attention to the out cry from across Canada when this was happening las December and January…guess Terry1 hybernates

  • terry1

    the lies you hear from your leaders are now folklore I see.

  • terry1

    Yusime…its actually harpo who has become the biggest socialist in his zeal to keep the perks of office. I call a $60BB deficit socialist thinking

  • penlan

    What a waste of time this is. Don’t you have better, more important things to do?

  • SansFree

    Ok my bad, thought he was saying something there. I understand now that I was wrong and it was just noise, thank you for correcting me.

    Also I apologize for having a vocabulary and using it, here is a link to google next time I use a confusing word you can now look it up and feel a part of the conversation.

  • ferrethouse

    You are cute when you act superior. It is very liberal of you.

  • SansFree

    Also a well founded argument, you should be in politics, that kind of sidestepping the issue and appealing to the lowest common denominator could only help you get elected.

  • ferrethouse

    “I understand now that I was wrong and it was just noise”

    Right – I should stick to the “issues” like you do.

  • SansFree

    “He didn't say it was an argument.”

    Sorry if it's not an argument then it's just noise. I apologized for my misinterpretation, thought he was using the word socialist to disparage someone. You corrected me by rightly pointing out the same thing I said in that he wasn't making an argument at all.

    Honestly after reviewing your comments I see that your not really saying anything either except making assumptions about my politics, and trying to colour me as an elitist.

    Just think what we could accomplish if we stopped jabbing at each other and actually attempted to make an argument. Sadly this is a political commentary so it would be out of step with the theme wouldn't it?

  • SansFree


  • SansFree

    koo eh?

    Like a Dove koo, because I have heard that happen before and it didn't collapse anything.

  • Stephen Taylor

    don't you?

  • Name

    To the doubters: first, the two photos do match. It would have helped if the author’s photo had been taken at the same angle and distance, and if his camera could produce the same effect as the Liberal cinematographer, but if you study both sides and imagine them from a different angle, you’ll find that the two photos are of the same place. Second, the idea that it is at Cherry Beach matches comments overheard in Ottawa last week and reported on

  • Fran Drescher

    Cherry beach is not in downtown Toronto.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Check the map

  • MrEd

    it has never happened in recent history where a party with the sole intent of breaking up a nation has been given veto control over same country's future

  • SansFree

    Short memory MrEd?

    Let me guess, but that was different right?

  • MrEd

    LOL…is that including the 40+ billion in stimulus spending your hero Iffy insisted be spent or the fact there’s 50 Billion that’s been pilfered from EI that would have been really useful today with the world economic mess the globe is in??? seems kinda low given it could have been 30 billion in the black if not for Liberals spending… But why let little things like facts get in the way of a good spin Terry1

  • Digory Kirke

    Two trees falling in the forest…

  • MrEd

    it was the CTV and CBC pole numbers that showed if this would have happened fully 3/4ths of the nation would not stand for it and all 3 of the losers would have been soundly spanked as soon as their colision fell

  • MrEd

    Actually I have a great memory… from your own reference you may want to read it… “That would mean Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority Liberal government would fall, triggering an election call on Nov. 29 and a campaign during the holiday season”

    … this was a vote of non-confidence…totally different than a “Colision of Losers”…the three party’s who failed to win enough seats to form gov’t joining together to sleaze power…

    The article you refernce clearly states it was not an attempt of the parties in question to form gov’t…

    and before you jump on the Alliance and Bloc discussing this same issue back when Belinda crossed the floor and Cadmen voted with the Liberals (because his family would not receive any parlimentary death benifits if parlament desolved and he was not a seated member but in the midst of an election campaign when he died…which he would have been) I’ll remind you that there was never any Veto Power provided the Bloc and the intent was to force a non-confidence vote and trigger an election